Friday, February 13, 2009

Sex with sister in hyderabad

By: karthik

Hi my name is karthik am from hyderabad this is my true story, please if u like my stories send your feedbacks to my yahoo id am 24yr old single guy studying in some college in hyd, and love to live to the fullest. The incident i am telling you today is a real one and happened just few days back. If aunties, gals, wanna meet me can mail me at my yahoo id, sorry this is my story if any mistake pl z forgive me ok.

Your overwhelming comments have encouraged me to come out with all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another incident. This is a story of my elder cousin sister rita; she was four years elder to me. She lived in chennai, was a brilliant young woman, she was cute and petite with a height of 5.5 feet, with a body that was tenderly average at 32-28-32 and growing mature. I always loved her like a good brother would do. But once she was married and had a baby and started lactating. She was 27 then and i was 24 just when my cock started acknowledging every beautiful woman around. As i lived with my grandparents, cousins all over used to come to our place during vacations. Rita too came with her child one such summer and we were all happy she had come.

Her husband worked in dubai and sex for her was a distant dream or an annual affair. I took a fantasy to her ever lactating breasts and sweating armpits. Boys at school had told me that girls who sweat more in the armpits have a higher degree of hunger for sex. And the very practical thought was arousing me every time i saw her. I used to go to the boys and ask questions on such topics and they would give some out of the world fantasy answers. But in all they made me lust for her. It was one of those times that a class mate of ours discovered that his sister was using a drug to enhance her milk production since she had less milk secretion. I heard the name of the tablet ‘milk thistle’ and registered it in my mind. That whole evening i kept thinking about rita akka’s boobs and the wet spot on her blouse, but i never realized that it was oozing milk due to excess production already.

I wanted to see her boobs grow big, so i decided to buy the tabs and check it on rita akka, the next day after school i ran to the medic and asked for the tab, she look at me viciously and asked me for whom was it. I said for my sis, he said that he normally does not give such tabs without prescription, but since he knows my family he gave it. It cost rs. 12 for each i got four for fifty rupees.

I waited for my opportunity to mix it in any of her drink and decided that i will mix it in her milk which my grandma sends to her through me after dinner. I did not know how many tabs need to be taken, so i was in a quandary. I knew one is definite can she take two?? How much milk will come if she took three…!!? Lots of questions came into my mind and i decided that i will give her two tabs and save the remaining two for the next night. My grandma asked me to give the glass of milk to rita akka and i took and in between the stairs i put the tabs in and kept stirring and gave the milk to rita akka. She drank the milk while i waited, she told me to go and sleep, while i said i was waiting for the glass.

she said she will keep it herself. I went to my room and waiting to see if her boobs started growing but nothing happened. I wanted to see some change in the morning but again nothing was visible. During breakfast i noticed her boobs from close proximity and could see her breaths heave and make her boobs flower bigger than normal and she was also restless. My anxiety started growing nastier and i wanted to see her huge engorged boobs. Spurt milk. I kept following her all day to see what she would do. Somewhere in the afternoon, i found her talking to my grandma after lunch, she was telling her that her breasts have grown bigger and more milk is dripping constantly and her chest was paining.

My grandma, asked her to lock the door and pull the window drapes, as i was also sleeping in the same room along with couple of other young cousins, but they were all asleep and i was pretending so, my grandma took rita akka to the store room close by and i quietly followed behind without their knowledge. There in the room my grandma asked rita akka to remove her blouse and show her boobs, she immediately removed it. That was my blessed moment of seeing my sister’s boobs. They were big and round and off white in color. Her areolas where fully aroused and dark brown in color, her nipples were wet with constant dripping, my grandma told her not to allow her tits be dripping as the wetness will create a septic and the same would be transferred to the baby while it drinks the milk. Rita akka was startled and really worried that she cant allow the baby to suck on such tits.

My grandma being experience got up and i ran back to my bed. She went and got a tumbler and locked the room and went into the store and she started milking rita akka’s boobs. Rita akka could not bear the pain and was moaning. My grandma said the best was to suck the milk out and she opted to suck some milk, the sight was too arousing, but for rita akka it was a little grouse as her grandma was sucking her boobs. But she had no option. Not for long my grandma could suck. She was startled by the milk flowing. She looked at rita akka and said that’s really huge supple. I guess you need either milk yourself every now and then or you need to feed someone who can drink all the milk. She told rita akka to wait till night she will arrange for something after dinner.

I ran back and laid myself on the bed and strained to pretend to sleep with a fully blown dick. They both came back and slept. That evening i struggled the max in my pants. From the evening i started to move along my grandma so that i could learn what she was planning. Later towards the dinner, grandma told me to sleep in rita akka’s room. She also told rita akka to make me sleep in her room. Then after i went to wash my hands, i heard rita akka ask grandma what was the set-up. Grandma said boys normally have a large appetite to suck. And sucking nipples is one of their main game plays. And she told that she would send two glasses of milk tonight one of her and the other for arun. I will lace his drink with half doze of sleeping tab so that he sleeps and then i will manage the rest she said. I got scared but also excited; i did not want to sleep. After dinner grandma called me and gave me rita akka’s glass of milk and this night she gave one for me too.

I said thanks grandma i love milk. Her eyes lit as she felt she selected the right guy. But on the way i poured my milk into the alley leading to the stairway and mixed her drink with the two tabs left. And went on top and gave rita akka her glass of milk. And as usual went to my room. She immediately called me and said remember granny asked you to sleep in my room, so i walked into her room and found my bed laid down already, i was surprised since there was only one bed i slept down. And waited my opportunity with abated breath and also pretending to be asleep. After almost half hour later. I heard my grandma and rita akka come into the room and they closed the door and windows and grandma asked rita akka to check if i was asleep.

She shook me a couple of times and i did not respond and then grandma shook me heavily and i responded lightly and slept back, grandma told rita akka that he is responding semi-consciously and this is the right time. My blood was gushing into my loins and the wait was growing too intolerable. Then grandma instructed rita akka to lie down next to me, and my cock started to grow. She then told her to remove her blouse and bra completely and be bare chested, she instructed her to hold me like her baby as in feeding position and she asked her to rub her nipples on my lips. Rita akka did as she was told; i did not know what to do… rita akka also had the same doubt and grandma told her to keep rubbing gently and he will open his mouth that was enough instruction or me to act. I slowly pretended to open my mouth and grandma immediately asked her to put the nipple in my mouth. And she did. I did not start sucking immediately.

Rita akka asked granny what to do. She said wait he will start sucking. For that you need to put some milk into his mouth now she asked rita akka to press her tits boobs and let some milk flow into my mouth, she immediately did and a stream of milk flowed into my mouth as if to choke me.

I immediately started softly gulping the milk and when it was dry i started slowing sucking her nubile tits for more milk. And her milk was just gushing in gallons, the room was dark and i slowly opened my eyes to see those lovely boobs i am sucking. In the crack of the eye i noticed i could see nothing. It was pitch dark and i could only feel her boobs in my mouth and her sexy body close to me, i could hear their voices softly murmuring instructions and now it was cool talk as i was in fully flowing of sucking. I slowing brought my hands forward and held her boob and rita akka got a little tense and told my grandma, granny said it was normal and not to worry, don’t you see babies holding and kneading the boobs while they drink the milk, it’s the same way, and that was my next step i started kneading her breasts.

my sucking made her tits sore and she asked my granny if she can change position, granny asked her to do and she changed and gave me her right boob. Now i had a new stock of fresh milk. The night was intense and i wanted to trace and lick every part of rita akka’s body. I wanted her to suck my cock too and drink its milk. But i did not have the option to move. So i remained quiet and kept sucking slowly and softly, and during this time both rita akka and granny fell asleep. I started to graze my hands all over rita akka’s body and massage her tits, knead her boobs and scratch her body and rita akka was also enjoying all this, then i decided to put my hand in her chut, i ran my hands over her chest and down to her chut through her petticoat, i slowly removed her nara and it came off.

I then immediately ran my hands into the bush for the first time in my life and it was wet. But i still massaging it. The wetness became used and i started pushing finger into a hole i found in the wetness, the moment i touched it, rita akka showed signs of weakness and submission. I immediately took advantage and massaged and dug into the hole more and realized she liked it. I kept doing the same and she abruptly pushed me aside and turned to the other side. Her push woke up grandma and she asked rita akka what happened. Rita akka said nothing and we all went to sleep. With my cock still stiff like hell. The next morning it was the same story a little bigger this time as the medicine last night had worked and her boobs were still bloated. My grandma suggested that she did what she last night as a practice everyday so that it could subside. I was in eleventh heaven. My luck had just opened all its gates.

I ran to all uncles to collect money, now i needed them to buy tabs daily. While i got a fresh set of tabs, and running back into the house. There i saw rita akka standing on the terrace, and called me up. I went on top and she asked me if i drank the milk. I was shocked; i asked her back which milk. She said last night grandma gave u milk did u drink it or not. I said i did. But she was angry and i guess she knew i was lying. She took me to the alley near the stairs and showed me the stains of milk. Now i did not have any words to cover myself. I agreed. He intensely asked me if i knew everything. I said yes. I knew.

And she asked me if i liked it? I did not know what to say but as a common rule i knew, you can lie to girls but you need to keep them happy and this time i wouldn’t be lying so i said i really loved and do anything to do it again. So she angrily asked if i would do it again. I hesitated and said if its gonna help you feel relieved of the pain. She asked me to come into the room and once inside we asked to close doors and pull the curtains and she immediately removed blouse buttons and pulled her left boobs out and asked me to drink. She was still stern so did not misbehave; i immediately took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it hungrily. And soon she started to moan, even before i could get to the next boob. And this went of almost three weeks. And used to spend all my vacation pocket money on these tabs. One day i decided i need to show her something more before she leaves town. I knew she enjoyed me masturbating her and she enjoyed it every night and kept it away from my grandma. Off late she started asking me to get her out in the afternoons too. So i wanted to show her what a creative man could do.

That night i told her to get some hot water in a flask and kept it in the bedroom. Both of us got in and closed the door. And as usual rita akka disrobed completely and i started sucking her milk laden nipples. The very though i was gonna take her full tonight was make me suck her more harder and she was panting, she asked me what was the matter and why i was sucking so hard. I told her to just sit back and enjoy. My sucking was arousing her. She instructed me to start masturbating her as she wanted to cum. I started to finger her alongside sucking her breasts and tongue trusts got so wild that she could no longer bear the onslaught of pleasure on her tits and cunt. She blew a huge load of juices in the air and turned away from me and squirted in the shudder.

Her cunt was so soft and wet and juicy that she could bear the pleasure one more suck and she was having multiple orgasms. I immediately pulled the condom out of my pocked. Rolled a magazine into a pole and rolled over the condom on it. Now it looked like a huge turgid cock. I opened the flask and dipped the condom covered rolled mug into the warm water and instantly shoved it into her hot wet throbbing cunt. My sister did not imagine i would anything like that. The warmth of the water was making her feel it was a real cock she opened her eyes in disbelief and said u cant do that.

Then she noticed the mug and smiled at me and laid back to enjoy. I started the pumping motion slowly and kept warming up with the hot water dip and kept going at her. And he was squeezing and tearing away at the pillow and bed sheet and experiencing orgasm after orgasm. And she whisperingly pleaded with me to stop it. I respected her so i stopped it and pulled out the battered mug and removed condom drenched with her juices, i turned the condom inside out and rolled it over my cock and jerked myself, while rita akka kept looking at me. Her juices on my cock made me more hornier and i was gonna cum like hell. When i removed the condom and my sperms fell all over my sister rita, a few spills were on her face too. She rubbed it off her face and looked at me and for the first time touched my cock, it was stiff and started growing stiffer to her touch. She could not believe it. I immediately pulled it away from her went down to suck her right boob which now needed my attention.

The milk flow was energizing and quenching my post fuck thirst. And she was getting more aroused. Her hands were grazing to take charge of my cock. But i was there at her boobs. Milking her dry with my mouth. I saw her desperation and i allowed her to hold my cock, she was really happy to see the size and girth and slowly started to play with. I immediately lied on my back and started kissing her thighs; she also started kissing my thighs. And i finally touched her vagina with my tongue. She was startled and shuddered with pleasure running through her spine. There i was licking and sucking her vagina like it was an apple pie. My tongue entrenched deep into her and he was writhing under me in pleasure and directing my head to her vagina.

I also started to push my dick towards her mouth and tried pushing it. She did not want take my dick in her mouth. I started sucking her vagina wildly and she opened her mouth for air and i shoved my cock into her mouth. And went rampaging her cunt like i was a mad dog licking a bitch’s cunt for glory. She throbbed for every lick and shuddered and had another basket of orgasms. She was done for another two months. And we slept that night, with my cock in her mouth and gentle sucking and when we woke up in the morning we realized i had come in her mouth in the night and that too a mouthful of my cum dried up in the corner of her mouth was an amazing scene to wake up to. Mail me your comments on this incident, i will tell you how i capitalized on the same in my next edition.

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