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By: satish


Hi reades this is satish from Hyderabad ,I am 26 yrs of age and I married to jaya 2yrs back she was 22yrs(now) of age, with shapes 29-24-29,exactly,I am a programmer in a IT company .I am very opened to sex before marriage I had sex with 3 girls, in that two girls are my engg classmates one girl was my neighbor I had made my neighbour girl swarupa pregannt and she got from a local doctor,my relation with 2 classmates like lovers and they did very thing to satisfy me,one girl name is rani too innocent she thought I will marry her another girl swathi is a bitch has many sex affairs with many people, ok ,I cheated only rani by saying no for marriage, swarupa got married 4yrs back I don’t had contact with my classmates. Ok coming to the present story, I had no outside sex after marriage. My wife lost virginity of her love hole and hot hole(ass hole) by me at first night.But I got doubt about her because she seemed to know all formalities like pussy licking breasts sucking and pressing etc,I asked about it she said she did those things with her friend divya. During our 2 yrs sex we DONE all sex enjoyments ,I never doubted her till last month.

i came back from banglore to get a couple of training sessions ,she was not at home I called to her cell she said she was at home not knowing that I was at home I said I will be at home by less than one or two hours I waited inside my bedroom she came in wearing jeans and T-shirt (MY WIFE WEARS ONLY SAREES) and with a GUY ,after that my wife talked to him to leave her immediately and wait for her call,He said “lanza nee moggudu lakapotha nannu kavvalli vaddu vasthe nenu povalli”(YOU BITCH U NEED ME WHEN UR HUSBAND IS NOT AVAILABLE WHEN HE CAME I HAVE TO GO).My wife replied”nekku yami thokuya chasanu ,I love u annavu okka naa pukku meda thapitha annittimee dha nekkuu palliki mundha powers eechhaa,palli tharavathi maa ayyani mosam chaseeeeeeee nekku pukku kuda ichasanu pagga yappudu chance vachiinia nee korikalanu theruthunanu Yakkadiki ramanta akkadiki vasathunanu yalla dress chasukomanta ala dressvasukuni nee tho thiruguthunnanuupagga neetho sex chasthu video kuda theganu avvunale meeku anathachasena saripodhu”,(what less did I do to u,u said I love u I gave entire rights on my body except on my pussy before marriage and after marriage by cheating my husband I gave my love hole to u,whenever I got chance I am satisfying all ur needs,I am with without asking any question and wearing wat ever dress u like and I also done sex wih u before cam ,u males will not get satisfaction how much we do)For this he replied” yeeddee yappudu unde godava kani,dvd, photolu safe ga dhaee “ (this argument is come for us,keep the dvd and photos safely)and he left our home .

After that my wife changed to sareee and kept her dress in a suitcase and kept it in the kitchen(our kitchen contains a sla at up to keep waste things),she went for bathroom and left the bed room and went out.after 30mins I returned back to home and remaining s as usual,,that night while fucking I asked her for swapping she said no,I went to office next day and planned to know what my wife doing going when I was not in city. Firstly I want to check the dvd and photos ,so I kept leave and went home ,she in home and didn’t seen to be surprise, we got into bedroom and started the fucking game,meantime our landline phone rang and there is a message for my wife to come to her village for our relatives daughter festival.i said had work at office and she went alone To her village after that I went to kitchen and opend the suitcase ,the photos are with my wife’s illegal bed partner, Those r not soo vulgar as I expected just like hugging ,kissing,a couple with his hands on her breasts ,the dress r two jeans,0ne t-shirt ,one modern jackets which cover 25% of breasts ,two pairs of dress which are like towels every thing can be seen though one wore them they too short may from half the boobs to just enough to cover buttocks,I got the dvd and kept it in computer,it will some time to explain what in it because it is 2 and half hours time.

My wife dressed in pink color dress(just covering buttocks from below and half of her boobs)then she sat on bed and spread her legs wide open and started inserting her middle fingure in to pussssy,she said to her illegal partner “puka bagga golla chasathundhee ra nee lover ki kastha help chaeee”he replied from back of camera”yami chayaalli chappu”,she said”lavada nekku kotha yappudu chasae help chaee,”He adjusted the camera in zoom and went near to her he sat back of my jaya such that she is in between his legs. He started massaging my wife’s boobs, she kept her both hands on his hands, after 5mins he undressed jaya,
And went again to camera now she slept on bed and started exposing her back, beating her buttocks with her palms too hardly, exposed her hot hole and inserted her middle fingure, and started moving as if some one fucking her ass hole,I think this made my wife’s ex-lover too hot he kept cam some where such that their entire bodies are visible.HE climbed on her and started fucking her hot hole, after about 10 mins he collapsed on her,I think he exploded in her ass and after that my wife started to dance nakedly before him she seemed to be too hot and dancing includes some movements like some one fucking and as if she is bitch.there is discontinuity it seems it is some other room (may be my wife ex-lover’s living room.

she was sitting very close to him who had one of his hand upon her left breast caressing her. She was making small squealing noises in anticipation for what going to happen. One of her hand went directly to his zipper, which she opened and took out his penis, which was quite soft at that time. The head was covered with a prominent foreskin. My wife started toeing it and played with the foreskin covering and uncovering the head. My wife was wearing a jeans and bra, he is wore a blue color jeans, he then took my wife’s jeans, bra(red), and panty(red) made her fully naked. MY jaya guided his head towards her pussy,it is not visible what he was doing, I think he licking or fucking with tongue,jaya moaning like anything ,after a few minutes he got up and my wife made him nude and took his lund in to her mouth she sucked like a hungry dog and she removed it after 5mins and he exploded on her face,they they went for doggy style and he fucked jaya for at least 15mins.The remaining section of dvd is same course with slight angle changes.I decided to watch the show live and without their knowledge.After my returned from her native village she was too hot and she dragged me in to our bedrom and behaved like a bitch till I fucked her, first time I spoke to her in very vulgar language she seemed to be enjoyed the change, I asked her that I will shoot our love making she said yes,before that she must accept for swapping ,she said no s,she replied”neennu thappa yekaavarytho nannu sex chayyannu”

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