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Raj turns to Rashmi

Raj turns to Rashmi

By: Raj

Hi i'm raj,20 years old and i love crossdressing.i love wearing baggy salwars,tight churidars and sarees.i like fucking girls but i was also fascinated at the thought of being fucked in my this story i fucked a lady and was also as i was returning from college it started raining.i stopped my bike near a house and went and stood in the verandah.i was totally wet and shivering a little.after some time a lady came outside.her name was shalini.she was wearing a yellow saree and a black blouse.she called me inside and made me sit.she then went inside and brought a towel and gave it to me and i started wiping my hands and face.she noticed my wet clothes and said that your clothes are wet.she saw that i was wet and said i should change or i'll catch cold.she said that she was a widow and staying alone and there were no men in the house so she has only girls clothes.i said it was ok and i would leave as soon as the rain stops.

She made me sit and went inside.she came out and told me that she kept a churidar inside pointing to her bedroom and told me to go and change.i was reluctant but she said that the rain is heavy and wont stop soon so i better change and also there is nobody coming in the last i said ok and went to her room.

She had kept a nice yellow churidar,kameez,dupatta and a panty.i removed all my clothes and started wearing the churidar.i wore the panty first and my dick was fully erect.the churidar was tightly fitting my legs.then i wore the kameez and i came out.she was smiling when she saw me.this made me shy.i sat on the sofa and she came and sat next to me.she said "you are looking very cute in this made me feel more shy.she said "why you didn't wear the dupatta".but before i could say anything she got up and went inside and came out with the dupatta.she put the dupatta on me like the way girls wear with the ends of the dupatta hanging behind.

She sat beside me and asked "you liked the churidar?".i said yes.she was happy to hear that andasked me "do you like wearing girls clothes?".i shook my head saying yes.she then started asking me about my crossdressing habits.i told her that i like wearing girls clothes,behaving like a girl,and getting fucked like a girl.she started caressing my lund over the churidar.she then untied the knot of churidar and pulled my lund out of the panty.she encircled my lund in her hand and started masturbating me. Then she kissed my lund & gave me a blowjob.i unhooked & opened her blouse & saw her firm & pointed boobs hidden in white laced bra.i pulled her saree out of the petticoat,it came out in a bunch and fell to her feet.

She said let us go to bedroom.while going to bed room, i kissed her on her lips, neck, cheeks & she put her arms around my neck. I gently put her on her king size bed.she started to undress me.she first removed my dupata and then churidar and kameez.finally she removed my panty and made me naked.i then removed her petticoat and blouse and her wet panties.her pussy was already dripping wet.i inserted a finger in her pussy and simultaneously kissed her thighs & legs. She was moaning & holding my head and asking me to put my tongue in her pussy.i made her lie on her knees, doggy style, and kept my lund at the choot hole. With one push i was inside her choot.she started moaning loudly “aaahhh oooohhhh fuck me hard,tear my choot".

After long time she said i am cumming i also came to discharge. I asked her should i cum in her pussy?

She said “i may become pregnant, cum on my face.”

I put her down, she was lying flat on bed i came on top of her put my legs on her sides & gavemy throbbing lund in her hand. She immediately put my lund in between her boobs & asked me to
Fuck her boobs holding both boobs together in her hands. I put my lund between her boobs and did boob fucking.

After some time she put my lund in her mouth & gave me again good blow job. I was already very excited & soon ejaculated loads of cum on her face.her face was all covered with my cum.she then sucked me dry.we went to bathroom to wash ourselves.

After cleaning ourselves i sat in her bedroom and she went to get something to eat.she came back with some snacks and started chatting.she asked me if i could stay with her tonight.she was such
A sexy lady and how could i say no to her.i called up home and told that i would stay at my friends place.she then went inside with the phone to make a call.when she came out she was smiling.she told me that tonight i will be fucked like a girl.she had planned to call her friend to fuck me.i was very excited as i had always dreamt about this and tonight it was going to be a reality.she said "tumhen ab ek aurat ki tarah chudna hai, apni gand ko kisi choot se kam mat samajhna, isme mardon ko zyaada maza aata hai,tum jab ladki ki taraha chudoge to tumhen acha lagega, jab tum chudo to apne ko ladki samajhna".

After some time the bell rang.she opened the door and the man gave her a parcel and left.i asked her what it was.she said they were my clothes i had to wear for the night.she then took me to the bathroom and made me lie on the floor.she took out a hair removal cream, squeezes it out and applies on my chest,arms and legs as they are little hairy.after around five minutes,she took some water and cleaned the cream off my arms, thighs and legs were smooth as silk. She said "ab tumhare lund ke aas paas karna hoga".she then took the hair removal cream and spreads it on my pubic hair, she then spreads it between my ass and around my anus.then she washed it all and wiped my body.i went to see it in the mirror.i did not have a single hair on my body and my pubic area is like that of a child.

We then went to the bedroom.she then opened the contained a chiffon saree,a blouse and a petticoat.the saree was thin and very also had a pair of black lacy bra and panty.the cups of the bra had pads fitted onto it which were in the shape of breast.first i put on the panty and the bra.then i wore the petticoat and the blouse.the bouse was fitting tightly on me.she then put the saree on me and tied it below the navel.then she put lipstick, kajal,cream etc. On my face and put an artificial woman’s wig on my head.finally she gave me some had a pair of earings,a necklace,anklets and bangles.on my feet i put high-heeled sandals.i looked at myself in the mirror.i couln't recognise myself.i was looking like a beautiful girl.just then a car arrived and she told me "ab main tumhe apne doston ke saat bhej rahin hoon, yaad rakhna tumhen randi ki tarha chudwana hoga".i was feeling exciting at her suggestion.

I sat inside the car and went with him.we reached a big house.he dropped me and left.i walked inside like a was dificult to walk with the saree and high heels.i went inside and there were two persons inside sitting on a sofa.they called me to come and sit with them.i went and sat between them.they introduced them as rajiv and sameer.they asked me my name and i said raj.they said "we want to know your the name of the girl sitting here".i smiled and said "rashmi".sameer asks me to sit on his lap. I sit on sameer’s lap.sameer grabs my waist tightly and moves his mouth towards my lips and puts his dark lips on them, i respond like a woman, sameer inserts his tongue into my mouth, and like a girl i start sucking his tongue and i get an erection. My eyes close and i kiss sameer passionately.rajiv touches his other hand over my crotch and feels my lund.‘so do you like it up your ass’sameer asks me.‘yes,i love it’.

Rajiv holds my head to plant another forceful kiss shoving his tongue in my mouth, i reply by holding his hair and swirling my tongue in his mouth. I have to act like a woman, so i act like one.

Then both of them removed their clothes and became naked.then they came near me and started undressing me.rajiv pulled the pallu while sameer pulled the saree out of the came out as a bunch and fell to the rajiv was removing my blouse and bra sameer pulled the nada of the petticoat and it fell to my feet.finally my panty was removed and i was made nude with only the jewelry and high heels on me.

We then went to the bedroom.rajiv lied down and i got on my knees an dtook his lund in my mouth.i gave him a nice blowjob.while sameer came behind me.he put some spit on my asshole and put his two fingers inside and fucked me for some time with his fingers.

Then rajiv said "chal ghoda ban ja randi", rajiv puts me on the bed. I take the doggy position. He sits on the bed and grabs my lund and starts masturbating it. Sameer puts some vaseline in my asshole and lubricates it nicely with his fingers.he then positions his cock at the entrance of my whole and pushes it in. With one push his whole 6” slide in effortlessly.he then starts pumping my gand, chap, chap chap, chap, his thighs slapping against my buttocks. Rajiv continues to masturbate my lund which now becomes erect. Rajiv then gets up and stands on his knees in front of my face. I know exactly what to do, i spit on his cock and put his lund in my mouth. As it is i am moving to and fro due to sameer’s hard fucking, so with that movement i suck rajiv’s cock as well. It feels so nice to service two cocks at the same time. Chap, chap, chap, chap and slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp….

‘aah, aah…’i moan, and am enjoying every bit. My wig is moving like woman’s hair and the sound of the bangles also make me more horny. Rajiv then suddenly shoots his big warm load of cum into my mouth.i try swallowing it, some of it drips from the sides of my lips.sameer then also starts fucking me faster, chap chap chap chap, he moans too, ‘aah, saali rashmi, kya garam gand hai teri, aah..ahh...ahh rashmi’.i also say "aur jor se karo...ahh...phad dalo tere rashmi ki gand ko tere mote laude se...ahh...pregnant kar de mujhe".he then shoots his cum into my asshole is filled with his cum.i also felt like cumming.i put my lund in rajiv's mouth and cummed in his mouth.he swallowed it all.i lie on my back with cum flowing from my mouth and dripping out from my anus.i am exhausted.naked and tired i go off to sleep on the bed on which i was fucked by two middle aged men.from that day i have been having sex with shalini regularly and she also takes me to her friends to get myself fucked.

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