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Universtiy friend

Universtiy friend
By: Rao
Hello dear friends. I am shakeel again. This story begins when i take admission in hamdard university in karachi, i was studying i.t there. My father is a rich business man.i like sweet and cute gals having big boobs. Faiza was the girl in my class that i like to make my friend. But she was so reserved and decent that i always hesitate to talk with her. I am much thank full to our teacher madam naheed , she gave me an opportunity to talk and make her my friend. It happened in july 1997 when teacher gave us a project report on pakistani web sites, luckily her class roll number was next to mine so teacher make a group of three with consecutive roll numbers consisting of me, faiza and iffat. I was very happy and asked her after the period that what is your program about the project report. She called me in library after classes.We met in library. Iffat was also there we three start working and divide the work.After two days when our initial work ended we again met in library and i told them that now its time to visit some places for interviews and collection of data from several points. Both eastern girls said that they must get permission from their homes before going with me. I said ok.At night both iffat and faiza called me home and said that they get permission from homes and next day faiza called me in her home to pick her. She told me her address and give me her phone number. I was very happy for my luck. But believe me no bad dreams were in my heart for faiza . I just want to make her friend as in this age all guys want. Next day i reached in her home. Iffat was already there. Her mother call me in their drawing room and ask about me and my family as she was an eastern lady and she wants to met with me. She said that her husband who is lt. General in pakistan army and very strict also allows her daughter to go with me .We went for our project in various places including psb, epb, and many other business institutions for asking their views to advertise in pakistani web sites, this was a long process and completed in 8 days. During daily visits in my car me faiza and iffat become good friends. Now it was the last stage of our project in which we find out some websites and give their specifications. For this step i offer them to come my home coz i have latest pc and internet connection. But both girls refused to go as it is natural. So this was decided that i will go to her home.Next evening i went her home. There, faiza told me, that iffat is not available because her father has been injured in a road accident this morning and she is along with him in military hospital. I say sorry on the event and decide to see her father next day.Me, and faiza start surfing on net. I found some mismanagement in her computer. I asked her to manage her files and directories, they are scattered and not properly arranged. She replied that as she is the only child of her parents so nobody is there to teach her computer properly that’s why her files are so disturbed. She went for making tea for me and i start arranging files. I was alone in the rome. I decide to remove temporary internet files and cache files in the internet explorer and netscape browser to speed up her system. But there were lots of jpg images. When i click one jpg image i saw that this was a xxx picture of indian actor shahrukh khan and mamta . I was so much amazed to see this picture. I opened some other picture and it was also xxx. I closed the cache file and search jpg files in the system with the help of find option. And for my astonishment i found a folder named “personal” in which over 250 pictures of indian actors and actresses, hollywood actresses, were saved.I was busy in watching these sexy pictures, my one hand was massaging my cock over the shots and my cock was automatically in standing position, that i found faiza very near to mine. She saw both my hand’s movement on cock and my rock hard cock along with the xxx picture on screen. She hurily shouted ali please…. Close this, its personal.I said ooh i’m sorry, but ….She was so much ashamed and her face was completely red like a tomato as she was caught red handedly. She was nothing to say any word and i was also very much embarrassed coz she saw mines hardness. I then said ok leave this all and give me a cup of tea. She said sorry and give me tea. During the transfer of cup of tea we both saw in each others eyes and we both start laughing. She take promise from me not to tell this to any body , i said ok don’t worry but you should not tell any body what you have seen. She exclaimed with astonishment what? What i have seen ? I didn’t see any thing. I start laughing you know better what you have seen. She smile and said lightly yes first time live. We both laugh loudly. This was the start of closeness between me and her. We again start surfing on net for our project but my mind was busy in those pictures. I asked her from which website she downloaded those snaps. She said you are not a child and guys knows much about these sites... Don’t bother me. I replied i have seen such pictures but not of indian celebrities. She said i am much amazed by watching nude and xxx pictures specially of juhi, madhuri, and kajol. Because these actresses were mines favourite. I said oh no don’t believe in them these are not real pictures. Somebody make these pictures in coreldraw drawing package. She didn’t believe and insist that these were original pictures. But i said no faiza these are not original. She was not accepting this so i opened a picture to show her the tiny difference. It was the picture in which shahrukh khan was fucking mamta. A condom was on his cock and his cock was 100% inside the pussy of mamta. I said look faiza here from the neck see this tiny line which shows that face is pasted later. And saw that the complexion of mamta’s body and face is different. She was looking little agreed . I then opened a magazine from her reck and show her one snap of mamta and said look her figure. Its original figure, in the magazine. And her boobs are 36 and in xxx picture its smaller then 32. She smiled a while and said you are very expert in measuring figures of girls. I laughed yes i know your figure too. She said not possible. Mamta is nude that’s why you judge her figure how can you judge mines? I said ok bet with me. If i told you your correct figure what will you give me? She said ok bet , what you will ask i will give. It was very sexy situation and i don’t want to waste such golden opportunity. I said ok turn your duppatta off to take a look of your boobs. She slightly hesitate but turn her duppatta off. I saw her boobs from all sides and said wow you have a very sexy and my favourite figure, your size is 34. She opened her mouth to say something but close her mouth and start smilling and said you are an evil genious man. How you know that. I said don’t ask this question and now its your turn to fulfill the bet requirement. She was now little horny , a xxx picture was open on the screen and a smart guy was in her room wearing a loose short and a sleeveless t-shirt and talking about her boobs. She said i didn’t refrain ok ask what you want. I said i want to kiss you on three places.”She shouted what …what …are you mad? You are in my home, my mother and my grand mom is in the home, servants are in the home and you wants to kiss me? I said that’s foul, you promise for that.She said “yaar samajhnay ki koshish karo”, its not possible.I said its not possible for me to stop my self , go and saw your mother and then tell me. She said you are very “ziddee” and then leave the room. She came after two minutes and said you are very lucky mom is going with the servant to csd and will be come after an hour and only my grand mom will home after five minutes but she is sleeping in her room. But you promised me that you will only kiss on three places not more than that .ok?I said don’t worry. She than asked what are the three places?I said my first kiss will be on your red sexy lips and it will be a french kiss, She smiled and second? I said little below from lips..On my neck? She asked , No on your 34 boobs, i replied she closed her eyes and take a long breathe and asked in whispering style Where third one? I came near her and close her from me and put my one hand down and touch her pussy over shalwar, and move my finger below to upward from the line of her pussy and said here. She screamed with joyfully with still closed eyes. Ccccccccccccc shakeel pleeeese. I said go, and check your mother and grand mom and don’t waste this golden time.She said she has gone i heard the car engine’s sound. I did not believe and saw from the window no car was in the porch. I lock the room’s door and came close her. And start kissing on her red juicy lips. She replied positively i insert my tongue in her mouth and she suck mine’s tongue. My hands were on her shoulders. We kiss for almost 3 minutes then i came on her neck and kiss all over ther , i slightly move my hand from the back of her shirt and i feel the back knot of her bra. I start moving the knot from back side, then i put my one hand slightly on her left boob and start massaging her boob over the shirt and her bra. She shiver and stop the movement of my hand on her boob with her hand and said shakeel pleeese.. That’s not good, i remove her hand from my hand and said yaar faiza come on enjoy this one hour ,and place my hand completely on her boob and this time i remove her bra over her qameez and squeeze it like a rubber balloon. She only said uuummm uufff no.... Shakeel please stop please…but i pull her and gently sit with her on her bad now i insert my hand under her qameez and first time touch her boob. She moaned a little cccccccccccc, i start playing with her nipple and with boob ,pressing, pulling and squeezing she was not resisting me ,but not playing with me. So i press her on the bad and i climb on her she was lying on the bad and i was lying on her. In this situation my hard rock cock was naturally touching her pussy over her shalwar and i first time feel satisfaction on her face.Now i pull her shirt up, this time she resisted no, no shakeel please but i use power and pull her shirt powerly, and said “tumhari shirt phut jaaee gee, isay choor do” she stop resisting then. I pull her shirt up now her one boob was seeing because i bring it out from the bra and second boob was hidden under the bra, she wore a net bra and was looking very sexy in this situation. I lay on her and start playing with her boobs, remove the bra and gently kiss on her nipples and take them in my mouth. I take a bite with my teeth on her nipple and she moaned loudly “uuuuffff please araam say karo”. I kiss a lot and on her boobs and press them like women press flour before making breads. She pull my face on her boobs this shows that she is very much hot and now wet.Now its more then 15 minutes i spent on kissing and playing with her boobs and my hard cock tease her pussy over her shalwar. And these were the golden moments of my life. Now i moved downward on her shalwar. I put my hand on her rope and try to open that rope but this time she resist powerly and said no shakeel . Not more like that. Please go to your home. But i was not ullo ka patha, i said faiza come on i will not do any thing in your lower i just want to see you. Please faiza don’t afraid trust on me, by saying this i pull the rope but she hurrily stop me and said no shakeel no…. Plz, it was very difficult for me to control on myself coz i was enjoying precum in my cock and precum was demanding cum. So i powerly pull the rope at once and said just let me see your pussy. Her shalwar was open and she was nude in front of me lying on the bed. She put her both hands on her eyes and start weaping” tum nay mere deekh leee. I hate you shakeel i hate you.” I forget her tears because her cute small nicely termed pussy was in my eyes. I put my one hand on her small pussy hair and feel them she produce a sound ccccccccc.. But this time not refraining me to touch her pussy. This was encouraging so i asked her, ‘can i insert my one finger in your pussy”She didn’t refuse but said, “tumhari ungli kharab ho jaigeee”This was clear indication for me that her only hesitation was not to show me her pussy, but when she is exposed in front of me all these things are nominal and she wants to enjoy her first experience. I slightly put my middle finger in the lips of her pussy and insert a little and start licking it. She produce a sound uuummm i insert more ..and more and she produce more uuummmm and more uuummmmm. Her pussy was 100% wet with her precum and i was feeling on my finger now i insert my three fingers at the same time and she she shout uuuffff shakeel please …aah . I start fucking her pussy with my fingers and licking it with toung she start moaning shakeel .. Bahut maza aaraha hai plz or zoor sa chatoo isa pura khajaoo. Aaah uumm her such sounds make me more horny and i pit out my fingers and start fucking her with toung i increase the speed of toung fucking suddenly i stop the movement and open the rope of my shalwar and down it …she asked with fear what you are going to do with me?I replied i m licking your pussy and you are enjoying now its my time to get enjoy. She asked what can i do? I turn off my shalwar and shirt and give my cock in her hands and said come on masterbate my cock. She asked how to do masterbation?I said, “do same thing as i m doing with your pussy”. She first hesitate but later give perfect movements to my cock as she is already perfect in masterbating. We make 69 position she is masterbation my dick and i m licking her pussy and she is making sound like ahhh ohhhhhhh uuuuuuuuuuuuuuffffffffffff, i kick her deep in pussy and fast sudenly she take my dick in her mouth and start sucking it. I got shock because she is sucking my dick like an expert.Now i said that its time to get real fun in the last episode. What? Is any thing left? She asked.I said now its time to make you women from girl.“no shakeel ,itna he kaafi hay? Please mujhay fuck na karna. Main barbad ho jaon gi? I m only 22”I replied , “yaar is kam kay lye 22 saal ki age bahut kafi hai. And believe me you wont be pregnant any time , trust me faiza” but she refuce it, i request her that ok i dont fuck u, i just rub my dick on ur pussy and make u and my self cum, its my promise i dont enter my dick in pussy after some risistance she agreed and say that just rub it dont enter it in me, i make promise to her.By saying this i remove her shalwar completely and put a pillow under her back. She was now looking confident. And looking agree to taste her life’s achievement. She said you are looking expert in such matters. I m sure, that you are not virgin. I said no i m virgin but i saw many xxx movies that’s why i m perfect.I open her legs, and put them in my shoulders and slightly touch her pussy with the top of my cock and rub dick with pussy she again start enjoying it her pussy was to much wet due to wetness some time my cock slightly insert in to her pussy or woo maza sa tarap uthiti.Shakeel plz muja chood doo plz bhut maza ay raha ha plz shakeel plz, i refused her saying that i promise u i dont fuck u becasuse i dont want to brack my trust and promise. She seem to much hot and push her hips up and my tip of dick insert in her pussy i also enjoying it to much she said shakeel please mat tarpaoo abb too maina khud under kar diy ha abb to muja jawani ka maza day doo.I said don’t worry .janoo tum ko ayasa maza doon g ka tum sari life yad rakhoo gi apni phelai fucking. I insert my cock a little more and push it roughly . It goes inside with touring all the hurdles in her way. And faiza shout”hayeee margai” actually this was the pain of her himen wall that was broken by my cock. I start playing my game by inserting and pulling the cock in her pussy.due to her precum it was more lubricant and easy in movements. She was enjoying her first fuck but on my each insertion she was producing sounds like aaaah uuummm cccccccc alliiiii . I m fucking her harder and harder, deeper and deeper or she hold my neck with both hands and push my body to her very tightly and she her body become lose this is her discharge time and i m to away from discharge i contine her fucking and she again got hot and enjoying my very movement and stock i m very near to discharge and she again discharge now its my time to discharge so i pull my cock from her pussy and went on her boobs and start boobs fucking. She enjoyed a lot in that. And said lagta hay tum nay bhe boobs fucking wali movie dekhe hay, so i said her to kiss my cock and suck it and drink cum. She refused to do that. But i insist that if you didn’t drink cum you can be pregnant at any time. How shakeel tell me. I didn’t hear this before. I said its true, you can ask it by any friend. So i give my cock in her hands and she starts sucking. I shifted my load in her mouth and on her face . She womit a little but i said faiza drink this all. This will save you from pregnancy. But she didn’t believe and ran on bath room and wash her face and body.Aftyer 10 minutes we sat on a sofa. Computer was on in which shahrukh khan was fucking mamta. We both saw the picture and start laughing. She came near me and hug me and give me kiss on my cheeks and said aaaj is shahrukh khan ki picture nay mujhay tumhary hatoon larki say aurat bana dya hay. Shakeel thank you very much. I will never forget these moments. I love you jania plz muja choor na mat tum jo kahoo ga main karoon ga. I kiss her again and said janoo i love you.When ever we got chance we enjoy our life one day iffat saw us enjoying sex and how she join us i will tell u in next story.we enjoyed fucking for 3 yrs. Until she went to quetta as her father posted there.Please mail me on

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