Friday, February 13, 2009

Special night

By: Anuj

Hi folks here come neil again with another encounter with my mausi (actually she was my cousin sister) her name is meenu. I don’t want to waste your time and straight away tell you about my story….anyone interested in my previous story can mail me at

It was summers and i was preparing for my exams my cousin was staying in my house as her husband was on business tour (as usual. Good for me).she was getting prettier day by day… i used to glance at her and she used to smile at me and tease me with her arousing tact’s. As i have done sex with her (read my previous story) i didn’t have any problem asking her to show me her assets. She asked me not to masturbate and ask her for anything. She was very close to me and we used to enjoy our lives the only thing i was missing at that time was to fuck and suck her as we were staying with my family. I used to touch her sometime when no one was around but that was not enough. Her boobs were amazing and she was slim and had great ass..

Here comes the special day, i got to know one day that we all had to go for a marriage. I didn’t like to go for the same but it was my cousin brother’s marriage so i had to go meenu asked me to come as she was feeling alone. So i decided to go. I went early as i had to pick some stuff. I congratulated my cousin and i was chatting with my cousin brothers when i saw the most beautiful girl in the town. My god meenu was looking amazing. My family arrived but i didn’t notice as i was shocked to see meenu in that dress. She was wearing a jeans blue in co lour and a red t shirt and a white shirt over the t shirt with open buttons. I am sure everyone was looking at her as she was looking hot and sexy. She had white skin and she was with light makeup and a matching lip stick on her lips. She looked at me and asked me how she was looking i went near her ear and said will you become my bride and she laughed. Any man can die to have a little glance of her assets at that time. She was teasing me all the time in marriage. I was getting hornier and wanted to screw her but there was no chance. So i just stayed cursing my luck. After 2 hours i decided to have something and looked for the food. I took some and while returning i saw meenu coming towards me she smiled and asked me to accompany her for the food. We sat together and ate the food while eating i was staring at her boobs they were firm and stood in that sexy t shirt she asked me what happened and i told her that i want to have your milk she smiled and said don’t worry you can have anything you want and placed her hand on mine hand. I was not sure what she was going to do. After the food we spend some time there and everyone was waiting for the final round of marriage my parents decided to stay there till morning and asked me and meenu to stay there as well. I told my parents that i can’t stay as i had to study for my exams so they agreed. I looked at meenu and she smiled at me. She went near to my mother and said something and after 5 minutes my mom came to me and asked me to take meenu home. I was in heaven and waiting for my dream girl. She came near to me and said let’s go. I took her in the car and took her hand and asked what she said to my mother she smiled and said women’s problem. I didn’t understand that and asked her to explain and she told me that it’s called periods and then she explained me properly. I asked her if she got that but she denied i laughed and said women with brain she also laughed. I planted a kiss on her lips and she also took my lips in her mouth. I decided not to waste time and started the engine. On my way to home i was just staring at her boobs and she was smiling. She asked me what happened and i told her that i am unable to control and dying to see her boobs. She smiled at me and said wait and watch. It was 1.30 and road was totally dark. Suddenly i saw that she removed her white shirt. She smiled again and placed her hands on her waist i was driving and seeing at her and then she removed her t shirt up till her neck oh man what a sight that was. She placed her hand on mine and took my hand on her boobs i was touching her boobs. She was wearing black bra and i was squeezing her boobs she moaned aloud and pulled her bra upwards and showed me her firm and beautiful boobs and said come my honey look at them suck them bite them take it in your mouth. My penis was totally erect and i was not able to control myself. I asked her will it be fine if i stop the car in dark. She denied and said its not safe as police must be around and that can create a problem. But in that condition i was not able to suck her boobs i told her and she asked me to have patience and just play in the car. She took my hand and placed it on her boobs i was playing with her nipples. My iron was steaming and i was in a mood to ejaculate and i think she noticed it. She asked me do you want me to make you feel good i said yes and she smiled at me and placed her hands on my penis. She unzipped my trouser and inserted her hand in my undies. My pre cum was coming due to the touch of her melons. Man i must tell you i loved her boobs she was moaning and asking me to drive fast as she also wanted me to suck her boobs. She took my penis out and came near to it and started licking it i was in heaven her tongue was making me crazy she started sucking my tool and she was moaning at the same time i was not able to control anymore and squeezed her boobs. She was enjoying sucking my tool and said do u want to come in my mouth i said yes and she jerked my penis and sucked it harder i was not able to control and i came in her mouth she drank all of it and cleaned my penis with her lips. She wore her clothes back and asked me to take home fast…i parked the car and moving towards my home. She was with me and she was looking full of lust her eyes were giving me the indication.

As soon as i reached home, she slammed the door and locked it she came near to me and planted a kiss i took her lips in my mouth and started sucking her lips. She asked me to suck her completely. I asked her can i go to pee she smiled and said yes but on one condition i asked her what and she said she wanted to come and see how i pee. I agreed and she came with me she watched me and i asked her what she said nothing…i saw her removing her hair band. She was looking beautiful she smiled at me and asked me are you not hungry i said yes …and wrapped her in my arms she gave her lips in my mouth and i started sucking her lips again. We were in bathroom and white light was making her skin more bright i asked her can i make love to her in white light in bathroom she looked at me and said yes…i touched her boobs and said your boobs are gorgeous she smiled and asked whether i wanted to see i said yes and she remover her t shirt now she was just in bra. Thin fabric was showing her cleavage and white skin of her boob. I decided to make my day special and took my tongue out and placed it on her bra. I started teasing her with my act and she was moaning like anything she asked me to have her boobs but i didn’t open her bra and started teasing her again. She was not able to control and tore her bra and showed me the beautiful pair and asked me look at them my nipples are stiff take it they are yours hearing that i placed my hand on one and she took my face and pushed my mouth her nipple went inside my mouth and i started sucking her nipple they were firm and i was squeezing and sucking her nipples one by one and she kept on saying suck me baby suck it hard…i sucked her boobs for 15 minutes at least. She took my hand and placed it on her vagina i cupped her vagina and asked her to remove her jeans she did the same and asked me to remove my clothes as well now we both were naked and i saw the beauty queen. Imaging a white skin girl with amazing figure in white light i am sure you will get a hard on. I got the same. I made her sit as there was a shelf near the wash basin she sat there. I started licking her stomach her navel and thighs. I sucked and ate her thighs she was moaning like anything after that i removed her panty and saw her shaved vagina. My goodness she was so fair i can’t imagine anyone. I kissed her vagina and saw that she was totally wet. I licked her outer area and aroused her again she was moaning and moving she asked me to eat her vagina i inserted my tongue and placed my hand on her ass i was squeezing her ass and sucking her vagina. She was screaming with pleasure and cummed with jerks i tasted her cum and sucked all of it. I was standing there and watching her body she smiled and asked me to come and suck her boobs again i took her nipple and started sucking her. She asked me to come inside her i was already erect she touched my penis and placed it near her vagina i pushed myself but it was not a great position as she was sitting on the shelf she understood that and moved herself a little bit and asked me to catch her ass chicks i did the same and inserted again she was very tight and i was trying hard to go inside finally i went inside and she screamed with pain and asked me to do it again i saw tears falling on her cheeks and decided not to do but she said go ahead. I started moving inside her squeezing her ass. She was enjoying that and asked me to fuck her hard i was moving fast and fucking her hard. She was screaming with pleasure and finally she came. She told me that i am the best i was fucking her hard and about to come i told her the same and she said come inside. Fill me with your love i want you to release your cum inside me i came and i jerked i can’t tell you how i felt it was heaven. After that we took a bath together she cleaned me and gave me a blow job. After that we went to bed and had sex again i fucked her four times. She asked me to fuck her from behind and in ass i did the same…

It was a pleasurable night for me and i can’t forget the same. Please send your comments and any auntie or a girl want to chat can send me mail at Secrecy promised….i am from delhi so any girl or any auntie house wife want to fulfill their desire please feel free to contact me.. I am 30 years old.

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