Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Rand Mom

By: ashok

Hi friends i'm narrating a story which i had experinced 4 years before. V r a family of 4 ppl me my dad my mom n my bro! Me my mom and my bro in every summer holidays v used 2 go to hydrabad as it was my nani ghar.. When ever we used to go there my mom used to go for shopping alone atleast for 2 days. She used to go in the morning and come back alone i was really suprised by that by seeing dis continuing every year when we used to go.
There was a uncle named gopal which i came to know from my cousins who were staying in hyd only they told me that the uncle was staying near to our house and was very good and i also came to know that he was my mom's friend in childhood. One day when i went for shopping wid my mom that uncle also came at the same place i did't had an idea of what they were talking as i was selcting shoe for myself all i heard was only that "Kal sham ko 4 baje milenge". I never used to doubt my mom but that thing made my mind to think and smell that there was something fishy. The next day mom went out alone by 3:30 only n i could well make that she was going to meet gopal uncle so i followed my mom in my cousins bike and she was going in auto i followed her till the auto stopped and i found that my mom went into some hotel i came to know that gopal uncle and mom were having sex in the room..later on i was thinking some way to enter the hotel so i could'nt so from the next day i used to have a watch on my mom abt where she is going to whom she talking and all..
After 10days as we were abt to leave to our place which was near vijayawada that uncle came to station for meeting mom and my mom told uncle to come to our place for some days and myuncle also told yes i'll come. In home my mom used to be almost alone as my dad was in business and was too busy in his work. In nite i used to sleep in hall which was almost near to my mom's room. 1 day as i was crossing my mom's room to kitchen i heard my dad talking to mom abt some movie.
Mom:woh movie kafi hot hai
Dad: meri patni mere jaan tum bhi toh hot ho!!
Mom:acha acha mujhe pata hai!!
Den i was getting a clue that mom and dad will have sex so i was trying to find a hole or something by which i can see them for my luck i got a hole thanks to god..i could see that my mom was removing dad's pyjamas and dad was sucking mom's big boobs. I forgot to tell u my mom is lilltle bit fat and has a huge boobs and her ass is big which can be fucked so many my dad was sucking her boobs and den my mom said ab bus ab kuck karo so my dad took his dick and my mom aparted her legs and i could see her sexy choot which was wet and was fully shaved and her thighs were awesome like an indian auntie. Then my dad started fucking my mom and my mom was enjoying every bit of it as my dad was coming to climax i could see mom pumping his dick more in her pussy she was moaing loud ahh uhh fuck kkkkk huhhhh and then my dad took the dick and slept on my mom only. That nite i could't sleep and mastrabated for 5 day i came to know that gopal uncle is coming to town for some work and i had an clear picture for

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