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Aunty Ki Gilli Choot

Aunty Ki Gilli Choot

Hello friends, I have always been a great fan of this section of desi groups.I have read most of the stories and now I am willing to share my true experience of my life with the world web. Well, let me introduce myself. I am 21 years, normal guy. My story dates back to 1 year ago it was my first experience. My aunty used to live in the horonabad. Her name is tina. She was just married two years ago. She was four years older than me, and 5 ft 5 in. She had long brownish hairs, black eyes and a pair of nice and doux soft boobs which measures 36. She was a blab and belle. She was really a sex-kitten. Well, lets get into the story. My parents asked me to go to her place to give her the good news of my admission. From my childhood days since I started getting sexually aroused I had a long cupidity to get over her.

I was happy and agog to visit her place.Next day, it was a Sunday. So I asked my parents to stay there for three days to spend some time with my super sexy aunty, and I got their permission too. When I rang the door bell, she opened the door with some hesitation. Then I came to know that she was staying all alone in the house and his husband has been out to haronabad for some official tour. He will return only after one week. She greeted me inside and I gave her my news. She congratulated me and gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead. Then she asked me whether I had my breakfast or not? I had my breakfast earlier. Then we planned to play a game. We soon started to play the game carrom. She used to wear both salwar and sari. At that time she was wearing a violet saree and a navy blue sleeveless blouse.Oh God! She was looking dam sexy and the four letters. As I had told about her blabness, she used to talk excessive and in due time she used to reveal her secrets. As she was leaning forward for the stroke her pallu used to fall down and I could see her creamy white cleavage. I only thought of seducing her and could not concentrate on my playing. I started playing rubbishly and as I played the stroke, the striker went flying towards her and fell into her breasts. I find that she was disturbed and with great anxiousness she pulled the striker out from her blouse.

She was shocked to see me when I was caressing and kissing the striker a lot. When she told me what happened I asked her," whether it hurts you or not." She just nodded the head and said "its okay." I was attracted magnetically towards her to feel her body. I could not escape masterbating in the bathroom thinking about her great body. I was full of agog and had a cupidity to fuck her. As you all know, Cupid-the roman god of erotic love. In the afternoon I enjoyed the lunch when she was serving me by my side and her soft hands were touching my arms.I could feel the warmth of her body and the doux odour of her body was encouraging me a lot. It attracted me desperately and had a college try to seduce her. In the afternoon I couldnot sleep, always thinking about her. At that time I knew nothing and was just a learner of the beginners of sex. In the evening I asked her not to cook in the house as I will bring the dinner from outside. She agreed and also asked me to bring some video casessetes. We were playing cards and made a plan that who ever wins will order the other person to do according to their will. Initially I got stucked and she ordered me to give her a glass of water from the fridge. I obeyed her and brought a glass of water. But after sometimes I had my luck back. I asked her to dance. But she told me that she doesnot know dancing. I ordered her that you have to dance and I will help you in dancing. She tried to knot her saree tightly, but I gained my confidence and courage and loosened her knot. She was Dancing with me, with every melody and rhythm. She was leaning on my hand and I could feel her soft body over me. Her nice sexy boobs were pressing my body and I was pressing her ass with my hand. I couldnot hold my cock standing erect nowhere and nothing to know when will it explode. I was enjoying the every moment of it. At about 8:00 PM I went out to bring the dinner. She also promissed me to entertain me after the dinner. At about 9:00 PM I returned with some packed food and a few video casessetes. She asked me which are these videos and I told her that its nice. But I knew that they were all XXX. At about 9:30 PM finished our dinnerand after completing everything we sat together to watch the movie. But to her astonishment she was scared to see the opening scenes where the actor and the actress were kissing each other deeply. At first I was also afraid, but slowly I found that she was enjoying the movie. As she was sitting beside me with a deep breathe I put my hand on her thigh. She reacted instantly and said "No, I am your aunty." But I insisted her telling that "please, please I had a strong desire to get over her and fuck her."

My hands were still caressing her thigh. She was watching the movie. Slowly she started responding towards me. I put my arms around her neck, drawing her face closer to mine as now her other hand rested on my bulged prick. She was caressing it squeezing it and I was afraid that I might shoot out any moment. I pulled her face close to mine and soon her cheeks were brushing against mine. I could feel her hot breath on my ear. My other hand was already on her back, caressing her. I moved my hand on her forehead and touched her there. She moved closer to me. I could see the swell of her breasts moving up and down with her breathings. Then I traced my finger down in a straight line, on to her nose, and then to her juicy lips. My finger was now between her lips and all of a sudden she opened her mouth and my finger slipped into her mouth. With a naughty look, she was sucking at my fingers. Pulling my finger from her mouth, I brought it straight into mine, licking her saliva from it. It tasted great. She started pushing her body towards me. I wanted to grab her boobs, now straining inside her bra, but controlled myself. I was enjoying every moment and did not want to scare her off with any sudden moments. The heat was slowly building in her and I could sense it. I decided to take it slow. From her lips, then to her cheeks, to her chin and down her neck, my finger was tracing a line. It then moved between the cleavage of her swelling breasts. I could not control myself and my finger moved on to her left boob and I slowly cupped it in my hand.

I could feel the material of the bra and the nipples were trying to break loose. I pressed her left boob gently and she gave a soft moan. Ignoring the moan, I moved my hand on her right boob and caressed it gently, trying to feel her nipples through the material. I wanted to tear off her dress and put my mouth on her boobs. My fingers moved down over her soft smooth womb and to rest on her belly button, nestling between the folds of her skin. I pressed my finger into the cavity of her belly button and she smiled. She was pressing her body closer to mine.i open her boady and suck her nipples. She was moaning .hhhhhhhhhhh. I drink her hot milk. My heart was poundng fast and my dick was really hard and throbbing. I could feel the pre cum oozing out of the tip to wet my balgriggan. My hand moved further down and I could feel the lacy elastic of waist band of her panties. I couldnot believe myself. I Finally feel her mound, through her dress. My hand was already pressing her pudenda and she unfolded her legs from under her and spread it a little apart to let my hand move freely. I looked up and she was looking straight at my face and I could feel the softness of her outer lips.From her mound my hand now mooved on to feel her buttocks."What are you trying to do" she asked me with a naughty smile. I want to kiss ...I stammered back when she suddenly put her arms over my shoulder and asked " let me give you a kiss." I was dumd struck to see a sexy, beautiful lady about whom I have been fantasizing, a lady whom I had kissed and made love to in my dreams, asking my permission to kiss me.I put my arms around her neck drawing her face closer to mine and by now her other hand rested on my bulged prick. She was caressing it, squeezing it and I was afraid that I might shoot out any moment. I pulled her face closer to mine and soon her cheeks were brushing against mine. I could feel her hot breath on my ears. My other hand was already on her back, caressing her. I could feel the wetness of her sweat on her forehead. I deftly licked the sweat as she pressed her cheeks more into mine. My lips rowed across her cheeks and ended up on her lips, which was slightly parted. I kissed her tight on her parted lips and then moved my tongue over it. Her mouth parted and my tongue wandered into her cavity.Our mouths closed on each other and our tongues were wriggling inside each other mouth. I licked and sucked on her tongue. She smiled and we ended up in a big embrace again. Now we rolled across the carpeted floor in the tight embrace, our mouth glued together once again. She was lying above me with her thigh pinning me down. The feel of her soft body pressing against mine was heavenly. My arms rowed over her back pressing her closer against me.

I just took my hand on her sari's pallu and pulled it to all the sides to let it unwound off that beautiful body. I thought this was not the right place and asked her to move to the bed room. She instructed me to move to her bed room but she didnot followed me. I went to bed and after a few minutes later I was shocked to see my aunty in her nightgown. I turned around to embrace her, she was trembling all over, so I led her to the sofa and made her sit down. I kneeled down in front of her and lifted one of her legs and started kissing her toes licking and sucking them one by one. She was squirming on the sofa and her hands were massaging my neck. All the while I could hear her moun very softly ahhhh" My hands were on her thighs, gently massaging and kneeding the flesh. Her voice got a little louder. She mouned "oohhhhh her eyes were closed and her head was going from side to side.

The sofa was becomming too uncomfortable and we once again moved to the bed. I slowly pulled her nighty up and she responded back by loosening her body a bit to help me pull her dress up over her head. My hands was now on her buttocks, squeezing them and pulls the knot of her pink petticoat. Still holding her down with one hand, I managed to insert one hand under her tight white panties and pushed it towards the crack between her buttocks. I could not control myself and soon started fingering her anus and she gave a jolt as my fingers pressed hard against her anus. She was screeming " muuuujjhhheeeeee pyyaaaaarrrr kaaaarrooooooo"mujeeeee chodo ooooo' The next moment I took her lips into my mouth and sucked all the lipstick. I was shiverring with excitement and for moments I was Freezed by what was happening. She instantly ripped my shirt apart popping off one buttom after Another.She was running her tongue furiously on my chest and the warm and hot touch of her lips and tongue on my chest provoked me to cup her breasts with my both hands. Oh friends!!! They were so cute!! Not much big, not small, but perfectly fitted into my hands. The next moment I felt her arms on my hips and the zip of my jeans opening. In the next few seconds, she pulled down my jeans to my knees and my undies after it and did not waste another moment to get a hold of my half wet hot erect rod. Oh, her hands were so smooth, it made me feel in heaven. I was naked before a lady for the first time. It had gone to a respectable seven inches plus at that time. I could feel her naked body too (except for her half cupped white bra and white panties) against me. I turned bringing her under me. I moved my hands over her soft body,squeezing her boobs and then moving down to feel her pudenda over her white panties.It was soft and warm and I could feel dampness on her crotch. I unhooked her bra with my mouth and she held her arms up helping me to remove it from her body. Her boobs were firm with 2 inches dark pink areolas and long thick nipples. As my mouth was licking and circling her boobs and nipples, I could not help noticing the sweet smell of her armpits. I made my tongue immediately found its way to her armpits.I started licking there and enjoyed the smell of her armpits. She usually doesnot apply any deo and had a natural smell. Soon I paid my attention towards her boobs. I was licking and sucking her left breast as a college-try just like a baby feeds her mother. My arms were kneading her other breast. My aunty,was accelerating her pleasure.

I could feel her nipples already hardened in my mouth. Leaving her left one now I moved on to her right breast. It tasted wonderful and I was in heaven of eden garden. My arms went down under her white panties, caressing her openings of her cunt which was already wet by that time. She pressed my head strong against her boobs and moaned "aaauuuurrrrrr cchhhuuusssooooooo" I pinched her nipples agogly and she whispered" zjaaarraaa ddheerraaaa saeeeee" mer sara dooood peeee jaooo.I quickly apologised and started caressing her boobs. A 1000 volt shock ran through my body when I twisted my hands in her hairs and gently pushed her mouth towards my cock. She looked cupidly at me and slowly opened her mouth wide and started sliding my cock inside her hot mouth. I took her hand and placed it under my balls.She played with my balls with one hand and was massaging my ass with the other. My cock had already travelled down her throat and I could no longer control myself. I cummed straight way into her mouth and she swallowed it full.she then again suck my lon. I said that i feel pee she said do it in to my mouth .i do so she said that it was nice salty water. I told her that you have given me enough pleasure and its time now to give you pleasure.

I swooped down and caught her cunt lips in my mouth. I could not stop any longer and roughly pushed her on her back and caught her and spread her legs with a little force. She immediately moaned "ppllleeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeee beeeee sooffftttt." I ran my tongue along her cunt lips and felt the warm and tangy taste of her juices. Now she screamed more louder " I lifted her legs far higher and started in earnest to lick her ass hole all the way till her clitoris. Her hands were clutching her boobs and her head was jerking from side to side. Her stomach muscles contracted everytime my tongue reached her clitoris or her ass hole. My face was covered in her juices and I could feel her wetness drip all the Way to her ass hole. I suddenly caught her clitoris between my lips and sucked her fully. She whispered loudly " please mujhe apna lund do, please jaldi do, plz, plz, I slanged her " aarrreeeeee maaaaaaggiii,...tu mera sara lund le......haan mai to tujhe randi ki tarha choodhunga" She seductively told me " main toh tumhaari randi hu.....plz mujhe jaldi se fuck karo " I started rubbing the head of my penis on her pussy. She went still for a second. I loved to hear her talk dirty and gladly accepted what she wanted me to do.I lifted her legs high and wide and started fingering. It was bitsy. I enjoyed founding that she was still a virgin. A thousand thought ran across my mind. Soon I pushed my cock a few inches into her wetting cunt. It was so warm and soft. She screamed loudly "it hurtssss" but I was not going to listen her any longer. I took a little vaseline and applied in the inner linings and again pushed my dildo (cock) a few more inches deep. " bbeeeeee ssoooooooooooooooofttt, you are hurting meeeeeeeeeeee" My blood converts to water, the devil came over me and I shoved in the full more than 8 inches in one hard stroke. I wanted to hear her cry." "

She mouned and her legs locked themselves around my waist. I could feel her cunt muscles clasp themselves around my cock. I slowly started stroking back and forth and soon she was lying on the bed with her legs wide open. Everytime I would shove into her there was a sound " ppppiiicccc" and her bangles would jingle. I had already one hand on her full breast and her doux tits were in my mouth. This went nearly for 10-15 minutes and during this time her head flew from side to side. Her eyes were shut and her hands were catching my hairs and pressing my mouth deeply into her boobs. Suddenly she screamed " my beeeeeesst cuuuuummmmmm.........." I felt her cunt muscles contract around my shaft and I continued stroking very slowly while she came in dither. When she finished her final orgasmic shudder, I pulled my whole cock out and then slammed into her with brutal force one last time.

She said cum inside me and let me feel you ..ooh god, you are so good and so deep..." lastly I kissed on her forehead, bit on her tits and had a blowing orgasm. We lay on each other for another 10 minutes. But I need still more. She starts resisting me now as it was painful for her but for my sake and satisfaction she changed her position and bend like a bitch in front of me. She was really a sex-pot, sex-appeal and sex-kitten. She points her cute rosy ass hole and asked me to have it instead of her pussy. I started inserting in her ass hole but I found it more tighter than her pussy and she also found it more painful, so she tried to stop me. But I am not going to listen her and put my finger on her ass and kept fixing and fingering for sometime. Then I tried again and this time I was successful. I inserted my full cock into my aunty's ass with a single full stroke and she screamed and started crying, "

My ass is toreeeeeddddd" She pressed her head hard into the pillow. I stared down and saw her ass hole was wide open and my cock was inside of her. It gave me a lot of fun and I kept rumping it in and out of her. As I have tasted the grip of her tight virgin ass hole, I went even more faster. She took her face out of the pillow, but I cannot obey her. It feels like heaven and I kept on pumping her ass and tearing her ass cheeks. Slowly she also started responding to my jerks. Suddenly she cried with pleasure " haan Haan, aur karo, plz , mujhe fuck karo, yes, more deeper, more more......." throughout the time she said these things and her hips cooperated with my motion. I was fucking her deeper and deeper for more than 15 minutes when both of us were enjoying and then I exploded inside her ass. She shouted " ooooh , I loveeeeee iiittt " her mouth was left wide open and her eyes shut as her juices flew down. What a coitus it was!!!!! That night I had fucked her once more. The experience was a memorable one. We both were dam tired. We lay on each other's arm till 4 o clock. Then we together moved to the bathroom and we both had a hot bath together.My aunty was helping me to wash my genitals using the bidet. After cleaning ourselves, I helped her into her bra and panty and then into her nighty. She gave me another long kiss and we both retreated back into our bedrooms reluctantly. This ding-dong went on throughout my stay in her house. She also promised me to have another time like this very soon. I want to declare that I had written this story with my aunty's prior permission and I had been her place many times. Everyone is welcomed with their comments. Hope you like my story now i m living in ahmedabad so mail me any aunty - wifes - girls for sex and its 100 % secret. My email. IS

A Ghost From The Past

A Ghost From The Past

Hello, to all ISS readers. This is again, ur Abhishek Singh, 18 male from east Delhi. It is around 1 year that I haven’t post a story to this site. But now, my lusty soul has again encouraged me to write some more new stories.I don’t want to waste ur time more.So, this story begins from here…Burt had just entered the house after leaving work. As he passed through the kitchen he saw the twins busy preparing dinner. Trudy was at the sink and had her back to him. Judy was sitting at the table dicing vegetables. When he saw that both were wearing thin, light gray shorts and matching sports bras, he knew his twins had been at Body by Britney that afternoon. Their toned, athletic, beautifully bronzed forms looked incredible.He stepped up behind Trudy and moved the ass-length straight black hair away from the right side of her neck and nibbled at the base. He breathed in and enjoyed the lingering tropical scent of her tanning lotion. Trudy giggled. Burt's hands reached around, sliding under the sports bra and cupping her wonderful, perky breasts. The soft swells felt so good. His cock immediately stirred. He tweaked on the nipples. They grew erect and began throbbing."How did classes go today?" he asked.

"Fine, just like always," she reported."Is daddy going to get some?" he questioned with a naughty grin on his face."Daddy knows he can have his girls any time he wants. But if daddy's hungry, he better stop fondling me or i'll be all over him like a cat in heat and dinner won't get done.""But you feel so good," Burt complained. "Why did you two have to turn out so perfect?""We're no more perfect than you are, daddy!"He reluctantly withdrew and looked over at Judy. A small stack of mail was on the table beside her and one item was open. Burt stepped up behind her, leaned over, and hugged her shoulders. His mouth kissed the side of her head in a display of affection."Daddy, who's Uncle Nash?" Judy innocently asked.A stunned expression appeared on his face as he straightened up. "Wow, talk about a ghost from the past. I haven't heard that name in years.""Is he really your uncle?"Yes, it's true," he confirmed, still shocked by the news."What relation is he to us?""I guess he'd be your great-uncle."He pulled out a chair and sat at the table facing both of the girls. Burt knew they should know more about Uncle Nash. He took a few moments to formulate his thoughts. As he did he couldn't take his eyes off of Trudy's firm, curved ass and sleek legs. The legs of the shorts left the bottom curvature of her buttocks uncovered and revealed a hint of her pussy lips. His penis persistently throbbed.

"My Uncle Nash had a very adventurous spirit. He was a wild one. Nash was ten years younger than your grandmother, and he ran away from as a teenager. They got the odd letter or phone call occasionally, but beyond the fact that he ran moonshine throughout the county nobody really knew much else. They eventually got word that the law had caught up with him and he spent some time in prison. That's the last they heard. Why, what brought this up?"Judy handed him the contents of the envelope. He recognized it as a fancy invitation.Burt read it aloud. "You are cordially invited to attend a family reunion at my Colorado summer lodge from June 17th to the 20th. There is more than adequate room for all invited guests and their immediate families. All of your needs will be provided for." He set it down. "I never expected to hear from him."

"Can we go?" Judy asked. "It sounds like it would be a great vacation. I'll be more than happy to mark down three adults and return the card."Yeah, I'm sure you would!"Burt got up from his seat wearing a wide grin. Judy eyed him suspiciously and placed the knife down. She noticed the slight bulge in his pants. A naughty smile formed on her lips. He suddenly fell to his knees on her right side and lunged at her. His hands reached down and tickled the sides of her chest. Judy erupted in laughter and jerked in the chair. Her twitching body tried to escape his grasp but daddy was too strong. He kept tickling his girl until her laughter grew breathless and her eyes watered. She punched him in the chest when he let her go.Judy picked up the knife and resumed her task. "Daddy shouldn't be messing around with an armed girl."Burt noticed as Trudy finished up at the sink. He gently pulled the knife from Judy's hand and gestured for Trudy to join the huddle. She knelt down beside daddy and he hugged them both."You two are always making daddy proud." He kissed each one on the forehead and watched as their eyes moistened. "You did an amazing job with our client last week. Mr. Walker was so impressed he doubled the promised bonus and I opened a savings account in our names with a thousand dollars. Do you girls really want this? More than South Beach?"

"Why can't we do both, daddy?" Judy questioned. "Spring break is next year. We have plenty of time to save. Maybe Mr. Walker has some more men he wants softened up?"Her choice of words struck them all at the same time and they broke out in laughter.He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, if you girls can make it happen, then fine. Judy already volunteered to RSVP. I'll work on the airline and car rental reservations.""What can I do, daddy?" Trudy asked, anxious to be included in the preparation stage in some way."Start working on a list of what we'll need to pack. But keep in mind this is still a month away. I don't want you girls get overly excited too quickly."Trudy's eyes suddenly lit up. "Are Cousin Pete and Uncle Wilson coming?"He wasn't ready for her inquiry but it was a logical one. "Give Pete a call and find out. It seems to reason they would've gotten their invitation by now with Nebraska being quite a bit closer to Colorado than we are."

Trudy excitedly ran off to the living room to make the call. Judy sighed in disappointment. "I wanted to call and ask Uncle Wilson."Burt stroked her soft, ass-length black hair. "It was your sister's question, sweetie. Let her be. Besides, it hasn't been very long since you last saw him. You two went at it like newlyweds."A smile formed on her lips as she recalled his overnight stay and how they loved each other so many times. Every one was a distinctly sweet memory. The smell of cooking meat roused Judy from her thoughts.Oh, I better add these vegetables to the pot roast or they won't get cooked in time."Burt left Judy to her chore and peeked in on Trudy. She was stretched out on the couch with her right thigh vertical and her calf resting on the back of the sofa. Her left leg was lying sideways and was bent at the knee. Her relaxed position left her crotch exposed. The shorts were pulled up tight against her center, showing an imprint of her fragile folds in the fabric. Her flat, tanned belly was bare, and her perky swells were just barely covered by the skimpy top. He stood behind her unseen, admiring her gorgeous young body.

"That's so neat you two are coming!" Trudy exclaimed. "I can't wait to see you. I've missed you so much."After a few seconds Trudy switched the phone to her left hand. Her right one moved to the outline of her right breast. The tip of her middle finger traced along the bottom curvature of the firm mound. After a few seconds the nipple awakened and rose, pushing up the fabric. Her finger lightly rubbed the aroused peak. She subconsciously pinched and twisted it between her thumb and index finger."Of course I miss that. I miss that a whole lot," she casually admitted. "You too?"Trudy's back arched and she softly moaned as her fingers roughly twisted the hard nub. She released it and moved her right hand down, caressing her smooth belly."You haven't been with anyone since me?" she asked in a surprised tone. "A good-looking man like you?"Her fingers rubbed the skin along the top edge of her shorts. Burt smiled as he watched. He suspected they'd be pushing underneath real soon. He could tell she was getting aroused.

Burt heard the oven door closing. He turned around and motioned for Judy to be quiet. Her interest piqued and she silently crossed the threshold into the living room and stood to his right. He moved an arm around her waist. It took Judy a second to realize they were being devious and spying on her sister. A smile formed on her luscious lips."Maybe. Are you?" Trudy asked in a coy, sexy voice. "You naughty, naughty boy. You'd go straight for the grand slam and skip the other bases? That's not how it was when I was there. You knew exactly how to wind me up."Judy and Burt looked at one another. Judy loved it, and it was all she could do to suppress a laugh. He found it mildly sneaky and amusing as well."Okay, but you have to be real quiet. Daddy and Judy are in the kitchen and I don't want them to overhear." Trudy pressed the Speaker button and placed the cordless phone on her stomach. "Go ahead."

"What are you wearing?" Pete softly inquired."Shorts and a sports bra," she answered."Hmm, sounds great. Pull off your top."Trudy cringed. Even though daddy and her sister had seen her naked more times than she could count, the thought of them walking in and catching her in the middle of phone sex was a humiliating thought. But as risky as the idea was, it was also incredibly thrilling. Trudy's fingers were trembling with nervous excitement as she complied with Pete's request and pulled the top off over her head and arms. She placed it at her side so it could be quickly pulled back on."Okay, I'm topless," she whispered.Tingling warmth filled her loins and both nipples swelled and hardened. Goose bumps appeared on her smooth skin. The thought of her daddy or sister walking in and seeing her lying there on the couch half naked made her quiver with nervous fear that translated into intense, erotic excitement."Where are you, and what are you wearing?" she asked.I'm sitting back on my bed wearing jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.""Snaps or buttons?" she followed up as she tried to form a mental image."Snaps," he said. Cousin Pete knew she loved his shirts with the snaps.Trudy's eyes lit up and a wide smile appeared on her lips. "Rip it open. I want to hear them popping!"

There were a few noises followed by a brief, steady stream of metallic pops. Trudy giggled when she heard them. She remembered the next thing she always did, running her soft hands over his hard, rippling muscles."Lightly rub your lower belly with the tips of your fingers, and then slowly advance to your tits," he directed.She closed her eyes and complied. Her fingers danced over her flat stomach around the phone and slowly moved up to her bare breasts."Do the same with your tits. Touch them all over, but not the nipples."Her entire body twitched and shuddered as the fingers caressed her perky swells. The nipples swelled and throbbed, eager for stimulation, but Trudy avoided them. It was just like Cousin Pete to tease her like this. The longer she touched the soft swells the harder her nipples pulsated and ached. Her body shifted uncomfortably on the couch. The tingling warmth in her belly grew. Her moist pussy began to twinge."Oh," Trudy softly groaned as she quickly became aroused."Suck on your fingers. Get them all wet with spit."

She lifted her hands to her mouth and sucked on the tips of her fingers. She smeared them with warm saliva. As she removed her fingers, they dripped with spit."Rub them on your upper chest, between your tits, and then all over your lower belly."Her wet fingers painted her upper chest with saliva, and moved them between the mounds. She moaned and shuddered as the fingers brushed past the breasts. The boobs gently vibrated and teased her already aching nipples. When her fingers fondled her smooth, flat belly, she shuddered in delight. Her pussy was wet and getting hotter with each passing moment. Her pulse and breathing quickened."Please, go lower Pete, I'm getting all wound up," she complained."Move your right hand down, on top of the clothing, and touch yourself lightly."Her hand moved down over the shorts. Trudy traced the outline of her pussy lips. She softly moaned and quivered as her fingers touched the covered flesh. Her hips anxiously pumped upward against the fingers. Her head rocked from side to side as her body reacted to the teasing stimulation. Both Burt and Judy could smell her growing excitement as it drifted up from her center. They watched as a small dark spot appeared in the crotch of her clothing and slowly expanded."I wish you were here," she said in frustration

Trudy maintained the light contact even though Burt could tell she wanted much more. She followed Pete's instructions exactly, pretending that he was there controlling the pace. Her body swayed from side to side as she grew desperate, like a kid having to pee real badly. Burt could see the emotional pain of denying herself what she so frantically needed. He silently wondered how long she'd hold out before she lost control.Watching the scene unfold was just as arousing for Judy. Her right hand moved across the front of her body and was placed on Burt's crotch. His bulge had grown considerably in size, and the contact of her fingers rubbing on the mass caused it to complete its rebirth. He glanced over at his naughty daughter and shook his head in pretend-disbelief, as if shocked she'd attempt such a thing. She acknowledged his look with a sexy smile and mouthed the words "fuck me".The hand he had around her waist moved. It playfully fondled her firm, curved ass. She shifted and leaned against him, shamelessly rubbing her left breast against his right side. Burt scooted Judy to his front. His arms engulfed her form. They both watched Trudy as his hands quietly lifted the sports bra up over her breasts. He cupped one in Each hand and squeezed on the warm, firm swells. The nipples hardened and eagerly throbbed against His palms. He nuzzled the soft base of her neck.Judy leaned back against daddy and enjoyed the feel of his hands cradling and fondling her mounds. The ignored nipples ached to be abused. Finally his fingers tended to them. He firmly pinched and twisted on the nubs, giving Judy the stimulation she wanted. Tingling warmth ignited in her loins and filled her with desire."Push my shorts and panties off," Trudy requested in an urgent whisper."No," Pete denied her. "I want you to pinch and twist on both nipples for being naughty. Otherwise i'll hang up.""Don't hang up!" she pleaded. "i'll do it."True to her word, Trudy raised both hands to her breasts despite the impressive stain of wetness that had soaked through her clothing. Burt could see that her pussy was hot and juicy. He was amazed at her level of self-restraint given her obvious degree of arousal. Both of his girls were creamers, but he'd never seen either one cream their clothes as much as Trudy had this time.

"Go ahead," he instructed.Trudy grasped both nipples between thumbs and index fingers. She stretched and twisted on the throbbing nubs. Her face grimaced as she softly cried out."Harder, and then hold it.""Ah! Ah!" she complained as stinging pain filled her body."Okay, good girl," Pete announced a few seconds later.The sharp jolt had taken her breath away. Droplets of perspiration formed on her brow and glistened in the ambient light. She relaxed and breathed heavily after the punishment. She was more excited than ever. Burt watched as the dark stain in her crotch continued to expand in all directions.A knocking sound in the background could be heard coming from the phone. A muffled voice announced "Come on, Pete, we gotta go."Pete's voice was laced with disappointment. "Call me later. I love you."Trudy gasped "Love you too!"She quickly pulled the sports bra back on. She was grateful nobody had seen her without it. But now she'd been left in a terrible state. Trudy was more frustrated than ever.When the connection went dead Trudy pressed the End button and angrily tossed the phone onto the carpeted floor. Judy looked up at daddy with her right hand pressed over her mouth. She was on the verge of laughing at Trudy's predicament. Burt warned her not to let on, because he knew that it would fuel a bitter fight. Besides, he loved them both equally and felt badly for Trudy and her condition.

Burt pulled Judy's sports bra back down over her breasts and guided her back into the kitchen."Oh yeah, you're worried about her, but I'm all wound up too!" Judy softly protested.Thanks for keeping dinner going, Judy. Where's your evil twin?" he asked loud enough to be overheard in the next room.Judy angrily stuck her tongue out at daddy.Burt noisily stepped into the living room. "Hi sweetie, did you get a hold of Pete?""Yeah, they're coming," she answered in a depressed voice."When I told you girls not to get overexcited too quickly, I didn't mean you couldn't show a little enthusiasm.""That's not it at all, daddy," Trudy said in exasperation, moving her legs together to hide the stained clothing. "I just miss Pete. Maybe calling him wasn't the right thing for me to do. It'll be great seeing him, but after a couple days we'll be separated again. I'm not sure I want to go through all that a second time."Burt sat down beside her. His heart swelled with love. Trudy moved into a sitting position beside him."It looks like somebody's excited," Trudy commented in a suddenly hopeful voice.

"Your sister was teasing me," he lied.A sexy grin formed on her flushed face. "Can I finish what she started?"He kissed her moist forehead. "Has daddy ever denied his girls anything?""Well, nothing that we really needed," she agreed.She leaned forward and kissed his lips. Her tongue anxiously thrust into his mouth. Their muscles passionately entwined. As they kissed, her fingers tugged the shirt buttons open. Her hands moved inside, caressing his broad chest and shoulders. Trudy briefly imagined it was Cousin Pete she was with, extending the fantasy for a little bit longer.Burt slipped out of the shirt and tossed it aside. As he lifted up her sports bra their kissing was interrupted to allow its removal. Once she was topless, her mouth quickly returned to daddy's receptive mouth. She kissed him hard and thrust her darting tongue to the back of his throat like a woman possessed. Burt cupped and squeezed on the perky swells, fondling the incredible mounds of luscious flesh.

His mouth moved to an ear. His hot breath blew past the cartilage as his mouth nibbled on the lobe. Trudy softly giggled; she moved her ear closer to the mouth. She loved it when daddy licked her ear. It filled her with tingling excitement.His lips kissed a moist path down her neck and to a breast. His flicking tongue painted the smooth swell with warm saliva in a circular motion that slowly closed in on the hard, throbbing nipple. She gasped and shuddered when the muscle finally reached the ignored nub. He took it into his mouth and sucked on the pink tip. Trudy moaned in delight as her body stiffened against him.When she felt a hand on her lower belly moving down toward her crotch, her legs eagerly parted. Burt's fingers dipped under the elastic waistband of her shorts and panties. He caressed the rise of flesh before dipping his fingers lower and touching the juice-smeared lips. He could feel wet heat emanating from her core like never before. Her entire being jerked and quaked as he fingered the soft petals of flesh. His fingers eased between the folds, rubbing up and down the hot slit."Oh, daddy, yes!" she loudly exclaimed in relief. "That's so good, oh yeah, daddy."His mouth moved to the opposing nipple, licking and sucking on the swollen peak. A middle finger pushed inside her tight canal, joined by a second that stretched her juice-slick walls apart. Her groans intensified as he slowly worked them both into her center, loosening her up enough to take them. He began a rhythmic finger-fucking that quickly had her shuddering and breathless.

Without skipping a beat he moved into a kneeling position at her feet. As he maintained the finger-fucking motion his free hand grabbed the shorts and panties, pulling them down her legs. He was amazed how wet they'd gotten. Trudy pulled her feet free and kicked them off.He removed his juice-smeared fingers. Burt grabbed her right leg and slid her body closer to the edge of the couch. Trudy swung it out and draped it over his shoulder. Burt sniffed her unique aroma as he got a close-up view of her bald pussy. The two compressed lips formed a tiny channel. When his fingers gently pushed them apart he revealed a glistening pink valley. He saw the enlarged clitoris peeking up from the protective hood, and the small orifice he'd been inside so many times before.

His mouth moved in and eagerly devoured his girl. The tip of his tongue licked the length of her slit, gathering some of the seeping wetness. He filled his mouth with her delicious flavor. It teasingly flicked over the clitoris. Her back arched and body writhed as he toyed with the nub. His two slick fingers returned to her pussy and thrust deeply inside.After all the teasing her body had endured, it didn't take very long for Trudy to reach climax. She stiffened, gasping and groaning as she crossed the threshold to ecstasy. Her body writhed as she was gripped in the throes of orgasm. Juice flooded Burt's mouth and face as her shuddering form savored the intense tingling pleasure of sexual release. For several seconds her body shook in uncontrollable spasms, consuming the pent-up sexual energy.When her body quieted, he moved back and stood up. He loosened and removed his dress slacks and laid them on the recliner. Trudy's eyes were fixed on his crotch as he lowered the colored briefs and exposed his swollen penis. She moved to a kneeling position before him with cat-like quickness. Before he could kick the underpants off, her hot mouth was already taking him inside.

Burt carefully shifted his body and fell back onto the couch. His hands clutched the back of her head as his hips pumped into her wondrous mouth. He leaned back and enjoyed the tingling pressure in his balls and groin. Her wet mouth felt glorious on his pulsating organ. Thick seed oozed from the tip and filled her mouth with his salty, musk taste. Trudy's muffled groans sounded as her head bobbed back and forth at a furious rate. His sensitized head passed over her moving tongue, bumped at the back of her throat, and pushed beyond."Oh, sweetie, I'm getting close," he whispered as his seed began to rise.As much as he loved her skilled mouth, Burt wanted to finish inside of her. As the wonderful pressure mounted, he approached the point of no return. His hands reluctantly pushed her head back. A web of pearl-like strings connected between her mouth and the head of his cock. She swiped a finger across and broke the thin webbing, eagerly licking the finger clean.Trudy quickly got up from the floor and straddled her daddy's lap. Her right hand gripped the base of his cock as she moved his penis to the tiny opening. The smooth round tip stretched the resilient flesh walls of her canal as she shifted her weight down. Burt pulled down on her waist as he thrust in an upward motion. Trudy gasped as brief stinging pain signaled his entry. Burt's cock penetrated into his gorgeous girl.

Their rhythmic efforts slowly worked his throbbing erection into her juicy love chamber. Wetness coated the shaft as it speared deeper. Soft moans accompanied their fevered loving as flesh slapped against flesh. Leaking juice splattered onto their upper thighs. Burt fully extended himself into his girl and savored the feel of her fluttering canal so tightly wrapped around his stem. When Trudy's groans intensified he knew she was getting close.As her body erupted in spasms of joy, a buzzer sounded from the kitchen. Burt heard footsteps, and the oven door opening and closing. It was followed by additional noises. From the sounds of it Judy was intentionally making a racket in there to communicate her anger. Burt chased the worry from his mind and concentrated on Trudy's shifting form and juicy canal."Dinner's ready," Judy shouted.

"She's being a bitch, daddy," Trudy complained in a weak and breathless voice. She flipped a middle finger in the direction of the kitchen doorway.Trudy decided two could play at that game. "Oh, yes! Fuck me with your fat cock, daddy. You feel so good inside of me! Oh, my God, that's incredible! Oh! Oh! Oh!"Burt shook his head. By now all he wanted to do was finish, but their continuing spat was making that difficult. He finally grasped the back of Trudy's head with his left hand and pressed her mouth to his. Their heated tongue kissing silenced her erotic declarations and their outbursts fell silent.He thrust upward into her incredible, hot chamber. Moments later his groin tightened and his balls pulled up to the base of his stiff cock. He enjoyed the pleasing tingling sensations as his semen rose from the sacs. He pumped into her harder, straining for maximum depth. He grunted in delight as he ejaculated several times, squirting thick wads of milky cum inside of her. When he was finished he pulled away from her mouth and leaned back.

"You two are going to drive me crazy," he decided. "Why must you two always fight? Can't you be the bigger person and let her be?""I'm sorry, daddy, but she just really pisses me off sometimes. She can be such a bitch."Burt struggled to understand. "So in a small space of time she progressed from being your bitch to being an outright bitch. Do I have that right?"Trudy realized how silly it sounded and broke out in laughter. "She'll always be my bitch, just like i'll always be hers. And we'll both always be yours, daddy."Did u like the story? Please rate it and post ur comments to me and one thing more, this story is not real. It’s just made by me for ur enjoyment.There is another information for all the readers that, I m a young call boy. I give services in all the areas of I.P.EXTENSION (Delhi) and other areas attached with it, with a nominal fees of just Rs. 130/- for 1hour and 30minutes. I m quiet experienced in this job as I have satisfied around six girls through this facility.So, any married / unmarried women, unsatisfied aunty or a girl above 15 years of age desiring for a soft core or hardcore sex can mail me.Your secrecy / privacy would be maintained at any cost and the satisfaction of sex would be guaranteed by me.You have to just pick up ur computer and mail me ur comments to enjoy, because life fucks everyone!!

A Few Simple Words

A Few Simple Words

By: Abhishek Singh

Hello, to all ISS readers. This is again, ur Abhishek Singh, 18 male from east Delhi. It is around 1 year that I haven’t post a story to this site. But now, my lusty soul has again encouraged me to write some more new stories.I don’t want to waste ur time more.So, this story begins from here…Tim Johnson walked down the hallway to his older sister’s bedroom he dearly wanted to copy the new music CD that she had bought earlier in the day. He lightly tapped on the door and waited for a reply, but no reply. So he tapped it again and patiently waited, still no answer.He reached to the door and gently turned it and couldn't believe his eyes. His sister Brandy, lay across her bed, her nightshirt pulled up exposing her fat 38-inch breasts and as he looked down he couldn't believe how wide her legs were spread. And the thing that really caught his eye was the 10-inch vibrator she was ramming in and out of her pussy.Tim knew she masturbated, but had no idea that she ever did things like this. As he watched he could feel his cock filling with blood. He had never really looked at his sister in this way, but what the hell, she was lying spread-eagled on the bed fucking herself with a giant vibrator. He had never seen anything this cool in his life. Sure he watched his share of porno movies, but this was so much better.

"Oh God, I'M CUMING!" Brandy screamed out as her hips thrust up and into the air driving the vibrating toy so far inside her it disappeared. "Fuck me Billy! Fuck me hard baby!" she screamed again reaching to twist her tits huge excited nipples. Her hips continued moving in circles as the long vibrator remained deep inside her. She twisted her tender nipples so hard Tim wondered if she was trying to rip them off.By this time, Tim had reached into his boxer shorts and began to stroke his long cock. He watched his sister’s overweight body as she brought herself to what seemed to be a wonderful orgasm that was still going on. Her stomach looked so sexy and smooth when she lie on her back like this, most times it slightly hung over jeans. And her hips and thighs were so sexy spread out so wide.

"Oh Billy, I love your big cock in me!" Brandy moaned out to her imaginary lover as she reached to pull the vibrator from her soaked pussy hole. "I hate to stop, but I need to take a nice hot bath after that," she moaned easing her long toy from her body. She turned her head and that's when she saw Tim, watching her with wide eyes. She watched his hand down his shorts and couldn't believe how long his cock was. "You God Damn fucking jerk!" Brandy screamed as she jumped from her bed. "You fucking pervert! How dare you watch me do something so private!" she quickly walked to Tim and continued yelling as she looked down to his long, stiff cock. "Did you get your rocks off?" she screamed one last time as she shoved him so hard he fell into the hallway.Tim lie on the floor in a daze looking up to his sister. "I knocked on your door, but you didn't answer. All I wanted was the new CD you bought today,” he said looking up to see under her nightshirt and her dripping, wet pussy.Brandy leaned down to his face as he sat on the floor, "Next time if I don't answer, do not come in my room!" she yelled out as her arm swung around and she slapped him hard across the face knocking his glasses halfway down the hall.

Tim sat on the floor rubbing his burning face and thought ‘What a fucking bitch! I'll get even with you!€™ and he went off to his room to continue checking out some good porn sites he had found earlier in the day.He clicked around a few sites until something very interesting caught his eye. €˜Amazing new software that allows you to insert a subliminal message on any CD or dvd’. Tim had heard of the company before and knew they had a very good reputation so he decided to give the software a try.

The next morning Tim sat at the kitchen table eating a bowl of his favorite cereal when Brandy came into the room. "Hi pervert, got any plans on spying on me today?" Brandy asked in a very hateful voice as she reached into the refrigerator to get the milk. She quickly turned and hit Tim in the head with the large gallon jug knocking him to the floor again.Tim wanted to kill her, but he also did not want to spend the rest of his life in some prison being butt fucked by some fagot the rest of his life. Brandy had always been very abusive and hateful towards Tim and he never knew why. "Your time will come, bitch!" Tim said as he pulled himself off the floor. His dear sweet sister would be his first experiment with the new software. When he ordered it he made sure to click next day delivery, so he knew it should arrive that day.Brandy laughed at him as hard as she could and replied, "Sure thing, ass hole! I'm shaking in my panties!" and she wiggled her slightly overweight ass in his direction. Brandy never knew why she really hated her brother so much, maybe because he was so smart compared to her. Her only asset was her body and it was slowly deteriorating due to her excessive eating and her compulsive masturbating. It was nothing for her to masturbate 15 or 20 times a day and still be horny.

Later that day Brandy had went out with a friend when the UPS truck delivered Tim's new software. He ran to his room as fast as he could go to his computer. He inserted the disk and prayed it would help him take control over his abusive sister.He carefully read the directions and followed every step. Now it was time to pick out something Brandy watched or listened to a lot. He thought to himself and decided to put his secret message on every music CD she owned and just to make sure he also put it on her hidden porno movies. It took hours to reburn all of the disks, but having control of the bitch that made his life a living hell made it worth it.Tim carefully replaced each disk back into his sisters' room; she was a clean freak and would know if any thing had been disturbed. Now all he had to do was wait and hope it worked. He stayed in his room the rest of the day and the night not wanting to have another conflict with her.

Tim woke up late the next morning and made his way to the kitchen, finding his sister at the stove cooking something that smelled delicious. "Hi Tim!" Brandy said with a cheerful voice as she turned to smile at Tim. "I'm cooking some eggs and ham, would you like to join me?" Brandy smiled again and waited for his reply.

Tim smiled to himself and knew the software was working. "Sure thing, if you don't mind?" Tim replied as he looked to see her panty covered ass peaking out from under the tiny shirt that she wore. "Another thing, I'm sorry about walking in on you the other night. All I wanted was to borrow that new CD you bought." Tim added giving her rounded ass in another good look.Brandy turned and saw him looking at her ass and she didn't care. For some strange reason she felt very affectionate towards him for the first time in her life. In fact, it made her very horny having him looking at her plump behind. Her boyfriend, Billy had dumped her for a skinny, tight ass cheerleader. It broke her heart and before she knew it, she was 30 pounds overweight and masturbated more times during the day than she could count.

She finished serving the food and sat next to Tim. "And I'm very sorry for hitting you like I did." Brandy said in a soft voice as she reached to caress the side of Tim's face. Brandy moved closer to her brother, so close he could feel her bare leg against his. "Did it turn you on seeing me doing that to myself?" Brandy softly said feeling wetness forming between her legs.Tim couldn't believe what she had asked and then figured what the hell, "Yes it did, very much," he hesitantly replied waiting to feel her fist pounding the side of his head. But, it didn't happen; he looked over to Brandy and saw a big smile on her face."It did me too. I can't believe I got so turned on having you watch me like that." Brandy said reaching to run her fingers through his thick black hair. She felt sorry for him as she looked at his pimple-covered face. "After we're finished eating, I have some great stuff that will help clear up your face," she added seeing his eyes were focused on her bare legs, so she made sure to pull her shirt up just enough to expose her panty covered pussy.

Tim could feel his cock coming to life in his silk boxers and hoped she didn't see it. "That would be great! Maybe someday i'll have a chance to get laid!" he laughed out loud and leaned against Brandy’s large right breast. He wasn't sure, but it felt like she pushed it against him."This is kinda fun being with you like this, maybe later we could lie out by the pool together. And if you be good, maybe later tonight, you can come and borrow another CD from me" Brandy said in a soft voice giving Tim a little wink. She would love to have him watch her again, maybe even let him sit next to her on the bed. It would be wild having him next to her while she fucked herself with the vibrator. She might even consider letting him use it on her.

Tim was in shock, "Do you mean what I think?" if he understood her right, she had just invited him to watch her masturbate with her vibrator. By this time his cock was at full hardness and his shorts had become a tent over his cock.Brandy just smiled and softly replied, "I just invited you to come to my room and watch me fuck myself. Would you like that?" she asked leaning to caress his hard cock through his shorts. "Maybe I can even help you with this, would you like that?" she asked again as her hand began to move up and down his stiff cock shaft. "You're big, much bigger than Billy ever dreamt of. I'm glad Mom and Dad are going to be gone for three more weeks. It will give me and my sexy brother a chance to get acquainted." She whispered as her hand moved under his shorts.

"Oh Brandy! That feels so good!" Tim moaned as he turned to give her better access to please his cock. "Can I touch you?" he asked in a little boy voice hoping she would let him fondle her massive breast. So many times he had dreamed of sucking them and now it may come true.Brandy had a painful look on her face and replied, "Oh baby, I really shouldn't even be doing this,” she softly said, "Maybe later at the pool i'll let you give me a body massage!" She smiled pulling her hand from his stiffened cock. "Let's finish eating so we can get this day off and running!" she added giving him a sexy wink and started eating her breakfast.“you ready for me to show you how to use my face cream?€ Brandy asked as she walked into the bathroom wearing a small white string bikini, which barely covered her big breasts and went about half way up her rounded ass.

Tim couldn’t help but stare at her as she leaned against him. €œfuck! You look great!€ He gasped looking to her breasts as they tried to fall from the tiny covering and could feel his cocking coming to lie.“i’m glad you like it! I wore it just for you.” She smiled as she slowly turned around, giving Tim a look at all of her body. €œi love the way it becomes see through when it gets wet.” Brandy spread her legs, and added, “even when I get excited, you can see all of my pussy.” She teased Tim as she saw his eyes widen looking between her legs.

Tim looked at her face and replied, “you trying to kill me?€ he asked as she moved to the sink and turned on the water. €œi’m not sure what looks the best, your great tits or this wonderful ass!€ he added as he pushed his stiff cock into her ass crack, enjoying the feel of her soft, warm flesh against him.She lie back in his arms and replied, “oh my, brother is all hard for his big sister,” she giggled pushed her rounded ass into his hard cock, wondering what it would be like fucking her 18 year old brother. She could feel the heat forming between her legs and knew she was going to need help fixing it.“yes, I’m very hard for you!€ Tim whispered in her ear as his hands moved under her fat breasts and he gently squeezed them. €œdo I get to play with these later? I’ll suck your pretty nipples,” he whispered again as he moved his cock between her legs to her now wet pussy. €œi’m hard and someone is nice and wet, is it all for me?€

Brandy closed her eyes and enjoyed the hard cock as it teased her delicate pussy lips. €œyes! It’s all for you, my handsome brother,” she moaned out, slowly spreading her legs to give the cock more freedom to explore her better. €œyou can do anything to them!€ gasped when he began to roll her excited nipples in his fingers.“so, I can massage them,” he whispered in her ear as he softly kissed it, “and maybe I’ll suck them, too!€ he teased her as he gave them a tiny pinch, enjoying the feel of them.

Brandy was in his control and couldn’t move. €œyes, you better suck them or I won’t help you fix this!€ she said as she turned to face him, squeezing his hard cock in her hand. €œlet’s get finished in here so we can get to the pool and have some fun.” She started rubbing the cream on his face and felt his cock slowly moving between her legs. €œwho’s going to kill who? You have me more turned on than I’ve ever been in my life!€ her pretty green eyes closed as his cock gently spread open her excited folds of flesh.“you are so hot!€ Tim moaned as his cock pushed against his sisters’ excited pussy. €œno wonder I hear you moaning so much at night. Something this hot needs a stiff cock in it day and night.” Tim said pulling her against him, smashing her over-sized breasts into his chest. €œnow all you have to do is, call me!€ he added, moving his cock back and forth, teasing her pussy.

Brandy couldn’t breath she was so excited, “really? You’ll fuck me whenever I need you?€ she asked with love in her voice as she looked into his brown eyes. €œyou’d be willing to commit such a sin to please your big sister?€ she asked as she moved her hips in time with his cock as it moved between her legs.“yes! I’d love to fuck anytime, anyplace!€ he replied leaning to slide his tongue into her mouth. His hands moved to her rounded ass and he began to dry hump her pussy. €œi want to cum on you so bad!€ he moaned moving faster.Brandy pulled from him, “no, let’s save it for later. It will be better when we turn each other on as much as we can,” she smiled and left the bathroom leaving Tim with a painful hard-on.

Tim casually walked towards Brandy as she lie on a recliner next to the pool. His hard cock led the way as he stepped over the chair and placed his cock on her mouth.“you pervert!€ she teased him taking his stiff cock in her right hand and proceeded to slap his bare ass with her left. €œi’m your sister, what would people say if they saw this beautiful thing in my mouth?€ she giggled leaning up to kiss the head of it. €œfrankly, I wouldn’t give a fuck!€ Brandy moaned taking him deep in her wet mouth and began to suck him as hard as she could.

Tim looked on as his cock went down her throat. €œoh sis! You’re wonderful!€ he cried out hoping he wouldn’t cum too soon. He tried pulling from the vacuum of her mouth but couldn’t. €œi don’t want to cum in your mouth, I want to in your pussy!€ he said as he finally pulled from her. €œlet me fuck you, please!€ he begged her hoping she would free him of being a virgin.“no, I told you everything but that!€ She replied trying to suck him more, but he pulled away. €œcome on Tim, let me suck it,” she pleaded with him. €œi’ll let you cum in my mouth!€ she added giving her thin lips a long, slow lick.

He did everything he could to stay back; he had to hold out for the ultimate prize. €œno, I want some of that hot pussy and I know you need a hard cock in it, fucking you crazy,” he replied jumping into the cool water of the pool.“damn it, Tim I can’t fuck you, I’m not on the pill,” she moaned as she watched him swimming under the water hoping he’d settle for her mouth and maybe even her virgin ass. She always wanted Billy to take it, but he said, ‘ass fucking was for fags.’Tim swam to the top of the water and said, “come on in so we can play!€ A big smile filled his face hoping her horny body would take control and make her give in to him, if not he could always make her a new CD.She returned his smile and knew it would be hell trying to refuse his advances. €œyou better not try to fuck me Tim.” Brandy said as she walked to the pool, “i’m not on the pill or I would.” Brandy added as she slipped into the water next to him. €œi stopped taking them when I broke up with Billy.”“we can go the drug store,” he said pulling her into his arms and made sure his stiff cock went between her legs. €œwouldn’t you like this inside you? Fucking you nice and hard, filling you with my hot cum,” he whispered moving his hands to her rounded ass, pushing his cock into her hot pussy lips.

Brandy moaned with agony as his long cock teased her. €œoh Tim, please stop! We can play with each other, that’s all,” she tried pulling from him, but her burning pussy wanted him badly. €œwhy don’t we 69 each other? I’d love to suck you off. Wouldn’t you like eating my bare pussy? Billy always said it was the best he ever had.” Brandy said, hoping he would settle for oral sex.“no way! I want to fuck my big, sexy sister!€ Tim replied pulling down her tiny bikini bottom and pushed her to the side of the pool. €œi need you so bad,” he said with tears in his voice, praying she’d give in to him.“oh no, Tim,” she begged him trying to free herself from him. €œi don’t want to have a baby, not yet at least.” Brandy giggled knowing damn well that she’d love a baby inside her body. €œcome on, stop, let me suck you off and stop trying to fuck me!€ she begged one more time, knowing she was running out of will power.He sat on the side of the pool and replied, “i’m not giving up, I’ll settle for your pretty mouth for now, but later I’m going to fuck you,” he added with a sly grin on his face and watched Brandy suck his cock down her throat.

With his cock in her mouth and down her throat, Brandy looked up to his face and a big grin came across her lips. Brandy knew she wouldn’t be able to fight him off much longer, something strange had come over her and she was helpless. All she wanted was to please her brother and nothing else. If it meant letting him fuck her, so be it, but she would have to get him protection first.“knock, knock! Are you out here Brandy?€ a sweet voice yelled over the large wooden fence that concealed the back yard. €œit’s me, Casey,” she yelled again as Tim slid into the pool and handed Brandy her bikini bottom.“hi Casey. Yes, we’re out here.” Brandy yelled back to her long time girl friend. €œcome on in.” she added as she quickly pulled up the bikini and gave a sad look to Tim and she whispered, “we’ll finish later,” and she climbed from the pool to meet Casey. €œhi. We’re just cooling off, you should join us.” Brandy said to her friend as she gave her a hug.

A€œgod, you’re wearing that in front of Tim? The poor guy will be hard for days,” she said laughing. €œtim tell this hoe to put something on and stop teasing you so bad! Hey, how come you guys aren’t fighting, like normal?€ Casey added with some wonder in her voice and couldn’t believe Brandy had worn such a reveling bikini in front of her brother.Brandy laughed and replied, “fuck, he loves it! Don’t you Tim?€ Brandy yelled to her brother. She didn’t care if Casey liked it or not, as long as Tim did.“heck yes I love it, who wouldn’t? Come in with us, it feels great,” Tim said looking to Casey and he knew that he had to go and get one of Brandy’s cd’s to play. Maybe they would have the same effect on her as they had Brandy. He jumped to grab a towel and wrapped it around his naked body, walking towards the two girls’ he added, “i’m going to get some music and drinks,” he smiled and walked away.“i’d love to but all I have to wear is my panties and bra.” Casey said with a frown. €œi don’t want poor Tim to go crazy seeing both of us half-naked,” she added looking at Brandy’s big breasts and wished her 34 breasts were that big.“come on, he’s always been crazy about you.” Brandy pleaded with her friend knowing Tim would love to see her tiny body and most of all her tight, little ass. €œif I can be this sweet to him, at least you can make his day complete and show him your body.” Brandy laughed, but deep down she wanted Tim to see Casey and would do anything to make it happen.

Casey couldn’t believe her friend was talking like this. €œwhat’s come over you?€ she asked as she sat down on a recliner. €œyesterday you wanted to kill him for walking in on you masturbating and today you act like he’s your best friend.” Casey said seeing Tim coming outside with a stereo and some beer.He handed each girl a cold beer and plugged up the stereo, hoping the music would take control of Casey like it had his sister. He sat next to Brandy, putting his arm around her waist he asked, “did you talk this beautiful girl into swimming with us or do I need to throw her in?€ he laughed taking a drink of the beer.“don’t you dare! This is a silk blouse and that water will fuck it up.” Casey said in a stern voice and added, “i’ll get in, but don’t blame me if you get all hard looking at us. If you do, make Brandy fix you up!€ Casey laughed looking at her friend.Brandy smiled and replied, “he’s been trying to fuck me all morning. I was about to let him when you came.” Brandy smiled at her friend and saw a shocked look on her face. €œdon’t be shocked, you should see his cock and how long it is, you’ll shit!€ Brandy reached between his legs and pulled away the towel, “see, the fucker is a good ten inches long,” she laughed out when Casey choked on her beer.“holly shit! I wish my little brother was hung like that, I’d fuck him to death.” Casey laughed and gave Tim a big smile thinking of having something like that inside her body. The music filled her ears and she began to think that she would love him in her body and she would do anything to please him. She slowly stood, pulling off her blouse and tight jeans, leaving her in a powder blue bra and panty set.

Tim reached out to the petite girl and pulled her trembling body to his. €œi love these, I can’t wait to see them wet,” he said running his fingers over the front of her panties.“i’ll just take them off if you want.” Casey replied as she pulled the tiny bra over her head and threw it to the ground. €œis that better?€ She asked hoping it pleased Tim that her breasts were bare.“can I take my top off Tim, I want you to see me too.” Brandy begged her brother and moved to sit on the ground next to him.Tim had a wonderful idea, “casey, undress her for me, it would make me happy if you did,” he said as he ran his fingers through her short brown hair and watched her reach to Brandy. He watched as the beautiful girl began to undress his sister and one more idea came to him, “casey, Brandy it would make me very, very happy to watch two beautiful girls make it with each other,” he added hoping they would do as he asked of them.

Both girls looked at each other, giggled and began to kiss. Not a little kiss, we’re talking a deep throat kiss that lasted ten minutes before they came up for air. €œhow was that brother?€ Brandy asked as she moved in front of him. €œi think she should suck you, you always said she looked like her lips were made to be wrapped around a hard cock.” Brandy added as she pulled Casey down to the ground next to her. €œsuck him, you’ll love it!€ she moaned to Casey, pushing her head to Tim’s cock.Tim watched the beautiful girl sucking his cock and handed Brandy her beer, “drink this and find a nice place to put the empty bottle,” he said looking between her legs and he began caressing the sides of Casey’s face as she sucked his cock. €œyou’re so good! Your mouth is the best I’ve ever been in,” he moaned watching Brandy finish her beer and spread her legs. €œoh that’s my girl! See how far it will go in your hot pussy hole.”“yes! Anything for you!€ Brandy moaned out as she moved the bottle between her legs and began to ease it into her wet pussy. Slowly she twisted and pushed it in her body until the fat part of it was against her. €œit’s starting to hurt, Tim. Can I stop now?€ she asked as she tried pushing more inside her tiny pussy.

A€œcasey, help her. Push it until it’s all up her cunt.” Tim said pushing the girl to his sister. €œi want it all in her!€ he added as he watched Casey take hold of the bottle and pushed it up his sister pussy hole.Brandy cried out in pain as the fat part of the bottle crept deep in her stretched pussy. €œoh it hurts!€ she cried out watching Casey pushing it deeper up her sore pussy. €œplease Tim!€ she begged but Casey only wanted to please Tim and pushed the bottle harder.“relax, I’ll make it up to you later when I fuck you and claim you as my whore!€ he said, caressing her face, watching Casey push the bottle deeper in Brandy. €œpush it all in her or I won’t fuck you,” he said to Casey wondering what it was going to be like getting her cherry.Brandy saw the pleasure on Tim’s face and didn’t care if she was in pain. €œgo! Shove it up my cunt!€ She squealed out spreading her legs wider. €œram it in me!€ she said as she bit down on her lip. It felt like her pussy had been torn it two as the bottle moved completely inside her pussy. €œoh my God, she did it! It’s all in my cunt.” Brandy said with pride in her voice knowing she pleased Tim.

A€œclose your legs, keep it in you until I fuck this fine piece of ass.” Tim said reaching to pull Casey on his lap. €œyou ready to please me now? I need to ram my hard cock up this hot little cunt of yours,” he added watching Casey move over his cock. He reached to place his swollen cock to her opening. €œnow, sit down as hard as you can and ram it as deep as it will go!€ he ordered Casey and she did as she was ordered.“oh shit! Oh it hurts! It hurts!€ Casey screamed as Tim’s cock tore into her tiny, virgin pussy. €œoh Tim, it hurts!€ she cried out more as her body spasmed around his thick cock shaft.Tim held her tight, enjoying the feel of being inside a beautiful girl for the first time. Her body squeezed him harder than his hand could have ever done and it felt great. €œoh shit, you feel so good!€ he moaned holding Casey against his chest. €œlook Brandy, I’m in her, I’m going to fuck my first pretty girl,” he said with joy looking to his sister, seeing her eyes watching his cock in Casey’s body.

Brandy only smiled; wishing it had been her that made him a man. Why did she resist him? She should have him inside her body, not Casey. All she had was a cold bottle rammed in her when it should have been his long, hard cock. €œcasey, you better fuck him good because it should have been me that made him a man!€ Brandy said and began to cry as she watched Tim lie her down and use her pussy.“oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!€ Casey yelled out watching Tim’s cock move in and out of her tiny pussy. €œfuck me like a whore!€ she yelled again feeling her pussy squeezing him harder and she knew she was about to have her first orgasm with a cock in her pussy.Tim slammed his cock in Casey’s body as hard and fast as he could. He could do anything to these two beauties and they’d love it. €œmove your hips, bitch! Hump my cock as I fuck your cunt!€ he ordered Casey as he gave her tight ass a good, firm slap. €œhump it cunt! Fuck my cock!€ he yelled at her giving her another very hard slap.

Brandy had sat up to watch this wild fuck Tim was giving her best friend and hoped he’d fuck her pussy the same way. €œfuck that cunt! Make her your whore Tim!€ Brandy said as she began to pinch her hard nipples. €œfuck her whore cunt!€ she added reaching to fuck herself with the bottle that was still deep in her pussy. €œfuck her hard!€ Brandy squealed as a powerful orgasm rushed through her body.“tim, I’m cuming! I’m cuming around your big cock!€ Casey screamed out as her body locked on his pounding cock. €œfuck me, make me your whore!€ she screamed, locking her legs around his waist, driving his cock deep in her body. €œoh yes!€ she cried out as the orgasm took control over every inch of her body.Tim watched Brandy and Casey as they were in a state of bliss. He knew he would be making more cd’s to give out to every girl in town. He enjoyed watching Casey cum but he held back his own, he wanted to cum in Brandy and no one else.

Later that night while Tim was taking a shower, Brandy knew she couldn’t wait any longer. €œhi, would you like some company?€ Brandy asked as she slowly opened the shower door and stepped inside wearing only a small pair of bikini panties. €œoh, you started without me!€ she teased Moving in front of Tim and took over the job of stroking his long cock. €œgod Tim, this is so hot! You fucking my hand like this,” she smiled holding her hand around his cock, letting him use her hand just as if he were fucking it.Tim moved against her body, holding her in his arms. €œyou feel so good!€ Tim moaned out as she stroked him faster and let his cock head push between her legs to her excited pussy lips. €œlet me inside you,” he begged her, wanting to be inside her very beautiful young body. He didn’t care if she was his sister; he wanted her so bad he hurt.

A€œi want you Brandy!€ Tim moaned as her hand moved quickly up and down his long cock shaft. €œi want to fuck you so bad. Don’t you want to make me happy?€ he asked leaning to suck one of her nipples into his mouth and could feel his cock ready to blow a massive load of hot cum out.Brandy loved her nipples being sucked and knewtim had control of her. She would do anything that he wanted. €œanything you want!€ she replied with lust in her soft voice and spread her legs for him. €œgo on, fuck me! I love you so much I don’t care. Put your long cock up my cunt.”

A€œi want you in your bed, fucking yourself with your toy, I’ll be watching you, you’ll see me and tell me to come fuck you.” Tim said pulling her into his arms. €œi’ll throw the toy and fuck you like you need,” he added reaching to open the shower doors.Brandy gasped at his words and replied, “i wanted to so bad the other night. My poor pussy cried for you all fucking night. You’ll never know how bad I wanted to come into your room and fuck you.” Brandy smiled as the two left the bathroom and went into her room. €œcan we do that next time; I need you in me now!€ Brandy moaned moving her hand between her legs, squeezing her pussy.Tim bent his knees, placed his cock to her pussy, and stood up. €œoh my God!€ he cried out as he sank deep into his big sisters’ pussy. She locked around him as he began to give her the hard fucking she needed. €œis this better that your toy?€ he asked as his hard cock slid in and out of her wet pussy hole.

The two fell on her bed and Tim began fucking her hard and deep. €œoh yes! Your cock will be the only thing inside me now,” she moaned out as his cock filled her tiny pussy like nothing had ever done before. €œfuck me hard, like you did Casey. Ram it up my hot cunt!€ she screamed pulling her legs to her bouncing breasts and spread them wide.“you like it hard, bitch?€ He asked as his cock hammered her hard. €œwant me to make you my whore just like I did that cunt? She’s my cunt whore until the day she dies.” Tim said as he watched Brandy’s fat tits bouncing around as his cock slammed in her body. He knew she would be because he gave her three of his ‘special’ cd’s to take home with her.“yes!€ She screamed enjoying the feel of his long cock pounding in her burning pussy. She was on fire for her baby brother and needed him to make her cum. She knew no one else would ever make her feel this way ever again, except Tim. €œoh mother fucker!€ Brandy screamed out as loud as she could. €œi’m cuming!€ her legs wrapped around him and her hips thrust up to ram his cock deeper up her cunt. Driving him to her very soul!

A€œbrandy!€ Tim yelled as his cock started shooting cum deep into her orgasming body. €œoh I love you!€ He yelled again as he fell on her making sure he kept pumping her pussy.“oh baby! I love you, too!€ Brandy moaned enjoying his cum shooting so deep in her and she knew he would be giving her a child. €œyour cum is so hot, I love it!€ She said as his last shot went in her body. €œyou know I’m not on the pill?€ She added, caressing his face. €œi think you’ll make a great Daddy and if it’s a girl I’ll even let you fuck her!€Did u like the story? Please rate it and post ur comments to me and one thing more, this story is not real. It’s just made by me for ur enjoyment.There is another information for all the readers that, I m a young call boy. I give services in all the areas of I.P.EXTENSION (Delhi) and other areas attached with it, with a nominal fees of just Rs. 130/- for 1hour and 30minutes. I m quiet experienced in this job as I have satisfied around six girls through this facility.So, any married / unmarried women, unsatisfied aunty or a girl above 15 years of age desiring for a soft core or hardcore sex can mail me.Your secrecy / privacy would be maintained at any cost and the satisfaction of sex would be guaranteed by me.You have to just pick up ur computer and mail me ur comments to enjoy, because life fucks everyone!!

A Deal

A Deal

Hello, to all ISS readers. This is again, ur Abhishek Singh, 18 male from east Delhi. It is around 1 year that I haven’t post a story to this site. But now, my lusty soul has again encouraged me to write some more new stories.I don’t want to waste ur time more.So, this story begins from here… Sue Anderson walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed. She knew that it would not be long before Jim, her husband, would be in to join her. She had left him watching the news while she got ready for bed. She had given him a nice little wiggle as she left the room just to get his interest aroused. Her 19-year-old son, Tim, also observed the wiggle she gave her husband as she left the room. What she didn't know was the effect it had on him. She stood in front of the full-length mirror to undress. She liked looking at herself each time she dressed or undressed. Sue was 39 years old and they had been married for 20 years. She was 5'7" and weighed about 120 pounds, only 3 pounds more that when she first married. She had beautiful breast that were high on her chest and never needed a bra, which was a good thing since she hadn't worn one since right after her wedding. Her figure was one many women a lot younger than her would have been proud of. Both Jim and Tim were proud of the way she looked. None of the others in Tim's class had a mother that looked half as good.

As the shirt came off the cool air from the open window made her nipples stand up hard and stiff. She slid off the tight jeans, which was her standard dress, and brought her tiny bikini panties with them. She turned, as she usually did, and faced the window. From the first night of her marriage until now the window was never closed, Jim wanted it that way. She was later to find out that it was a family tradition. Jim had watched his mother while he was growing up and Sue was pretty sure that Tim was taking the same opportunity to watch her. Not that she had ever tried to keep him from see her nude, since they went swimming nude anytime no one else was around. Jim was a good lover and he tried to please her every time they made love. Sue liked her sex and had always wanted it anytime day and night. There were very few days that went by without having sex one way or the other. Sex was a big part of their lives and Jim never passed her without coping a feel. This resulted in her constant awareness of sex. Lately Tim had found more and more excuses to touch her. She didn't think Jim had noticed but she had and it really didn't bother her that much. She liked for men to notice her.

As she stood in front of the window caressing her body she wondered if Tim was enjoying the view. She remembered back almost 20 years ago standing in front of this same window. She had only been married about 4 months and Jim was out of town, a trip to purchase cattle for the ranch. He had been gone a week already and would be gone for 2 more. She was horny and missed him already. This was the first time they had been apart since the wedding. They had moved in with Gus, Jim's father, soon after the honeymoon. Gus and Jim were partners on the ranch. The ranch was pretty well isolated from everyone else. It was 5 miles to town and 2miles to the nearest neighbor. Jim's mother died a few months before they married and now the three of them lived here together.

Sue rolled over and stretched. She pulled the cover up and wished she could stay in bed a while longer. She hadn't slept much the night before, she kept thinking of Jim and how she wished he were lying between her thighs. She hadn't been this long without sex since her wedding night. She was a virgin when they married but Jim was very skilled and he took his time with her. By the time their 2-week honeymoon was over he had introduced her to many different ways to please your partner. She was a willing student and didn't resist anything he introduced. She knew from the first night that sex was one thing that she was really going to like. Jim was a tall man, 6'3", and weighed about 200 pounds and in wonderful shape. What she didn't know, since she had never seen a naked man was just how well he was endowed. Had she known that he was so much bigger than most other men were she would probably have been afraid. All she knew was how much she liked what he did to her. She never questioned him as to how he became so skilled.

Sue finally rolled out of bed because she could hear Gus already stirring around and knew she had to get him breakfast. The cool air hit her nipples and made them stand out. She always slept in the nude because Jim wanted it that way. Also, she was missing her usual morning sex. She dressed in her usual tight jeans and shirt that was only buttoned with a couple of buttons and tied in a knot under her magnificent breast. A pair of boots completed her outfit. She pulled her long hair that came down below her shoulders up into a ponytail making her look even younger than her 20 years. She knew that she looked good dressed like this and at first she was nervous about dressing this way around Gus. It wasn't hard to see that she wasn't wearing a bra and her ass certainly filled out the jeans in the right places. Jim liked her to dress this way and didn't mind his father taking in the view. All of them were pretty open around each other. Jim would be sneaking a feel of her tits or ass and Gus would walk in. He wouldn't even bother to stop what he was doing. At first this bothered her but she soon got use to it and just laughed when they would get caught.

As time went by even Gus would sneak a feel. At first she didn't know what to make of his actions. She even mentioned to Jim that his father was touching her from time to time. He just laughed it off and said, "What man could resist feeling a woman that looked as hot as she did." She didn't mind and really enjoyed the contact; she just didn't want Jim to get pissed off at his father. She knew that Gus had not been with any woman since his wife died and was probably just horny. She liked Gus so she let him continue the little game, if Jim didn't mind she sure didn't. From that time on she dressed to please both Jim and Gus. She knew that Gus had seen her naked on more than one occasion.Gus and Jim were built alike, both about the same size and looked a lot alike. They could have been brothers rather than father and son. Sue didn't know just how well Gus was in endowed but he sure had a nice bulge in his jeans. Seeing the bulge in his jeans usually sent her looking for Jim.She was putting breakfast on the table when Gus walked into the room. Her back was turned to him so she could not see him watching her. Gus as usual liked what he saw. He thought "I can't wait to get in-between those legs and bury my cock in her to my balls". The thought mad him horny and his cock came to life. Sue turned and realized he had been staring at her for sometime. She could not stop her eyes from dropping down to his erection. The Bulge in his pants left little doubt as to what he was thinking. She could feel her nipples harden and her pussy begins to moist. Jim wasn't around to run to this time."Good morning Sue," said Gus as he walked around the table to her. He took her in his arms and gave her a hug and a kiss on the lips. Nothing about this was unusual as he did this each morning. The difference this time was the hug was tighter, the kiss longer and she could feel his tongue touching her lips. He pulled her to him and let his hands rest on her ass. She could feel his cock through his jeans but he didn't back away.Her knees liked to have buckled when she felt his tongue on her lips and hands on her ass. As always she enjoyed flirting with Gus and before she realized it she had opened her mouth in search of his tongue. It was such a jolt that she felt it all the way to her toes. He was touching her on the bare skin of her stomach, and the results were her cunt was creaming and running down the inside of her thighs.

Gus broke the kiss as if nothing different had happened than other mornings. He said, "the load of cattle would be there about mid morning and he could use some help separating them into different pens."Sue, still trying to regain her composure said, "i'll be out as soon as the truck gets here. I've got to do some washing first."She sat down at the table to finish her coffee as Gus left to get ready for the cattle. She was still weak kneed from what had just taken place. She didn't know what she would have done if he had continued to hold and kiss her like that. She was so turned on that she was pretty sure he could have taken any liberties without her stopping him. Those quick little touches had all of a sudden turned into something much more. Where was Jim when she needed him? It was his fault she was so horny. She was use to sex on a regular basis and now she wasn't getting it.The cattle truck came about mid-morning. They unloaded the cattle into one pen and let the truck get on its way. They then started separating the cattle into different corals. She worked the head catch as Gus ran the cattle through, one at a time, giving them their shots before turning them out to pasture.

The sexual tension between them had been simmering all morning. Both of them were spending more time thinking about what happened at breakfast than the job at hand. He pushed a steer through the gate before Sue had time to lock the gate, and the steer knocked her down. Gus jumped the fence and ran to help her. "Are you alright?""Yes, just my pride is hurt and my pants or full of dirt."As she sat up Gus moved around behind her, reached under her arms and helped her to her feet. When she recovered her footing he slid his hand over her breast and gently squeezes them. Sue was in shock as much from the way she was feeling as from him massaging her breast. Nothing like this had ever happened between them before.He continued to stroke her breasts he felt her shutter. He released her and stepped back from her. He said, "I see that you are not hurt and nothing is broken. Sorry I let the steer in so quickly."Sue could hardly speak but did manage a smile and said, "Thinks for the concern and the check over."The work was finished by mid afternoon and Gus left to drive the older cattle to the north pasture. Sue decided to stop at the swimming hole and rinse off before getting lunch.

The swimming hole was small creek that Gus had dammed up several years before to have a place to swim and cool off after a hot day on the ranch. It wasn't very deep, only about 5', but plenty big enough to swim in. Over the years it had seen a lot of use on the warmer days. Several big oaks offered plenty of shade and there was a picnic table.Sue sat down and pulled off her boots. She quickly stripped off the rest of her clothes. She enjoyed being out doors in the nude. She and Jim would come down on days Gus was away to skinny dip and make love on the lush green grass. If Gus were with them she would wear her bikini even though Jim tried to get her to skinny dip. She wasn't ready for Gus to see that much of her. It didn't hide much of anything from them anyway. She asked Jim, "Why he wanted her to wear such revealing clothes around his father?"He said, "you're beautiful and I like to show you off. Besides he gets a lot of enjoyment looking at you."

Doesn't it bother you that he gets turned on and doesn't have any way to get relieved?"Jim said, "O, he'll find someone one of these days."Sue walked out into the cool water. In the shallow pool her breast look like they were floating on the water. She swam several laps around the pool. It felt good to get the dirt and grime from the cattle pens off. Her nipples were hard from the cool water and the fact she just could not stop thinking of Gus's hands on them. As she thought about the way he had squeezed them her stomach got a funny feeling deep inside. She shut her eyes and ran her hands over her breast dreaming that it was Gus not Jim touching her. She dropped her hand to her pretty cunt and inserted a finger in her now hot cunt.

She was so involved in what she was doing that she forgot about the time. Suddenly she heard a noise and turned around. There sit Gus on his horse watching her. She quickly removed her hand and sank down in the water up to her neck. "How long have you been there?""Long enough" he said. "Do you mind if I join you?" Without waiting for an answer he slid from his horse and begins to undress. He didn't bother to turn around as he came out of his clothes. As soon as he stripped he headed toward her and the pool.Sue saw he wasn't really expecting an answer about joining her. She watched him undress, not taking her eyes from him. She lowered her eyes to his cock. What she saw was a very familiar sight. He was hung just like Jim with exception being Jim was circumsized and Gus wasn't.Gus dove into the water and swam a couple of laps before stopping in front of her. She was still kneeling down so that the water covered her to her neck. "So you decided to take a swim instead of going to the house," said Gus.

"I was headed to the house but the pool looked so inviting after fooling with those hot dusty cows. If you will just turn your back i'll go fix lunch.""I'm not in a hurry to eat. I had rather just swim with you.""I don't think Jim would like the idea of his father and wife swimming around without suits.'

"Oh, I don't know, he doesn't seem to mind us being together," said Gus. He then took her by the hands and said, "Stand up so I can look at you."I don't think that is a good idea."He pulled her to her feet without any resistance from her. She stood before him naked with her nipples hard and standing proud. He could not take his eyes from them; they were the most beautiful shape breasts he had ever seen. She turned her back to him, not to stop him from looking but to give her time to think. She liked him looking at her and wished it could go farther. The look in his eyes was pure lust for his daughter-in-law.Gus wrapped his arms around her and cupped a breast in each hand. He pulled her back against his hard cock. He massaged each breast before moving his hands down her body to feel her hot cunt.

Sue had all she could take and turned around to put her arms around his neck. She pulled his head down to her for a kiss that spoke a lot more than words ever could. She could feel his cock pressing against her cunt wanting to get in. She said, " Gus as good as this feels we have got to stop. I just cannot do this to Jim. What if he should find out, our marriage would be ruined? I love him and can't hurt him like this. I enjoy all the fun we have had since Jim and I married, and the flirting we do each day, but this is different. We are no longer teasing; it has now turned serious. I would love to have you make love to me right here now, but if we start we will never be able to stop. Once would just not be enough for either of us.Gus said, "come on and lets sit on the grass, there is something I need to tell you." He took her by the hand and side-by-side they moved out of the water onto the soft green grass under the tree. Two magnificent bodies in their naked glory, his cock hard and stiff, her breast standing high and proud on her chest. Her cunt was hot and moisture was already running down her thighs.

Gus sat down on the grass and leaned back against the base of a tree. He motioned for her to sit down beside him. She hesitated until he took her hand and pulled her to him. She sat beside him and he pulled her across his lap to kiss her. She liked the way he was kissing her and she could feel his cock pressing against her side. He continued to kiss and rub her breast between his fingers. He had her so hot that she was about to loose control. She had already quit trying to stop him and just enjoyed the way he was making her feel. She finally broke the kiss and said, "I thought you were going to tell me something."

Gus didn't release her but he did start talking. "When Jim was 18 years old I caught him looking at his mother through our bedroom window; the same room where you and Jim now sleep. She was naked and getting ready to go to bed. I had gone to the barn and on my way back I saw someone standing in the shadows. I had no idea who it could be since it is over 2 miles to the nearest neighbor. I eased up behind him to find out it was Jim standing there watching his naked mother, with his cock in his hand. I almost scared him to death when I reached out and put my hand on his arm. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he was shaking so bad he couldn't answer. I told him to put away his cock and meet me in the den."

"Back in the den I told him to calm down and explain why he was spying on his mother.""I'm 18 years old and mother is the only naked woman I have ever seen. I'm to shy around girls my own age and don't date much. Mother is always dressing so that she keeps me turned on all the time. I try to keep away from her window but night after night I just keep going back. I can't control myself, she is so beautiful."

"I knew what he was talking about, Jenny dressed a lot like you and you always turn me on. I had mentioned to Jenny that she was causing Jim problems dressing like she did, but she just laughed and said that it would just get his blood pumping. She even started dressing more provocative when he was around."" I actually felt sorry for Jim and the circumstances he was in. I knew that he was not going to stop looking and she wasn't going to make it any easier on him.""I asked him, how would you like to sleep with his mother?""Are you serious," he said? "You know mom would never allow that."" Don't be so sure, your Mom likes sex and a lot of it, and if she thought she was helping you with your shyness I think she would go for it." I will help you if you will make a deal with me.""So Jim and I made a deal. I would help him get to sleep with his mother and he was to let me have his wife when he married."

Sue pulled away and sat up. You mean that Jim swapped me for a opportunity to fuck his mother!""Not you, he hadn't even met you at that time. He didn't like the idea of me fucking his future wife, but at the same time he wanted his mother so bad that he would agree to any thing.""What made you think that his mother would do such a thing as that?"" I was pretty sure she would since I knew how much she cared for Jim, and he wouldn't be the first family member she had been to bed with. When I met Jenny, I didn't know it at the time but she and her father were sleeping together. He had been her first lover and they were still sleeping together. After I asked her to marry me she told me about them. She didn't want any secrets between us and if I couldn't handle it then she would not marry me. It didn't bother me at all. In fact it was a big turn on for me. They continued to sleep together until he died. So you can see why I didn't think it would be any problem to get her to go along with my deal with Jim."

"What were the details of the deal?""I was to talk Jenny in to fucking her son and he was to help me convince his wife to fuck me. Neither one could be forced if they didn't want to go along, but he was to help me by making sure we were in close contact all the time.""Even then he wasn't sure that he could do it, so I told him to think about it and let me know the next day. I even suggested he might like to go back and take another look at his mom while I fucked her.""I can't believe that you told him to watch you fuck his mom.""Why not, he had already seen us before and I figured that would help him make up his mind.""I guess since we are here together that he said yes."" The next morning at the barn he told me to go ahead and try to set it up. Actually I was looking out for myself. If he had approached his mother himself she would have fucked him and I would have been left out. Now look where we are today, both here naked and wanting to fuck each other and we can with Jim's blessings."

"I don't know if I should be mad at Jim or just let you fuck me!""Sue, lets just enjoy each other. I have wanted you from the first day I met you, and I know that you need a man now."She said, "Just roll over here and fuck me, my pussy is soaking and i've been horny ever since Jim left."Gus was rock hard and he knew that this first time with his daughter-in-law would not last long. She spread her legs to accommodate him as he moved over her. He didn't waste any time sliding his cock in her hot slippery pussy. He looked down and watched his cock as it slid deep in the cunt he had been craving for the last 6 months. As he slid in the feeling was almost more than he could take. He tried to hold back but Sue wanted it as much as he, and she pulled him deep with her long legs. The feeling was so intense that he just gave up trying to last and just plunged his cock as far into her as he could go. He fucked as hard and as fast as he could as he began to shoot his cum deep in her hot soaking pussy.

Her first reaction was to wrap her legs around him and pull this magnificent cock as far into her as she could. This was only the second man to ever have her; since she was a virgin when she and Jim married. She had thought that Jim would be the only man for her. Now here she was with his father's cock buried in her cunt, with Jim's permission, and the forbidden act fueled her fires even higher.When Gus hit bottom and begin to cum it set her off, as Jim had never been able to do before. His cock felt completely different from Jim's and she started to cum like never before. She thought Gus would never stop pumping his cum in her, as he relieved months of frustrations.Gus apologized for being so quick. "I have never felt anything like this. The thought of you being my daughter-in-law was just too much to hold back.His cock never softened, as he started moving once again in her. He kissed and sucked her breast as his cock moved in and out. Her breasts were feeling so good from his lips on them. He had her nipples rock hard and each time he sucked them she could feel them tingling all the way to her cunt. As he moved faster she lifted her hips up to ride his cock at every stroke.

They both reached the point of no return at the same time. He was fucking in and out with the speed of a jackhammer and she was with him every step of the way. She was fucking him back with all the strength of her young body. They were joined together from mouth to toe as they both begin to cum at the same time. Sue blacked out temporarily from the intense feeling. He was still on her when she came to and she had to push him off so she could catch her breath. His cock pulled out of her cunt with a loud sucking sound.She said, "I can not believe how good that was. That is one deal I am certainly glad Jim made. Let's go to the house and you can finish the story while we make up for the last 6 months."Back at the house Sue dropped her clothes at the back door and turned into Gus's arms. She said, "I'm glad we did that. I have felt the sexual tension between us ever since i've been here." She let him to the sofa and pushed him down on it. She got on her knees and moved between his legs taking his semi-hard cock in her hands. She licked across the top and running her tongue around the crown. "Go ahead and finish the story while I play here.""How do you expect me to talk while you are sucking my cock?"

"Don't worry if it gets to be more than you can stand we'll finish the story later." With that she took his cock all the way into her mouth as he began to talk."As I was saying down by the pool, Jim told me to go ahead and try to convince his mother to sleep with him. She had fucked her father before we even met and continued after we married so I knew the thought of fucking her own son would not be a problem with her. It had been a turn on for me then and for her to fuck Jim now would still be a turn on. I sure didn't know at the time that he would bring home a beauty like you for a wife.""I left him there and went to bed where Jenny was waiting for me." She wanted to know what took me so long and I said, "Just having a little father and son talk.""She wanted to know just what we had to talk about, "and I said, "You know what you and your father were doing when we met. Well, Jim wants the same with you. Seems that he is to shy and doesn't get along very well with girls his on age. I think he needs the kind of help only you can give."

"What am I suppose to do, just tell him to come on let's fuck? What makes you think that I would let my son fuck me?""Knowing how close you were to your father and how much you love your son it stands to reason that you would be willing to help him.""How are we going to make this happen?""i'll take care of that if you are willing to go along.""Jenny was hot from the conversation and the thought of Jim between her thighs. She was ready to fuck. She pulled me over on her and I entered her in one smooth motion. I really wanted to put on a good show for Jim, for I was sure he was back watching. We were facing the window and I knew that he was getting a good look at how hot his mother was.""We came at the same time with me collapsing on her naked body. With Jim seeing me I looked at the window and gave Jim a big thumbs up. When Jenny calmed down I told her that Jim was probably watching us all the time. Her reaction was to roll over and give one of the best blow job of my life."

With that Gus let go with a load that Sue had to hurry to swallow.When Gus recovered he continued the story. "We teased him for a couple of weeks before Jenny said she was ready to fuck him. The teasing kept him in a state of arousal all the time. I told Jim it was set and to go to the swimming hole the next day and his mother would join him.""The next day when the chores were finished he rushed to the pool. He stripped of his clothes and dove in naked. His cock was hard in anticipation of what was to come.""Jenny saw him head for the pool just like every day. She put on a bikini that hid nothing and went to fuck her son. The idea that it was right or wrong did not even enter her mind. She just knew that her son had the hots for her and she was going to take care of him; just as her father had taken care of her."Jim had his back turned when she walked up and didn't know she was anywhere around. He jumped when she spoke. "Mind if I join you ""Sure come on in."She started in when he said "if you are going to swim with me you have to get naked since I already am.""Now why would you want to skinny dip with your old mother?""Because you are the hottest woman I know, and you're not old."Jenny didn't argue with him. She just reached behind her and undid the string that held the top up. When the top came loose it dropped to the grass and her big tits were there for him to see. She pushed the bottoms down and step out of them. She just stood for a short while and let him look. Finally she said, "Do you like what you see?"

Jim was speechless as she walked into the water and went straight to him. "Your father says that you need my help, and I'm here to take care of your needs. First understand that no one but us three must ever know. Second, once we do this we can never go back to the way it was. You have been pestering me for two weeks and now its time to quit playing, I'm ready to fuck you and teach you anything you want to know. Let me tell you right now, it takes a lot of loving for me. Do you think you are man enough to take care of me?"He finally found his tongue, "i'll give it my best shot."She moved into his arms and kissed him like he had never been kissed. Jenny didn't play around if she was going to fuck someone she went all out. She had her hands around his cock when she led him out of the pool.She lay back on the grass and raised her arms to him. He was on his knees between her spread legs. She said, "Just fuck me and don't worry about how long you last or if I climax with you. This is not going to be the only time and we can work on details later. Just put your cock here in your mothers pussy."She pulled him down and guided him home. She was right, he didn't last long but to her surprise she climaxed right along with him.

I stood at the barn and watched the whole thing. After he came I came on to the house. I was here in the kitchen when they came through the door with their clothes in hand, Jenny threw them on the couch and said, "you will have to fix your own supper tonight, and I am going to be awful busy for a while." Jim was right behind her with a grin from ear to ear."It turned into a love affair between the two of them. He was at her day and night, and she was always willing. I didn't suffer because she always took care of my needs. This went on until Jenny was killed in the car wreck.""That means he was fucking her while he was going with me.""Yes, you were a virgin and wanted to stay that way until you married. Jenny took care of his sexual needs for him. She taught him well: you are now enjoying the fruits of her labor.""I guess after her death and our marriage I provided all the sex for him. What about you, Have you had a woman since her death?"

"No, it wasn't long before you married and I knew that if Jim kept his part of the deal then I would have you. You may have been a virgin when you married but when you came back from the honeymoon you were all woman. I watched you many a night as you made love just waiting for the day it would be me.I let him know as soon as you moved in that I expected him to keep his part of the deal.""I can't believe that he would just turn me over to you.""His part of the deal was to help me fuck you. He insisted on leaving the window open at night. He asked you to stop wearing a bra, and to wear the tight jeans with the shirt tied under you breast. The new pink bikini was my idea but he liked it.""It was up to me to seduce you but he was not to interfere. That's the reason for all the hugs, kisses and the pat on the rear all the time. The only restriction was I could only do what you would let me do. I could not force you."

"The open window was also Jim's idea. The first night I was watching when you tried to close it and he told you to keep it open. Many a night, over the years that window has been the center of attention.""I wondered what was going on. The way you hugged me to your body and the kisses that were not on my cheeks but full on the lips. At times I could even feel your tongue trying to enter my mouth. At first it frighten me but since you never pushed it I started to enjoy it. I ask Jim about the way you were always touching me, and he said, " just enjoy it, he likes you and he is lonesome. So I went along with it and soon was looking forward to your greeting each morning. If I had known about the deal then we could have had a lot more fun the last 6 months."

For the rest of the time Jim was gone they fucked all day everyday. They tried out every position and every room in the house. They made love by the pool and in the barn. It was as if they could not get enough of each other. For Sue it was the best ever. She had always enjoyed sex with Jim but his father carried her to heights that she had never been before. She knew that a lot of it was because he was Jim's father and the erotic thought of fucking him. It wasn't his size, because he and Jim were alike even though his cock was uncircumcised.The last night before Jim was due back they were lying in Gus's bed resting from the blowjob she had just given him. "What are we going to do when Jim gets back tomorrow?" asked Gus."I intend to keep sleeping with you. Jim will just have to get use to the idea. I have a plan that I think he will agree to. Don't you worry about that just roll over here and bury this hard cock in me."They made love all night and up until time for Jim to arrive.

Jim arrived about lunchtime. Neither Gus nor Sue let on that anything was going on. They talked about his trip and the cattle he had purchased. They didn't give him an opportunity to get them alone and ask either one of them questions.By nighttime Jim was ready for bed. It had been nearly 3 weeks since he had fucked Sue and he was ready for her. He hadn't been that long without sex since his mother had first let him fuck her.Sue was standing by the bed without a stitch on when Jim entered the room. He couldn't wait to take her in his arms. His cock started harding as soon as he saw her. She unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. She quickly undid his pants and pulled them and his jockey shorts down with one pull. As his pants cleared his cock it spring up almost hitting her in the face. She took his massive cock in both of her hands and brought it to her lips. She could tell from the way he was trembling that he hadn't had any sex while he was gone.She took her mouth from him and climbed on the bed. She spread her legs wide to welcome his cock home. As he moved to get on the bed with her she said, "Don't you think you should shut the window?"Surprised he asked, "Why, we never shut the windows around here?""Well Gus may go pass and see us.""It want be the first time.""You don't mind if he sees me naked?""No, It's sort of a tradition here at this house.""You mean it would be ok if Gus watches us make love? Have you ever watched anyone through the window?""Yes""Who"'My mother and father from the time I was 12 or 13 years old.""Did they know you were watching?""Not at first but I'm sure that as I got older they suspected it."

" Did they ever do anything about it?"He hesitated for a moment before answering, yes."What did he do?""Dad sit me down and had a heart to heart talk with me.""What did he say?""Why or you asking all these questions?""I just want to know why you want your father to watch us having sex.""You never seem to mind the way he looks at you. You don't push him away when he hugs and kisses you, or complain when he pats your ass. The way you dress just asked for his attention.""I dress the way I do around the house because that is the way you asked me to dress. At first I was nervous when he would hug and kiss me, but you said it was all right and now I don't think anything about it. Why do you have me dress so your father can look at me as though I have nothing on?""You are beautiful and he is alone.""Is that the only reason?"Jim realized that he was in water up to his neck and was about to drown. "No, That is, well you see, my father and I had sort of a deal."What kind of a deal?""He felt like if I was going to watch him and mother make love then when I married he should get to watch us.""Was that the whole deal?""No.""What was the rest of the deal?" She had no intentions of letting him off the hook until he confessed to everything."He wants to fuck you.""And what do you think of that? Are you willing to let your father slide his big cock into your wife?""If that is what you would like. It is up to you. I want try to stop you if you go through with it.""What did you get out of this besides watching him and your mother getting it on? Does it make your cock hard to think of your father fucking me?" She had his cock in her hand and had been stroking him all the time she was asking the questions. He was hard as a rock. "I would really like to know how you could deal your future wife to your dad just to watch them make love."

He could take it no longer. "Mother.""What about your mother?"My father gave my mother to me.""You mean to sleep with?""Yes.""Why would you want fuck your mother? You are a handsome man and could have most any of the girls you wanted.""I was 18 years old and a virgin. I was shy around all the girls my age. I would watch them through the window and want to take his place between her legs. I would fantasize about it all the time, and one night my father caught me watching her. We made a deal. He would help me get to sleep with her provided that when I married I returned the favor. I couldn't help myself, she was so beautiful and I had not even met you at that time.""How long before you slept with her?""About 3 weeks before he talked her into letting me have her. Dad told me what to do to seduce her and it really worked. I finally got her down at the pool and it was everything I thought it would be. It was suppose to be a one time thing but once I started I couldn't stop.""If I let Gus fuck me is it going to be a one time thing?'" I don't know, I didn't stop with mother so I don't guess I would have much to stand on if he wanted more from you.""How often did you and your mom get together?"

"As often as we could. I could not get enough and she never refused me. Some times we made love more than twice a day. I know that she and Gus still made out nearly every night. She loved sex and she loved to satisfy both of us.""What did Gus say to that?""He never said anything. I think he got off on knowing his son was fucking his mother."

"How long did this go on?""Until her death 4 years later.'"You were even fucking her after we were engaged. Would you still be fucking her now if she were here?""Yes if she would have.""What am I suppose to do now? Am I suppose to let Gus have me anytime he likes? Would you like for me to go sleep with Gus?"'Yes.'" Are you going to stand out side the window and watch as he takes me? Did you and your father ever take her together at the same time?""No, We never tried to hide and I know he saw us plenty of times but mom would have none of that.""Come on Jim fuck me now. My pussy is soaking and you dick is about to explode from all this talking. I love the idea that I can fuck with Gus anytime with your complete approval. I just wish you had told me earlier and I could have already completed your deal."He could wait no longer, he moved up on the bed between her legs. He lifted her legs up on his shoulders, bending her nearly double. It opened her cunt to his hard invading dick. With one stroke he drove to the depth of her hot cunt. As his cock hit her hot cunt he began to fuck her with all he had.

Sue started cumin from the first stroke and never cam down from the sexual high he had her on. She could feel him tightening up and knew that he was about to cum.He finally let go, shooting 6 to 7 blast of cum dip in her womb. She came once again as it hit her.They collapsed on the bed together, both out of breath. For Sue it was the best she had ever had with Jim. She wondered if Gus was watching from the window.Jim rolled over on his back completely exhausted. Sue propped up on one elbow and looking him in the eye she asked, "is that what you want me to do with Gus? Can you let me have the freedom to do anything with him any time? I want you to know that I want to fuck him, and have for several months."Jim could only nod his head that he wanted her to go ahead."If that is what you like then I am going to him now. It looks like you are done for the night anyway." She kissed him and rolled out of bed. "See you in the morning."

Stopping only long enough to wash up she headed to Gus's room without a stitch on.Gus was waiting for her, lying on the bed with his hard cock standing up in the air.She moved up on him and lowered her still slick cunt down on his hard cock. As she moved up and down on him he played with her tits.Sue lowered her cunt all the way down and stopped moving. "He doesn't know that we have all ready made love. He thinks this is our first time and that he gave his permission.""How did you get him to tell you about the deal?""I ask him enough question that he finally told me about his mother and the deal you two made. He finally confessed that he wanted me to come to you. I told him I would see him in the morning and came to you. I love having sex with you and we don't have to slip around."Gus said, "I love being with you. After all those months of wanting to sleep with you I have no intensions of letting you go.""I have a plan that I think both of you will agree to." She started moving again and all talk came to a halt. They fucked the rest of the night like it was their first time and that they may not get another.

Sue was the first up the next morning. She was in the kitchen dressed only in a thin gown that hid nothing. She wanted them to see what they would be missing if that didn't go along with her suggestion. She wondered just what Jim would have to say this morning. Some times what looks good at night in the heat of passion doesn't look so good in the light of day.She had the coffee brewing and breakfast ready when Jim came in. He took one look and the outfit she had on and his cock started to rise. He walked up to her and took her in his arms. " I watched you and dad last night. Now I know how he felt when he watched mom and me. You were beautiful as you made love with him."He was still holding her when Gus walked into the room. Sue broke off contact with him and moved to Gus. She moved into his arms and kissed him good morning. His cock was already hard and she could feel it against her body. She reached down and caressed him through his pants. He pushed back and grinned at her. Jim was smiling also.She said, "Lets eat breakfast and then we can talk about how we are going to handle this situation."After they finished the guys waited for her to speak. She finally spoke up, " You guys made this deal between you and Jim's mother, I had nothing to do with it. Now I don't object to it as long as everybody is happy with it. What woman in her right mind would turn down sex with 2 handsome men? Jim you are going to have to face the fact that you gave up any objections you may have a long time ago. Last night was not the first time Gus and I have been together. The day after you left on your trip he told me about the deal. We have been going at it pretty heavy ever since. I know that we don't intend to stop anytime soon. You are just going to have to live with it."

"I only know of one solution, you both will share me from now on." I know that your mother would only have sex with one of you at a time, but with me it is going to be different. I want you both at the same time. I have thought of how nice it will be to have the two of you fucking me together. If you can't live up to that, speak now."Gus looked at Jim and said; "we have watched each other so long that it will not be a problem for me."Jim said, I guess I gave up my right to object some time back."Sue said, "Good, now one more thing and this is major. I just feel like I may have gotten pregnant last night. It is that time of month and I didn't take any precautions. I have no idea which of you maybe the father and I don't care. We will all raise the child together."Both guys agreed to that arrangement.Sue took them both by the hand and led them to the bedroom. She quickly striped off her robe and climbed up on the bed. She stretched out in the center of the bed with her legs spread leaving all of her exposed to them. "Can't you two think of something to do now?"

It was an invitation that they couldn't turn down. Gus made for her cunt while Jim moved around and offered her his cock to suck. She quickly pulled him to her and proceeded to swallow his cock. Gus paused only long enough to run his tongue around her cunt before moving up to fuck her.On and on it went for most of the day. Sometime there were two on her and sometime only one. The guys were finally worn out but she had not refused them anything. Once both men figured out that she intended to keep both of them satisfied they accepted the conditions much quicker.

Sue was right, nine months later Tim was born, and things returned to normal. That is, if you can call a mother sleeping with both her husband and father-in-law normal. She continued to sleep with both men Until Tim was 10 years old. She would then sleep with one man one night and the other the next.Thus a happy family raised Tim. He knew that his family was different but he didn't know just how much. He knew that his was the only family that swam naked in the pool because his mother told him so, and to not tell anyone because they would not understand. It was only when he was about 16 that he saw his mother and grandfather fucking in his bed. He didn't under stand why his father didn't seem to mind what his father was doing. He didn't say anything but he had discovered the open windows and now he was out side every night watching.Tim was 18 when a horse fell and killed Gus. It was a tragic loss for all of them, but Sue took it harder than the others. She had really loved him as a father-in-law and lover.For nearly 20 years she had two men to love her and fulfill every sexual wish she may have. Now it was just she and Jim. He did the best he could to fill both places in her life. The sex with him was good but not what she had been use to.Now it was a year after Gus was killed and she was standing in front of the window caressing her breast and thinking about how it use to be as she waited for Jim to come to bed. She wondered if Tim paused to look in her open window as Jim had his mother.

She didn't need to worry Tim was even now standing in the shadows watching her. He wasn't anything like his father when it came to being shy. He and his girlfriend, Amy, had been having sex since the 10th grade. They were scheduled to wed this next summer. He had all the sex he wanted from Amy who never turned him down. As he watched his mother he knew that one day he was going to find out why she had satisfied two men all these years. Hopefully she would show him herself.Jim coming to bed brought Sue back to the present. She had made up her mind to bring up the subject of Tim, but first she wanted to get him in the right frame of mine.She pushed him back on the bed and took his cock in her mouth. She sucked him until he was hard. Then moving up she straddled his legs and placed her hot cunt over his cock. She began to work up and down very slowly. Her hot cunt was really working on his hard cock. When She had him where she wanted him she begin to talk. "Jim, You know how much fun the three of us had while Gus was alive. You know that Tim will be getting married this summer and if you would like to make deal with him like you had with your father I will help you." She could tell by the way his cock grew that he was interested.Jim was very interested, he had often looked at Amy wished that he could fuck the cute young blond. He said, "What am I suppose to do just ask him he would like to fuck his mother while I fuck his girlfriend?"She said, " You don't need to do anything. I know Tim is interested in me because he is constantly trying to feel me up. Just back up an give me a little room."

Each evening when Tim finished his chores he would stop by the pool and cool off. He was always naked and Sue had watched him from the house many times. Today she left to meet him when she saw him strip off.Tim was swimming when she walked up and didn't know she was around until she spoke. "Mind if I come in and cool off?"Her voice surprised him and he stopped swimming and stood up in the middle of the pool. "Of course I don't mind."Sue quickly stripped off her shirt. She didn't have on a bra, she never wore one, and her large breast stood out firm as they had when she and Gus first made love. She unsnapped her jeans and pulled them down from her hips, taking her panties with them. She picked up Her clothes and laid them on the table. She stood before him naked. It wasn't the first time he had seen Her, but this was the first time she had undressed just for him.Tim could not take his eyes from her as she moved through the water toward him. She moved up to him and put her arms around his neck, so close that her nipples were touching the hair on his chest. His cock already hard got even more so. She could feel it touching her stomach, and knew that he was ready for anything she suggested."You look like you are glad to see me," she said, as she pulled his head down and kissed him on the lips. Her tongue was pushing against his lips until he opened his mouth and let her tongue in. She kissed him, as only a lover would do. As she kissed him she reached down with one hand and pushed his hard cock down between her legs to rest against her hot cunt. She then pulled him tight to her body.Tim could not believe that this was happing to him. He had wanted to feel his mother's naked body against his for a long time and now it was happing. She was touching him from his head to his toes. He could fell her hot cunt as it touched his cock.Finally she broke the kiss and leaned back in his arms. Never breaking contact with his cock or his hands on her ass. "I think you are liking this," she said. "You have been acting like this is what you wanted for a while, or did I miss read you?""No, I have wanted you ever since I saw you and dad and" … He stopped his face turning red.Looking him in the eye she asked, "What did you start to say?" She was pretty sure what he had seen but she wanted him to put it in words.

"I saw you sleeping with grand pa. Why were you sleeping with him and dad doesn't mind?""That is a long story that started before you were born. You deserve to hear it now that you and I are about to do the same thing." She felt his cock jump against her cunt as he realized that his dream was about to come true.Taking him by the hand she led him out of the pool to the same spot where she and Gus first made love.She pulled him down beside her and told him the story just as Gus told her. When she finished Tim's cock was rock hard. Partly because of the story, but mostly because she had been rubbing his cock all the time she was talking."I love it, I wish I could have known my grand mother. Are you going to let me make love to you?""Yes you can do anything you like with me, but this is not to be taken lightly. No one must know about this but us, and you must also realize that you will be giving your dad permission to fuck your wife.""That want be a problem, Amy has already said what a good looking man dad is. And that she would like to feel him between her legs. Mom, we have been fucking for three years and talk about everything. She even knows that I want to fuck you."Sue layback on the grass and spread her legs as she pulled him over on her. His cock search for the entrance to her cunt until he found it. Slowly he slid his cock into the hot depth of his mother's pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and drew him deeper into her body. Nothing had felt so good in years.Twenty years ago her father-in-law had started a family tradition on this very spot. Now here she was with her son making love together. They both came at the same time. As his hot cum was shooting up her cunt she opened her eyes and saw Jim standing there smiling down at them.Yes, everything was back to normal.

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