Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bahu Ko Choda

By: sandeep

Hi This is sandeep i am 21 male from Hyderabad,I am a regular ISS reader and I want to share a real incident which took place in my life a long back and i am converting it into story....I Was an retired mamlatdar aged about 57 years with only son Raghu and my wife expired one year ago in order to bring happiness again i fixed my son's wedding with my relative and he was married at quiet young age 25 years with a beautiful lady roopa aged about 21 years with perfect figure 36-26-34 and she is very attractive and fair.Normally i used to go for walk early in the morning with my friends and they used to visit my home while leaving to their places.My bahu used to serve coffee and tea for after our arrival. One day my bahu came to my room and was frightened to complaint against my friends.Roopa (bahu) Jee mamaji aa rahi hoon raghu kaha gayan dikh ra nahi.. Woh mamaji aaj subhe aapke aane se pehle hi woh delhi jaane ke tayari main te aur flight pakadne airport chale gaye... Mujhe bola thak nahi .... Woh mamaji unke office se phone aaya ki unhe urgent se chale jaane ke liye..... Teek hain...Mere liye garam paani lagao...teek hain ... Mamaji (she was whispering) kya hua aaj bahot ajeeb lag rahi ho .... Kuch nahi woh aapke dost mujhe bahoot goor rahe tey aapke jaane ke baad .... Kya pagalsi baate ker rahri hain tu jaa kaam dekhle(I was shouting at her and she was frightened terribly)......
Mamaji please meri baath sunoo aapke dost mujhe roj bahoot galat tarike se goortey hain agar jawan bole tho main samj sakti magar main unki beti jaisi hoon phir bhi goortey hain mujse bardash nahi hora please unse kehdijiyega ki aapke walking katham ho te ki chale jaye... Please mamai please main request ker rahi hoon aapse....but on that day my sentiments ruined as i was amazed by seeing her sexy slim body i was fida on her ..... She maid me to collect my suhaag raath ke dine ..... Roopa Jee mamaji aayi aaj sakhu bhai nahi aayi kya woh mamaji aaj kaam pe nahi ayegi... Kyu aapko kuch chahiyega tho mujhe bula leejiyega..... I was feeling very hapy inside as my son and maid was not there.....Roopa kaha per ho tum ek baar aaavo idar.... Jee mamaji.... Aaayi kya chahiye mamaji.... Mere peet main dard de raha hain thoda balm laga do na....( she accepted without any hesitation )teek hain mamaji... I was laying on my bed and she sat beside me ...peeche mudiye ga yaha per ...ha waha per dard de raha hain ...when her palms were moving on my back i was in heaven ... Aaaahh her soft hands was moving like snakes on my back.... I asked her to give small massage on my chest and i removed my shirt completely she was shocked to see such a neatly shaved chest.... Without any hesitation she was massaging and now i was thinking something differently to fuck her like an animal.....Roopa thoda mera ye lund ko sahalaoona she was shocked to my words and scared a bit as she got an idea that i have an intention to fuck her.... She wants to escape and she said that mamaji aap aaram keejiyega stove pe cooker hain dekh ker aathi hoon but i dont want to miss her so i asked her to massage my dick pulled her hands and placed on my dick she was doing good but now i asked her to suck hard but she refused and i forcefully placed my dick in her mouth and i was fucking her throat she is not getting anychance to breath easily.....aahhha ahhhhhhha roopaa chooos saali mera lund choos aaahh ummh aaaahh...
She pushed me a side and was trying to escape i caught her back and pushed her on the bed and sat on her belly she was trembling like a fish ... Roopa dekh koi bachne ka raastey nahi hain meri baath sun aur mere saath de... Nahi mamaji please aap aise nahi ker sakthe please main aapki beti jaisi hoon please chod do mujhe please haaan chood doonga haram saali chod doonga teri badan mere badan se milne to de...... Saali randi..... I tored her blouse and pulled her bra ... I can see her naked milky booobs ... And i Was sucking and biting them realy hard enough for 10 minutes due to biting's slightly blood was oozing From her breasts.....and now i pulled her petticoat down and her shaved pussy was infront of me like a cake i licked her pussy for some time and inserted my 6 inches rod in her pussy and fucked really hard for more that 20 minutes and i cummed inside her .......I dont know whether you like this or not but this is my first story and i tried to mix my sexperience with story let me know the feedbacks at for better stories....(Actually i was fucked by my neighbour gal before her marriage for couple of times in my tenth class and she was aged about 23 years....I am slim and my height is about 5'3 fair and my tool is around 6 inches any aunts, gals wants to have sex with me or wants to play role-play can mail me and can add in messengers can contact me at )

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