Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kutte se chudai

Hi all Indian Sex Stories fans.Myself Suman Sil, I am a Bengali boy of 27 working in a multinational company. As I have internet connection in my office, so everyday I see Indian Sex Stories site and I have read all the erotic stories.Today I will share with you all,my exclusive experience which I think no one has ever seen. As I am working in a big company so I am very mobile.I have to travel in many places to give trainings to the new comers in our organisation.

This is a true story,about one year ago I have to go to mumbai to give training.My office had booked a room in a four star hotel but as my closest friend was working there so I cancelled the booking in the hotel and called up my friend at mumbai, he was very happy as we will be meeting together after a long time.On the next day at Mumbai Airport my friend with his sister came to receive me.I saw her sister,she was now full grown up and was looking the most sexy.We took a cab and went straight to their house.After taking refreshment I went with my friend,he dropped me at my office.I came back from office at 6.00 p.m. My friend was still in his office.I talked to his mother,in fact I was looking for his sister who was busy in her studies as her exams were coming.She is a student of Bio-Chemistry.Next day was Sunday,Suddenly some close relative of my friend met with an accident,so all of them went to hospital. Only Rima (my friends sister) stayed as her exams are coming nearer.I was watching TV in first floor.

Suddenly it came to my mind why shouldn’t I go and chat with Rima.So I Came down to the ground floor.I went to the bathroom,while I was going my eyes went finding Rima Through window.I heard some moaning sound from inside her room.So I peeped through the window.What I saw was really unimaginable.Rima was full naked and was inserting a penis toy inside her FUDDY and her big dog was sitting and watching her on the sofa in front of her.She pushed and pulled the toy for about 10 minutes.Then she called up her dog “TOMMY AJA UPPAR”. The obidient dog obeyed and climbed over her. The dog started licking her cunt.She started moaning loudly.After a while she ordered the dog to put his lund inside her.She holded the dog with her both the hands and started to pull it towards her.I was watching the whole game and my lund was in my hand which was continuously licking water.Suddenly it came to my mind and desperately I entered into her room.By my surprise her room was unlocked and I entered into the room.Seeing me she pushed the dog away and covered her FUDDY with her both hands.I asked “KYA KAR RAHI HO”.she was frightened and couldn’t speak, so I again said “KUTTO SE MARWA RAHI HO KYUN”.She smiled and came towards me and gave me a hot kiss.I started kissing her lips.Then I told her to go to the bathroom and wash her FUDDY.

She went to the bathroom which was adjacent to her room.She came back within 5 minutes, I started opening my shirt.She came nearer to me and again gave me a kiss.I was already out.I started kissing her.My hand went over her VERY TIGHT AND BIG BOOBS and I started messaging her nipples.She went down and opened my pant and underwear.Holded my dick tightly and took it into her mouth.She started sucking furiously.After 7 minutes I was about cumm.She told me that I can cumm into her mouth.I cummed,She took the whole cream into her mouth.Now it was in my turn, I went down towards her FUDDY (This word I love to say),It was covered with deep forest.I put two fingers into the FUDDY.She was moaning “AABE O BHANCHOD AAPNA DANDA DAL NA”,After 5 minutes of fingering I inserted my 7 1/2 INCH dark brown DANDA into the deep valley. It was very tight,She shouted “AABE O GANDU BOHOT BARA LUND HE,BOHOT LAG RAHA HE.I inserted my full lund into her FUDDY.She was not a virgin which I came to know later, so she was not bleeding.I started pumping and after 19 minutes I increased the rate of pumping.When I was about to cumm i asked her “BHITAR GIRA DO KYA AAPNE SPERM KO.She replied “DAL DO NO PROBLEM”.I cummed into her FUDDY, She was looking very satisfied and said “BHAIYA AAJ BOHOT MAJA AAYA,KUTTE SE MARWANE KA KUCH MAJA NAHI AATA HE,LEKIN PHIR BHI MAIN DAILY RAAT KO EEK BAAR KUTTE SE MARWATI HU”.Again she said “BHAIYA KYA AAP MERA GAND MARNA PASAND KARENGE”.I agreed readily and put my lund into her GAND.After that I fucked her thrice on that day.

I have fucked a lot of girls and women in my life but RIMA’s chudai from a dog will be a memorable thing to me forever.Any girl or married women can write to me at penis_underwear {AT} or lund12345 {AT}

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