Friday, February 13, 2009

Punjabi Kudi

By: Jasjeet

hey yo haal hai yaaro..well i m 24 yr punjabi munda name (JASJEET)form delhi with good atheltic physique....i use to be boxer in my college but left it b.cuz of my shoulder injury.....anyway who cares i m a regular reader of dis indiansexstroies......reading how guyz fcuk there maasi..chachi, cosuins..n i wana tell bout my story,that how i fucked my cousin sista.

Well its was long time means around 2 years back.its was my cousin brother mariage.....dis was da 1st time she gave me a huge hint that she was hot n THARKI LADKI me...wat hapens was it was a time of BIDAAI(WHEN GALZ LEAVE HER HOME N GO WITH HER HUSBAND) all were it was very conjusted all were standing togther outside my BHABHI'S dis gal my cousin sis name HARLEEN.....was standing right infront of me...i dont wat got inot my mind i just touched my cock to her it was very rush......nobody noticed that i was tochingmy cock agaisnt her cock became errect n hard....obvoulsy she knew it yaaro....but she didnt said anything, i was given a hint that she liked i kept on rubing my cock agsint her ass for around 10 mins, after that she gave me a smile.....BUS PHIR KYA THA.....MERA ANDAR KA DEVIL JAAG GAYA.......after 2 weeks i called her up i knew she was alone at her i know when my uncle use to go to office.n my aunt use to go to i caled her up n staring talking dirty n nasty things directly.....i was feeling anymore shy..... ok we set times to meet.....

I took her to my friends house only......there i 1st i is uked her tongue with my huge long tongue.i kept on suking it for 10 mins...n side by side i was even sqeezing her boobs..i made ehr hotn then she JASSI...MERI CHOOT MAARLO AB , AB AUR WAIT NAHI HOTA, i just took off her salwaar kameez n then her bra n panty, as even i was very desparate, i tookoff my clothes too, but she didnt that i luvv to be rough rude n harsh n wild while having sex.....i use to luvv make galz n ladies scream to hel in PAIN N PLASURE, I USE TO becum liike BEAST WHILE FUKING A GAL... SO WAT did i do i 1st mad e her suk my cock..she took into her mouth OHHH!! SHE WAS SUKING LIKE A WHORE....SHE WAS SUKING IT AHRDER......BUT I MADE HER SUK IT MORE N MROE FASTER N HARDER...I TOK HER HEAD N OUSH IT DEEPR INTO HER MOUTH..SHE TRIED TO QUIT.but i didnt let her.i pushed my cock moree deepr into ehr throat....she cudnt even breath...then afetr few mins..

I made ehr bend on her knees like BITCH...n inserted right into her asshole..she insisted 1st as it wil hurt.i said it wont , dont worry sweetheart, i insert it harder, into her ass,she screamed OOH MERIMAAAAA!!! DHEERE SE KARO NAH...OHHH PLZZ BAHAR NIKAALO....OH NO PLZZ BAHAR NIKALO DARD HO RAAHA HAI JAASSI. BAHAR NIKAAL NAH!!!UH GOD!! BUT I HIT MY COCK MORE N MORE HARDER N FASTER.SHE WAS SCREAMING IN PAIN...AAAAAAAHH!! UUHHHH.....UHHHH......UHHH.UHH......HAI RABA! NAH KAR NA PLZZ......I PUULED HER HAIRS.SPANKED HER ASS....FUKED her brains out.she was screaming n crying like hell......then i made ehr jump on my cock.she did, i knew she liked it she was mmmoaning like umm yess!! OH GAWD!!....AHHHHH....HAII!!!!!!...THEN I laid her donw on bed N strecthed ehr legs n inserted my cock into ehr pussy......i strated jerking it ahrder n harder.....n more ahrder.again she was maoning n screaming uummm!!oh shit!!!OHHH GODD!!U R AWSOME JASSI....YAA FUCK MEE!! FUCK ME.....

I WASside by sdie also saying hE BITCH..SO SHE SAID ME ya fuk me i m ur BITCH..MERI CHOOT PHAAD DE JASSI....AFTER THAT i gave my sperms right on her mouth.n made her drink it it all.til last drop....after that i asked her did she enjoyed, she just smiled n said i did.but that anal fucking was litle bit painful..i said slowly sloly evryhting wil be fine..... so i sue to fuk ehr moslty 2 times in a she is maaried........n we dont meet each other when we met at any party or i go to her huse to meet my cousin bro or my uncle aunt..she just ignores me WELL ACTAULLY I DONT CARE YAARO.......i can screw so many choot in if u liek my story, mail me...any gal in DELHI WANS TO GET SCREWED OR WAN TO GET HER PUSSY TEAR APRT BY DIS PUNJABI MUNDA contact me at , if i like it i will give my ph. no. bye for nwo

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