Friday, February 13, 2009

Ma aur bahen

By: pooja

My mother and sister both used to wear very thin cloths and both of them dispensed away with brassieres and panties during summer. My mothers body is slightly on the heavier side and she wears her salwar and kameez very tight. My favorite pass time was to sit in the kitchen during summer afternoons when mother used to prepare lunch. Mother in her tightest diaphanous dress used to sit in front of chulla (stove that uses wood as fuel) sweating profoundly. Her big boobs spilling out of low cut kameez after some time were quite visible through her kameez made wet due to sweat. I kept my eyes pealed to the streams of sweat that used to flow from her neck to the deep valley between her choochies. By this time her nipples used to start sticking out and i got full enjoyment of seeing my mothers boobs in their full glory. A first mother used to admonish me for sitting in the heat but i used to say " mummy jab app itni garmi mein baith sakti hain hamare liey to main bhi appki garmi mein poora sath doonga".

At this mother used to smile and say " beta main to garam ho hi gai hoon mere saath too bhi garam ho jayaga". And after this the real show used to start. Mother would look at me affectionately and say " dekh kitna paseena aa gaya hai" and saying this she would lift the corner of her kameez and show her flat slightly bulging tummy while fanning it with her kameez, during this time she would be sitting on a small wooden plank in peeing position with her feet wide apart. During all this time she would dextrally keep on making chappaties. I would be sitting in front of her looking exactly between her thighs. After some time mother would take her hand back towards her chooter hold her salwar and pull it back so that in the front her salwar would fit snuggly over her swollen fuddi. My mothers choot was always plain without any hair. In this position her salwar would be stretched over her fuddi with a very clear notch in the middle. Within seconds sweat from her stomach would trickle down and the cloth fitting snugly over her choot would become transparent giving me full view of her hole.

I would be looking fixedly at that spot. Now my mother's choot would start oozing juices. We both would be very excited by this time and would start conversation in double meanings. Mummy would place a chapati on my plate and say " beta tail laga ke doon". I would reply" mummy bina tail ke hi le loonga tu de de". These type of scenes were my staple food for fantasies during those years. At night i would sit in the bed with my big hard lund in my hand thinking about my mother and masturbate thinking about her choot. Anyway now let me come to the actual incident. It happned during the time when my father had to go out to purchase seeds and fertilizers for the farm. During such trips father would be gone for almost one month. This time when he had been gone for about five days i started noticing that mom started geting itchy day by day . In our farm i had seen cows in heat and i think mom was behaving in about same manner. I t was around ninth day since father had been away from home. A small field was left which needed plowing and i decided to do it that day. In the morning i told mom "mummy main voh chota khet jot ke aata hoon". Mom said "beta abhi to bahut garmi hoti hai vahan koi bhi to nahi aata hai ajj kal to koi bhi kheton main nahi jaata hai poora veerana hogo." then mother suddenly stopped and went inside the kitchen.

I also didnt pay any attention to anything and started preparing our tractor for the day. When i was about to leave for the fields mom called behind and said "beta main dopahar ka khana le ke aaongi". I said "thaik hai mummy par dair mat karna". I then went to the fields that was a really hot day. Our farmhouse is quite big and spread over a vast area. As father had gone out of town all laborers were also on leave and whole area was deserted. I went to the field which was a small plot of land in the middle of our farm and was surrounded from all sides with tall crop of bajra. I started the work in right earnest but was sweating within no time. There i was sitting in the middle of desolate place thinking that there is not a soul within kilometers nearby, i was feeling quite lonely and looked at my watch .it was 11.30 am and i thought god how lonely it is , then it came to my mind that mom will be bringing lunch and suddenly at this thought a shiver went through my body. Involuntarily i looked all round me and i don't know why my cock slowly started stiffening.

I looked all round myself and feeling goose pimples all over my body in full excitement i uttered "maa teri choot." hearing these words aloud from my own mouth i suddenly felt rush of adrenaline all over my body. All round it was totally desolate and i was getting my rush so i placed my hand on my lund over my pants and said " mummy aaj khet mein chudwa le apne bete se." now i was getting fully excited and shouted "maa aaj chut le ke aa mere paas dekh mummy aaj tera beta hath mein lund le ke baitha hai". Now i was fully excited. The thought of saying these vile words for my own mother gave me shivers. The thought of my own mothers cunt was driving me nuts. I had not felt this much excitement ever in my life. My cock was tight upto the full limit. I wanted to take full advantage of this loneliness and talked to myself about the beauty of my mothers cunt. Hardly five minutes had passed that i saw at a distance the figure of my mother with a bag of lunch coming towards me.

I started the tractor again and started my work. In about fifteen minutes mom was near me and above the noise of tractor shouted for me to stop. Out of guilt i was not able to look at her but i stopped the machine and walked towards her. Mother motioned me towards the lone tree at the corner of the field and we walked towards it. On reaching there mom turned towards me and said. "beta tu kitna garam ho gaya hai. Dekh kaisa paseena aa gaya hai. Laa main tera paseen ponch doon. " saying this she came near me and with her dupatta cleaned my face of all the sweat and dust. Then we sat for lunch. During lunch i could hardly look my mom in her face but i knew that she was watching me intensely. After lunch i washed my hands and started walking towards the tractor when mom suddenly called me from behind. "beta ek zaroori baat karni hai " i came and sat besides her more out of expectation than anything else. From the look of her face i could make out that she was nervous like hell.

Suddenly she said "beta bajara bada ho gaya hai koi chori to nahi karta." i said "nahin mummy ab kon lega ise." mummy said "nahin koi bhi chori kar sakta hai tu dekh aas paas koi hai to nahin. Aisa kar tu pair pe char ja aur saab taraf dekh. " i climbed on the tree and looked around. As i knew it was fully deserted all round. I climbed down and stood in front of my mother and said "mummy aas paas to koi bhi nahin hai ham doono bilkul akale hain." mom lifted her eyes looked at me and said " hum doono akale hain kya?" i nodded my head and then she said "tu mujhe bajre ke khet mein le chal" i started walking towards the field where the crop was tallest and maximum dense. Mom was coming right behind me. As i entered the field we were shielded from outside openness and i held her wrist and started pulling her towards inner reaches. Mom was wispering "beta koi dekhega to nahin hame yaahan." i stopped at a suitable place and turned towards her and asked "yahan kaon dekhega humen dekhna to door koi hamari aawaz bhi nahin sun sakega ". Then i looked at her and said " chal aab apne kapre utar ke nangi ho jaa." mom's face was suddenly flushed with red tint of embarrassment but she said " nahin pahele tu aapna lund dikah". I placed my hand on my trousers zip and pulled it down.

Then i put my hand inside my trousers and pulled my underwear down. Then i slowly took my hard swollen foot long cock out and took my mothers hand and placed it on my cock and said " le mera lund pakar." the feel of my mothers hand on my cock was driving me nuts.i then slowly started undressing my mother. I held both the corners of her kameez and lifted them she lifted her arms and i pulled her kameez over her head. Now she was standing in front of me in her bra and salwar. I put my hand over the string of her salwar and started pulling it. As the string untied i slowly pulled her loosened salwar to her ankles. Now she was standing in her bra and panties holding my cock in her hands. I placed my hands on her shoulders and asked "tujhe nangi kar doon? ". Mom didnt reply but kept on foundling my cock which by now had assumed gigantic proportions. I encircled my arms around her and unhooked the hook of her bra. As her bra fell from her shoulders exposing her lovely boobs my mom pressed her body to mine to hide her nakedness.

Seeing her intentions i whispered in her ears " choochi dikhane mein itna sarma rahi hai to tu apni choot kaisa kholegi mere samne?" now mom said " chal ab baaten mat kar, mere saath kaam kar" i was enjoying my own excitement now and i knew that as long i talked mom would start loosing her shyness and will open out more so i wispered in her ear, "marwaige?" mom replied "itni door se marwane ke liey hi to aai hoon , bajare ke khet mein nangi khadi hoon tere saamane aur tu pooch raha hai ki marwaigee?" i asked "kacchi utar doon kya" mom was by now totally exasperated, she stepped back pulled down her panties arranged her clothes like a bedsheet lay back on them bent her knees ,opened her legs wide apart and said "aur kuch kholun kya , ab jaldi se apna lund daal" i stepped back and pulled down my pants and underwear. Then i stepped out of them and kneeled in front of my mothers cunt. I was sitting on my knees in between her thighs. My big hard cock was jetting out of my thighs . My mom was looking intensely at my cock. I held my cock in my hand and slowly pulled the skin back exposing my thick swollen knob to my mother’s intense gaze. Seeing my doubly swollen knob mom involuntarily widened her thighs to the full extent. Now in this intense heat both of us were loosing our control. Mother horsly wispered " ab dair mat kar apna lund mare andar kar de jaldi se". I held my cock in my hand placed the knob directly over my mother's cunt. Then i placed my hands on her bent knees ,looked in her eyes and asked "chod doon thuje.?" mom was shivering with excitement.

She nodded her head indicating yes. In the same position i thrust my hips forward and pushed my cock in her cunt. As my knob went inside her already wet pussy her pussy lips were stretched to the full extent. Mom in her excitement moaned " aa bete mere upar chad ja." on hearing this with my cock still in her cunt i bent forward and placed my elbows on the sides of her chest. Then with both my hands i grabbed both her boobs. Now i was looking directly into her eyes and down with one thrust of my hips i inserted my full cock inside my mother’s cunt. Now that my cock was fully inside her cunt after the initial excitement and anticipation we finally came to the actual fucking and i started fucking my mother in right earnest. We both were sex hungry at that time and we both were fulfilling each other's desires to the full extent. Mother was throwing out cunt juices from her cunt very copiously and my cock had become slimy with her juices. That day i fucked my mom to my hearts content, and to this date we enjoy a good relationship.

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