Friday, February 13, 2009

Chudakad maa ko choda

By: kapil

When i was of about 9 yrs of age i saw my mom peeing. That was the first time i saw pussy of an elder women. There were hairy bushes around it and it swelled as the pee was coming out. Then i started getting excited about it. Our bathroom door had a small hole in it. So i started peeking through the door whenever my mom used to go to bathroom for taking bath. I could see her bare boobs which were milky white and erect. I could also see her cute pussy with rose petal type lips. She used to take lot of time while applying soap near her pussy. She used to put middle finger in her pussy and used to moan with her eyes closed. Soon her finger movement used to become vigorous and moans used to increase in sound levels. When she used to reach climax she used to put three fingers inside her juicy pussy with her eyes closed and head backwards. After satisfying herself fully, she used to continue with her bathing. Despite knowing nothing about sex at that time , my penis used to get erect and used to pain. I used to start stroking my penis and used to enjoy that.

This was happening because my father was working in kuwait and used to come for two months only in one year. We were leaving in a rented house with one bedroom only. I used to sleep with my mom crossing my legs over her waist and used to press my penis against her belly. I used to get a tingling feeling when the tip of my penis used to get brushed against her belly.

When i became about 15 years old, my penis had grown to a big size. I had learnt the art of masturbating from my friends. I used to remember my mom taking bath while masturbating. Since i was not used to wearing underwear my mom had also observed my enormous size.

One day my mama ji came to stay with us for ten days. Since there was only one bedroom so my mother told him to sleep in the same bedroom in which i and mother used to sleep. I was sleeping in the centre. Then my mama ji went to the toilet for peeing. My mother was fast asleep and was wearing a thin t shirt and a skirt. When mama ji came back from the toilet he had a look towards my mom side. Her skirt on the legs had slightly moved upwards beyond the knees. Even her t shirt had moved upwards and giving a clear view of her white belly and base of her huge breasts. Mama ji instead of sleeping near me on my left went towards my mom and slept besides her.

Mama ji slept besides my mom and pressed his body behind my mom’s body. Since it was a moonlit night i was able to see all this. Then slowly mama ji put his hand on my mom’s bare belly and started caressing her. He slightly moved the mom’s tshirt upwards. Since mom was not wearing any bra her breasts were clearly visible to me. Mom was still asleep and i was pretending to sleep. Seeing my mom’s boobs so close to me my bulge started to increase but i decided to keep quiet. Now mama ji moved his hands over my mom’s breasts and starting squeezing the nipples. I saw my mom moaning slightly and her nipples had become erect. Mama ji got encouraged with that and started kissing on back of my mom’s neck. Mom stretched her body in response to that in her sleep only. Then mama ji put his hands under her skirt and raised it. He started rubbing his fingers against her pussy. My mom made a sexy sound as if she was enjoying this time my penis had become uncontrollable and pre cum had started coming seeing my mom’s body in front of me. I put my leg between my mom’s legs. As mama ji was fingering her i could feel the pressure exerted by mom on my legs.

As this was going on my mother suddenly woke and saw mama ji playing with her pussy. I pretended myself to be in sleep. Mom asked mama ji as to what is going on. Mama ji told mom not to raise her voice as it would wake me up. My mom asked him as to what he was upto. Mama ji told mom that your husband has been away for so long. You also have certain physical needs which need to be fulfilled. You can’t spoil your youth and sex life waiting for your husband. As it is your husband keeps on fucking whores in kuwait and fulfilling his sexual needs.

My mom said “this is not correct” mama ji said “ there is nothing wrong in it” mom said “ raju will wake up” mama ji said “don’t worry didi we will not make any noise’ raju is fast asleep and will not wake up” saying this mama ji started planting kisses on the back of her neck and squeezed my mom bare breasts. Mom wanted to resist but was losing her control to mama ji moves. Soon mama ji moved his hands downwards and started rubbing clitoris of my mom with his thumb and inserted middle finger inside her already wet cunt. Mom was also looking towards me to check if iam asleep. She was now getting into frenzy. Mama ji said “didi ji do you remember the day i took your virginity”. Mom said “ yes i remember every bit of it, it was hurting initially but enjoyed afterwards”. I was shocked to hear that my mom has been fucked by mama ji before her marriage. This got me very excited. Mom said “ you are making too much of noise, let us get on the carpet otherwise raju will wake up”.

Mama ji said yes and both of them got onto the carpet besides the bed. Tis gave me even clear view of them. My mom’s legs and wet pussy was facing my head. Mama ji started sucking my mom’s boobs vigorously and fingered mom’s clitoris with ne hand. Mom was making getting very exited and was moving her hips. Slowly mama ji started moving his mouth towards her belly and towards her pussy. He started moving his tongue on her clitoris and put two fingers in her wet cunt. Now mom started moaning loudly without caring for my presence. Mama ji said her to make less noise. Mom replied that now it is beyond control and let any body see it. I waana get fucked royally and told mama ji to put his pussy into her juicy cunt. Mama placed his penis on the open lips of mom’s cunt and started rocking after a strong jerk. Then they tried doggy position. Soon mom was cumming all over and squeezed mama ji’s penis. Mama ji also could not control and was about to cum. He immediately took his penis out and put it into mama’s mouth. She was not able to breathe but did not drop a single drop of mama ji’s cum. After the onslaught both lay on side of each other. After that they went to bathroom together to have a wash.

After they came back on the bed mama i said “didi ji now raju has also grown up, i can see he has a big penis, why don’t you tease him to fuck you”. Listening this i got very exited and waited for mom’s response. Mom said “i also want to get fucked by raju but not getting an opportunity”. Mama ji said “why don’t you tell him to massage you and than seduce him, didi try out this thing tomorrow and i will tell him that i am going out tomorrow but will hide under the bed. Once you are able to seduce her i will make an entry and then both of us will fuck you” mom said “if that is possible that would be very exiting” i was shocked as well as exited to hear this from mom’s mouth. I started waiting for next night to eagerly.

Next night came and as planned mama ji told that he will not be there for the night. After dinner mom and me went to the bedroom. Mom told me that she is very tired and told me to give a body massage. I brought the oil bottle for the massage. Mom was wearing t shirt and skirt. She slept on the bed on her stomach. I started massaging on her back slightly taking her t shirt up. I could see mom breathing heavily and enjoying my massage. Slowly i took my hands below her neck and shoulders below the t shirt and started massaging slowly. I told mom that her t shirt would be spoiled by oil and she should take it off. She immediately did so and again laid on her back. I climbed on her buttocks and started massaging her back vigorously. Mom was saying that she is finding herself much relaxed. I was also trying to look at her boobs from the side which were pressed against the bed. After some time i asked her whether she would like to take massage on her stomach also. She told yes and turned her body covering her boobs with her hands. I applied lot of oil on her belly and started massaging her slowly and sensually. She was enjoying every bit of it, her grip on her hand were loosening and she was slowly moaning. I slightly took my hands at the base of her breasts and slowly removed her hands. She made very less resistance as she had started enjoying and was anticipating a good fuck from her son. She took her hands above her head and straightened her body and shivered in excitement. Now my mom’s boobs were open for me and i started massaging them slowly. Then i moved my hands downwards and put oil near her sexy naval. Now she was in seventh heaven. I then told her that i will massage her legs also. She just nodded her head in agreement. I raised her plumpy buttocks and pulled her skirt down. Her freshly clean shaven pussy was now in front of me. I initially put some oil on her thighs and started massaging them. Slowly i took my hand towards inside of her thighs just brushing her pussy. Mom said what are you doing. I told her mom just relax and enjoy my massage. I put one hand on her boobs and the other one was massaging her thighs. Occasionally i used to touch her clitoris and lovehole in between and i could see he shivering in excitement. She had closed her eyes. Now i bent over her and took her left nipple in my mouth. Mom suddenly said “ raju what are you doing” i said “mom just relax you will enjoy this” and started sucking her milky boobs. By this time i also took off my clothes. Then slowly i moved my mouth from boobs by belly and naval to her pussy. I took lips of her pussy in my mouth and shaked my head. She got wild by this. Then i put my tongue on her clitoris and started moving my tongue vigorously. She parted her legs fully and pressed my head against her pussy. Now she had left all her shyness and was enjoying every moment of it. Then i made a 69 position and started licking her pussy. She also put my penis in her mouth. After few minutes both of us were becoming uncontrollable. So i put the head of my penis in her pussy. I was feeling as if iam in heaven. I started rocking too and fro in her pussy. After about 10 minutes of fucking she was about to cum,she squeezed hard around my penis with her cunt walls. This brought me to a frenzy and my speed increased 10 times. Both of us exploded simultaneously. I could feel her love juices coming out and my hot cum getting mixed with that. Then both of us lay exhausted in the bed.

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