Friday, February 13, 2009

Aunty cross dressed me

By: James

I’m James from Mumbai. I am a very sexual guy 26yrs old. I love to cross dress and love to be like a woman while having sex. After reading this story please contact me on Any woman who fantasize of man dress like a woman to fuck her can also contact.

Lets me begin the story. This happened in the month of January 2009. I had started surfing the net on a very regular basis at my work. One day I went to a social network site and just typed out girls who wanted there an to dress like woman and have sex with them in Mumbai and they were 100 of people out there.

I started getng more curious about it and wanted to know them better so one day i clicked on one of the profile name saying mandira she was a 39 years old woman who like their man to cd and was very active in cd session and all that. I contacted her and we met at her place.

Let me describe her she was 5ft 8 inch tall 27 waist and 36 dd boobs and had a great ass. We met at her place and she offerd me some we were chatting i came to know that she also wanted her husband to fuck her while he dressed like a woman she wanted it very desperately but becoz of our traditional values she remained to keep her desired fanatsy to herself.

I asked her a lot of queries and she ans me then she asked me to wait and she went inside after 30 mins she came out and there she let me describe mandira for u after changing she had worn a black saree and a low cut slevless blouse she had worn bangles and had a hair left wore a ghajra and lovely lipstick.

I was damn astonoshed looking at her beauty. Now she sais it s time for u to become a woamn ask her to follow in to her bedroom. I went in her bedroom she slowly stated undressing me and slowly and
Slowly she stated sucking my nippels and i stated to feel her nippels getng hard fm the blouse mmmm itwas small but was getng harder . Now i was hard too see went to her cupboard and removed a low cut top a black bra and black thongs and a skirt. She started dressing me up when i put on the bra she made some cotton balls and stuffed them inside and then she asked me to wear the thongs before that she shaved me completely i was damn aroused and looked at my completely shave cock in the mirror it was like tjose porn stars.

Now i was like a woman we both stood in front of the mirror and started clicking photos. We gave each other some sexy poses some xxx rated poses. Now we could ot control each other i stated stripping her. She said to me that she was the man and i the woman she made me feel like a slut.

I laid down on the bed and she laid on me slowly she staed kissing me and biting my necks my tounge my shoulder. I was getng goose bumps then she stated pressing my fake boobs she got my boobs out and stared kissing and sucking my nippels. I was getng hard inside the thongs and the thongs was so tight i was felng my cock would get crushed inside. Now she came down and kissed my belly button and started to kiss my tighs and bit me mmmmmmmmmmm god it was so sexxyyyyyyyyyy. I loved it and i moaned like a woman now she got her tounge on my cock from the thongs and sucked it ssucked my balls. I wa leeting her do everything. I was enjoying a woman making love to me like a women. Now she took pof her saree and sat in her blouse and under wear she sat on my dick and stated grinding it slowly and steadily stroke after stroke . Mmmmm now she came close and brought her black satin underwears on my face and fucked my face she was moanning and moanning louder and vigrously and after 10 mins she came like a volcano all on my face her sweet cunt juices ran on my face through her panties.

Now she said it was my turn i was still wearing the thongs and i asked her to pull it down now my cock was in full of its glory an 8.5 inch monster reday to fuck a woman. I first licked her cunt took her pussy juices on my tounge ased her to eat it and apply on my dick which she made. I spreaded her legs but didnot enetr her cunt i was teasing her by slowly rubbing my dick on her pussy lips she was maoning and begging me to fuck her i was fingering her as i was rubbing my dick on her lips. Now i put one finger in he asshole and asked her to lick my fingers which she did she was enjoying the taste and so was i.

I slowly stated fucking her hader and harder i enterd in her cunt completely and staterd rimping her pussy she enclosed herr tighst tight and i could feel her pussy lips getng tighter and my cock coming close to bursting out my sperms. She was presiing my fake boobs through the bra as i was fucing her i fucked and fucked her changing position in every moment. And after 25 mins of hard fucking i came and i shooted loads of my cream on her boobs and on the thongs wht i was wearing.

The sperm was driping from the thongs on my tighs as i laid there completely still she came and licked my cock and tighs dry. I was loving the action and after 10 mins i was hard again now this time i fucked her ass right in front of the mirror i was agin in the bra and oanties while mnadira was naked and enjoyed being fucked.

Tell me how u like this story any unsatisfied woman bhabhis widows and aunties fm mumbai age does not matter plz contact me if u have some dark fanatsy to be fulfilled for free. Email me at

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