Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brother Licks Little Sister

I read a story on the net which reminded me a lot of what happened between my sister and me about eight years ago. I must add that she is happily married now and that nothing of this sort has happened in about seven years. I had forgotten all about it until I read that story.

First, let me introduce myself: I am an Indian guy, 31 years old now, I am about 6 feet tall, 160 lbs, with short dark hair. I won’t go into the background about where I am from in India since that is irrelevant here. Almost all Indian people are the same when it comes to having strict family values and even talking about sex with your sibs or parents is considered a crime worthy of social abandonment. It is the taboo that makes sex so appealing and you almost feel like you are playing with fire when you even fantasize about sex and your sister happens to be a part of your fantasy.

The lord knows I have fantasized about every inch of her body and grown up jerking off to mentally crafted images of her ever since she hit puberty and ever since I noticed the little mounds on her chest develop into B-sized lobes of love. Ever since I saw a brand new women’s razor appear in the bathroom, I knew the little angel had sprouted into one fine woman! She shaved. And something told me she shaved more than just her armpits. My sister is four years younger than I am. She is not particularly hot but she is cute nonetheless. She is petite, about 5 feet 2, about 95 pounds, with nice, supple B cup breasts with large dark brown nipples and a shapely body, and an ass so big, it is worthy of a grand prize, considering she is an Indian girl and no offense, but Indian girls aren’t exactly blessed with black genes when it comes to butts. My apologies to all Indian female readers but I am sure even you guys would agree.

As I mentioned, this stuff is from about 8 years ago. We had recently come to the United States with our mom and dad and had started school together. We used to live in Boston then, since my father is a professor and he had been recently granted professorship at Tufts, which is a just outside of Boston, in Amherst. He is a smart man, very intelligent and qualified but he barely made any money for us to get by. When he got a chance to move to the United States, he brought us all with him and being a traditional Indian family, we all lived together at home. The first apartment that had been allotted to us by his university was a two bedroom hole in the wall, with no living room and a half-ass kitchen. The bathroom was the size of an airplane toilet and almost every wall in the apartment had at least a million cracks. Even the wooden floors made squeaky noises when you walked on them, and if you walked with reckless abandon, stomping your feet like my sister, you would start praying that the floor doesn’t collapse and you don’t end up in the bathroom of the person living underneath you! Needless to say the apartment had no air-conditioning, no sound or water proofing and the locks on bedroom doors served more of a decorative purpose than actual locking or protection. My mom and dad took one bedroom and my sister was given the other. I ended up on the couch in the tiny living room. However, I was allowed to leave my clothes and my stuff in my sister’s bedroom.

Sorry for the long intro. As I said, the apartment was so small, you could hear almost everything going on in any other corner of the house. Mom and dad used to work and my sister and I went to school. I used to get home early since I was in college and she was still in high school. I knew her routine by heart. A sex-starved young man, new in this country with little knowledge of English, I was stuck with her: the only girl who existed in my life at that time, my sister Nisha. She used to come home every day and went straight to her room. This is when the fun started to kick in.

I could hear her take off her shirt first. The movement of the clothes was clearly audible in the living room which was right next to her bedroom. Then she took off her pants. I would just picture her unbuttoning, unzipping, and then wriggling out of her tight jeans, undressing in front of the mirror. She would step out of one leg, then the other. I knew now she was standing only in her bra and panties. This is when my hand started to creep towards my crotch. I could then hear her reach around her back and unhook her bra. She took it off and then went for her panties. The panties used to just roll off her ass easily as I didn’t hear any sound but I could tell that she was lifting her one leg and out, and then the other side came out. Now I knew she was standing there, buck naked in front of the mirror, only about 4 feet away from me, but in the other room. So close but oh so far! Then she used to put on her Indian clothes at home. First she got hold of a clean bra, then she put her shalwar (loose bottoms) on, and then the shirt. Indian girls usually don’t wear panties at home. The shalwars are very loose and the long shirts usually reach way below their butts, so you cannot really tell the shape. Anyway, this used to be my routine everyday: wait for her to get home, listen to her rip her clothes off that warm, young, supple and vibrant body, and I used to just lay on the couch, with my hands in my pants. Then I used to get up and just walk to the bathroom and finish it off. The incidents I am about to describe started happening about a couple of months after I had gotten used to get myself off from the sounds of her changing her clothes. Several incidents before that led up to me ending up in bed with my sister, with her legs closed together, trying to stop my cock from entering her doorway to heaven, half resisting and half allowing me, saying “No bhayya, no” but meaning “Yes bhayya yes, fuck me as hard as you can, for as long as you can.”

One day she came home from school and went to her room as usual. I was on the couch, pretending to watch TV. I used to keep the volume low so she didn’t notice the drop off in volume when I muted it while trying to listen to her change. As the norm was, she went in, took off her top, then her pants, then her bra and then the panties came rolling off. Usually she would just pick up another bra and continue to dress up but that didn’t happen on this day. After her panties came off, there was a pause. I was just waiting for her to put a new bra on but no. I had muted the TV, listening intently. This time, I heard her walk. Then I heard her sit on the bed. She was in her room, naked from head to toe, and instead of putting clothes on, she was laying on her bed. The bed creaked, and I could hear her stretch out. I do not know what she did on the bed. But she laid there for about 15 minutes, then got up and put her clothes on. “She must be really exhausted and maybe was trying to relieve some stress”, I thought to myself. This became the daily routine, however. She used to always get naked and then relax on her for a little while.

The routine changed then. One day about 5 minutes after she had retreated to her bed, naked, with nothing on, ‘relaxing’ as I had thought, I heard her bed move. I heard the sort of creaks that you hear when someone changes sides on an old bed while sleeping. But the creaks weren’t intermittent. This was constant shaking. The bed continued to shake, in a slow rhythmic motion at first and then fast. Then a little faster, and then so fast I had no doubt in my mind what she was doing. She was masturbating! My little sister, about 4 feet away from me, albeit on the other side of the wall, lying there buck naked on her bed, fingering her pussy violently. Her virgin pussy, which I am sure no foreign hands had touched… she was rubbing it and manipulating it and doing whatever she wanted to it… This continued for about 20 minutes and then silence! I found my hands inside my pants moving faster as the noises from her bed grew louder. She figured I had the TV on and I probably couldn’t hear her, but little did she know. She finished herself off, got up, got dressed and then came out of the room looking normal.

Her masturbation had become a daily routine now. Except that she took a three to four day break in the first week. She might have been on her period, I don’t know. But then she started doing it daily, with everyday being louder and more violent than the previous.

I was becoming restless like a dog in heat. What would you feel if a hot young girl is getting herself off in the next room and you could hear her shaking on the bed, and you could even hear her moan if she gets too excited! I had to do something. I had to see this. But what if… what if she gets mad? What would she think of me? But no… I had heard and waited long enough.

On a warm summer day she came back from school and went straight to her room. She did her routine and then climbed her bed to masturbate. Then the bed started to shake. First slow, then faster and then violently. Now was my time. I got up, mustered up the courage and just stormed into her room screaming “Nisha, are you ok?? What’s the noise?” And boom!

There she lay, in all her glory. Alone in her nekkidness. Young and warm and pure and juicy. Not a single piece of cloth on her body. Her left hand on her boob, holding the right one. Her legs open wide, her middle finger in her pussy, moving in and moving out when I walked in. She was stunned. She yelled “you fuck! What the fuck!”, and then rolled off the bed as fast as she could onto the other side, and then tried to hide behind the bed. “Were you having a seizure?”, playing innocent.

“No bhai (brother in Hindi), I am fine. You just go”

“But what was the noise? I thought either someone had climbed the window and was trying to attack you or you were having a seizure!”

“Bhai, NO! I am fine, you just go. Don’t look, I don’t have shit on!”, she screamed. She was now covering her exposed chest with her hands and her lower body was almost under the bed. She had pulled the bed covers over her by now.

“OK, if you say so, and don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, I didn’t see anything”, I said sheepishly and walked out.

I knew that she knew and she knew that I knew what had happened. She got dressed and came out.

"Suno bhai,", she said. (listen, bro).

I did not look at her at first when I heard her coming out of her room. I was sitting on the couch and she was standing near the coffee table. I was pretending to watch TV but I turned and looked at her when she called my name.

I was half aroused from looking at my sister naked and spread eagle on her bed, and half ashamed at myself. It was true that I had lusted after every inch of her body every single day, and just wanted to lick every part of it, but the feeling of guilt from walking in on my own sister on purpose was just too much. The guilt was getting in the way of my horniness. My dick wanted to go up but was still flaccid inside my pants. I just wanted to go into the bathroom and jerk it off dry, but first I had to confront Nisha. So she began:

“Bhai (brother) you knew I was alone in the room and you still walked in”, she said in a low voice.

“But I thought you were in trouble…”

“Oh come on!” she scoffed, “I know you could hear me outside. Did you really think I was in trouble? You knew what I was doing. I live in this dump too. I know you could probably hear me from the fucking kitchen! ”

“What?” I was half surprised and half confused. “Could she be saying what she is saying now?” I thought.

I gasped: “But then why…”

“Well, what the hell am I supposed to do genius? I could hear your hands squirming inside your pants clearer than you could hear my bed shaking, I know what you have been up to, did I ever say a thing? No! And I thought you would give me my space too!”

“Nisha, I … I…” I was looking down, “I didn’t know what you were doing at first, but then when you moaned, I couldn’t resist.” I was in confession mode now.

“Whatever… I will tell Mom.” She said decidedly and I could see my humiliation approaching fast.

“I will tell them you walked in on me while I was changing, on purpose!” She continued.

“I will tell them what you were doing not changing! ok?” I fired back.

“Oh yeah?” She laughed. “And exactly how do you plan on phrasing that to Mom, Big Bro?”

“Well, I will tell them you were touching… yourself… down there”, I stuttered.

“You mean I was touching my pussy. And rubbing it too. Don’t forget that”, She added matter-of-factly, nodding her head up and down, “Imagine telling Mom : Mom Nisha was rubbing her pussy…”

I was shocked at her boldness.


“Yes and also tell them you saw the sheet was wet cuz my pussy juice was all over it”. She was laughing now. And she was staring straight into my eyes.

Was she going crazy?

“Nisha stop playing mind games,” I said loudly.

“Well, if you didn’t mind me playing my physical games so much, maybe I wouldn’t have to play these mind games with you!” She had a sarcastic smile on her face. “So go ahead, tell Mom… call her now!”

“She will have dad cut your dick off you fucking pervert”. She continued. She was literally giggling now.

This was the first time in our lives we had talked in this kind of language. Heck, this was the first time we had even discussed our personal lives with each other, let alone using words like pussy and dick. I wondered how my 18 year old virgin sister had learned these words in school so quickly, and where.

“OK I won’t tell Mom, but why would you tell her I walked in?” I sounded like I was pleading and God knows I was getting ready to do just that.

I was cursing myself for thinking with my dick instead of my head! I was saying all sorts of prayers and was seriously planning on getting a life if I just got out of this mess with my sister. I promised myself I would get a job and never ever think about my sister again! Heck, even if I had nothing to do, I would never even stay home while she was there! But I had to diffuse the situation which was at hand right now.

“Look Nisha, we both knew what we were doing, so let’s just forget it, OK?” I pleaded. “I am sorry I thought like that and will never think like that again about you, let alone seeing you like that…”

“Bhai”, she looked straight at my face. Her smile had vanished.

“Tum ne mujhe dekh liya uss tarah”, she said, in a very low tone, looking at me straight in the eyes. (You saw me like that)

“Haan (yes) Nisha, Sorry, I swear I am…” I couldn’t complete the sentence before she cut me off:

“Ab tum jab bhi dekho gey aisee hi socho gey na? Ke mein kaisee lag rahi thi nangi?” (Now whenever you see me you would imagine what I look like naked, am I right?) She was looking down now.

“No! No no. Past is past. Kabhi nahi (never agan)” I said in a firm voice.

“Jhoot. Aur tum ne to sab kuch hi dekh liya!” (liar, you saw everything)

“Nahi Nisha…” (no)

“Meri tangein bhi spread theein, khula view tha! Tum ne neechay bhi dekh liya…….. Ab mein kiya karuun” (my legs were open too, you had a clean view, and you saw everything down there too, oh my! What would I do now!)

“No I didn’t! Your hand was covering…”

She picked up a magazine from the side table and threw it at me before I finished the sentence… But I continued as I dodged the flying object.

“Nisha so what? You are my sister, and besides…. Probably Mom and Dad did it too when they were young! I am sure they did, and I do it just as much, sometimes twice a day” I replied. I was trying to be calm now. I really wanted to soothe her and rid her of the agony she was in. “Yes I really do!”

“You have no shame Bhai!,” she said, looking down.

“Nisha, it is natural and you are human, and I am human, right? And don’t tell me your friends don’t do it!”

“I don’t talk about it with them,” she said quietly.

“Well, ask them. I am pretty sure they do it twice a day too and you are feeling bad for no reason.”

“You are hung up on twice, what’s there to get out of it anyway! God I feel like a loser!” she was looking down again.

“Nisha, Nisha… You are so cute, why do you feel this way! I told you it is totally natural, and your friends do it too.”

“Yeah but their brothers don’t walk in on them!” She fired back.

“Then maybe your friends are ugly and their brothers are not attracted to them!”

There. I had said it, admitted my lust after her indirectly.

“What the hell?” She laughed! “Why are you attracted to your sister? And what’s there in me anyway. You are just… horny, Bhai”

She laughed! It looked like the topic was changing to masturbation rather than my supposedly hideous act of seeing her naked, and I was all for that! And subconsciously I had managed to change the topic to her looks and flattered her by saying she was cute. Flattery always works like a charm. I smiled inside.

“I guess I AM horny if I do it twice day!!” I laughed too. She was looking up now, straight at me.

“But why,” it sounded like a genuine question.

“Cuz it feels good, why else? It relieves stress. And it’s so soothing,” I replied, “Why do you do it?” I asked.

“It relieves stress? What are you talking about? It’s so stressful and I feel so tired after this, what do you think?” she ignored my question.

“So listen…” I said. I had my own agenda in mind. My dick was throbbing right now and I was making a conscious effort to crouch up my knees on the couch so she didn’t notice the bulge in my pants, although I did ultimately want her to see it, and do things to it of course.

“You heard me. Right Nisha? You are very cute and don’t ever say that you are a loser for doing something natural.” I said forcefully.

“Yeah I guess you are right Bhai, but you could have said it without having to walk in on me,” she breathed almost a sigh and then sat down on the couch with me, on the other end. I turned around on the seat so I could face her properly.

“Nisha I am sorry… It’s just that I couldn’t control myself and the thought of you… there… was …”

“Well what are you gonna do now that you saw me there? Were you turned on?” She asked.

“Yes I was turned on, of course… I mean, you looked like an angel”

“You perv!” She laughed.

“No seriously. I have to go do it myself now.” I said.

“So you are attracted to me,” She continued.

“You look beautiful, Nisha”

“So you are gonna go and jerk off now thinking about me?” She was smiling, “You know Bhai, that’s a very good complimnent. Cuz you know you are pretty cute yourself, and coming from you, I feel flattered. So you always think about me when you do it?” She asked.

“Sometimes,” I replied sheepishly.

“And what sort of things do you think you are doing to me when you think about me?” she continued her questions.

“Just you rubbing it down there and just thought of you naked is enough”

“Rubbing it here?” She said with a wicked smile and touched her crotch.

I gasped, but I regained my control and said:

“Yes Nisha.”

“And then you touch yourself here?”

She was sitting right next to me anyway, and she just reached over and grabbed my hard bulge which was poking out as I was talking to her. I gasped again. She grabbed it and squeezed it. And then she giggled:

“You are so hard! Does it always get this hard?” She asked, “I have never touched one before.” She was still holding it from outside my pants, and touching the base trying to gauge the length of it.

“Yes. The hornier I am the harder it is. And longer,” I laughed shyly.

She laughed too.

“Well…” She said in a long tone.

And then there was a pause. She kept staring at my eyes.

“You have seen me Bhai, now I want to see yours and see how hard it is.”

I laughed and said “Ok, go ahead, it’s pretty hard”. She kept stroking it from outside the pants, and then slowly lifted my t-shirt up out of the way. Then she reached up and unbuttoned my pants. The zipper was loose so the pants went down a little. She opened the zipper all the way and my dick was now only hidden by my boxers.

Suddenly, I gave it a little jolt and the wet head of my dick peeked through the slit of my boxers…

“Ahhh. What the..” She jumped away, laughing and giggling.

“Oh my God Bhai, aap ne to dara hi diya tha mujhe ke yeh kiya hai kala kala”, “oh my God you scared me how that dark thing just popped out of the fly!).

She was literally holding her stomach she was laughing so hard. But then she stopped and said:

“Ok ok ok lemme calm down. And lemme see it,” saying that, she moved closer to me again and reached for my crotch. While she was laughing, I had just laid back with my arms raised above my shoulders and my prick sticking out of my boxers. It was a funny sight. But I was aroused by the fact the girl I had lusted after for so many years, albeit she was my sister, was about to touch it. Just this thought was enough to make my dick just burst out with cum.

She went ahead and grabbed the boxers and slid them down a little. I picked up my butt and slid up on the couch a little more so she could slide my pants and boxers down completely. She took them off as I lifted my legs up. I was now naked from the waist down, with my bare ass cheeks on the hard couch surface. But I didn’t mind one bit. I couldn’t believe I was exposed to my sister who I had longed for all my life.

She was now looking at my dick intently. She hadn’t touched it ever since it came out of the boxers. I guess she was a little taken back by the sight of a live cock in front of her. She was a virgin after all, and I was pretty sure this was the first one she had seen. She kept staring at it for about 30 seconds, then looked at my eyes and said in a hoarse voice:

“Mein iss ko haath lagaoon gi to kiya ho ga?” (what would happen if I touch it?)

I laughed : “Kiya hoga? Kuch nahi ho ga. Lagao haath”. (What can happen? Nothing at all. Touch it.”

Seeing me smile, she felt a little embarrassed. She thought I was making fun of her and probably wanted to show me she wasn’t scared. So she inched closer to me on the couch and then touched the tip. My cock sprang again but this time she was ready and wasn’t startled. She giggled a little though.

“The tip is so soft,” she giggled and then gave it a little twist with her two fingers.

“Ouch!! Aray aray aray!!!!!” I yelled. (ouch! Whoa whoa whoa), “Nisha it hurts!!! Araam se!” (Slowly)

She giggled again and touched the tip softly this time. Then she grabbed it with her hand and started moving her grip up and down the shaft. She was fascinated by the foreskin moving back and forth and how the tip kept moving up and down. I am not circumcised but I don’t have a lot of foreskin. The tip is half visible. Her soft hands were the greatest thing my dick had ever experienced. Her touch was amazingly sensual. She was just exploring it but little did she know that she was jerking me off. She kept moving her hand up and down, fascinated by the big acorn shaped tip of my dick. I was fully aroused and was ready to burst. And I did.

My whole body jerked a little, my cock stiffened, and just about when she realized that it had hardened and was going to ask me why, I came. And cum, I did! It just zoomed out from under the foreskin, splattering in all directions. This was some powerful and multi-directional cum. Even though she was sitting next to me and not in front of me, she got quite a big load on her chest. She screamed and moved away a notch, saying “Oh my God! Shit! What the fuck is this?”

I was just sitting back and moaning. My cock was still hard and cum was all over its sides.

“Yo Bhai, what the fuck man!” she giggled.

“Sorry Nisha I came too fast,” I smiled.

“Wow that’s a lotta cum, and look what you did to me.”

I looked up and could see cum all over her chest, right above her tits. She didn’t get any on her shirt but her shirt was pretty low cut and she was pointing to the area right above her tits.

She was now feeling the cum between her fingers.

“It looks like liquid glue,” she continued to make her funny comparisons.

“Yeah!” I laughed too.

“Girls don’t cum like that you know,” she was trying to educate me now.

I played along. My cock was still sprung open by the way, and she was still feeling and smelling the cum on her fingers.

“Oh really? So how do they cum?” I asked matter-of-factly.

“It’s much less of a mess,” she smiled, “But our warnings are much stronger! You didn’t even like… shriek or anything”

I laughed: “I wanted to surprise you”

“Yeah now look what you did to me, this shit is all over me, now I gotta shower all over again”

“Your touch was so soft and pleasurable Nisha, what could I have done? I am so jealous of you. You do it with your soft fingers and here I am, stuck with my big ass hands.”

“I wasn’t trying to make you feel good! Don’t feel too happy, ok?” She laughed. “But you enjoyed it?”

“Why else do you think I came so hard? I haven’t cum this hard in my life!” I stressed my point.

“Well, I am glad I could help Bhai. Now will you help me clean this off?” “Sure.” I got up. I was still naked from the waist down and my cock was still hard. I was now standing with my cock pointed straight at her face, since she was still sitting down.

She laughed, “Put your friend down.”

“I can’t! I am still hard!”

She giggled, then got up, got a grip on my cock and pulled it towards her.

“Ok come and help me clean up.”

It was a funny sight. I was now walking behind her and she was holding me by my dick. I guess she really liked the feel of it.

She walked ahead, I followed and we entered her bedroom.

“Help me take my shirt off but make sure it doesn’t get dirty”, she instructed and turned around.

“OK”, I said. I moved up and was now standing behind her. I made sure I was close enough to her and now my cock was poking her jeans covered ass crack. By now we both had subliminally decided that we were comfortable with each other being naked. I had already seen her naked, she had already jerked me off, well… kind of. And by now, all taboos had disappeared.

I unzipped the back of her shirt and let it fall down. It was one of the long shirts Indian girls wear. Her back was open now and I could see her black bra strap. I moved my hands towards the front of her body, and pulled her shirt down. I brushed her boobs while doing this and made sure than the cum on her chest didn’t touch the shirt material. She helped me pull the shirt down and stepped out of it. She was only wearing her jeans now.

I then moved around her and was now facing her. She was just standing there in her bra, staring at me. I grabbed a tissue. She didn’t move a bit. I moved closer and wiped the cum off her chest. I was so close to her that my naked hard cock was now poking her pussy from outside the jeans. I kept ‘cleaning’ her chest, moving my fingers up and down and around, touching her cleavage, touching her neck, then I ventured down under her bra, and pretended to ‘clean’ it. I had now dropped the tissue and was caressing her boobs from outside the bra. She broke the silence and teased:

“The bra was clean, it was inside the shirt, remember,” she laughed.

I stopped immediately and dropped my hand, and just stared into her eyes. She smiled, took my hand and put it back on her chest.

This was a signal! I played with her tits for a while, then just threw her onto the bed. I was now on top of her. She was laughing and giggling. I then looked in her eyes and locked my lips onto hers, all the while playing with her tits. She kissed back violently, and our tongues were now wrestling inside our mouths. I moved my hands under her back and unhooked her bra. I was now sliding her bra from under her back and as soon as it came off completely, I pulled back from kissing, and stood up on my hands above her.

I was now staring at her B sized mounds of love with her erect nipples looking back at me. I had heard these beautiful organs call out my name ever since I had noticed her wearing a bra for the first time. I knew I would just hug them and suck them and caress them as much as I can the first chance I got. Now I had that chance and it felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

She said: “What happened?”

“Nisha, you are beautiful”

“Pagal” she laughed (you are crazy!)

Then she pulled me towards her and planted her lips on mine and shoved her tongue in my throat. She wanted me! I kissed her back and my hands were now all over her tits. Her large brown nipples were now fully moist and erect. I moved down and licked them.

“MMM… salty.”

She laughed. I took my fingers and poked her nipples inside her boobs, she moaned slightly. They looked like large buttons. Only they were soft, brown and wet. My dick was oozing pre-cum and it was now all over her jeans and a little bit on her cute tummy.

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