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The Salesman

“Have a seat Mr. Raye, I’ll be with you in a minute,” ordered Hannah Stern, as she finished up a telephone conversation! “Now,” she asked while putting down the phone, “how may I help you, Mr. Raye!?!” Winston Raye had made thousands of sales calls in his day, but for the first time, his tongue was literally tied as he stared at Hannah Stern’s incredible body!!! “Mr. Raye,” she said impatiently, “I’m a busy woman, can you please get to the point of your visit!!!” “Uh, yeah, sure,” he stumbled, “I represent the Cool Image Lingerie Company, and I’ like to show you what we have to offer, and of course, if you’re impressed with our products, we hope that you would carry them in all your stores!!!” “Mr. Raye,” she replied, “we already have three other lines that take up too much shelf space as it is, how on earth do you think we can take on a fourth!?!” “I don’t,” he replied quickly, “I think that after you see how competitive our pricing structure is that you’ll drop your least profitable line and pick up ours!!!” “Well since you’re here,” she replied, “it wouldn’t hurt to take a look!!!”

“So these are your bra and panty sets,” she asked, while feeling the material with a practiced hand!?! “Yes,” he answered quickly, and we can give you these a fifty two cents a set less than any of our competitors!!!” “Mmmmmmm,” she hummed, while showing more interest, “how long would that rate hold!?!” “Two year guarantee,” he responded, “that’s at least a year better than anyone else will give you!!!” “She stood up and stretched, which only accentuated her huge bust, and again practically knocked the wind out of Winston’s lungs just looking at her!!! “Your samples all seem to be in smaller sizes,” she opined, “nothing in that you’ve shown me would even come close to fitting someone like me!!!” “That’s no problem at all,” he replied in a shaky voice, “of course we handle all the regular sizes, and of course we have our matronly line for the fuller figured woman!!!” “How long have you been in the business, Mr. Raye,” she asked?!? “About fifteen years, give or take a year,” he replied proudly!!! “And you would consider yourself and expert on women’s lingerie,” she went on?!? “Yes I would,” he replied, “I think I know the market, and I certainly know my product!!!” “In that case,” she went on, “what size bra do you think I wear, just form your visual observation!?!” He was a little taken aback at such a personal question, but realizing that this was some sort of test he dove right in and replied, “Well, you would need one of our larger models for the bra, and a regular size for the panties, and by the way your customers can always mix and match their panties and bras separately, just as you would have to!!!” “Always the salesman,” she said with a laugh, “now back to my original question, what size am I!?!”

“May I have a closer look,” he asked, “I’m a little far away to make an accurate estimate!?!” “In that case,” she replied as she stepped around to the front of her desk until she was almost touching him, “is that better, Mr. Raye!?!” He gulped once or twice, and then in a very unsteady voice said, “Uh, I-I’d say that you were a double d-cup, and probably about forty inches on the chest measurement!!!” “Very good, Mr. Raye,” she said smoothly, “you get a gold star, you really do know your lingerie!!!” “Now,” she continued, “what is the largest size you have in you case!?!” “Let me see,” he replied while going through his inventory, “I have one forty d-cup, in the black lace!!!” “That’s close enough,” she said casually, “I never buy anything unless I test it for myself!!!” He handed her the garment and waited for her to get up and leave the room to change, but to his utter disbelief, she calmly took off her blouse and removed her white satin bra as if he wasn’t even there!!! He tried to keep quiet and act nonchalant, but as her huge mammaries fell into view, he made a a loud audible gasp at he sight of her incredible melons!!! “Mr. Raye,” she admonished, “I’d like to think you’ve seen lingerie models before!!!” “I-I have,” he barely croaked, “you just surprised me that’s all!!!” “How would I measure up to the other models you’ve seen,” she asked seriously!?! He didn’t even have to lie, when he replied, “I’ve never seen anyone who could hold a candle to you, you really do the product justice!!!” “Why thank you, Mr. Raye,” she said gratefully, “so, how do I look!?!” Winston just stared at the bounteous display of feminine pulchritude, and stammered, “If we could put a cardboard cutout of you dressed in one of our bras by each of our displays, we’d sell out in an hour!!!” She laughed a high lilting laugh that only made Winston break out in a cold sweat when she asked, “Can you see my nipples in the cups, I think this model is designed to show through!?!” He swallowed hard and replied, “Y-yes, you can plainly see them!!!” “Oh my,” she said as a shiver went through her, “they just got all hard, I’m so embarrassed!!!” “Don’t be,” he shot back quickly, “they look very sexy that way, all hard and everything!!!” “Thanks,” she replied, and then asked, “do you think I should try on the matching panties!?!”

It only took him three seconds to find the matching panties, and much to his sheer delight, she stripped off her skirt and pantyhose leaving her totally naked below her waist!!! This was too much, the tent in the front of his pants was a dead giveaway, he had a hardon the size of the Washington Monument!!! Oblivious to this fact, she slipped into the sheer black undies and posed provocatively for him, with her huge breast spilling out over the top of her bra, and her dark brown pubic hair, easily visible through the transparent fabric covering her pussy!!! “Well, how do I look,” she asked while posing with her hands on her hips!?! He tried to answer, but no words came out of his mouth, but it didn’t matter, because it was at that instant she said softly, “Winston, you seem to be having a problem inside of your trousers!!!” Now totally embarrassed, he stammered, “I-I’m very sorry, Mz. Stern, it’s just that, well, you see, it’s like this, you’re all dressed in those things, and…………” The cutting him off she said, “You mean that little ole me did that to you just because I’m wearing a simple bra and panties!?!” By now he was growing delirious, and all he could do was nod, while his stare shifted from her huge chest down to her bushy crotch!!! “Do you know what I think,” she asked softly, “I think you had better let that cock out before you hurt yourself, don’t you!?!”

In all his years of sales calls, this was the first time anything like this had ever happened to him, and unbelievably, it was with one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on!!! Seeing that he was in such distress that he was temporarily frozen, Hannah Stern unzipped his fly and extracted his now fully erect penis!!! “Oh, Winston,” she gushed, “you have such a nice erection, and to think that I’m the cause of it all, I’m so sorry!!!” “S-sorry,” he was able to stammer, “you’re crazy, I should be on my hands and knees thanking you!!!” “Really,” she said innocently, “and what would you do for me if you were in front of me on your hands and knees, please, show me!!!” With gentle pressure, she put her hands on his shoulders and pushed him to the floor in front of her, where without even a warning, she pulled his face to her satin covered vagina and said softly, “Okay, Mr. Winston Raye, suck my pussy!!!”

The aroma of freshly aroused pussy was more than merely exciting, it was completely intoxicating as Winston’s nostrils flared while trying to inhale as much of the scent as possible!!! “Winston,” she said sweetly, “can you eat me through my panties, they’re so thin that I’m sure you can make me cum that way, don’t you!?!” His mother had always taught him not to talk when his mouth was full, and besides, he considered it to be a rhetorical question as his tongue poked hard against the satin front of her panties!!! “Ooooooooooooo,” she moaned when his tongue found the tip of her clit hidden deep inside the forest of brown pubic hair, “you have such a nice mouth, Winston, you really know how to make a girl feel special!!!” He kept working her clit, but found it frustrating to work against the thin layer of material that separated his mouth from its target, so without a moment’s hesitation, he pulled the crotch of the panties to the side and bored in hard on her now fully available clitoris!!! “Oh, yes,” she moaned, “do it harder, do it for mama, make her have a nice hard orgasm, she needs it so bad, make her cum hard!!!” That voice, it was like the angels speaking, so lilting, and so incredibly sexy, that it was all he could do to keep form blowing his nut right then and there, but somehow he controlled his pecker, and yet skillfully brought Hannah Stern to a cunt wrenching climax with his over active tongue!!!

Her legs, already unsteady do to her climax, slowly gave away as she slid to the floor while whispering grateful thank yous, she then adding, “Now it’s my turn,” while taking his erection into her warm mouth a delicately running her tongue all around his velvety head!!! As his nut sack began to tighten, he pinched himself in the leg just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming, but he wasn’t, and the proof soon was filling Hannah Stern’s mouth, as blast after blast slammed against the back of her throat!!!

As they lay together in a tangle of arms and legs, Hannah Stern asked, “So, Mr. Raye, how long does it take for delivery!?!” Now quickly regaining his senses he replied, “About two weeks, but I’m afraid I’m going to have to stop by every month just to make sure everything is running smoothly, don’t you think!?!” “Nope,” she replied quickly, “I was thinking more along the lines of twice a month!!!


HI READERS INDIAN-STORIES.COM is a site where you can share true encounters of
life.This is my first submission & a true incident.
My name is Sunil. I am a 17 years studying in college. I want to share with you my
strange experience of sex. During summer vacation I went to visit our nani (maternal
grandma) in Lucknow with my mom & younger brother. I was totally naïve about sex. I
had on few occasions seen my few close friends teasing girls and masturbate in the
school toilets but I have not tried this. Being of shy nature my friends used to
bully me into saying what I will do if a girl comes and ask you to fuck u Innocent

After few days my nana ,mom and brother went to attend marriage in Kanpur.Nani
was not well so I was asked to look after her .They had gone for 4 days so I felt
lonely. I didn’t know any1 there. could not do much as nani was sick. To tell you
about nani she was smart and good looking , had lovely figure with huge and sexy
boobs. She was 47yrs but looked younger.

I had seen her boobs once while she bent
for serving food but no such evil thought came in my mind. On the first day while I
was sleeping in my bedroom with cooler on I heard some noice from my nanis room.
Slowly I went to see I found my nani and Ranjana the maidservant aged 35 yrs were
indulged in lesbian act. Both were nude. Door was open as I entered. They were
shocked to see me. Maidservant tried to hide her nude sexy boobs and chut behind
curtains. Nani told her to come out. Nani looked cool. She asked me to sit on the
bed. I was dumbfounded as I saw nani nude with her huge
boobs and the clean shaven pussy. She did not try to hide. I had not seen any
woman nude before. This made me crazy. I sat on the bed. Nani smiled at me as she
lay nude in front of her grandson. She asked me to come closer. Feeling shy I
didn’t reply. She then held my head with both hands and started kissing me on my
lips giving me no chance to recover. Her tongue was inside my mouth. Hesitating a
little I also started kissing nani Meanwhile my lund started to grow in size in my
half pant. It was a strange feeling.I was taken aback as my small lund turned to7
inch long. Nani saw it and said son you have grown up. She put her hand in my half
pant held my lund and started stroking slowly. I moaned She said son do u
masturbate I said no. she started to stroke my lund faster I began to feel in
heaven. slowly I felt to come. She stopped stroking and called Ranjana the maid
come lets together fuck Sunil. Ranjana was 35 yrs widow. Good
looking, well shaped stomach, huge boobs, thin legs and hairy pussey. She came out
behind curtains said how sweet and asked me are you a virgin ? She then started to
kiss me on lips and by one hand stroking my lund. I was shocked seeing a maid do it
me. She took my other hand and put it on her boobs.asked me to suck boobs. Feeling
strange I by then started to enjoy. I started to suck her big boobs. Nani gave my
lund in Ranjanas mouth she started sucking .Nani was kissing on my back I moaned
ahhhhhhha .I started caressing Ranjanas big boobs. After some time I felt like
cuming. I cried ahahhhhh and came in her mouth. She took my sweet juice all in her
mouth. It was nice feeling. She said bibiji where was he till now? He has a big
lund and will give us pleasure. She said bibiji aapki to mauj ho gayi.
Ranjana started the TV.I watched a young boy and an middle aged woman were engaged
in sex play .I felt my lund began to grow .Nani started undressing me. She said
what a innocent and smart looking boy. She told me she too was lonely as since last
5 yrs she has not tasted any lund.I didn’t ask why? She said her needs are
fulfilled by Ranjana. Nani took my lund in her mouth and started sucking sometimes
slow n then fast. she moaned ahhhhhha and before I could cum she took my lund out.
She then said suck my pussey fast. I could visualize her huge and sexy boobs and.
lovely ass. She smiled at me. Seeing my lunds erection Nani said have u ever fucked?
I said Nani I never has had any such experience. Nani said I will teach you all.
Look at the movie see how the boy is fucking an oldie. I watched the movie a 14 yr
boy was engaged in fucking like an expert adult male. Boy had 8 inch long lund and
was enjoying an oldie. Sitting on the bed Nani was now
taking liberty of my innocence. She said come son and have experience of life time,
days like today never come in life time. Tomorrow who will believe that you have
fucked your Nani. She kissed my lips her tongue was inside my mouth. She gave me
no chance. Then she lay on the bed and me on her top. Feeling hot I also joined her
advances. Then she led me to fuck her. I wasted no time as I was doing what she
asked me to do. Slowly Nani guided me inside her pussy .I cant describe my
feelings. I could see her enjoying every moment .I saw her uttering words of my
praise. Nani said this reminded her of her days just after marriage. We both were
engaged in a sinful act. Ranjana was massaging my back. I felt her boobs on my
back. After 5-7 mins of fucking we both reached orgasm at the same time. We both
were moaning kissing .I cried nani I was cuming. Nani held me till I came inside
her completely. We lay there for about 10 mins .Nani asked Ranjana to
have taste of my cum which she did gladly.
Afterwards we kept talking for some time. Nani then said now its Ranjanas turn. Come
on son give her the taste of your virgin lund. I saw Ranjana behaved like a whore.
Nani sat on bed while Ranjana started to kiss me, her hand stroking my lund.I felt
my lund having erection. Ranjana lay on bed I was on her top. She guided my lund
inside her I also joined.She moaned and cried aahhhhha bibiji maza aa gaya. She
had 2 orgasms. I felt like cuming.i cried aaahhhha . She took out my lund in the
last min and said I don’t want to become pregnant. I came on her thighs and stomach.
She swallowed it all We lay there for about 5 mins. Fucking Ranjana was more fun.
Her pussy was tight she helped me like a schoolteacher. She has not tasted any lund
since yrs. as she said Then we all got up for cleaning.
For the rest 4 days it was fun and fun. Nani me and Ranjana enjoyed every moment of
togetherness. We fucked in all poses possible under able guidance of my Nani. It was
a strange experience. I sometimes think it was a sin. It ended on return of my mom
and brother after 4 days. Later when we there for 5 more days Nani would avail
every opportunity to kiss me on my lips passionately once telling my mom how good I
was. I was afraid so I avoided doing anything. Ranjanas little son fell sick so she
did come
afterwards to meet me.On finding me alone she kissed me madly and I sucked her boobs
and did all but cud not fuck her. On day of our departure Nani kissed me and said
son forget it all. I saw Ranjana was in tears and asked Do not tell anyone ever what
had happened. I said yes.
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Mera Pariwar

This is my first attempt at submitting a story… I would welcome and enjoy all feedback… Thanks. Ab kya kahoon. Meri umar 21 saal hai, mere ghar mein mere saath char aur log rehtein hain. Ek mera bhai Satish jo 20 saal ka hai, meri bahen, Pooja, jo 19 saal ki hai, mera baap, Akash, 45 saal ka aur meri maa, Rita jo ek mahine mein 40 saal ki ho jaayegi. Zara unke baare mein kuch bataon. Jab se main hosh sambhala, mujhe chodne or chudai se badi dilchaspi rahi. Jab bhi mauqa milta chup kar maa aur baap ko chodte dekhta. Ye mauqa mujhe zara zyada hi milta tha, isliye ke dono laghbhag teen char baar ek hafte mein choda karte the.

Mera baap ek engineer hai, qareeb hi ek factory mein kaam karta kafi acchi post par. ska badan bada tagda aur bharpoor hai, aksar kasrat karne ki wajeh se kafi tandrust rehta hai. Us ka lund bilkul mere hi tarah hai, kuch saat ya aat inch ki lambai aur mota bhi kafi hai. Us ki chudai bhi badi tagdi rehti hai, yeke woh dono aksar ek ghante se zyada chodte rehte hain. Magar mujhe hamesha se thoda shak raha ke meri maa ka sex drive kuch zyada hi hai. Woh har baar ek aur baar ki request lagati rehti. Kabhi kabhi mera baap use do teen baar chodte magar aksar ek hi baar mein woh din bhar ki thakan se majboor ho jaate.

Meri maa bhi kafi tagdi hai. Ghar ka kaam smabhalti hai akele aur usmein ek percent bh charbi nahin hai. Tits dekho toh do bade bade tarbooz ki tarah, lagte bhi saqt hain aur un mein koi sagging bhi nahin hai. Gaand kafi badi aur goal. Rang gora aur skin bada saaf hai. kapde pehne hue ya nagi koi ye nahin keh sakta ke woh teen jawan bachaon ki maa hai. Door se toh mujhe aisa lagta hai ke uski chhot bhi badi tight hai. At least mera baap uske tang chhot ki tareef kiya karta tha.

Mera bhai, jo mujse ek saal chota hai, meri hi tarah kasrat karta hai. Uska badan bhi tagda hai aur lund bhi bilkul meri hi tarah lamba aur mota. Magar ye toh mujhe pichle hi mahine pata chala ke use ladki se zyada ldakaon se dilchaspi hai. Pehle toh bada gussa aaya magar phir sonchne laga ke har ek ko apne app sonchne ka adhikar hona chahiye. Aur waise bhi main kausa shareef qayal ka tha, mera bhi man apni hi maa ko chodne ke baare mein soncha karta. Aur apni nahen ko bhi.

Meri bahen bilkul meri maa ki tarah hai, gori aur lambi, magar zara dubli. Tits bhi chote hain magar gol gol, aur us ki gaand toh bas aisi ki admi dekte reh jaayein. Ajkal baal kata rakhi hai aur bhi sexy lagti hai. Jab ban sanwar ke aati hai to mera lund bas use pranam karne khada hojata hai.

Main College mein second year engineering kar raha hoon, Satish pehle saal mein hai. Poja PUC kar rahi hai aur uska doctor banne ka khab hai. Padhai mein hum sab kafi acche hain aur ghar ka mahol khoob accha hi rehta hai.

pooja ki 18 saal ki birthday mana kar ek mahina guzra tha ke maa baap ne sab ko ek saath living room mein nulaya.

Bapu nein sab se pehle sab ko bhatne ke liye kaha, jab sab bhait gaye toh kahne lage: “Ab main tum se jo baat kehne jaa raha hoon woh shayad hi kisi ghar mein kahi gayi hogi, magar tum sab ab bade hogaye ho. Pooja bhi ab 18 saal ki hogayi hai….”

Unho ne ruka aur mein kuch pareshaan hone laga akher kya problem ho sakta hai.

“Toh sab se pehle main tun se ek anokha sawal karna chata hoon. Us ka bilkul sach jawab dena, bilkul bina dare. Koyi ghussa nahin hoga. Theek hai?”

Hum sab apna sar hilaya.

“Chalo theek, sab se pehle main bade se shuroo karta hoon. Raj… Batao ke tumahra dhyan kabhi chodne ki taraf jata hai?”

Main sapate mein aagaya. Bhai ye kaisa sawal hai jo apna baap bete se karta hai. Main ne dheere se jawab diya ke haan, chodne par dhyan jaya karta hai. Aur mere bapu ko muskurate dekh kar thoda himmat bhi badi.

“Aur jana bhi chahiye.” Unhone kaha. “Jawan ho, lund hai, aurat ko dekhoge toh dhyan us taraf jayegana? Ye batao, kabhi apne ghar walaon ko chodne ki taraf dhyan gaya?”

Meri ankhein badi hogaein. “Ji?” Shayad main ne ghalat suna hai.

“Haan, tumhari maa koi budsurat boodhi toh nahin hai, abhi kafi sexy hai aur ek bahen bhi jis ko dekhkar murde ka bhi lund khada hojaye. Kya kabhi unko chodne ko man kaha.”

“Ji haan.” Meri awaz ek jakde hue chuhe ki tarah thi.

“Kis ko? Rita ko ya Pooja ko?”


“Bahut accha.” Unhone Satish ki taraf plata tab mere jaan mein jaan aayi. “Satish, ye bata tera ka haal hai.”

Satish ye sab sun kar zara mujhse zyada bold hogaya tha. “Bapu pata nahin, kbahi kbahi aata kabhi mujhe ladkiaon se koi dilchaspi nahin lagti. Main kabhi kabhi koi lund dekhta hoon toh mujhe woh choot se accha lagta hai.”

“Hmmm. Ye toh toh tijhe pata lagana padega ke kahin tu gay toh nahin. Waise agar ho bhi toh koi baat nahin. Hmmm. Pooja beti tu bata ab.”

Pooja sab se choti hone ke naate badi chanchal thi. Usne muskarate hue kaha. “Bapu mujhe toh har ladke ko dekh kar chodne ka khayal aata hai. Aur ghar baat, main ne kayi baar dhyan hi dhayan mein ab sab se chudwa liya hai. Aur aap ka lund bhi ek baar dekha hai maine.”

“Hmm, chalo baat sab saamne aagayi.” Woh bhi kursi par bhait gaye. “Sach toh yeh hai ke hamara khoon hi kuch aisa hai. Main bhi apni jawani mein apni ma aur bahen ko khoob choda hai. Aur Rita ka bhi man karta hai woh apne bacchaon ke lund ras chakh le. Hum yeh sonch rahe hain ki chodne chudane ka sab ko man karta hai, is pehle hum naher jaa kar chodne lage, pata nahin kaisi kaisi beemariyaan lagale hum sab ghar mein hi kyon na baat ko rakkhein?”

“Kya hum bahar wale se koi rishta nahin rakh sakte?”

“Kyon nahin? Tum sab ko shaadi toh karna hi hai. Magar main ye chahta hoon ke chudai ghar tak hi rakhein, jab shaadi jo jaye toh tu pane husband ke saath chodwaliya karegi aur ye log apni biwiaon ke saath. Tab tak sirf ghar mein.”

“Ji Bapu.” Main bade bholepan se kaha.

“Lekin Bapu, aap ne toh apne bare mein nahin bataya?” Pooja ne kaha.

“Acha, kya jaan na chahti hai?” Bapu muskarate hue poocha. “Haan, tujhe dekh kar man tujhe chodne ko karta hai. Bas ek baar tujhe apne saamne ghutne tek kar mere lund ko apne moon mein lete dekhoon toh maza aajaye.”

“Chi Bapu, lund moon mein thodi hi lete hain.”

“Arey meri jaan, lund toh jar jagah lete hain. Moon mein, gaand mein, choot mein. Aur teri maa toh is teenon ki expert hai. Tujhe sikadegi.”

party in home

We reached Akbar house.”we both took one each melon in mouth and began sucking. Soon my free hand moved down on her body and I pushed my hand on bur. At that time Akbar’s hand also clutched her mother’s bur. She let us fondle bur for few seconds and then pulled his son’s hand away. “Akbar, that is not for you , my son. Let your friend
dig the tunnel, you remain satisfied with milk pots. We sucked milk for about ten minutes and then she pulled us away.

“now, u two had enough, come on dining table”
We washed and freshened up and sat on dining table.
She served items . We began eating. She also gave
company. In between she went to kitchen and came back
after five minutes. She returned back with custard and
all nude.

“don’t stop eating.. and Akbar never dream to enter
in this tunnel. Your friend has already explored it
before you came. He can have it again but If u wish
and no body is at home I will remain nude and u can do
every thing except chudai.” She pulled cunt lips apart
and sat on dining table in front of us. We watched her
cunt and finished eating. She again went to kitchen
and came back with two bowls of custard. We waited for
her next move. With both legs on each side she lie on
centre table. Her cunt got opened. She was in real fun
mood. She took custards in both her hand and spread it
over her cunt and boobs. Both got fully covered with
black custard.
“what you are waiting for, have your sweet dish, Rohan
u have it from well and Akbar u had it from mountain.
I positioned between her thighs and ate custard.
Custard soon got over and then I pushed cunt lips
apart and ate in and out of the cunt. She was moaning
loudly. I was unable to control so I down my trousers
and undy and pushed lawda in her waiting bur. Akbar
got up and he also removed his pant. His lawda was
almost of my size . He pressed lawda against her boobs
. She was enjoying and moving her hips up and down. I
fucked her hard and then I pulled lawda out of bur and
pushed it in her mouth. She gulped and sucked it. Down
as expected Akbar sucked his mother’s cunt and after
few minutes filled her bur with his tight lawda. Her
eyes widened but she was unable to resist. We fucked
her and fucked her in both bur and mouth. We
discharged at same time. She wanted me to pull lawda
out but I kept her choked and she had to drink all

Our breath relaxed.
” So, Akbar you could not resist fucking your mother.”
She held our lawda in hands and warned that if any one
of us tells about our relation to any one ,I will
disown every thing and you will not be able see my bur

After some rest I got ready and left the house before
Akbar’s father and sister returned. It was eight of
night when I reached home. My sister Rajee was busy in
study and father was discussing a case with his
assistant and a client. He enquired about me and got
busy again. I spent some time with Rajee and found
mother in kitchen. Our kitchen was in extreme corner
of house and before entering to kitchen one has to
pass through a window just above cooking platform.
From window I wished mom and she asked me to come in.
She was frying some eatable. She enquired about where
I have been. I told her about Akbar but no mention of
her mother and what unexpectedly happened there. Mom
knew very well that I liked her long and dense hair
more than any thing. She has tied it like a bird’s
nest over head. I always wanted it free flowing. So I
removed the clips and made her hair free. While doing
so my hand touched bare portion of her shoulder. I
have touched these before but tonight was different. I
had just tasted the blood and desire came to do same
thing with mom as I did with Rubiya, Akbar’s mother in
evening. I pushed my mouth amidst her hair. My both
hands held her at waist. I pushed my torso on her
hips. I could feel roundness and tightness of her
hips. I kept sniffing and at the same time experienced
smoothness of her bare skin just above waist.
“kya kar raha hai?” she tried to push me with her hip.

“oh mom, smell of your hair is so enchanting .I really
love it.’

“and your clothes and body is smelling like fish. Take
bath and put clothes for washing.” She pushed her
elbow in my chest. “don’t trouble me other wise food
would be spoiled.”

I took bath and changed to pajama and banyan. But she
was not in kitchen. I searched for her and found her
on bed in sister’s room. She was surfing a magazine.

“khana ban gaya kya,” I enquired.

“Roti banana bakee hai.” Mom replied without raising
her head.

“U rest mom, I will make roti.” Sister suggested. But
mom told her to study and said that she will make
after some time. I came back to my room. I tried to
recall what happened in evening. I felt so happy of
recalling that how Rubiya enjoyed sex and behaved like
a randi. I wonder whether my mother would suck my
lawda like Rubiya did. I was sure that with help of
Akbar I would again be able to fuck Rubiya but now I
wanted to fuck this lady at home who fortunately is my

“like your hair on head this (pubic ) hair would also
have heavenly fragrance.” I whispered. She again hit
me but this time harder and shouted “betee, aa jao
khana taiyar hai.”

But I moved my hand down and took her bur in my hand
and squeezed it . Bur was wet I heard some one coming
and I pulled hand out and moved away from her.

After dinner she finished her work and we all moved to
our respective rooms. She talked with me in normal
way. I was very pleased with result of my efforts. I
wanted to see and fuck her cunt as soon as possible. I
was not getting sleep. I kept thinking of enjoyment I
had with Rubiya and feel of mother’s cunt. I thought
of calling mother to my room. I looked at watch. It
was almost mid night and I was awake for over an hour.
I got up and softly knocked at parent’s door. It was
not locked. I moved inside. In dim light I could see
both sleeping on bed. I looked around. I saw saree,
blouse and bra lying on the floor beside mother. It
means that she is only in petticoat and father has
fucked her. She had covered herself with a silky
sheet. She was laying flat and father was on his side
facing her. He was snoring and mother’s eyes were
closed in deep sleep. I sat on floor on my knees and
slowly moved a hand inside sheet covering her leg. My
hand fell on her calf . It was bare. I slowly moved
hands up. My hand reached her knee. It was also bare.
Though I was moving my hand on her legs I was staring
at father’s eyes. My hand moved up and I felt her
lower thighs. I caressed it some time and moved up on
her thighs but then my hand found clothes over mid
thighs and above. I tried to push my hand to cunt but
fingers got trapped in bundle of clothes between her
thighs. She certainly got fucked with petticoat on. I
did not want her to wake up. So for few minutes I
caressed lower thighs and then pulled my hands out of
sheet. I moved towards her face. I again pushed inside
sheet and my hand fell on her breast. It was hot. I
took breast in my palm and very softly pressed. I felt
a smile on her lips. Like that I caressed both breast.
She moved little and lifted her one knee. In the
process one breast came out of sheet. I looked at it
lustfully. It was big almost like of Rubiya. I put a
soft kiss on nipple. She was in deep sleep. Then
slowly I lifted sheet above her body and threw it
towards father. There I saw what I wanted. She was
almost nude. Though petticoat was there it was trapped
on her thighs making cunt fully exposed. It was
covered with hair .I slowly slowly rubbed cunt petals.
In sleep itself she widened her legs. She must have
dreaming of nice fuck. I was becoming mad. I moved
fingers on her cunt and put my lips on it. The smell
of cunt was fantastic. I sniffed and rubbed tongue
over it. At that time I felt my BP increasing and got
climaxed. I let all my juice fell over her cunt. After
my excitement got over I got up. I touched her cunt ,
have softness of her juicy breast but not touched her
lips so far. I felt like putting a kiss on her but
then I decided against it. I took hold of lawda which
was still having some erection left. I lower it down
and let my lawda touch her lips. Her lips quivered but
eyes remain closed. I wanted to push lawda in her
mouth but sense prevailed over me and I returned to my
room leaving her uncovered. I was more than satisfied
but I wanted to fuck my mother more than before.
Holding my lawda in hand I slept.

It was almost seven when I got. I saw door of my room
closed but I remember that in night I let it wide
open. I looked down and saw my lawda tight. It means
either mother or didi saw me nude. Though I felt
embarrassed I masturbated and let my cum fell on the
bed itself. I got up, put on clothes and came out.
Mother was busy in kitchen and father and didi was
reading news papers. They smiled at me . I went to
kitchen and hugged mother from behind.
” when u sleep nude you should close the door. What
Rajee would have felt if she would have seen you in
such animal condition?” She said. I was happy that she
only saw my lawda. I kissed on her cheeks .She pushed
me out,
” clean yourself , tea is ready.”

We had tea and snacks. Thereafter I got busy in
completing homework of school. Rajee left for college
and father for office. It was 8.30 0f morning and
Kammo, our maid came. She talked with mom and got busy
with her work. She used to call me Raja. She was in
early twenties. She was with us for last three years.
She was married and mother of a two year old boy. She
was ordinary looking lady and today also I did not
give any attention to her. Kammo was now sweeping and
preparing my room.
” Raja, ye kya hai? Naya bed sheet gandaa kar diya!”
she said.
“maine kya kiya..” and I looked to her. She was
holding sheet and pointing her fingers to the stain
which was caused due to ‘cum’ which I discharged in
the morning. I remained quite.
She continued “tum abhi chote ho? kisko yaad kar..
paani giraya? maa ko ya didi?ko.” She giggled.
“chup kutia? tumko yaad kar raha thaa..” I spoke..
“Hai,.. phir se bolo?”
“wohi jo tumne abhi mujhe kaha..”
” kya? kutia!”
“haan, mujhe? kutia khahlana bahut achha lag_ta hai?”
“Apne gharwala ko bolo wo tumhe kutia kah_kar
pukarega, kutia ?”
“saala kutia banata hai lekin kutia bol_ta nahi. Ab se
tum mujhe ‘kutia’ ke nam se pukaro?lekin akele me..”
She continued, ” lekin Raja abhi se ye paani giraoge
to kamjor ho jaoge aur pheer tumhari gharwli dusre ke
saath mazaa maregi.. abhi tum bachhe ho..”
I looked at her. My eyes fell on her boobs which was
revealing from top of her blouse. Down she had a
printed long skirt. I got a desire to suck those

“kutia, tera beta abhee bhee dudh choos_ta hai..?” I

She pulled bed sheet and threw it on floor. She took
another and spread it on bed.
“ab ise ganda mut karma.. aur ? ?
“aur kya kutia?” I winked at her.
“oh.. kutia sun_na bahut achha lag raha hai..”
“bol na kutia.. bachhe ko abhee bhi apna dudh pilati
“nahi re.. wo bada ho gaya hai? ab to uska baap
choos_ta rahta hai.” She weighed her breast on her
I got up from chair , held her hand firmly and
pleaded, ” kutia, mujhe apna chuchi chusne do,” I
tried to touch her breast but she moved away.

“chhi.. kya ganda baat kar_te ho” she continued
holding her breast and said ” na to tum chhote bachhe
na hi mard bane ho?tumhe abhee intzaar karma hoga”.

” kutia, please kutia ,maine abhee tak nangee chuchi
nahi dekhi..please ek baar dudh pila do?” I kept
pleading but she went out of room.

I again got busy with my study. I had to leave for
school in another one hour. After some time Kamoo came
in and stood in front of me.

“kya hua Kammo!.”

“kamoo nahi ‘kutia’ bulao.. Mummy (my mom) bath lene
gayee hai.. jaldi se choos lo..”

I turned my chair towards her. I held her both breast
and said ” ohh kutia tum baahut achhi ho..

I unbuttoned her blouse. She helped me unhooking her
bra. Now both breast were coverless. I sucked both one
by one and squeezed. While sucking I got up . I moved
one hand down and took my lawda out of pant. Then I
squeezed her choot above the skirt. I could feel
wetness of cunt. She had no panty. I pushed one finger
and it went in her chut along with cloth.

“Ohh Raaja? kya kar rahe ho.. tum to khali dudh pina
chah_te they. Ahhh? Mat karo, unglee bahar nikalo?”

She moved her hand down . My lawda struck it. I made
her hold my lawda..”

“Raja.. yeh too pura taiyar hai?”

” Kutia, mujh_se chudwaegi?.”

“han.. Raja? lekin abhee nahi” Now I pushed my hand
inside her skirt and took hold of her choot. Like
Rubiya she also had shaven it. I fingered her cunt.”

“bus Raja? maa aa jayegi”

She pulled herself away . She hooked bra and buttoned
blouse. My lawda was still hanging out. She came near
me. Took lawda in hand
” lagta. Hai ise kamre ke under band karma parega..”
she pushed lawda inside my pant and closed button.

“Kutia, aaj raat ko yaha ruk jaoo khubh jamkar

“jaldi mauka dungee” and she went out of room.

I came to school . Whole day me and Akbar talked about
his mother.while returning home I told Akbar ” Rubiya
gave us both so much pleasure just imagine how much
more pleasure her two virgin daughters ( Akbar’s
sister) can give us.”

“tum meree bahno ko chodoge.” Akbar asked.

“We both will fuck them together. They are young and
wanted to enjoy sex. Talk dirty sex with them . ”

I put seed in Akbar’s mind. After enjoying his own
mother it was not difficult to make him fuck his own
sisters. While coming back home it occurred to me that
why not I let Akbar fuck my mother in my presence and
I will fuck his!

I thought of acting on this idea after my lawda gets
taste of mom’s bur.

At home I waited for right time. I took bath and wore
trouser and banyan. Like last night at 8.30 I went to
kitchen. She saw me coming but ignored me. I stood
behind her and without any hesitation I removed all
clips and knot and unfolded her hair. I rubbed my
mouth on her hairs and caressed her back. I unzipped
and took lawda out. It was semi erect .I positioned it
between her two hips and pressed my body on her. She
has just started making roti. Slowly slowly I caressed
her back from neck to hips. I caressed hips also. I
kept my lawda pressed to her hips I moved my hand down
. My hand moved between two thighs over the saree. I
took time to let my hand explored each and every mm of
her both thighs up to knee. Her thighs were firm and
solid. Journey of my hand over her thighs took about
10 minutes time. Then I brought my both hands on her
bare belly. With both hands I caressed her belly and
back waist. Now my lawda was fully erect and she
certainly was feeling hardness even over saree and
petticoat. Like last night she hit my hands with
belan. But she kept quite.

“mom, please come to my room after father sleeps.” I
spoke softly and continued caressing her belly.

“why you were calling ‘kutia’ to Kammo. This is very
dirty word.” She said.

“no, mom in fact she has told me to call her by kutia
only. She likes this way. ” I replied. I let my one
hand remain on belly and left hand I slowly moved over
her body. I was moving my hand very cautiously and
slowly. My left hand reached at bottom of her breast.
I let my hand rest there. She hit once again on my
hand under her breast.

“I don’t know how I will like if some one calls me
‘kutia’! she wondered.

“and you know she said that her husband makes her
kutia but does not call him kutia. I did not
understand what she meant by ‘makes her kutia’. I
said. Now my right hand started journey downward. With
left hand I weighed her breast. These were heavy. Down
my fingers played with belly button for few moments
and then slipped down to her pubic area. Today there
was no hair. She has cleaned it in day time.

” Father also makes you kutia.” I enquired and that
very moment I took bur in my hand. I pressed cunt
petals and clit. My left hand cupped her breast. This
time she hit both hand twice.

” your father very often makes me kutia.” She replied.

I now concentrated on enjoying her cunt. I squeezed
her breast and cunt together. After fondling for few
minutes I inserted one finger in the bur and pushed
left hand inside her blouse and bra. The pleasure I
got now was much more that what I had last night. She
stopped making roti. For sometime she stood with her
hands on kitchen platform but then she pushed her hip
backward. I thought that she is enjoying but called
her daughter, ” Rajee come and serve dinner.”

I moved away. ” mom please come to me in night.”

I came out of kitchen.
It was again midnight but she did not come. I went to
parent’s room. Like previous night it was not locked.
I went near bed . She had covered herself with a
sheet. I slowly pulled the cover. My bad luck she has
not changed dress before sleeping and it seemed father
has not fucked her also. Except her face and hands
every part of body was covered. I decided to make her
nude. Slowly slowly I pulled knot of saree . With her
sleeping it was not possible to pull saree out of her
body. I could see the knot of petticoat. I opened the
knot and pushed petticoat clothes loose. I slowly and
slowly pushed both petticoat and saree down. Either
she did not feel it or she pretended not to feel. In
about ten minutes she was nude below waist. I caressed
her cunt and planted a kiss. I looked at my self and
then I saw that I came nude to her. I caressed cunt as
much as I could. Now I could see her cunt wide open in
full view. Her clit was visible. I wanted to push my
lawda in her cunt but restrained. I came up and
caressed both breast for about 3-4 minutes. Then
slowly slowly unbuttoned her blouse and pushed flaps
away. Breasts were caught inside bra. She was flat so
it was not possible to unhook bra. I kept both hand on
both breast. Pressed them softly. Now I was at point
of discharge so I just stood over her face and
directed my cum on her cheeks, lips and top portion of
breast visible out of bra. Like last night I made my
lawda kiss her and then I came back to my room.

I slept with dream of fucking mother tomorrow.

Next morning again Kammo allowed me to suck her breast
and fingering of cunt. I kept calling her Kutia.
Mother behaved in normal way. She did not say any
thing about her getting nude in night. In school I
talked dirty about Akbar’s mother and sisters. And
finally he said that he wants me to see fuck his
mother again and also his sisters . I advised him to
talk more and more of sex with his sisters and let
them read sex books.

In night again at 8.30 I went to kitchen. Today I held
her chuchi from back and kissed her neck. I kept
pressing her chuchi and said ” kutia, kal raat mere
room me ayee kyo nahi.”?

She did not objected for calling her kutia.
Though I touched her breast earlier two nights but the
pleasure I got now was fantastic. I continued pressing
her breasts and pushed lund on her hips.

“kutia, mujhe kitna tarpaogi..”

While pressing her boobs blouse got unbuttoned and
loose. I pushed blouse up and unhooked bra. Now both
nude chuchi were in my clutch..

“jo kar rahe ho tum kar rahe ho, maine kya kiya..” she

“ohh kya mast chuchi hai tumhari.. mazaa aa gaya
dabaane me..”

“imagine what will happen if your father and didi sees
you doing this..”

“they will beat me.. so what..” I pushed one hand
inside petticoat and fondled her bur.

“kutia, your bur is so wet let me suck it..”

“you should go and do chudai with Kamoo or some one
else my bur is not for you.’

“see kutia, if tonight you don’t come to my room then
saali tomorrow I will bring a friend with me and we
both will rape you randi.”

” ok , we will see that tomorrow now make my clothes
ok. Your sister may come any time. ”

I squeezed her bur for some more time. Then I made bra
and blouse ok as before. I held her with waist.
Suddenly an Idea struck me. In a rush I bend down and
pulled her clothes up. My lawda touched her bare hips.

‘Ranee, thoda chuttar pichhe karo.”

“Ranee mat bolo, mujhe bhi kutia bolo,,”

She switched off gas and pushed her hips back. I
spread hips away and saw cunt hole. Without waiting I
pushed lawda in cunt and started fucking my mother for
first time in kitchen.

“bete, jaldi se paani gira do.. koi aa jayega..”

“raat me chudwaogi.. randee saali?”

“han raja.. bur kholkar aaungi.. abhi Rajee dekhegi to
achha nahi hoga..”

I moved fast and hard. It was very exciting moment and
soon I discharged in her cunt. Soon she stood

“isiko kutia banana bolte hai, samjhe pyaare..”

“mom come in night on my bed.’

“baastard don’t call me mom, call me kutia, I am a

She called for sister and I sneaked to my room.

I waited for her. And I slept. I got up when some one
shook me. She was there totally nude. I pulled her
down on beside me. I got up. Switched- on main light.
Her body was shining. I kept my door wide open.

“what you are doing? Keep door closed. Some one may
disturb us.” She said.

“oh ranee, I want to fuck you with lights on and door

“don’t call me ranee. I am randi and call me randi.”

She got up and put the door shut. Lights were kept on.

“ab tum mat tarpao.. jaldi se iss kutia ko chodo..”
She widened her legs. With both hands she spread cunt
lips. I moved between her legs and kissed cunt.

“ouch.. kya kar rahe ho?” she tried to stop me sucking

“ohh kutia, let me eat cunt..”

“no first fuck me? mujhe khub chodo.. teen din se
tarpa rahe ho..”

I squeezed clit and pulled it.

“ohh.. no.. ahhh?”

I chewed cunt and rubbed it. I massaged cunt with my

“ohhh? lawda under dalo.. chodo mujhe?.”

She was moving her hips with movement of my tongue
over her cunt. I chewed and sucked it . Now I was
eager to enter her and I pushed lawda deep in cunt . I
pressed breasts and kept thumping her.

“Ahh Randi, kaisa lag raha hai.. kutia.”

“bus raja , pel_to raho?ahhh?” she held me in her arms
and kissed me.

“till three days back every thing was ok. You behaved
normally. What made you fuck me, your own mother.”

“mom..” I started to speak but she cut me short.

When a married woman gets fucked by any one other than
her husband she is nothing but a randi and a street
bitch. Call me bitch and randi?”

“BUT a randi gets fucked by so many lawda, how many
lawda has entered your bur.” I enquired.

” matherchod, never ask any woman or girl this
question. Not even your wife. Tell me who gave you
idea to fuck mother.”

“ok bitch, my dear randi..let me tell you what made me
fuck you bitch..”

Then I narrated everything from going Akbar’s house to
Sucking of Kammo’s boobs.

I fucked hard and told her that I want to fuck Rubiya
in presence of her and she gets fucked by Akbar. I
also told her that she should help me to fuck Akbar’s
two sister.

“how is Akbar’s lund?”

“kutia, it is like mine , he will fuck you hard..”

“ok , tell your friend to bring his mother any day.”
She said.

“but, you are not alone.” I doubted .

“no son, from 11 to 3 I am all alone and four hours
are more than adequate to fuck me and Rubiya”. She
held me tight . Oh raja jor jor se maaro meri bur..ahh
bahut mazaa aa raha hai? When you made me nude last
night why you have not pushed lawda in bur.”

Now we were climaxing. We held each other tightly .I
made push hard and harder . She tightened legs over my
waist. She calmed and I filled her bur .We remain
glued for some time. We kissed and caressed each other
for some more time.

“randi, how am I ? Could I satisfy you..?”

“yes, raja, you are ok. Put on some more weight then
your woman will enjoy more.”

She got up and wanted to leave. “now I will go.”

“saali, sleep with me whole night.”

She kissed my lund and said ” tomorrow again you fuck
your bitch and in morning don’t forget to push your
lawda in kammo’s choot. I will watch it.’

She went out?and I slept happily.

Kutte se chudai

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Me: array aap aur itni subha aur meray room main aaj sooraj kahan
say nikla janab.

Rabia: main nay socha aaj ap ko chuti hai is liye mil aaoon aur aap
hain kay abhi tak so rahay hain. Humaray liye kya hokum hai mean hum
wait kerain janab ka ya chalay jain kun kay aunty bhi TV dekh rahi
hain aur main akeli kya keroon gi yahan.

Me: hum jo hain aap ko company denay kay liye lakin sirf thori der
wait kerain hu abhi tayar ho jaatay hain. Aur is dauraan main nay us
kay hand per bahut saray kiss ker liye us nay kuch bhi nahi kaha na
hi mana kya bas aram say baithi rahi meray samnay.

Thori der hum batain kertay rahay us kay baad main nay us say kaha
kay kya main aap ko kiss ker sakta hoon to us nay kaha itnay to ker
liye bina ijazat aur ab ijazat maang rahay hain wah kya baat hai aap

Me: janab is baar hum aap kay hont per kiss kerna chahtay hain ager
mind na kerai aur ijazat ho to.

Rabia main kya keh sakti hoon kiun kay mujhay sharam aati hai aap ki
merzi hai.

Me: hello madam jab aap yahan aaya kerain us waqt sharam ghar per
chore aaya kerain yahan humaray sath sharam ka koi kaam nahi hai

Rabia: ok as u wish jo dil chahay ker lain lakin sirf upper tak hi
rehna hai neechay nahi jaana abhi.

Me: array daro nahi humara hak sirf aap kay pait (stomach) kay upper
tak hai neechay hamara kya kaam. Waisay kya dar legta hai aap ko
mujh say.

Rabia: jee legta to hai lakin bahut kam mean 20% dar legta hai aur
80% nahi legta.

Us kay baad main utha aur bath gaya naha dho ker tayar ho ker wapis
aa gaya aur who mom kay sath baithi thi main jab achi terha tayar ho
gaya to TV lounge main aaya aur dekha mom nahi theen who bath main
theen main nay mauka dekhtay hi faida uthaya aur Rabia ko ishara say
kaha kay upper aa jao aur bahir janay ka bahana ker kay mom say
poocha kay main bahir jaa raha hoon koi kaam hai mom nay kaha nahi
koi kaam nahi hai aur main khamoshi say upper charh gaya aur thori
der baad Rabia bhi aa gai ab mom ko yahi pata tha kay main bahir
gaya hua hoon aur Rabia apnay ghar chali gai hai lakin unhain kya
pata kay un ka beta kya gul khila raha hai upper.

Uper jatay hi main nay Rabia say kaha kay aao aur mujhay galay milo.

Us nay kaha nahi mujhay sharam aati hai.

Main nay kaha dekho main nay pehlay kaha tha na kay sharam ghar rakh
ker aaya kero jab mujh say milnay aaya kero.

To who uthi aur nazdeek aa gai aur us waqt mera lun bilkul hi sakht
ho gaya tha aur main aagay hua aur us ko galay say laga ker us kay
pooray chehray per kissing kernay laga aur is say thori der baad us
ko bhi maza aanay laga.

Main nay us kay kaan main kaha kay

Rabia kya main aap kay boobs ko hath laga sakta hoon kiun kay
mujhay aap kay boob bahut achay legtay hain aur main in kay sath
khelna chahta hoon.

Us nay kaha jo dil kahay wahi kero mujh say kuch mat pucho kiun kay
mujhay sharam aati hai aur main kuch nahi kahoon gi aap nay jo kerna
hai wahi kerain bas.

Ok jaisay aap ki merzi hum to hokum kay ghulam hain.

Us kay baad main nay us ko thori der kharay kharay hi kiss kya aur
galay say lagaiy rakha aur aik hath us ki kamar per pherta raha aur
duseray say us kay boob ko aram aram say masalta raha taakay us ko
ziyada say ziyada maza milay aur jaldi hot ho jai aur aagay kuch bhi
kernay say mana na keray.

Phir main nay us ko bed per lita diya aur us kay sath lait gaya aur
aik hath us kay chest per rakha aur baray pyar say masalnay laga aur
sath sath baatain bhi kerta raha us ka reaction dekhnay kay liye.
Abhi tak who normal hi thi aur kuch na boli main nay ye dekha aur
apna hath us ki kameez kay ander dalnay laga to us nay fauran mera
hath pakra aur meri taraf dekha ker kaha.

She: dekho Ali mujhay tum per yaqeen hai lakin thora dar bhi legta
hai kahin kuch ghalat na hi jai hum say. Tum jo chaho kero main mana
nahi keroon gi lakin aisa kuch mat kerna jis say meri zindagi tabah
ho jai aur main kisi ko moonh dikhanay kay like hi na rahoon.

Rabia ager mujh per yaqeen hai to suno main tumhain bahut chahata
hoon aur tum say shaadi kernay ki koshish bhi keroon ga lakin tu
kismat kay faislay ko to manti ho na ager kismat main hua to zaroor
ho gi humari shaadi werna nahi aur main tumharay sath sex kerna
chahta hoon abhi isi waqt kiun kay mujh say wait nahi hota aur rahi
zindagi tabaha honay wali baat to aaj kal her duseri lerki ye sab
kerti hai tum koi pehli lerki nahi ho aur hum kisi ko bata thora
rahay hain jo tumhari zindagi tabah ho jai gi.

Rabia: who to theek hai lakin ager kuch gar bar ho gai to mean bacha
ho gaya to kaisay chupaoon gi. Is liye derti hoon. Aur dard bhi hota
hai us say bhi dar legta hai. Kiun kay kuch din pehlay main apni
cousin ki shadi per gai thi us nay sab batay kay kya hua tha pehli

Haan dard to hota hai lakin fiker mat kero main aram say keroon ga
kuch bhi nahi ho ga aur bacha aisay nahi hota jab tak cum ander na
jai tab tak kuch nahi hota aur na hi kisi ko aisay pata chalay ga
really believe me.

Is kay baad who muskura ker aankhain band ker kay aram say jaisay
thi waisay hi laiti rahi aur mujhay ishara mila kay us ki taraf say
haan hai. Main ab dil main bahut khush tha.

Main nay jaldi say us ko kiss kerna shuru ker diya aur us ki kameez
upper ker di us nay black bra pehna hua tha main nay poocha kay kya
size hai bra ka to who boli 32c.

Phir main nay us ko uthaya aur kameez utar di aur bra bhi ab who
aadhi nangi thi lakin main clothes main hi tha abhi tak. Main nay us
kay boobs ko bari bari choosna shuru ker diya aur apna aik hath us
ki kamar per phernay laga aur dusera us ki phudi per lay gaya aur
aram say us ki phudi per hath phernay laga aur jab hath shalwar main
dalna chah to us nay mera hath paker liya aur kaha.

Rabia: hath ander mat dalo please mujhay really bahut sharam aa rahi
hai kiun kay aaj hi main nay shave ki hai aur kabhi kisi ko dikhai
bhi nahi is liye please shalwar mat utaro.

Me: aisay kaisay maza aaiy ga aur kaisay chodoon ga ager shalwar
nahi uteri to.
phir main ne us ko kissing kartey kartey itna garam kar dia k main
ne us ki shalwar utarney ki koshish ki to us ne mujhey roka nahi
balkey khud he apni gand uper utha kar meri help ki shalwar utarney
main phir wo ek dam nangi mere samney thi main ne us k jism per kiss
karna shorow kar dia wo josh main aahhh uuuffffff kar rahi thi
mujhey us ki awaz sun kar bohat maza aa raha tha phir us ne mujh se
kaha plz Ali jo kuch bhi karna araam se karna mujhay dard bilkul
acha nahi legta is liye aram say kerna aur jitna ho sakay maza dena.

Phir main nay aik finger us kay cunt main upper hi pherna shuru ker
di aur kissing bhi kerta raha kabhi lips per kabhi boob kabhi
nipples suck kerta kabhi kahin mean pooray jism per kiss kia aur
kiss kartey kartey us ki choot per zuban se chatna shorow kar dia us
ko bohat maza aaney laga aur wo zor zor se awazien niklaney lagi Ali
plz aur karoo bohat maza aa raha hai meri choot ko aur chahto apni
puri zuban meri choot main daal doo plz bohat maza aa raha hai aur
thori der baad jab mehsoos hua kay who hot ho rahi hain to main nay
apni finger us ki phudi main dali bilkul aram say.

Rabia: ooh Ali please aram say kerna mujhay bahut dar leg raha hai
lakin maza bhi aa raha hai really bahut acha feel ker rahi hoon
main. Aaj tak aisa kabhi feel nahi hua aaram say ander kero pyar say
bahut hi pyar say please aaahhh haan maza aa aha hai aisay hi uff
aisa kiun ho raha hai meray sath mujh main itni garmi kiun hai aag
lagi hui hai jism main bujha do is aag ko kuch kero bahut hi germi
lag rahi hai mujhay aahh maza bahut aa raha hai uumm oohh Ali aahh
oohh abhi aik hi finger theek hai maza aa raha hai?.. nahi please
duseri ander mat kero na aisay hi acha mehsoos ho raha hai aahh.

Me: dekha Rabia kitna maza hai is kaam main aur janab aap kay kapray
to uter gay humaray kaun utaray ga.

Rabia: jo kerna hai khud kero mujhay bas maza do jitna ho sakay aur
jaldi kero kahin koi aa na jai mera pata kernay aur hum pakeray na
jain please jaldi kero Ali.

Main nay apnay clothes utar diye aur phir us kay sath lait gaya aur
us ko bahoon main jaker liya aur thora zor laga ker us ko dabaya aur
phir apna kaam shuru ker diya mean fingering and kissing and

Rabia: haan maza aa raha hai oohhh Ali kertay jao kertay jao oohh
uummm array ye kya sakht aur hot cheez mujhay lag rahi hai tangoon

Yahi to hai jis ka sara kaam hai jis nay aap ko aur mujha khoob maza
dena hai yahi to ander daloon ga tumhari phudi main lakin thora is
kay sir per hath phero is ko pyar kero us kay baad ye tumhain apna
kaam dikhaiy ga.

Us nay mera lund apmay hath main pakra aur us ko sehlanay lagi aur
us ko bahut acha feel ho raha tha aisa kertay aur kerwatay huay. Who
bahut hot ho gai thi shayed ab bardasht nahi ker rahi thi apnay aur
meray badan ki heat.

Rabia: uff hoo itna maza aa raha hai tum nay pehlay kiun nahi bataya
tha kay itna maza aata hai is kaam main main to kab say pyar kerti
thi tumhain aur tum nay itna time laga diya kehnay main lakin jo hua
acha hua kiun kay sabar ka phal meetha hota hai suna to tha aaj dekh
bhi rahi hoon aaj mujhay khoob maza do please mujhay pyar kero
mujhay thanda ker do ab aur bardasht nahi ho raha hai. mainn e us se
kaha k mere lun ko moon main daal kar lolly opo ki terha choosoo
pahlay us ne mana ki lakin jab main ne us ko kaha k main ne tumhari
phudi ko bhi chahta tha too wo maan gai aur us ne mere lun ko kiss
karna shorow kar dia aur phir moon main lay kar choosney lagi main
bata nahi saqta mujhey kitna maza aa raha tha main ne us ko 69
position main kar dia aur us ki phudi ko suck karna shorow kar dia
wo mera lun suck kar rahi thi uar main us ki phudi 15 min tak suck
karney k bad us ki phudi se juice nikalney laga aur main ne sara
juice chat chat kar saaf kar dia us k baad main ne rabia se kaha ki
ab tum late jaoo aur us ko bed per lita kar us ki gand k neechey ek
takiya rakh dia jiss se us ki phudi uper ki terf uth gay phir main
ne us ki tangain uper utha di too us ne pocha

Tangain kiun utha rahay ho ab ky irada hai aisay kya ho ga.

Ab chudai kernay jaa raha hoon aur aap nay bhi sath dena hai mean
pain per control kerna hai aur chilana bhi nahi hai meri khatir
berdasht ker lo thori der baad bahut maza milay ga ok tayar ho
keroon ander.

Haan main tayar hoon aur tumhara sath bhi doon gi tum befiker ho ker
apna kam kero bas mujhay maza do chahay jaisay bhi aur tum bhi
koshish kerna aram say aur pyar say ernay ki jis say dard kam aur
maza ziyada milay aisa kaam kerna.

Main nay us ki phudi per lun rakha theek nishanay per aur aram say
ander kernay laga who bahut tight thi aur us ko takleef bhi hona
shuru ho gai?

Aram say dalo aram say haan aahista aahista pyar say kero ander uff
bahut maza aa raha hai haan thora aur kero haan aram say oui maa Ali
dard ho raha hai lakin tum ruko nahi bas aram aram say ander kertay
jao maza aa raha hai oooooohhhhhh mmaaaaaaa aram say haan aisay
oohhhhh kero aur ander kero ouiiiiii maaaaa bahut dard ho raha hai
aaaahhhh uuummmmm meray lips suck kero boobs ko ragero please mujhay
pyar bhi kero Ali.

Abhi tak mera aadha lund us kay ander ghusa tha aur ab us ko pain
bhi bahut ho raha tha is liye main nay wahi tak hi ander rakha aur
aahista aahista hilnay laga taakay us ko maza ziyada aur dard kam
mehsoos ho. mera lun abhi 2 inch he ander gaya tha aur ander nahi ja
raha tha koi cheez aur ander janey se rok rahi thi main samaj gaya k
yeh us ki phudi ki seal hai jo lun ko aur ander nahi janey day rahi
Thori der tak main 2 inch lun he ander bahir karta raha phir Rabia
boli haan ab theek hai ab kero ander aik hi jhatkay say ander bahir

Us nay socha poora ander jaa chukka hai isi liye aisa kaha aur main
nay bhi nahi bataya kay abhi 2 inch he ander hai aur5 inch bahir
bas us ka yahi kehna tha main nay us kay lips per apnay lips rakhay
aur aik zor daar full power say jhatka mara aur poora lund ander gum
ho gaya.

Lund ander jatay hi us nay aik zr daar cheekh mari lakin meray munh
main hi rahi us ki cheekh aur us kay aankh say paani nikal aaya
thori der aisay hi leta raha aur jab dekha kay ab kuch normal hai to
main nay us kay lips free ker diye aur us nay ghusay say meri
aankhoon main dekha aur ronay lagi. us ki phudi se khoon nikalna
shorow ho gaya tha

Me: I m sorry Rabia please ro mat aur tum nay khud hi to kaha tha
kay jhatka mar ker ander bahir keroon aur ab tum ro rahi ho.

She: main nay kaha tha lakin mujhay kya pata tha abhi bahir bhi
bacha hai aur janab nay bhi batanay ki takleef nahi mehsoos ki bahut
buray ho tum ab kuch nahi kernay doon gi bas aaj pehli aur akheri
baar ker lo jitna aur jaisa kerna hai is kay baad kabhi nahi kerain

Lakin aik baat hai us waqt dard bahut hua aisa laga jaisay kisi nay
chaaku mar diya ho aur meri phudi cheer dali ho lakin ab kuch dard
kam ho gaya hai pehlay say bahut zalim ho tum ab nikalo is ko bahir
thora dard kam honay do us kay baad kerna abhi kuch mat kero.

Theek hai lakin ander hi rehnay do main nahi hiloon ga aur jab dard
khatam ho jai ga phir start kerain gay.

Nahi itni der ander hi raho gay to main mar jaoon gi bas keroo jaisa
kerna hai main bardasht kerti hoon. Lakin kerna aram say aur kero
bhi jaldi main nay jaana bhi hai.

Haan aisay hi pyar say kero bahut maza aa raha hai pehlay saia nahi
ker saktay thay ganday bachay?

Ooohhh yes ab theek hai acha feel ho raha hai ab aur kitni der kerna
hai bas bhi kero na main thak gai hoon 10 min say meri tangain utha
ker meray upper charhay hain janab koi ehsaas bhi hai mera ya nahi.

Bas jaan thori si der aur only 2 min I m near to cum.

Ok ker lo lakin sirf 2 min hain aaaaaaahhhhhh aram say kero na Ali
aram say kero please dard hota hai ooohhhh noooo main naraz ho jaoon
gi sachi kehti hoon.

Jaan aakhir main mat roko mujhay maza lenay do aakhir main main
aisay hi chodta hoon.

Acha lakin thora sa to aahista kero sachi dard ho raha hai please
itna kaha bhi nahi mano gay aaahhhh

sachi bahut dard ho raha hai uuffff maaaaa aaj kahan phans gai main
achi bhali ghar main baithi thi pata nahi kya hua yahan aa gai tum
say chudwanay.

Ali haan haan kero aab kuch acha lag raha hai kero aisay hi kertay
raho ab mujhay acha lag raha hai maza aa raha hai ab haiiii kitna
acha hai chudwana kash main tumhari biwi hoti us say daily to kertay
haan kero aur tez aur tez keroo ooohhh aliiiii aahh

Tumhari sans kiun tez aa rahi hai.

Because I m so near to cum Rabia dabao mujhay hath meri kamar per
rakh kero jitna zor hai dabao apnay seenay say laga lo main aa raha
hoon I m cumming jaan.

Haan haan zor say aur tez please ab maza aa raha hai meray ander
kuch ho raha hai jaisay pee aa raha hoo kero kero ab mat rukna
oohhhh kuch nikal raha hai aaahhh ooohhh noo kya ho raha hai I m
dieing kero arif ruko nahi oohhh I feel something in me ooohhh tum
chooot gay na aaah mujh main kuch gir raha hai ali bahut maza aa
raha hai oooh chodo mujhay bahut maza aa raha hai jaan I love u.

Hum dono aik sath hi farig huay aur aik duseray kay sath lipat ker
kuch der letay rahay us kay baad dono uth ker baith gay aur thori
der batain kertay rahay aur kissing bhi phir clothes pehn ker chori
say pehlay who us ka baad main chalay gayA?

Fucking a horny co-worker

Hi guys, I’m back!! Hope you enjoyed reading about my first story of fucking my american PM in US. I am not going to narrate one particular fuck here but am going to remember a few of the sexiest days that I shared back in my hometown of New Delhi, a few years ago.I had just broken up and was single and available. I was on the look out for a fuck buddy and was not interested in any more serious shit. I was hanging out with a couple of buddies who were talking and cursing about a female colleague in our office and her horny ways and how horny a bitch she was.

Well guess this was the case of sour grapes with my buddies. Any case hearing about all her adventures kinda got me excited about her. Here was a strong, single,independent woman who loved sex and made no bones about her intention and hunger for men, a man eater!I had to have her.Had to make her my slut. Well let me describe her, she was a bombshell. A heady mix of looks and intelligence,5′ 7″, dusky, sensual eyes, 34b (wonderfully firm and pear shaped), 26, 34.

Well I guess if your positive, opportunity does strike,lady luck does shower favors! We had a lot of common friends and acquaintances and one evening for my luck, she happened to be hanging out with my friend. I quickly rushed over and well the rest as they say is history..we had coffee,I ensured that she knew I had broken up and was available and the whole time made sure she knew I was interested in her. She got the cues. I got her number…called her the same night, we chatted, got personal, then I told her that I found her very attractive.Well, that’s when she dropped the most exciting line…”I had the hots for you when I saw you last year but since you were going around I decided not to do anything about it, hey I’m finding quant tough,care to come over and help me out tomorrow?”

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What a feeling when she sucked and squeezed and tongued the very last drop!” The next evening,her mum was going out for an hour or so that evening and I was in! I got there as soon as I could…she opened the door, as I closed it behind me,

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She was in a sexy lacy thong and bra..god she looked like an underwear model…long legs a sexy fig and those sensual looks..I walked up to her pulled off her thong and knelt down to eat her shaven, smooth wet dripping pussy..I tongued,stroked,chewed her lips and her clit and slit.I nailed her thighs and bit them too..I finger fucked her and stroked her G spot..I ate her up in retribution for all the teasing I had received so far…she moaned and moaned, stroked my hair and she finally orgasmed..with a quivering sensation and a loud moan.

I then got on top and rammed her cunt deep and hard…her wet cunt warming it up as I entered, she loved it.. She screamed!! I started humping her wild…I sucked her melons, infact ate them,loved biting Her buds, she enjoyed the pleasure and the pain…I fucked her hard and all she could do was scream and moan and feel me up and kiss me..fuck me baby…fuck me harder.. Replied..dont worry my bitch I am and I will, I replied.We fucked fo the next 40 mins or so..we changed positions like we were making the kamasutra…missionary,woman on top, sitting, sideways and finally her favorite, the doggy…we were sensual as well as raw, passionate and calm…the room was filled with our scent..finally I came in her as I rammed her for the last time…what an amazing feeling to finally get to cum in her! It was tiring and exhausting, the sweat all over our felt good, she had teared up a little.. She gave me a kiss and said, “Babe this was one hellava fuck and I’m going to miss you, when you leave.”You can email me your comments at

Parosin ki chudaee

Hello friends I am Hussun uddin from Karachi Pakistan. Main AP ko apni kahani urdu main sunana chahta hon kiyon kay main chahta hon kay mery wo friends jin ko english nahin aati wo bhi parh sakhen shukria. Mery dosto main asal main peshy se doctor hon our mainy abhi Mbbs pass karkay our ek hospital main house job kar raha hon. Mery dosto meri kahani kuch istarah hay kay mery muhalay main sadaf naam ki ek larki rahti hay jo bari smart our khobsorat hay us ka hamary ghar main ana jana rahat tha our akbhi kabhar mera samna bhi hojata tha us ki age koi 20, or 21year hogi she is very smart and beautiful lamby lamby baal kali aankhain our us kay mumy gol gol bary hi piyary lagty thy us kay jisim pe. main to jab bhi us ko dekhta mery lund main khujili si hony lagti our main soachta kay kash main us ko kabhi choom sakhon our main soachta kay kash main usy kabhi apni banhon main le sakhon our pata nahin kab main us ki choot main apna land dal sakhonga our kuch dinon kay baad mujhy pata chala kay wo married hay our us ka husband malaeshia main hay. Kuch dinon kay baad mery ghar waly school ki chutiyan guzarny dadu chaly gay dadu mery gaon ka naam hay.

Ek din subha panch bajy telephone ki ghanti baji mainy telephone uthaya our hello kiya to dosri taraf se ek female ki awaz thi our us nay kaha kay aap hello hssun kaisy hain aap mainy kaha kay aap kon hain to us nay kaha kay kiya aap mujhy janty nahin hain to mainy kaha kay sorry main aap ko nahin janta to us nay kaha kay main aap ki parosin baat kar rahi hon sadaf. ji frmaey aap nay is waqat kaisy phone kiya hay to us nay kaha kay mery heart main our chest main kafi zoor ka pain hora hay please aap aakar mujhy check karlen mainy kaha kay thek hay main aata hon main kapry pehan kar us kay derwazy per gaya to darwaza pehly hi khula huwatha our wo darwazy pe hi khari thi phir wo mujhy apnay saath drowning room main le aay our mery samnay chair pe beth gai mainy apna stetho scope liya our us ko check karny laga check karny kay baad main nay us ko kaha kay aap ko koi problem nahin hay aap pareshan na hon to us nay kaha kay aap nay mujhy sahi taraha se check nahin kiya mera dil bari zoor zoor se chal raha hay our ghabrahat bhi ho rahi hay mainy kaha kay thek hay aap samny let jaen to main aap ko check karta hon our wo mery samny let gaee mainy phir se stethoscope se us ko check karna shuroo kiya phir bhi mujhy koi esi baat nazar nahin aee mainy us ko kaha kay mujhy to aap ki dil ki dharkan itni tez nahin sunaee dee to us nay kaha kay aap sahi taraha se nahin check kar rahy is liye aap ko meri dil ki dharkan nahin sunaee derahi.jab us nay ye kaha to mujhy kuch shak hony laga kay sadaf kay irady sahi nahin hain mainy kaha ke han hosakhta hay mujhy aap kay dil ki dharkan sahi nahi sunaee deti isliy kay aap ko brezer pehna huwaa hay main esa karta hon kay main apna stethoscope aap ki brezer kay under dalta hon phir hosakhta hay main aap kay dil ki dharkan saf saf sun sakhon us nay kaha kay thek hay aap check kar len jab mainy apna stetho us kay brezer kay under dala our mera haath us kay brest se touch huwa to us nay ek lambi sans li our jab mera hath us kay brest se touch huwa to mera land ek dam stand position main aagaya mainy ekdam apna hath bahar nikalna chaha to us nay pakar kay kaha kay ab aap ko sunaee de mery dil ki dharkan mainy zabardasti apna haath bahar nikala kiyon kay ye mera pehla tajarba tha our mainy us ko ek kiss ki our kaha kay agar dil buhat ziyada ghabray to subha main mery ghar per aajana main koi syrup donga.

Main wapas aakar soachny laga kay agar wo mujh se chudwana chahti hay our wo chahti hay kay doctor hussun uddin hi meri choot mary to aaj subha main zaroor aaegi ye soachty soachty main sogaya subha main 9:00am main mery ghar ki bell baji main utha our bahar dekha to sadaf hi khari thi mainy kaha ji farmaey us nay kaha kay aap nay kaha tha kay agar dil sahi na ho to main aap ko syrup donga mera dil bara ghabra raha hay please aap syrup de den mainy kaha thek hay aap aaye wo mery sath room main aagi our mery saath bed per beth gae mainy usko kaha kay ap bethen main ap kay liye syrup lekar aata hon us nay kaha kay syrup baad main pehly aap ek baat bataen mainy kaha kiya baat hay bolo to us nay kaha kay aap nay aaj subha main mujhy kiss kiyon ki thi us ka jawab do mainy kaha kay aap meri baat ka pehly jawab den us nay kaha kay kiya mainy kaha kay aap ye bataen kay mainy jo aap ko kiss ki aap nay us ka bura manaya hay to bhi bata den agar nahin bura manaya to phir bhi bataden to wo khamosh hogai jab wo khamosh hogai to mainy kaha is ka matlab hay kay aap nay bura nahin mana main ye kah kar us ko apni banhon main le liya our us ko kissing karny laga jab us nay kuch nahin kaha to main us kay mumon ko haath pherna shuroo kiya our us nay lambi sansen lena shuroo karlen our wo bhi mujhy kissing karna shuroo hogai.

Our jab 10,15 minut kissing ko hogay to mainy us ko kaha kay apni kamees utaro us nay apni kamees utari us kay baad apna brezer utara ohhh kiya us kay gool gool brest thy our jaisy hi mainy us kay brest ki niple ko apny munh main dala to us nay aaaaa ssssshahahahhaha our choose our choose ki awazen karana shuroo ki our mainy us ki shalwar bhi utarna shuroo ki our jab mainy uski shalwar utari to kiya bataoon kiya us ki pussy thi mera matlab hay kiya us ki choot bilkul gori our wo mera land apny haath main lekar us se khelny lagi our kah rahi thi kiya land hay itna bara itna mota mery husband ka to chota our patla land hay our mera land bilkul sedha khara hogaya jab main us kay brests ko choos raha tha to us nay mera sar pakar kar apni choot pe rakh diya our kaha kay is ka bhi to maza dekho kaisa test hay mainy jab apni zaban us ki choot pe rakhi to salty test wo boli our zoor se chatoo our zoor se aaa hhyyyyyoooooobara maza aaraha hay hhaaaaa our zoor se zaban under daloahhhaaaa ufffufuf us nay kiya kiya kay jaldi se uthi our mera land haath main lekar apny monh main daal kar chosny lagi wo boli pora mery munh main dalo halaq taq dalo our khob chatny lagi boli itna bara land hay kay pora mery munh main jaa nahin raha us kay munh main sirf aadha land dala huwa tha our wo us ko chatny lagi bary mazy se jab usnay 10,minut tak chata to phir us nay kaha kay ab meri choot chatoo mainy phir se us ki choot chatna shuroo ki our mera land kisi lohi ki rod ki tarah sakht horaha tha our kah raha tha kay bas daal do ischoot main our phar do is choot ko thori deer kay baad us nay kaha kay bas ab dal do dal do deer nahin karoo daloo mainy apna land us ki choot pe rakha our us ki choot ki lips per rigarna shuroo kiya us nay kaha daloo der nahin karo mujh se ab bardasht nahin hota please please mainy pehly thora land ka topa us ki choot main dalana chaha magar mera land itna mota hay kay us ki choot main zoor lagany kay baad hi under thora sa gaya mainy bahar nikala our phir us ki choot per rakha our ekdam zoor se dhaka lagaya to us ki chekh nikal gay hiiiiiiii hiiiii phar di meri choot phar di meri choot mainy kaha kay kuch nahin huwa our phir mera pora land us ki choot kay nazary karny laga our us ko bhi maza aanay laga aaaa haahahah woowowo uffffufufuf bara maza aaraha hay our karo our karo bara maza aaraha hay our main ek haath se us kay brest ko bhi masal raha tha.

Our 15,minuts kay baad phir mainy apna land us ki choot se bahar nikala our us ko kaha kay ulti hojaoo our wo ulti hogai dogi position main mainy us ki gannd pe apna land rakha our zoor deny laga to usy pain horahi thi our mainy buhat zoor lgaya magar mera land us ki gaand main nahin jaraha tha wahen per mainy usi position main uski choot main land rakh kar zoor diya to uski phir chekh nikal gai our kahny kagi kay kiya meri choot pharoo gay ek to itna bara land oper se itna mota land magar mainy to land daal kar rigarna our aagy pechy karna shuroo kar diya us kay 5minuts kay baad us ki choot main se pani aana shuroo hogaya our wo kahny laghi our zoor se our zoor se our us nay kaha kay apna land nikalo main sedhi letti hon phir dalo our wo sedhi hogai mainy apna land us ki choot per rakha magar is martaba mujhy koi khas zoor nahin lagana para our mera land us ki choot main aagy pechy hony laga mein our wo mazy leny lagy phir us nay kaha kay main ab farig hony wali hon zara zoor se karo mainy phir zoor lagana shuroo kiya our wo aaaahh aaaaufffff wowoowow bara maza aaraha hay kahny lagi our 15,minuts kay baad mery land se bhi phuwara nikalna shuroo hogaya our jaisy hi phuwara nikalny wala tha us nay apny hath se mera land pakra our apni choot se bahar nikala our uth kay beth gay our foron mera land apny munh main le liya our mera pora phuwara us kay munh main hi bah gaya our wo us ko peny lagi peny kay baad us nay kaha kay hussun uddin mainy itna maza kabhi bhi apni zindagi main nahin paya aaj tum nay mujhy khush kar diya hay ?.our us kay baad us nay our mainy apny apny kapry pehy our wo phir aany ka kah kar chali gai ?..

Dosto mujhy aap bataen kay meri kahani kaisy lagi aap ko. Dosto wo phir aaee wo main bad main bataonga next kahani main .

Main yaqeen se kahats hon kay koi bhi larki ho bari ho choti ho married ho un married ho our jo chahy kay zindagi ki asal khusi us ko mily our jo larki aaj tak wo khushi nahin pasakhi to us ko main khush karon ga zindagi kay asala mazy se mera email adders hay or

Teaching how to make good Sex

Hi all, I am Gayathri. I am narrating one of my experiences which I had faced when I am working in Hospital as a gynecologist. This is a true story which I am narrating from my life. I am 35 years old. I am not practicing for last 5 yrs. I am a mother of 2 kids. My Husband is also a doctor in Ernakulam. One morning, As I am one the way to the hospital. I received a phone call from my one of my relative. They had just married. I had gone for her marriage.

She knows me very well and me too. She is of an age of 23 and her husband of 27. Her name is Rekha and her husband name is Rajeev. He is a computer engineer. He was very workaholic and bright in studies. He was a rank holder in Pre degree. Rekha is now a house wife.
One the phone call I received, she told me that she wants to meet me personally. As a doctor, I thought may be some personal question as all ladies may have. So I told her to meet me in afternoon. She as not fatty an average beauty. Her figure is 34-28-32.She wore a black silky sari. She was very beauty conscious. She may weight upto 58 or 60 kg and 5.5”tall.
She reaches at 2 pm. I reached home after my duty to 1pm. Afternoon I was free. As my 5 yearold boy was in school and my Husband was on day duty till 5pm. Due to some reason I didn’t has my servant one that week. So there was only myself and Rekha in room.
I gave her some soft drinks from fridge and we started to chat as usual. After some time I asked her what is her problem. I noticed some change in her facial expression when I ask this question. Soon she told her problem. She was really unsatisfied with her sexual life with her Husband. As a workaholic and very brilliant in studies he doesn’t know how to make a good sexual life. As a husband he was very much failure in bed. In all other monetary and family matters he was good. She was also well known about how to make sex. So here both of then don’t know how to make sex. So she needed my help to make them a good sexual life. She had told her husband that she was not getting orgasm. And he too not gets proper relief.

She asked me”Aunty I don’t know anything about sex. Can u plz tell me how it is? ” Hearing this I laughed. She was very free to me. I asked her “What all u want to know from me?” She told me frankly “How babies are born?” I told her that while men semen’s enters through women vagina during the time of sex making or love making. Then she asked me “What all are the Do’s and Don’ts of sex”. Actually I was shocked. I got the idea that she doesn’t know anything about sex and I asked how u makes sex. She told me that it’s really painful and I am really fed up with his activities. I asked her whether U told all these to ur Husband. Then she told me that she had discussed with her husband and with his permission she reached here today. Then I got idea about what is their problem.

I asked her how u makes sex. She told me that when he has mood he will tell me that he wants me today. So we will move to bed and he will enter his 8 inch penis in to my vagina. I was really shocked when I heard about 8 inch cock. My husband has only 6 inch. So I thought what a lucky girl she was? But the things are going like this………

He is complaining that I have some physical problem that’s why I am not getting relief. She told me that she has no problem. But I had a desire in my mind to “SEE HER”. So I asked her that I want to have a check up her right now. Firstly she refused. But I told her that I am doctor and you are consulting with a doctor. So as a doctor I want to have a check up now.
She agreed and I took her to my bedroom. I told her to take a quick bath. I gave her a towel. Then I sat in front of my TV in my bed room. After a 10 min. she opened the door of bathroom and at this time she was wearing her bra and panty covered by the towel which I had offered her.
She was really shy at that time. I told her to lie on the bed. She obeyed. Then I went to near her body and sat near her. I told her that I am going to remove her towel. She allowed me. Then I saw he semi-nude body. What a structure was it? She was extremely good in this dress. She looks more beautiful in this dress. Her breasts were really perfect figure. Her navel was very beautiful and bigger than me. She wore a black color panty and black color brassieres which looks her very very sexy as she was wheatish in color. I said her that I am going to remove her panty also. Then she agreed and I slowly removed it. I saw her cunt. It was hairy there. Then I told her that “U has to clean the unwanted hairs”. She asked me that whether every women do it. I said it is more hygienic and now days every women will do this. Some times husband may tell not to clean there. Some husbands like it.
So I told her to use any good hair remover creams for this. She agreed. Her Vagina was small. I told her that I am going to touch there. And I touch her hairy cunt with my fingers. Then I put one of my middle fingers in to her vagina. But she told that it may pain. So I said that there is one method for pain relief. How can I show u that as you are also women? Then she told me Aunty “plz tell it to me or show it on me. I won’t mis understand u” plz aunty’. Then I told her to remove her bra also. She did it. Really she was a goddess. Her areola is not bigger than me. I told her that “Think me as husband –Rajeev. What ever I am doing on you was actually doing by Rajeev. Are u ready fopr that.” She said “OK”. Now I got the permission.
I started to kiss in her lips. Firstly she hesitates but after continuous 5 min she was also interested. I started to suck her tongue. Now I noticed her changes in her. Her hairs on hand got straighten. This gives me a green signal to move forward. I slowly move to her neck. There I found out her most sexually part of mostly every women. It really works. Then I told her that I am going to change my Sari and want like U. She has some shyness in her eyes. I can understand her feeling really from her eyes. I slowly undressed. She then covered her body with a blanket.
Soon I too undressed. I saw that she was eagerly looking to my body which gave me more encouragement. Soon when I changed my panty I noticed her changes in her face because I was cleaned my hairs. I told her that “U also have to be like this from today onwards.” She agreed.
Then I move slowly to the bed and again started to kiss her. Now she was also in great mood and she started to suck my lips and then my tongue. Then I caught her breast. It was very plumy and smooth. I understand that he hadn’t played much with that. Or he don’t know how to use and make sex using this beautiful breasts. I slowly started to press her breasts. Then she asked me “Whether all men do like this. And her Husband hadn’t cared it”. I feel pity to that man. Then I slowly started to take her nipples in to my mouth. It is brown in color and mine is dark brown. She was feeling this for the first time in her life. I started to suck it really hard. Then I told her” Do the same here also”. Slowly she caught my breasts and started to care it smoothly.
After a 10 min of sucking her nipples I heard some moaning sounds from her mouth. Her breathing has increased and her heart beat had also increased. I slowly take my one hand to her cunt and slowly touch on her “lips”. It was really wet by this time. I slowly parted her lips with my fingers and slowly touch inside. I found that her fingers started to running through my head and hair. Then I slowly touch her G-spot. When I touch her she moaned “aunty I am feeling something great”. Then I told her to enjoy the next steps too. I slowly move my tongue to her cunt. As it was hairy I felt a tempting smell in her even after bath. I slowly began to lick her cunt with my lips. She was now in really mood. With my two fingers a parted her cunt lips and started to lick there. I can hear some sounds from her mouth. Then I slowly inserted my middle finger inside her. With a great pleasure she began to moan really hard. I then understand that she is now moving to great pleasure. Then I inserted my finger in her cunt in to and fro motion.
As my speed increased, she loaded cum in to my hands with making very loud voice. I slowly inserted my two fingers in to her. As it was lubricated, my fingers went inside very easily. I again did on her. Now I can see her really wet and I with my tongue drank all that in her cunt. Her cunt smell is really different not as mine. I liked it very much.

Then I ask her ‘How was it?’ She told me that she hadn’t got this much pleasure in her life time. I said her that sex is one think to enjoy. There is no Do’s and Don’ts in sex. But doing sex must be looking through the partner’s interest only. She then started to look at my cunt and she found it different from her and as I am a mother of a kid and it is not as small as her. She asked me “Does your husband do all these?” I told ‘yes’.

I told her not to tell what ever happens here to anyone even her husband. She also took promise from me.

But after a week I again got a call from her that she and her husband wants to meet me. I thought they are coming to me for thanks giving. But I was wrong. She had told every thing to her husband and even though he is not more aware of sex. So he wanted me to explain it to him. I was really shocked. But suddenly I thought of his 8 inch cock.

That story in next time. Or those who mail me, I will send then personal. How I taught These couples to make sex by Demonstration.

Looking mails from you all : dr_jayathri_devi {AT}

Bye for now