Thursday, December 25, 2008

Sex with my husband's friend

Hello friends, I am back with my new story. I am Dr. Sheetal (sex specialist), 32, and married with two children. I am whitish, well built, with large boobs and long hair. My hubby is a salesman and often leaves me and station on duty. His absence would be so long that I sometimes feel left sexless. My hubby has a friend who visits him at our house. They used to discuss their jobs and work in our PC. He is tall and handsome, and married too. His name is Satish and is younger to me. We live in an apartment in the outskirts of Hi-tech city. Satish also stays in the same locality but our houses are about five minutes away by a mobile. It was on one such occasion when my hubby was out of town. After sending my son off to school, I shut the door, did the dishes and was about to go to take bath. Shortly, there was a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Satish. He said he has some work and would like to use our PC. I said okay, let him in and shut the door. The PC was in our bedroom. I asked him for tea but he refused saying he just then had. I told him that he could work on the computer and excused myself away saying that I was going to take bath. I had removed my clothes and was taking the bath, when I heard a knock on the bathroom door, or so I thought. I wasn’t sure if I heard it right, so I closed the tap and called out whom. There was silence. Then I opened the tap and continued bathing. The knock came again. I wrapped a towel over my breasts and slightly opened the bathroom door to see who it was.

Satish was standing stark naked, his erect cock ticking. Shocked, I shut the door immediately and asked him to go away. Inside I was scared what to do. After sometime, I realized I have stopped bathing and started thinking about this man and his handsome and thick dark cock. I got hot and began to finger my pussy. My breasts’ nipples hardened and could be easily felt through the towel. I opened and felt the nipples like hard rubber. I squeezed the breasts with both hands and ran my hands all over my body from the neck down. Unable to bear the heat I was on, I wrapped the towel again and slowly opened the door. He wasn’t there. I slowly stepped out, and peaked at the bedroom. He was sitting before the computer, still naked. The monitor displayed porn pictures. He was watching porn picture galleries. I went up to him slowly from behind. I put my arms around his shoulders and felt his hairy chest. He looked up behind. I smiled and bent down to kiss him. My long hairs fell on him. “You want me, don’t you?” I asked. He nodded. I asked him what he would like to do. “Will you do what I want?” he asked. I said okay. He then got up and pointed at his erect cock. “Touch it!” he said. My hand reached down and felt his penis. It was warm. I closed my hand over his long cock and shook it gently.

Leaving it, I lied down on the bed and signaled him to come to me. He came over and began kissing me. Head, forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth. At mouth he bit my lips. The touch of his body made me hotter. I was giving out sighing sounds when he began to kiss and bit my neck. I was moaning when he went downwards running his mouth all over. I held his head and my legs were kicking slowly. He went down on me and to the abdomen and beyond. I clutched the pillows and sheets in ecstasy. He continued kissing and sucking my thighs, knees, legs, ankles and feet. He also licked between the toes and sucked at them. It was when he licked the bottom of my feet when I tingled. He appeared an expert lover. Then he buried his face between my thighs. I lifted my butt in sheer ecstasy. He licked the pussy hair and bites the flesh in tiny bits. Then he ran his tongue over the vaginal line and began to lick. I was in heaven. Now the tongue was inserted deep inside and was trying to reach the deepest. I held his head and pushed hard to my crotch. I was oozing and could feel the juice being lapped by this man. After sometime he lifted his head away and was quite breathless. His nose, mouth and cheeks were moist with my cum. He sat on the bed to rest for a while.

I got up and hugged him close and put my mouth on his face where the juice was spread. I licked him dry and kissed his mouth. Then I reached for his hard penis and stroked it. It was nearly 10 inches long. I made him to stand up on the bed. I now knelt before him and held put my arms around his thighs and began to kiss the head of his cock. He held my head and was caressing my hair. I closed my mouth over his thick penis and rolled my tongue over it a hundred times. He was giving moaning sounds. I knew he liked what I was doing. So I continued. I now tried to take the entire cock into my mouth, but it was too long. I persisted and let it slide down my throat so all his long cock is fully in my mouth. I choked but I decided to give him this pleasure and more for what he had given me. I now removed and again took the cock inside my mouth slowly. This I did gently and lovingly. The cock became thicker and thicker with every sucking. He held my head and was pushing it towards him so that the cock went deep inside my mouth and throat. Now he began to fuck my mouth.

My mouth ached. But I didn’t show it. I let him enjoy this. My mouth was dripping with saliva. I was growing tired. I removed the penis and rolled it all over my face. Then again I put it in my mouth and sucked. I bobbed my head now faster. In time, my hero withdrew and splashed hot cum all over my face. The cum also fell into my mouth which I tasted and swallowed. He jerked out all juice on me. I then sucked him clean and dry. He fell on the bed exhausted. I went to the bathroom and washed my face. We both then lied down in each other’s arms and dozed off. After about half hour, we got up. He told me that I have an attractive body and had wanted to have sex with me for a long time. He also told me that he used to fantasies having sex with me and that the dream came true that day and thanked me profusely. I also told him that I enjoyed his foreplays and that his long and hard cock turned me on more fully. Satish left after we had some tea. Hope that you had enjoyed my story.

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