Monday, December 15, 2008

Mom And Me

Mom And Me

Well my name is Parth and I came accross many Mom fantasy stories and I always wanted to share mine real story but was hasitant. Some how I got courage to write. Let me first tell you something about my mom. Her name is Varsha and is a very homely lady. She is 48 years old now but looks like 30 only because of day to day household work and morning routine exercise. My Dad was an aircraft engineer who died of an accident when I was 19 years old. My mom was then 38 years. She still looked young as she got married at very early age We had enough to survive and mom banked on my education to fulfill future. I never thaught about my mom otherwise at that time and we started living our life. But after 6 months of my dads marriage I started noticing that my mom was feeling lonely as there was no one to share as I was always busy with my friends. One day while having dinner I started talking to her about what made her feel so sad and lonely and what Ican do. She told me nothing much except concentrate on studies. I asked her if she could join some classes but she told she was fine at home.

One day I was talking to my frined about my mom and told him how sad she felt. He advised me to take her out whenever possible and spend some time with her. That day I got back home and asked my mom if she was interested going out for a movie. But she told no she was fine. Suddenly she recalled about a drama (Guj Play) which she loved watching. I told her we can go on Sunday and I will book tickets for her. She got very happy and I saw smile on her face. That day we sat and chatted for almost an hour and that day i realized how lonely she was. We chatted about everything about family, relatives etc. Sunday evening we got ready for the drama and we reached the auditorium. It was pack and trust all were stunningly dressed. My mom was really looking like a widow. People were starring at her beauty and she was feeling more helpless. As we were getting in some one pushed her accidentally and she caught my hand. That was first ime I felt like a grown up man and she caught it till we got seated. I thought she was feeling secured. We came home that night and I told her to start dressing normal and not to worry about the world. As days passed we started getting more closer as we discussed many things. Year passed and I was in my final year studying engineering. I started fantasizing about girls and I loved them dressed in different dresses all skimpy. I felt I was grown up.

One day me and mom went for a movie and now we were like friends talking everything she was also getting out of loneliness. As usual she was wearing a saree though not white now. As we were about to go in the hall someone started touching her shoulder with his and she got irritated and looked at me. I realized that man was trying to touch her and I just pushed him bit away. We entered into an argument and it was really heated. People interfered and asked us to calm down. I saw some sense of security in my moms eyes and she was very happy. As we sat she leaned a bit towards me and our shoulders were touching each other. She asked me to get some popcorns and cold drink and we shared from one. Somehow I also started feeling close to her. As we were driving back home she thanked me for what I did today and told she was feeling secured now. We went home and went to our bedrooms. Mom normally wore sarees at night. I was not getting sleep and went to our living room and was sitting busy watching TV. Mom came out because of TV noise and asked me why I was not sleeping. I told her that I was thinking about that guy and getting angry. She smiled and came and kissed on my cheek. First time I felt warmth of her lips and a wave moved through my body. She gave me a smile and went to her room. First time I saw her with a lustful eyes and trust me she was looking like a babe. White with 5`6`` height, well structured body I guess she had 35 size boobs with 37 hips and 28 was heaven.Entire night I didnt sleep. Next day morning as it was Sunday I got up and went to kitchen where she was cooking. I sat on the platform and started talking to her:
Me: Mom how did you feel yesterday night.
Mom: Secured. I have someone to protect me.
Me: U dont feel like having another relation with a man?
Mom: Well never thought off but yes I feel lonely at times.
Me: I can help you to find someone.
Mom: No need, I am worried about you.
Me: Dont worry I am not asking you to get married to him but you can always have him special.
Mom: I dont think so.
Me: Ok if u are ready let me know I will find someone for sure for you.
Mom: Ok....Parth you are there to protect me right why do I need someone.
Me: But I am your son...and I know you feel more secured with YOUR Man.
Mom: Ok....let us see.
I started getting some ideas and my hearth starting throbing hard. I was getting idea of proposing my mom and hey I was thinking what am I thinking this...but some how it came out
Me: Mom, do you see man in me.
Mom: ofcourse you are grown up now arent you?
Me: Man as in MAN
Mom: Means...
Me: as your man who can protect you.
Mom: Yes you did it yesterday...
Me: and I want to do it forever.
Mom: yes you will you are my son and I am sure you will even after your marriage.
Me: No I want to protect you as your MAN
Mom: Parth...
Me: Mom listen, we both have got very close,we share things, I want to protect you and whats wrong in that?
Mom: I know but darling I dont want to spoil your life.
Me: We can be goods friends, say special friends right.
Mom: So are we.
Me: Iwant to give other definition to it then mother - Son.
Mom: What definition?
Me: Say we are couples.
Mom: Smiled dear with this age difference?
Me: so what? We can be a bf and gf, a healthy relation right.
Mom: Ok I am fine but you are still my son.
Me: No I am your Parth from now and you my Varsha, can I call you that?
Mom: Parth I am liking what you are saying but my concious doesnt allow it.
Me: Comon Mom you can....lets try to be if we find it is not healthy we discuss it.
Mom: OK as you say....
I was in heaven but still thinking what I told. I got erection and I was feeling so happy.
Me: Mom...
Mom: hmmm...not mom ...Varsha,
Me: hey Varsha Can we go for date today?
Varsha: Sure... But where we have too many relatives to see us.
Me: Ok Varsha let us drive to Lonavala.
Varhsa: Ok but it is already 10:30.
Me: Let us start fast.
Varsha: Ok let me keep food in fridge and will get ready.
Me: Hurray....
For first time I felt happy and went and hugged her...she felt happy but told me
Varsha: We have healthy relation but we cant get physical.
Me: Ok.....
Part II:
Varsha Got ready in a saree though it was better this time and I was in shorts and T-shirt. As she came out I told:
Me: Varsha what is this we are going for date.
Varsha: But I do not have anthing else dear..
Me: Oh ok...We will buy something
Varsha: No need...comon.
Me: Ok...but...
We started driving and we took take away to eat on the way...We reached Lonavala and got down at Triger was too breezy there because of which Mom`s saree pallu was flying away... I smiled at her and told her...
Me: Varsha had u been in western dress this would have not happened.
Varsha: You are right...all are looking at me... I feel like any hindi film heroine and she laughed...
Me: Mom, you look betther then them...But I didnt like people starring at you so we will buy stuff for you.
Varsha: So sweet ok we will.
I felt like heaven when she told so sweet....We got down and went to the market for some shopping. I saw some couples moving around holding hands...I gathered courage and told her..
Me: Varsha can we atleast hold hands...
Varsha: No...
Me: Comon Mom
Varsha: I told you it has to be just healthy..
Me: But whats wrong in holding..
Varsha: People will think ek buddhi itne gabru Jawan ke saath kys gum rahi hain..
Me: Let them think...but had you worn western dress u would have never looked buddhi..
Varsha: Is it... Iwould have looked like Hot sizzling Filmy heroine and she laughed.
First time I realized how naughty she was from inside....I told her
Me: Ok Varsha please let us hold...
Varsha: Hmmm Man doesnt ask they hold...
I realized what she meant and how idiot I was...I caught her hand and felt in 7th sky. Me holding my mom`s hand in crowd as a couple I never thought.... Then I saw a shop and I asked my mom if she wants to shop some stuff to wear right away..She told she was Ok in what she waswearing...but I forced her inside....There I saw lovely pair of jeans and asked her to try it... She told no we will get cheaper in Mumbai and that she had never wore jeans after marriage... I told her to atleast wear once...
Varsha: But I dont know my waist size nowwhich jeans will fit... So forget it.
Me: we will get it measured.
Varsha: so you want other man to touch me..
I realized what she meant and told her....
Me: No I will do it.
Mom smiled at me and just blinked her eyes....Wow it was so sweet I fell in Love...Love with her for first time I got that deep sense... I called for Measure tape and for first time I touched my mom though little on her god she was just 27 even less then todays fat girls... I called for 26 jeans as u dont get 27... She was not aware of all that and went to try. As she wore I was waiting outside the trial room..I called for her and she told She cant comeout as it is too tight and she doesnt have anything on Top. I called for a T-shirt with some words written on it and gave it to her. She wore it and she just opened the a babe..I was feeling as if she was a college going girl and looking stunning. T-shirt was just reaching her waist and jeans was hugging her body like skin... I told her she was looking like a baby...Then I realized words written on her T-shirt...Heaven is Here...And surely it was...Her boobs looked like a firm water melon hanging...waiting for T-shirt to tear apart to make them free. She told me:
Varsha: Parth this is tooooo tight...i cant breath
Me: Varsha this is fashion and u look stunning.
Varhsa: But it shows my body..
Me: No Varsha it shows your figure... And its hot..
Varsha: Shut up Parth....mind what u say.
Me: Mom trust me
Varsha: But Parth it shows tooo much of me.
Me: Its makes you look younger and I asked her to turn around.
As she turned I was Mad for what I say...her ass was poping out cause Jeans was too tight and I was able to see her panty strip as jeans was low waist and T-shirt was short...I was not able to move my eyes...I looked up and I could see her bra strip as T-shirt was tight and it was single strip...I was aroused. I now knew what made her so fit and sexy. Her dialy routine morning exercise. I somehow convienced her to buy it and told her not to remove and we will get saree packed...she finally agreed. I realized she was liking what she was wearing and she always wanted to wear. As she came out of trial room she was looking like a newly wed girl trying to hide her assets...I told her to be relaxed and be normal..I was getting more aroused with people starring at her body..oh my god..she was looking Bomb. We bought new pair of sandals to suit her...As we moved on road all were looking at her assets. Her Panty strips were visible but I never told her that...I hold her hands and she smiled. We were chatting and as usual she was cracking jokes...suddenly somehow my hand didnt stop and I removed her hand from mine and patted her ass...I thought she will get angry and she was...she told me
Varsha: I told you not to get so physical what is this?
Me: You told me Man dont ask
Varsha: But gentleman do..
Me: OK Varsha can I pat your ass....and we both bursted laughing...
I thought she was coming out from that Mother-Son relation and enjoying me..suddenly her sandal strip came out and she bend down to put she bend I say her ass crack from top and I was aroused hard....As she got up I clinched her ass and move my hand to her waist...She looked at me with angry face and I gave her smile...she tried to release it but I requested her and she then gave a naughty smile...I was happy I tought I have got her now.. All were looking at us and I was enjoying.. I pulled her close and asked..
Me: hey Mom...sorry Varsha whats ur ass size...
Varsha: Naughty...I dont know you should have measured it...and she laughed.
Me: Ok lets go home and I will...
Varsha: Shutup
Me: Varsha cant we be real couples enjoying everything..
Varsha: What you mean everything?
Me: Everything which Every couples do.
Varsha: Ok we be good couples not like college going...
Me: Means...
Varsha: We can be couples doing everything other then sex.
Me: You mean intercourse
Varsha: yes Intercourse.
Me: When can I do Intercourse.
Varsha: only after marriage..
Me: So you are proposing me..
Varsha: Shut up Parth be serious, with your wife when you get married.
Me: OK..but rest all we can.
Varsha: Yes we can limits.
Me: have too many limitations.
Varsha: Parth I am liking all this but truth still remains that I am your mother.
Me: yeah its OK but soon I will get you out of this thoughts
And she just smiled. As it was getting late in evening we thought to start back to Mumbai. We got in the car and reached home at 10:00 PM. As Mom was dressed in western outfit she ran into the house so that no one can see her. She changed into her routine saree and came out. We sat with some coffee and were discussing day. She told me
Varsha: It was enough for the day and you should start studying hard for your exams as they are 2 months away.
Me: Ok Varsha but what do I get after that.
Varsha: Lovely holidays for sure.
Me: Ok Varsha but I want some motivation to study.
Varsha: What?
Me: Daily outing for 2 hours with you and long weekends as now Iam not planning to go to college.
Varsha: OK but only for next 1 month.
Me: Ok....Varsha why dont you wear some night suits?
Varsha: I dont have any your dad never shopped for me as he was busy on aircrafts travelling. Nor he was into it.
Me: But I like it.
Varsha: Ok I will think.
Me: Can we go to shop that tomorrow evening?
Varsha: I think you should concentrate on studying
Me: That will motivate me...
Varsha: Ok lets see.
Then we wished good night and went to sleep. I thought of kissing her but I was afraid. I got up in the morning early to study at 5:00 and 6:30 I heard some music from Moms room. I use to listen that everytime but never bothered to see. I went to her room and knocked. My Mom opened and I was shocked to see her in long tight truncks and T-shirt old types and she was exercising. That was her daily routine. I told her:
Me: you told me you never wore such stuff.
Varsha: this is for exercising...quite old and this is only I have
Me: you look hot but t-shirt is long..and I smiled.
Varsha: Go inside and study OK
I was not able to forget that scene but I continued studying for whole day at evening 5.00 I went to mom who was watching tv and told her
Me: Mom I am tired can we go out for some shopping and food.
Varsha: Ok but we should be back by 7:30. So that you can eat and sleep early for morning.
We got ready and Mom wore a saree but this time bit colorful. I smiled at her and sat in car. I told her we will go today and buy some night dress for her. She opposed in begining but later agreed. We drove to shoppers as it is free for anyone to shop andthere is no one who shows stuffs you have to select. As we entered she was first hasitant to enter lingerie section and was roaming looking for other stuffs. I pushed her a bit and she went. I was waiting on a side like a husband and she was pointing at night wears and I was giving yes or no. Suddenly I looked at a transperant gown and pointed at it. She told no and showed eyes but I begged and she finally went and tried. She came out with smile. It was black bit transperant. I asked her to buy one more and I got courage and went inside and picked a sleeveless low neck short till knees gown.

We took both and reached home by 7:00 I had still 30 mins. I told Mom to wear and show me but she told she will wear at night. An d she went to change. As she was going I asked her:
Me: Whats your size Varsha
Varsha: What?????
Me: Size of your boobs and ass
Varsha: Some one was to measure it and she laughed...
As she went to her room I searched for a measure tape and rushed to her room. I knocked and she told me to wait for 2 mins as she was changing. I kept on knocking as I was not in control. She was forced to open the door in her blouse and Petticoat with saree loosely held over her shoulders. She looked at me and shouted.
Varsha: What is it Parth!!!
Me: Varsha I want to measure
Varsha: Go away Parth
Me: No
And I banged the door open. She was stunned but knowing what I wanted. I threw away her saree and OH MY GOD I saw her big boobs hanging out of her blouse and her petticoat was loosely tied and I could see panty from the part open near the strings. It was white in color cotton I guess. Her belly had some fat but it was flat. I was not able to control and I hugged her. She pushed me and told to do for what I had come. I took Tape around her breast as she moved her hands up. Her boobs touched my hand and I got massive erection. After adjusting tape she moved her hands down. She knew to give measures. I measured and it was 36...and she asked me to keep bit down and it came 35... Then I moved to her ass I bend in front of her pussy and I smelled a deligt. I put my hand around her ass with tape and pulled her closure to me giving me better view of her panty and I was just inch away of her pussy. I wanted to kiss it but I was afraid. I measured it and it came to almost 37 wow.... I was tight like rock but smooth like water...I got up and kissed her on cheek..she reacted back and I moved my hand on her belly. She hold it and told...
Varsha: No I told u not to do anything till exams are over.
Me: But I want yuo.
Varsha: You will get me after the exam is over.
Me: Sure?
Varsha: Yes but no intercourse...Rest whatever u want.
Me: I want you to be my Grilfriend...I love you
Varsha: I love you too but you need to study now and not distract...I will wear your night gowns after exams.
Me: Ok I will study hard.
I studied hard for entrie 2 months waiting for day to come.. We use to go out just catch hands and mom use to always be in sarees..days passed we catching hands me cuddling her, patting her ass at times, kissing her cheeks etc but not beyond that. My final exam was over and I was not able to wait for last 5 mins. I gave my papers and I rushed home. I met my friends on way and they told me they were going to disc that night Enigma and if I wanted to join..I told I will try but I dont have gf to come...they asked me to call if I can manage. At 2:00 PM I was at home ringing bell hard..As soon as Varsha opened I pulled her hand and kissed her lips...she shouted and asked me to come inside as someone might see...I kissed her lips only for a second.. As I entered I told her:
Me: You hubby is going to rank top
Varsha: What my HUBBY? Who???
Me: Me, Varsha
Varsha: Shut up you idiot we are friends close or gf and bf thats all.
Me: Ok Babes but I have started thinking of you more then that...
Varsha: Shut up and change
Me: Today is my day and exams are over now I get what I want.
Varsha: You remeber that..lets see
Me: Comon be a sport...
Varsha: Ok lets see first have your lunch
At lunch I told her all my friends are going for Disc and I wanted to go but didnt have a girl...She told if mothers are allowed I can come...and laughed..I thought she was hinting me..I told her
Me: Not a bad idea I will make u my babe for day get ready after lunch and wear stuff we got from Lonavala.
Varsha: OK, where do we go?
Me: Just come with me and do as I say.
Varsha: ok, I hope you are not going to take me to Disc and she laughed.

I got she wanted to come and was giving all hints... As we finished lunch my sex bomb was ready this time her jeans and Tshirt were more tight. She came and complained it was tight I told her u look more hot. I purposely asked her to turn to know her panty..she was wearing black as I could see strip and I threw my hanky in front of her so that she can bend to pick it and I saw her ass crack from she was white. As she gotup I put my hand on her ass Like a MAN and kept it long...she didnt say anything cause she had promised. I pressed her hard and asked her to follow me. She asked me to get car near to building door so that she can run in...I got and she just entered I am sure someone saw atleast our watchman but I didnt care. I drove her to Bandra and got her into a shop for ladies. I ordered Man at desk to show minis...Mom was shocked to hear and as she was about to say I put my finger on her lips and told YOU HAD PROMISED...She was now in my control she smiled and caught my hand and whispered I love you. Man asked which type they were looking and I told anything micro or thigh height...Mom was no one to say and I was feeling like a MAN... He got few and I asked Varsha to select she left on me..I selected a white micro mini which was not tight but free flowing which can flow in air...I asked her to try...she went in and tried and came out without showing me...I asked her what happened
Varsha: It fits me
Me: Are you sure of height
Varsha: Yeah but are u sure you want to buy this as it is tooo shoort
Me: Yes..I am more keen now
Varsha: Ok
Then we looked for Tops as I was going through it I saw halter top open from up which fits from shoulders upto just below breasts....I asked her to wear it...she was hasitant and I ordered like her husband to go and try..All were looking at us...I am sure they might be thinking.. As she went in same way she came out and like a obedient gf told it fits but its too tight....She whispered in my ears I need over shirt and a strapless bra to wear it...I got an erection thinking of it... We selected a white shirt transperant as top was black and she got a bra strapless.
Me: Do you need to wear it at all
Varsha: Yes dumbo...and gave naughty smile
Me: I wish you dont
Varsha: It depends where are u taking me
Me: It will be dark
Varsha: I hope I am not your babe for Disc tonight...and I saw smile on her face.
Me: Yes you are and today I am going to make you more 10 years young.
Varsha: How?
Me: Wait and watch...
Then I took her to a corner and asked which panty are you wearing
Varsha: Shutup
Me: No more shut up reply to all I ask baby you have prmised
Varsha: Black
Me: Type
Varsha: Cotton
Me: NO babe you need something special I know your size.
After buying Shirt top and Mini We went out and I asked her:
Me: Why ddnt you show the skirt to me
Varsha: I am not waxed
Me: Ohhh, where are you not waxed
Varsha: Legs dumbo
Me: And down and I patted her ass back
Varsha: Not even there
She was getting into my tune and enjoying all talking as well as holding...
Me: Ok you need to get it off right
Varsha: Yes
Me: Ok we will go to a salon
Varsha: Ok
Me; You like bushy down
Varsha: No Clean bit I didnt get time or was getting bored
Me: I like trim so ge it done
Varsha: But when you are going to see that
Me: Now you shut up and do as I say..
She smiled and she was liking me ordering her.. I drove to beauty parlour and got her she was talking to lady there I told lady she needs to be a babe and I give you 2 hours...She smiled and asked who was she her elder sister? As she looked bit young of her age I told her No she is my gf...she gave another smile dont worry you both make nice pair...Me and Varsha looked at each other and smiled..we were happy someone complimented. I asked her if I can see what they do but she told no as other ladies might object...As she went inside I sat out reading magazines...Suddenly I got idea...First I called my friends saying that I will be joining them.. They were all very happy. Then I rushed to a lingerie stall and asked for Thongs..I luckily got as shop was big and at Bandra...I selecte a sexy black thong as I knew Varshas size. Then I called for 4 pairs of bra and panties all different colors and sexy satin..I purchased blue, Pink, One rosey and one White...All were hot. As I reached parlour I asked if Varsha was ready and she told 5 mins...As I waited I say a Damsel coming and wow she was Varsha...Sexy haircut like Kareena and straight eyebrows done..She go some black spots away and was looking bomb...I wa happy and as we moved out I caught her by her waist..We then bought Blue lens for her...and went home...As i reached home I didnt believe i blew my card off and money too but anyways we had enough and I am oing to earn soon...We reached home at 8:00 PM and told her we need to leave by 9:30. Iasked her..
Me: Did you got all out?
Varsha: what?
Me: Mean your hair?
Varsha: not all I kept bit for someone who likes that way
She gave naughty smile and this time she patted my ass...I pulled her close and Kissed her hard on lips...we kissed for 5 mins like dogs putting each oter tongue inside and we were in heaven...I moved my hands all over her hair down to her bums which I pressed hard...she moved away and told it was time to get ready...Now I wanted her forever I wanted her to be my wife...m love I wanted to enter my birth place and give birth to our child... And I am sure she also was all for me...Then I gave her a box and told her to open when she starts dressing she smiled naughty and I was ure she knew from bag what it is...Rest all boxes of lingerie I kept in my cupboard...A 9:15 I shouted for her and asked her o come fast and here she came a sexy girl in Micro minis which barely covered her ass..and showing her flat naval...her thighs were like a milky wave and her stomach was like a flat table..Her breasts were like mountains wih lovelypick firm and out and hands were like handle of love... As she came nearer I got lovely smile of perfume which she got from parlour and lens were making her eyes look like angel...she was looking like 25 years old girl a bomb...I was sure she was exercising hard for last 2 months I could see her stomach more flat boobs more firm and grown and ass as heaven... As she came near I hold her hands and kissed her. I kissed her lips carefully so that her lipstick is intact and then her eyes... I was in a blazer and she told me i looked like greek god and I told her you look like Blonde beauty...

We got over arms in and started moving..I told her not to worry about people around as I am sure no one will recognize and we went to our car... As she sat in the car her skirt came up to her panty as it was very short and I could see her ass cheeks sticking to seat...I pressed her thighs and she moaned...We reached the Hotel and as she was getting out I saw her panty a lovely thong and her white ass cheeks out...I am sure others too saw as skirt was flowing ..Attendent took keys and I took her on by waist and moved inside...suddenly strong breeze flew and her skirt started flowing up. She tried covering it but was helpless...all the guards and people were staring at her and first time I enjoyed that sight..people looking at my sex gf, my sexy mom and surely wanting her. I put hand onto her Ass to hide and pull skirt down and pressed her Ass cheeks they were soft like pillow and I was erected doing that to my mom a babe in public...I pressed hard and she looked at me and moaned a bit...I pulled her string and as it hit back it gave a slassssssshhh sound...she gave a naughty smile and pressed her lips between her teeth...As we reached disc she had 100 admirers all aproaching her..our friends were waiting and all were stunned looking at her...Only some knew my mom actually 2 one my best friend and her gf...I introduced her as Ridhi my gf..she looked at me when I gave her new name and we shook hands and moved in.

As we moved in it was too dark with disco light on it was crowded but no one was as sexy as Varsha. I played with her ass cheeks putting her skirt up as we were towards wall...I asked her if she wanted to dance...she told I dontknow much but i pulled was all shit she was dancing like a babe a gujju aunty dancing like babe yes....cause she was from rich family well educated and high society and I was sure she had done this before she changed for my they had love marriage and my father was too conservative but smart and intelligent...People were brushing her hand on to her and trying to get close...This time I was not getting angry as earlier like episode that happened in theatre but i was enjoing...she was not m mom but a transformed babe...after some time we went off the floor and she was sweating because of ciggratte smoke and dance... We went to Sofa and saw couple kissing smooching and enjoying....we took a corner and sat..her legs were wet so was her neck and she was shinning...I opened her top button and asked her open shirt for a while she smiled and opened she opened I saw her breasts out showing her black tits in black transperant top..I realized she was not wearing a bra I was knocked out
Varsha: You told me not to wear
Me: I want that Mom..Varsha
Varsha: I am all yours
Me: I want to open it now
Varsha: In public
Me: Yes I had a fantasy
Varsha: What if I say no
Me: Man dont ask.......
And I put my hand in it and pressed hard....she moaned loudly and I pressed her black tits as if i was tightening a screw she screamed and all looked at us but I didnt it was dark no one cared...I lifted her and asked her sit on my lap seeing other couple...oh my her ass cheeks were wet and she was smelling heaven..I played with her boobs kissing all over..I made her turned towards me and she sat on my lap like riding horse... I could feel warmth of her Cunt we kissed each other as I was plaing with her breasts half naked.. We realized we were in public and she got up and rushed in the loo..she adjusted herself and came...She told me she wanted to go home... I took her out as we took permission from friends and drove home...we didnt speak to each other nor we looked dont know why? As we reached home....she locked the door removed her sandals removed her top and came to me and hugged hard...she started kissing me all over and unbuttoned me... I pressed her ass and pulled her skirt down and is my mom in front of me in thongs and transperant top I could see her trimmed pussy and I started careesing her..I moved my hand down and entered her panty...she gave a shock she undid my shirt and trouser and now I was in my undie whole erected and waiting for her..she looked at me and pressed my tool and asked:
Varsha: Whats the size
Me: Its yor time to measure
Varsha: oh smart how do I measure it?
Me: your choice
Varsha: with tape or mouth?
Me: Both
She went to get tape as she went I saw her ass cheeks and ass moving like a storm her waist flowing like water oh wow what a babe who can say she is 40 years old? She came with tape and I was standing there caressing my tool..she pulled it out and was stunned to measure it 8''
Varsha: My god it is bigger then your dad
Me: Is it? But u didnt measure with mouth
Varsha: I am afraid
Me: Comon My love Then your cunt has ot measure it
Varsha: I told you no for intercourse
Me: but I want you
Varsha: You can only do to your wife
Me: will you be one
She just smiled and bend down and took my tool in her mouth I know she was doing for first time as she didnt look expert but she was doing good..she kissed it and moved her tongue over it and sucked it hard...I started moving in and out and as I was about to cum she moved it out and i came all over the floor...she got up and went to sofa I follwed her and pulled her panties she was trimmed like heaven and my birth place was inviting me...I bent down and started she was tight like a virgin and she screamed as i put my one finger, I tried to push another as she opened her legs and sudenly I saw her cum flowing like fountain waiting to erupt after years. We both were naked and she was cleaning our cum as she bent her I got view of her ass as if it was inviting me to ride her and I got erection..I went behind her and put my dick to her ass crack she told no and pushed me away...we went for our bath in our rooms kissing each other and came out in 30 mins...she was dressed in the transperant black nighty without bra and i was in shorts..we came out and sat on sofa she in my lap..I was playing with her boobs and thighs
Me: Varsha you look hot in this
Varsha: Yeah...thanks honey
Me: Varsha I love you and want to marry you
Varsha: No parth I am old for you and you have better future
Me: No I want only you and cant think of anyone else
Varsha: I am also liking this relation is not possible
Me: I want to be your hubby
Varsha: We will talk later...
Me: Ok tell me mom, Do you finger?
Varsha: Means..
Me: you finger my birth place?
Varsha: No ways...
I realized that as she was too tight down...
Me: You are sooo tight down
Varsha: yeah We hardly use to have sex as your dad was busy and I neverl iked to play alone..

As we were talking I started playing with her thighs and lifted gown to top...she was wearing a cotton panty.
Me: Waht shit you wear inside
Varsha: What?? It is good
Me: From tomorrow i want you to wear only satin Lingerieor silk.
Varsha: Ok
Me: Remove that now...I ordered like a husband
Varsha: But I dont have satin
Me: Darling dont worry I have few bought for you
Varsha: you naughty
Me: Remove it right away
She obeyed like wife and moved it out...I started playing with her clit and she started moaning...I got erection and she felt it as she was sitting on my lap....
Me: Lets do it...
Varsha: What?
Me: I wanna F*** you
Varsha: I told you honey no intercourse
Me: But why?
Varsha: It has to be with your wife
Me: But I think you as my wife
Varsha: But it is difference in thinking and being
Me: so lets be
Varsha: I dont want to marry a old lady
Me: You are not old Varsha, you still look like 30 years babe and today you looked like 25
Varsha: Are you sure?
Me: Yes....
Varsha: Prove it...
I was hard like rock and she was hot like bubble
Me: Ok will you do as I say?
Varsha: Yeah
Me: I will dress you tomorrow and take you to some college, if someone approaches you you are young and if not then...
Varsha: Which college?
Me: Some management college you surely dont look like a Graduate student
Varsha: But not in thatm iniskirt of yours
Me: no we will shop something new tomorrow morning.
Varsha: Why to waste money?
Me: Comon I will earn and as I have already got selected from campus it just question of a month.
Varsha: Ok as you wish
Me: and if someone approaches you?
Varsha: I go with him
As she told this I inserted my finger in her front hole with anger and she screamed
Me: Tell me what? Do I put another
Varsha: No Please dont I will do as you say..
Me: Then you marry me
Varsha: But...
And I forced it hard more inside...and go second finger now I knew how to control her
Varsha: okkkkkkk plssssssssssss I will do
Me: Good girl
I started fingering her and she fountained all over my shorts and legs
Me; Baby what you did?
Varsha: Its you who did..let me clean it
Me: How
Varsha: I will get a napkin..
Me: No some other way
Varsha: How
Me: Lick it off
Varsha: Oh it is you to lick mine
Me: I want you to suck my hard cock and lick both
Varsha: you mean drink your cum?
Me: Yes
Varsha: I have never done it
Me: I know it is always first time and I am sure you wanted to
Varsha: Yeah and I want many more things
Me: Like...
Varsha: I have many fantasies which I always hided
Me: me tooo
Varsha: Like
Me: You need to drink all my cum lick yours and we share it....
She pounced like a hungry dog and got on ground on knees...she pulled my pants down and my rod was up as I was not wearing underwear inside...she took my tool in her mouth and this time she was better..she played with my balls and licked precums like a whore.... I pulled her gown from top and now she was all naked....she circled her cum on my thighs and licked her fingers...I was red hard...she started sucking hard making noise and this time to my surprise took completely inside till her throat...she started coughing but I caught hold of her mouth and pushed it back in...oh my she was toooo good and in few strokes I exploded in her mouth...oh my god what a sensation I making my mom drink all my cum...bubles started coming of her moth and she was mouthful...she spitted some on my thighs and mixed with hers...she gulped balance...and her tongue was sticky and full of my cum...she then startedl icking my thinghs like a dog and cleaned it completely and then she cleaned my balls and tip of my tool dry...She was like a whore and i Started imaginimg how thirsty she was... She llicked even single drop on her lips dry...

Me: How was it?
Varsha: was hot and salty
Me: and yours
Varsha: Sweet and delicious and she smiled....
She got up and turned around to go and get some water as she was thirsty as she turned I spanked her ass hard and her ass cheeks moved like water...she didnt say anything and I spanked it more harder...and I saw it getting red
Varsha: It hurting me
Me: But I enjoyed
Varsha: let me atleast have water
Me: Nope my whore...
And as I said that she looked at me and with naughty smile she opened her eyes wide as if in anger...
Me: Sorry
Varsha: You want a whore or wife?
Me: Both
Varsha: You cant have both if you win bet tomorrow and i have to marry you
Me: Why?
Varsha: You can have only one woman
Me: yeah its you
Varsha: then where you will get whore?
Me: You are there for me I will have both in you
Varsha: So you want me to be a whore...right and she smiled and went away for water
I was caught thinking I thought whether she had this fantasy....Or she was joking...I will ask when she comes...she came in 5 mins..and sat next tome bit away with legs stretched...we both were naked with clothes down on floor
Me: Why you took so much time
Varsha: Went for pee
Me: Oh i wish I could see you doing it
Varsha: Comon you fool akhir teri maa hoon
Me: So what its my fantasy and you told we will share each others fantasy.
Varsha: Ok....What else is your fantasy..
Me: To make you wear skimpy stuff exposing your assets
Varsha: That I saw at disc
Me: More of it take you around in public that way
Varsha: naughty
We both were getting excited again
Me: Now your turn
Varsha: No I am feeling shy but I always wanted lot to do but it all died when I married your father who was serious gentleman not like you a DOG
Me: Ok but your new to be husband is a dog and you can tell
Varsha: You are not still to be..remember tomorrow par hain pura
Me: I am sure i will win...but tell me what you want your fantasy..
Varsha: (After feeling bit shy and looking down) I want to get gang banged
I was shocked and my mouth opened
Me: What are you saying
Varsha: Yes, I am sorry but I always had that fantasy..
Me: Ganged banged by whom
Varsha: Anyone
Me: how many at a time
Varsha: As much as my hubby wants
Me: Oh you are so obedient I am sure why you never had sex with someone else inspite of being desperate.. You are faithful I love you more.

She got courage to look in my eyes now she smiled and got her eyes down again..She was perfect lady I thought kinky..yet shy...raunchy yet obedient...whore yet faithful.
Varsha: now its your turn
Me: I can say but you dont get angry
Varsha: Do you think so..i will not
Me: Iwant to F*** you in public place
Varsha: Isi t?
She was liking it...then we made to speak our fantasy one after another
Varsha: hmmm....I want to get old once
Me: Only once my whore and I pinched her pussy
She smiled back with bit pain
Varsha: it all on my hubby
Me: I want you to try with animal once
Varsha: Only once and she pinched my ball and it hurted me...I was semi hard
Me: Its all on your hubby
Varsha...Naughty which animals?
Me: Dog? Or a horse?
Varsha: Dog is ok but horse is too big
Me: Its fantasy....
Varsha: What you want me to do with them
Me: we will its your turn
Varsha: I dont have much more
Me: I have one more ...Golden showers
Varsha: Whats that?
Me: peeing on you
Varsha: What?????? She was notl iking it
Me: Yes its fun...
Varsha: We will see
By this we shared alll our fantasies and I was hard again. She kissed my tool goodnight and went in her room taking her clothes she told me to sleep and get ready for tomorrow as it was big day for me...I dont know whether I will get my mom as my wife? I went to her room and knocked it...she was still naked cleaning her body I kissed her lips and told her to sleep early as she should be fresh and asked her to be ready in normal saree by 9:00 Am..
Varsha: Saree?????? I will look old and you loose
Me: Dont worry we will shop and you wear what I select and then we go to college...dont worry I will not let you go I kissed her lips and told good night I went to my roon and I was not able to sleep entire night thinking it I was making plans for her clothes and how she should look...My The day was coming....
Part III
I got up early in the morning as iwas not able to sleep that entire night..Mom was as routine doing her exercise I knocked the door and she opened sweating with same old dress.
Varsha: You didnt sleep it seems
Me: No I was worried
Varsha: You love me so much
Me: Yeah I do...cant we not do this test
Varsha: hmmm... Iwas also didnt get sleep entire night and was thinking how stupid I was.
Me: Wow......Come close to me.
She came and hugged me...We decided not to have test and I was on my sky-hi
Me: So you are ok with me as your hubby
Varsha: I am still not sure..lets give time to this
Me: But Iwant to f*** I cant forget yesterday fun we had...
Varsha: I am sorry my dude...
Varsha: Lets talk tonight....
Me: Are you sure?
Varsha: Give me a day to think...
Me: Wow you are so swee... But shopping is still on do away with your this old jogging stuff...
Varsha: Ok I dont know how much more money you will blow..Thank god your dad was wealthy.
I went for my morning routine and came at breakfast at 8:00 am...Mom was ready in her saree...I went from behind and hugged her hard throwing her on platform...I started lifting her saree and pulled her panty down..
Me: I told you I dont want this cotton panties
Varsha: I dont have any other...satin
I pulled her with her hand and took her to my bed room..First time she was in my bedroom as a gf oh my god..I started thinking when she will be my wife..and be permanant with me here... I removed lingerie stock I had got and gave it to her..
Me: Here it is my love..all for you
She smiled at me and went and sat on bed...she opened all one by one and kepy pair on bed.
Varsha: Sexy...which do I wear
Me: That Blue dark will look on your white skin...
She picked all and was above to leave room..
Me: Varsha can you please wear it here
Varsha: No I will wear and come
Me: I told you wear it here in front of me let me see
Varsha: Ok..
I realized she liked when I ordered like her hubby.
She started stripping her self in front of me...first she removed her saree and first time I was seeing her in day light...Curtains were closed but beam of morning sun was coming from small opening.she was white as milk...then she opened her blouse and her boobs poped out in her white bra.... As she was about to open her petticoat I got up and opened the curtains for the entire rays to come...oh my god she was an angel...she just turned around hiding her body from someone seeing as her petticoat was also out...but her ass was completely visible as I had removed her panty in the kitchen...We were staying on the first floor and there were tall buildings around..I peeped out and there were few people reading paper in balcony...she was about to hide but I went to her and pulled her out and told

Me: Comon my babes no one is seeing
Varsha: Please people are...please close the curtains..
Me; Ok but what about my fantasy...
Varsha: I will fulfill all if we marry but spare me this time.
I obeyed her and closed curtains...when I was closing I saw few people watching desperately and I got hard....She thanked me and rushed inside my bathroom..I didnt follow her as I knew she has left her clothes outside...She came out in a blue lingerie...Bra and Panty...Wow what she was looking blue on her milky white skin was looking amazing...Panty was like a net giving her pussy view and bra showed her black tits...I was hard like rock and as she came near I pushed on the bed and opened her leg....I was dominating her and she was trying to rush kicking me...
Varsha: Please leave me Parth this is not correct
I went to her pussy and started linking,, pressing her boobs hard she was moaning and crying....I then tied her hands to bed with saree and she was looking like fish out of water trying to survive...I immediately undid my clothes completely naked and stood near her pussy though she had panty on... I opened her legs wide and moved her panty bit on side so that I can enter my birth place...She screamed
Varsha: No parth this is not correct please dont so this to me I am your mother still.
Me: Yes Mom but you are my gf and to be my wife...will you be
Varsha: I want a day I told you and this will hurt me my heart...
Listening this I left her legs went to her mouth and pressed her nose as she opened her mouth I enter her mouth..she was helpless and tied...I moved few strokes and came in her mouth...she gulped obediently but was crying with pain... I untied her hands which gave red marks as she was milky white and went to my bathroom for I came out she was sitting in the corner of the bed with her legs folded to her chest..hairs messed and crying
I came to her and told:
Me: What are you crying for I have not raped you
Varsha: You were about to
Me: But I didnt
Varsha: It hurt me alot
Me; I am sorry but I was out of control you dont allow me and this is what happens..I left you cause I love you
Varsha: Thanks and she smiled..

She licked her lips as it had cum and went to bathroom..she came out and told I need to change bra and panty as it was all wet....I asked her to keep it and its OK.
Varsha: But we are going out right
Me: Yes so what wetness will keep on remining you of me and I love that smell
Varsha: Ok you naughty I never thought you are so grown up at age of 23...
She took saree and other stuffed to her room.. In 30 mins she came out dressed in the miniskirt which we bought for disc and Top which we bought from Lonavala..she was looking damsel well combed hair and fresh with make up and gave me a naughty smile....
Me: Are you going to wer this in day time and day light?
Varsha: So what isint it looing nice?
Me: Yes it is will trouble you if wind flows and you will e exposed.
Varsha: You like exposing me in public right? So lets go.....
Me: But people in our colony will see you in day time..
Varsha; I dont care you have anyways exposed me by opening the window..
I thought morning episode made her more raunchy..She caught my hand and came out...I felt she has accepted me Please send your comments to and I will post further...

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