Monday, December 15, 2008

Family Affairs2

A fast recap of the previous story,now sandy is completely happy with what the love me and dad are pouring on her after a week i asked dad about what mum had in her mind about me,he will fix the thing by evening,night after dinner,mom dad and me met in the tv room,after a while i was signalling dad,whats up,he showed me a thumbs up i could not control my excitement,i went to my bedroom saying nothing,as i expected the door opened,she came,as i was hiding behind the doors,i came from behing to get her in my arms she was surprised may be a bit shocked,she was unsure what would happen,i placed my hand oh her tummy exposed under her saree to feel her warmth,this move made her jerk,i took her lips in mine ,nibbled on them she was still not comfortable,so i made her lie on my bed,she had questioning eyes,unsure what will happen next.with precision,i pulled her saree up and pushed my things up,this settled on her like a breeze,rather a strong one,but good one,she crumbled under me as i made way deeper into her tullu(kannada for vagina).i placed my mouth in hers to her her wet mouth open on mine as i took her to the zenith of her mounting orgasm,which overtook her,she clutched me in her tight embrace,for a moment i thought i cannot breath,as orgasm swept over her she loosened her grip,then we chatted for a while, told her stories from the beggining of my trip with sandhya,

I put my finger in her wet "tullu",then using her juice as lubricants i my finger in her ass she never had in ass i believe as it was tight,very tight i thought.she said"hey i am feeling some weird feeling plz dont do that" i went to her feet made her lie on my study table,i sat on chair,spread her legs to expose her back door,with out clue i started slowly from her tullu as she may object i thought,i came to her back door,licking it ,i made it ready for the next act,my member was ready,she came to know what i was upto she dint like it,so she pushed me n ran to her bedroom,i followed her to a scene i was used to but not my mom ankita,she was stunned to see,dad pumping deep in sandys hot and wet hole,mom came to a standstill,she was shocked ,she recovered remembering what it was for us to have our little sandy n mom sat kissing and fondling each other,mouth to mouth,she was came upto us,i told him"look dad mom is not open to open sex"."is it" he said."common ankita ask sandy she also like it,sandy was relaxing in mums laps,smilingly she said"yes mom'it pains initially but its fun afterwards".we pulled them apart to have mum by my side,slowly fingering her ass,she hesitantly co operated,dad got a roller comb oiled it with vasaline,and shoved it in mums ass,she let it enter,taking the moment, we put her in doggy position,i pushed my head into her hole."hey slow it hurts,aaaaghhh ayyoooo aaahhh;".i pushed my whole thing in a flicker of time,pumping now to feel her tight ass hole,holding around my shaft,,meantime sandy was caressing his tool which had enormous stamina as it was already erect,i gave a thumbs up sign to dad,

He made sandy sit on his lap,he pulled her ass cheeks apart to enter her love hole,it was still big for sandy,he stood with sandy still on his thing pressed her against the wall and he started banging, little sandy was happy with this new erect posture,meantime i started spooning with my mom,that night is memorable when whole family had sex till four in the morning.we had tea at three after which,i took sandy to my room,she was more than willing after daddys harsh fuck she wanted my caressing touch,but To surprise i also took her like dad did ,against the wall, hot as she was,she asked for on the floor missionary,i gave in,came on her to hump her slowly but deeply,she was in ecstacy,she relly was we both slept in each others arms. Kindly send in ur comments to

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