Monday, December 15, 2008

With My Lovely Sis in Cinema

With My Lovely Sis in Cinema

Hi, Neo is back with one more exciting real thing.After our first time, we didn't got time to really do it as due to mostly there would be someone at home. Even on sundays, we all family members are together. Almost a month time, me and her decided to go for a movie. We decided to see a animation movie, morning show. We went to the theatre and took the platinum ticket, as not many people would go for platinum seats due to high cost and that for animation movie in morning show. My sis was really excited, she wore knee length skirt and tshirt. We entered the theatre and movie started. The movie was about 90 minutes lenght and we had decided to enjoy the most in this time.

We took corner seat and as movie was 2 week old, very few people were there. Our row and 2-3 rows in front of us was totally empty. We were in last row. The lights went off and she took my hand in hers and put it on her thigh. I saw at her face and she gave me wicked smile. I understood her intention and without waiting, brought my face closer to her and kissed her on lips. We didn't carry much with some fear. But we still were too much excited. I said her, "I can give you oral pleasure here, want to do?" She nodded. I asked her to lift her skirt to waist and she did. Wow, she was wearing thin cloth, pink panty. I touched her pussy over the panty. Remained rubbing over the panty. She was enjoying my touch and giving slow moan, with eyes open this time, looking at my action. I side line her panty and rubbed her clit, her pussy lips and parted it slowly. Due to light nothing much can be seen, but she guided me correctly to her hole. I entered one finger in her and doing slow fingering. She was watching my finger going in and out, slowly, deep, deeper and more deeper, and she was maoning, "yyesssssssssssss uummmmmmmmm more deeperrrrrrrrr bro...." I had inserted middle finger so it can penetrate deeper in her.

Even I had got excited. She was stroking my penis over the pant. I opened my zip, took out my dick and got it in hold of her hand. She was stroking it slow, moving to and fro my dick skin, making its head visible and then again up. Touching my balls, playing it inside and giving slow strokes to them. I was getting too excited, while looking at my face, she would speed up and then slow down her hand movement. Almost giving me Start-Stop exercise. But I wanted to give her more pleasure. I knee down in front of her seat, and put my face on her pussy. We didn't care for the people and were too excited to care for. I inserted my tongue inside her and started giving her tongue fuck. She was just caressing my hair, pressing my face more on her pussy, making me enter her deeper, suck her clit more...more, "yesss bro suck it more....lick......pleasessssse fuck it......" I wanted to give her more.

I removed her panty totally and again started giving her tongue fuck. I wanted her to cum, and make her wet. She was already dripping juice from her pussy. I was going fast, she, "yessss bro...more faster....I am cumming....yesssssssss" But, to delay the climax, I slowed down. She was surprised, But I hold her tightly with tongue, inserting tongue to and fro, parting her pussy lips to wide and more wide, entering deep inside, then inserted my middle finger and giving her finger fuck. Slowing down as she says she reachs climax, then again fasting it. She, "don't tease me too much...let me cum....ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" I Raised my speed and she gave loads of juice. Breathing heavily, "aaaahhhhhhh this was really most terrible climax.....I had ever had...." I gave her panty, she didn't wore and keep inside her purse. "Still movie is on after interval. My turn then..."As soon interval finished, she immediately got on knees and opened my pant, undid till thigh and took my dick out. It was already hard by thought of her sucking it. She too was clever, taking it out, she just played it with hand, not touching fully, rolling it from here and there and playing with my balls. I knew she would do that and let her do. Then she slide my head skin down to show its head and began licking. Licking with tongue the upper part only, making soft moans, "uummmm yummyyy....." Now, teasing me... She was doing like an expert cocksucker. But didn't teased me more and took it inside. Making to and from movments of her mouth, and every time taking deeper. And she took it whole 7" inside her mouth. Taking inside more and out and in and out, "aaahhhhhh yessssssss what a feeling........yesssss .............sis take it full inside............." She made it fast sucking and I climaxed soon, all in her mouth. She licked it complete, clean my dick, taking all cum inside her.

She came close and we kissed, I was tasting my cum inside her mouth, and kissing her made it sweet.We cloth ourselves proper and movie ends. Return to home happy pleasure and to find there is no one at home as mom had gone for shopping just few minutes we reached home and would come after 2 hours. Dad will return at night from office.We open the doors fast and closed it fast, and she wrapped me in her lap, jumped on me and I took her to room. I removed my cloths and she removed hers, and we were really hungry for each other. As I positioned my dick on her pussy entrance, she put her hand on it. "aaaa naaa, its my turn.... To fuck you....last time you did...." I thought for a second..."ok. How you will fuck me...." She made me lay and came on top, positioned my dick at her entrance and inserted inside. It easily slide due to cinema foreplay. She remained sitting, with no movments, kissing me all over my chest, lips and I was caressing her boobs, pinching her nipples and sucking it. And, slowly she started making movement, in and out and increased pace jumping on my dick like wild cat. I was moaning, "yyessssssss sis....take it inside....deeperrrr...........ooohhhhhhhh yyessssssssssss" She slowed down for a moment, delaying our climax....and we again indulge in kissing and caressing and she again starting pumping....She stopped and changed per positin, sat in opposite direction facing me backwards and jumping in and out.

She stopped, breathing heavy...."sis, my finish it last..." made her sit in doggy style and entered from behind in her pussy and began pumping her fast and fast and deeper... Holding her boobs, pinching it and caressing it and fucking her faster..."yyessssssss bro...fuck me faster....yesss..........aaahhhhhhhhhh....uummmmmmmmmm." Just before shooting cum, took my dick out and shoot cum on her ass and back.We layed on bed for time being and then cleaned ourselves and got in clothes.Girls to get online cam and chat pleasure can add me in yahoo messenger:

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