Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sweet Saali

By: Amit Goel

I am Amit Goel 28 years old tall handsome guy working in a Multi National as Assistant Manager. I got married to a beautiful girl Jaya two years ago. She is a sexy woman of 24 years with a Bindaas attitude. We live together in a three room flat at Rohini in Delhi. Life is bliss for us. Both of us enjoy each other’s company and ofcourse sex. We are a passionate couple who like to experiment a lot. Jaya is quite frank and shares her sexual fantasies freely with me. She loves to watch porn movies with me. I have a good collection of good movies..Few months back my younger saali (sister in law) Jyoti joined us to spend summer vacations in Delhi. She is a sex bomb. She is fair and well endowed. Her figure is 36 24 37. Jyoti is very close to her elder sister. As soon she came our joy multiplied manifold. She was a bit surprised to see our frankness. I would start kissing Jaya passionately whenever and wherever I like. Jaya felt no need for any change in our lovemaking in the presence of Jyoti. Jyoti was however not very comfortable with it. She would observe it with a keen eye although indirectly. If the kissing led to something more she would leave the room. But she would keep on looking. Once I saw her playing with her boobs and rubbing her cunt. I could sense the sexual tension arising in her.
After two days I noticed some changes in the drawer where I used to keep the porn stuff. I am very particular in keeping things in order. The order was changed. The meaning was clear. Someone had touched it. I knew Jaya didn’t like to watch such movies alone. Still I enquired indirectly. Jaya said she had not touched the drawer. That means Jyoti must have seen the movies. .I wanted to fuck her. And all these circumstances encouraged me further. I was waiting for an appropriate opportunity. Meanwhile I started teasing her. I would try to touch her at some pretext or the other. She was enjoying it but not showing it. I cracked adult jokes. She understood but suppressed her laughter. Once I kissed her cheeks. She got disturbed and complained about it to Jaya. Jaya said that it was a matter between Jeeja and Saali and she didn’t want to interfere. Jyoti was surprised to hear her response. I told her that saali in Indian tradition is equivalent to aadhi gharwali. (Sister in law is half wife). She blushed on hearing that and Jaya laughed out aloud. She said why we don’t share her in our lovemaking. I said I would love that. We both laughed and Jyoti got embarrassed and went to the other room. The matter was dropped as a joke.
Next day Jaya and I were going to a friend’s place for dinner. Jyoti chose to remain at home. When both of us were seated in the car, I told Jaya to wait for a while as I had forgotten my wallet. I went back to the flat and rang the bell. For quite some time there was no response. I rang the bell again and again. Finally Jyoti opened the door. She looked upset. I enquired why she took so long to open the door. She said that she was in the bathroom. I went to my bedroom to fetch my wallet. When I was about to leave suddenly I saw the indicators of TV and Dvd player were on. I picked up the remote. She got very tense and tried to take away the remote from me. I took her in my arms feeling her boobs and with the other hand I switched on the TV and a porn movie appeared as expected. I kissed her passionately and said tomorrow we will watch this movie together. The ice was definitely broken. She wouldn’t her innocent sister to know what she was doing at that time. With a broad smile on my face I went out..Next day Jaya had gone to a kitty party and I decided to go for the kill. Jyoti was sitting in the drawing room reading a novel. I embraced her from behind and said: “Saaliji yeh novel chhodo aur hamare saath movie dekho.”“Nahin please mujhe chhod do.” She said. “Chod bhi denge, jaldi kya hai” I replied. She blushed at the jugglery of words and its meaning.
“Nahin please don’t do this.” She persisted.“Drama mat karo. Tumhe bhi utni hi ichhchha hai jitni mujhe.” I countered.Her objections were getting weak. I was feeling her boobs and squeezing them. I kissed her and she started responding to my kiss. I took her to my bedroom. She said, “Aap to keh rahe the ki movies dekhenge.” “Aaj movie banate hai phir kabhi dekhenge.” I replied. She laughed at that.I took out her kameez (shirt). She was wearing black bra underneath it. I squeezed the left boob taking my hand inside the bra. She closed her eyes and started moaning. With the other hand I opened the chord of her salwaar which fell to the ground. She was wearing a matching panty. She looked very pretty. I asked to open her eyes. She said, “nahin mujhe sharam aati hai.”I made her lie on the bed. I quickly removed my clothes and joined her in the bed. I put my tool in her hand. She quickly withdrew her hand and I laughed out aloud. I said, “Ek baar dekh to lo. Pasand hai ya nahin?” But she kept her eyes closed. I untied the bra and the giant boobs were in my hands. I put my mouth on the left one while massaging the other. After few minutes I switched over to the other boob. She started moaning out aloud. After about ten minutes of fondling I moved downwards.
I removed the panty and a beautiful pussy with a lot of hairs was in front of me. I started licking it passionately. I opened the lips of the pussy and put my tongue inside searching for the g spot. She was enjoying it a lot and moaning heavily.Then I put on a condom over my 8 inch long organ which was already very keen for action. I put it slowly at the entrance of the vagina and slowly starting putting inside it. When it was about two inches inside I put a bigger thrust to put the whole of it inside. She let out a loud cry and asked me to stop. But I was not listening and continued to pump my tool. As I gained momentum her cries stopped but not her moans. After about 15 minutes I stopped. I kissed her and asked her if she reached her orgasm. She said she had climaxed many times. Happily I went to the wash room.My affair with her continued till her marriage about two months ago. I am waiting to restart my joyful experience. How do you like the story? You can send your feedback to me at

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