Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Fucked All Of Them

I Fucked All Of Them

By: Durgesh

I am an Indian Hindu…I love humanity however…I have more Muslim friends than the Hindus…Ahmad was one of them…I was astonished when one day Ahmad asked me bluntly,"Durgesh! Have you ever fucked my Ammi?""What?" I almost jumped."Ashok told that he has seen you fucking my Ammi.""What nonsense, Ahmad!I haven't fucked Safiya auntie ever.""Ashok told me it when my sisters Fatima, Ayesha, Khadeeja,Kulsoom, Ruqayya,Zainab,Wafa,Vaqa and Azra were there."I laughed and winked at him lewdly."I have fucked all of your sisters, but I haven't fucked Safiya aunty ever.""If you have really fucked all of my sisters, why did you not fuck my Ammi also?" Ahmad laughed, "Damnfool! You should have fucked my Ammi first, so that she could not object why you are fucking all her virgin daughters.""Ahmad!""She is alone there.""What?""I say my Ammi is alone there, go to her and fuck her as skillfully as you can. Fatima told me you are expert in fucking and she had forced you to fuck all her friends Jameela, Meharunnisa, Mahjabeen---"I again winked at him."Fatima is a fool. I fucked her because I wanted to fuck her friends Jameela,Meharunnisa, and Mahjabeen.""So it is the reason you are my friend?""What?"

"You befriended me, because you wanted to fuck my extremely beautiful sisters and their equally beautiful girl friends."I was serious now."You are right, Ahmad!I wanted to fuck all of your extremely beautiful sisters and their equally beautiful girl friends. I could not do it without befriending with you.""I did not know you are really my sisters' friend, not mine.""Well, I'm your friend also." I said gravely."Also?""Also." I repeated without any remorse or hesitation." Ahmad laughed…I looked at him in perplexity…"Ashok did not tell me that you have fucked my Ammi.""What?""He told me you befriended with me to fuck my extremely beautiful sisters and their equally beautiful girl friends.""So you lied to me?" I was angry now."I have a right on you more than others, my dear Durgesh! I am your 'Joroos' Bhai now. Haven't you heard ever-'Saari Khudai ek taraf aur Joroo ka Bhai ek taraf?"I laughed."Saale!""Yes, I'm your Saala now."Suddenly Safiya aunty appeared there."Durgesh! Come with me. I want to talk to you about something very serious."My Penis hardened at her melodious voice…Ahmad noticed it and smiled at me…"safiya aunty were more beautiful than even her extremely beautiful daughters.

My Penis always responded whenever I saw her…Her voice was very sweet and musical…My Penis responded even on her voice."What are you thinking my boy?" safiya aunty again addressed me, "Come on."I was thirty two years old now…Begam Safiya Saiyad was eighteen years elder than me…Her eldest daughter was thirty years old while the youngest, Azra, was twenty one years old…I fucked all of her daughters as if they were my duly married wives…They did not marry because their marriages were actually hinderences in our otherwise smoothly working sexual intercourses and our social relationship…I went into Safiya aunty's bedroom with her…As soon as I entered there with her, Begam Safiya Saiyad closed the door from inside."Sit down." Begam Safiya Saiyad said…I sat on her bed…And looked at her questioningly."Fatima, Ayesha and Khadeeja are pregnant, Durgesh!" Begam Safiya Saiyad told me gravely."So they have told you that I am their illegal husband?""I'm not blind, Durgesh!" Begam Safiya Saiyad said gravely.
"It's all right, Safiya! What do you want?""Will you marry them?""Marry Fatima, Ayesha and Khadeeja, all the three?""Why not? You made pregnant all of them. Did you not?""Safiya darling!--"Begam Safiya Saiyad laughed."I'm not your darling! My daughters are your darlings."I pulled her into my lap.Begam Safiya Saiyad laughed with delight."Hindu Playboy! You want to fuck your Safiya aunty also?"I kissed her crimson red lips."No body can say you are fifty years old, Saali! You look as if you are Fatima's elder sister.""What do you want?""Can't you see even now? I want to fuck you."Begam Safiya Saiyad kissed me full on my lips with extreme delight."Allah! Allah! After all these lonely years, once again?""We haven't another solution, Safiya! I'm a Hindu. I can't marry more than one girl."Begam Safiya Saiyad laughed and grabbed my Prick."So?"

She looked into my eyes naughtily."So marry me and tell all of them that you are pregnant, not Fatima, Ayesha and Khadeeja.""In this age of fifty years?""The age can be explained. I will come to the house as your husband and all your daughters can continue to live with us."Begam Safiya Saiyad undressed me, took my Penis into her extremely beautiful mouth and started to suck vehemently."And whenever any of daughter will be pregnant again, it will not be she. I will be pregnant apparently."I undressed her and kissed her beautiful smart cunt.Playing with her nude gorgeous buttocks, I smiled."It is the only possible course left to us."And then I started to fuck Begam Safiya Saiyad as if a beer gone mad.

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