Monday, December 15, 2008

Bro Keeps Lovely Sis Hot

Bro Keeps Lovely Sis Hot

HI this is a story of love between me and my cousin brothers and sisters. We are very close to each other and over a period of time have enjoyed relationship with each other. My cousin Ishaan is a handsome man of 23 years age. He is a big man with 6'2" height and lovely curly hair to his neck. He works with a radio station as a RJ. Generally among all us sisters he was a favourite. This incident happened when I had been through an emotional broekdown with my boyfriend who had left me for antoerh girl. I was at my sister Deepa's place .Deepa and Ishaan are real borthers and sisters. I was sitting on a soaf crying my heart out when Ishaan walked in and sitting next to me held me close to him. I cried for a little while on his shoulders I was very very depressed. Suddenly Ishaan said," sis you should not cry for that asshole for leaving you, he is a fool since he has left a lovely and sexy woman like you," I looked in his eyes and without an warning he stood up and pulled down his jeans. I did not know waht he was up to.
"See how hard I have become when I sit close to you," he said and in a flash his tool was out." If I was your bf I would have stripped you naked and then pinnined you to bed and then fucked you till we become one" he said and gently started to storke his dick. My throat felt parched as his tool grew bigger and bigger." I would have kept you awake all night..... You would have been a sore cunt the next day" he said and started to stroke himself more vigorously. I suddenly made my mind. Smiling a little I pulled my tight t shirt over my head and let it fall to one said. My big dark breasts were barely confined inside a lacy black brassiere. I reached behind myself to unhook my bra too and let it fall from my breasts. Then I pulled the zipper of my jeans and pulled them down to my ankles till I was only in a lacy anties. Without a word Ishaan walked to me and kissed my lips hard drawing blood from them. My finger gently clsoed on his tool and I started to massage it slowly. Ishaan cupped my breasts and squeezed them gently till a moan escaped me. His other hand pulled my panties to my knees and he started stroking my womanhood.
"Now sis imagine I am your hubby what would you do?" he asked and tweaked my nipple hard. Without replying I bent down to take his throbbig dick in my mouth adn started to play with his hard balls with my hands. "Yes I like that ohhhh" he said and pushing my head down started to fuck my mouth actively. His balls were hitting my chin with each thrust. I swallowed his giant cock as much as I could and started to suck on it like a lollipop. Ishu was caressing and kenading my breasts alternately till they became hard like pebbels. He continued fucking my mouth all the time. After 10 minutes of this I lay down on sofa and pulled my panties down to invite my brother to mount me. Ishu raised my buttocks adn held them at his waist level. I crossed my ankels behind him and opened my pussylips for him.
Ishu's dick penetrated my well lubricatred pussy and I sighed and started to paly with my own boobs to make myself more excited andwet. Ishu continued fucking me....We have physical relationship for a long time now...a lot more juicy stories now.....

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