Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sex with my Phupo

Hi my name is sham and the story I am about to tell you is true. This happened last year. Ever since I was young I always fancied my phupo (dads younger sister), who is 35. I always used to look at her breasts and ass every chance I used to get. Her breasts always seemed very big under her blouse. I always used to dream of seeming them in the flesh. The many sleepless nights I have had just by looking at her are impossible to count. I always used to think that may be she knew that I was glaring at her body and then I stopped going to her house because of this. But last summer I went to see her after about six months because I was longing to see her beautiful body again. When I got there I could not see her, I thought may be she had gone out and was very disappointed. Then after about 15 minutes she came out of her room and to my surprise she was pregnant!! I didn’t even know!!

This made me even more horny looking at her big stomach and I could see that her breasts had swollen up, even though they were covered by her saree. She seemed a bit embarrassed as she realized that I was surprised to find out she was pregnant. She already had two kids. How I wished that I were the father of her unborn child!

She left to go to the kitchen to make some tea for me and my two young cousins went out to play. I just sat on the sofa for about ten minutes on my own. I then build up my courage to go to the kitchen and talk to my phupo. I went and sat on a chair and just watched her make the tea that she gave to me and then she started to cook some food. We talked a little, with my eyes always on her body, I did not care is she knew that I was looking because I could not control myself.

She started cooking and she did not realize that her saree had moved completely showing her big swollen her breasts which hanging out of her blouse, the sight of which made me want to go to the bathroom immediately and spray my load. But I could not get up because she might notice my hard on. I kept on looking at those beautiful breasts, those big dark nipples. I wanted to fuck her there and then on the kitchen floor.

Then to my surprise she suddenly looked at me an realized that I could see her big breasts and her swollen stomach clearly, ours eyes met and she grinned at me shyly. I nearly died of embarrassment. I tried to pretend that I was not looking at her, but the game was up. She said to me if I had a good look. I said that I was really really sorry and could not help but look at her beauty. To my surprise she said that it was all right and that she had realized that I kept on looking at her whenever I see her.

She said to me that her boobs had grown too big for her blouse and always stick out now and asked me if I wanted to touch them to feel the swelling. I jumped up and started to touch her nipple, she just closed her eyes and did not say a thing. I could not help it and just put her nipple in my mouth. With which she gave a little moan. I could see that she was enjoying this and ripped her blouse buttons off in excitement to show me her whole boobs, they were magnificent, I stared to caress them and suck them wildly, a little bit of milk came out of her nipples which I licked off. Suddenly my 4 year old cousin came in and asked what we were doing, my phupo calmly told her that I was checking to make sure she was not feeling ill and told her to go back out to play.

I calmed down and did not want to be disturbed again so took my phupo’s hands and took her to the bathroom, which was next to the kitchen and locked the door. She said to me this was wrong but I said to her that I always loved her and it was all right. I slowly took off her saree and lay it on the floor. Then I slowly laid her on the floor and started to take her petticoat off and kissing and licking her whole body. Then I took off all my clothes and she guided me into her pussy and I just pumped and pumped until I had come inside her. I had never ever cum so much in my life. After ten minutes I fucked her again ensuring never to put any weight on her stomach so not to hurt her baby. Afterwards she said she was glad that we did it because she had not had sex for three moths because her husband did not like it because of her big stomach. What a shame I thought, he just does not realize what he was missing. She said he did that every time they had a child. I told her not to worry from now on I will service her whenever she is pregnant.

The good thing is that she is pregnant again and my job will start again for another few months!! would like to say thank you for submitting this story :8)

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