Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Friends Sexy Mother

While I am studying my Degree Ist year, I met a guy and we soon became friends. Later he took me to his house and introduced his widow mother Rajeswari and Sister to me. By seeing Rajeswari , I could not believe my eyes. She is a Sex Bomb and having good measurements 36-27-36. She is aged nearly 38 and her breasts are shaped round and firm, and her decent face will attract every male. She is working in a Private firm as an Accountant and goes to her office by walk. After that I came to know that many guys follow Rajeswari and watch her breasts and ass and comment on her beauty in vulgar language. Rajeswari is away to her sex life for the past two years and is unable to control her sex needs, since the guys� words and their looks were bothering her too much. Ofcourse she needs a good fuck but she is controlling her feelings, since she has two kids � One male 18 and female 17.

Soon I became a member of their family and everyday I use to go to their house and chitchat and I used to call Rajeswari as �Mother� . After getting in close touch with her, ofcourse used to call her Mother, I could not stop fantasizing in her name every night and watching her private parts. When we both are alone and Rajeswari is in bathroom taking her bath, I did not miss the chance of watching her nude body through the door hole made by me, and I used to watch her sweet face, huge breasts, flat stomach, hot red pussy, thunder thighs and her round ass. But I didn�t have the dare to get into the bathroom and fuck her to my entire satisfaction. I used to masturbate watching her taking bath and jerk off. I got the chance to watch her nude body in bathroom not less than three times in a week and her nude body got printed in my mind.

Rajeswari is also waiting for a hard fuck and the lack of sex for the past two years is burning her body and she wanted it badly. She didn�t know that Seshu is watching her nude body whenever she is taking bath and sometimes she even used to finger her pussy while taking bath and it gave a odd feeling to seshu on her behaviour.

One day Rajeswari applied for leave since she is not feeling well and was all-alone in her house. Her thoughts were getting hot and her pussy started itching. She thought of all the guys who followed her and whatever they commented on her breasts, ass, pussy etc. and slowly her hands went on to her pussy, started rubbing it on her saree itself and it gave her immense pleasure.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was Seshu. Rajeswari welcomed Seshu and within minutes, he went to take his bath. Seshu started taking his bath and the sound of water gave Rajeswari a new kinky idea. She wanted to watch seshu taking his bath and his wet dick and get little satisfaction by watching a male dick. She forgot all her decentness and now she wanted to get a clear view of a dick and satisfy her wild thoughts, which are in her dreams.

She slowly walked near to the bathroom door and searched for a hole through which she can peep in and succeeded in finding the hole through which Seshu used to watch her taking bath. She peeped in and shocked at once. Inside the bathroom Seshu was stroking his dick and is ready for a climax. He is dreaming about fucking Rajeswari daughter Sweet Sunitha and masturbating.

Seshu �Ummmm..My bitch..come on..let me fuck you hard and hard..Your breasts are making me mad baby..I want to eat them and suck them madly..I want to break your sweet pussy with my hot dick and make you suck my dick..� saying so Seshu was stroking his dick fast and is ready to climax.

Watching the scene, Rajeswari lost her voice. Her eyes widened and breasts were shaking with sweet pain. She though Seshu was a innocent guy and did not anything about sex. But seeing Seshu masturbating in her bathroom, she thought he was masturbating dreaming about fucking her in the bathroom and really turned on that. She didn�t get angry on him, but She wanted him to fuck her in real life too. Immediately she got an ugly idea. She wanted to seduce him and make him beg for a fuck. Knowingly, she made a noise and ran into the room. Hearing the noise, seshu stopped stroking his rod, peeped through the hole and found Rajeswari running from the bathroom like a Young girl of 16 years old. He felt shocked, knowing Rajeswari watched him stroking in the bathroom, through the hole and quickly understood that Rajeswari was waiting for a hot fuck and it was his day. He quickly finished his bath, came out dressed in lungi, into the bed room.

There was Rajeswari lying on the bed with an yellow saree, yellow petticoat and yellow blouse on her sexy body. Seshu started looking at her body wildly and Rajeswari caught him watching and her eyes dropped on his pant zip, which is tight enough by now.

Rajeswari �Seshu..what are you searching on my body..� asked him.

Seshu �Mom..I want to sleep..but where can I sleep..�

Rajeswari � Come and sleep on me..�

Seshu �On You..wow..is that true..Can I sleep on your sweet body�

Rajeswari �Shut up you little rascal..come and sleep on my bed besides me like my second husband� she invited him to her bed.

Seshu went and slept on the same bed, touching her body and her body perfume is making him wild. Both their thighs are rubbing each other and they are waiting for a break.

Seshu �Mom..I didn�t even dream, I could sleep beside you on the same bed, feeling your wonderful, beautiful body..�

Rajeswari �Come on Seshu..don�t say that..You could have done it much earlier..�

Seshu �Mom..Can I ask you something�

Rajeswari �Sure..ask me whatever you want..Now only both of us are in this house and there are no one to watch us..You can ask whatever you want..and I will satisfy you..�

Seshu �Raji ..My sweet Mother..I want to kiss you once..�

Rajeswari �What..you want to kiss me..O.K. I will agree..but tell me where you want to kiss me and on which part of my body you want to kiss me..� her voice became very low and was talking seducing. She didn�t even mind Seshu calling her Raji instead of Mother and she enjoyed his calling Raji.

Seshu �If you insist me then I will tell you..but you should not say No to me and should not scold me..and I want to give you not one kiss but kiss you on your entire body..� his voice too became low and shivering.

Rajeswari �Sure..I will never say No to you, but I want you to tell me in detail where you want to kiss me..on which parts of my body and I want you to describe it..� her body started shivering when she was taking in such a way and her breasts were longing for a nice pressing from Seshu.

Seshu �Raji..How to tell it..You are such a beautiful woman..I want to plant my kisses on every inch of your body..I want to kiss your eyes, nose, cheeks, lips, neck and I want to kiss your total beauty..� he turned to her side and started watching her sexy body.

Rajeswari �Ummmm?Seshu..Your words are making me wild..tell me more..tell me where else you want to kiss me..I will allow you to kiss me without fail..But I want you to tell me without any hesitation..�

Seshu �Rajeswari..I cant tell you more..But since you are insisting, I am telling you. I want to kiss on your saree which is hiding your round shaped breasts and want to hide my head between those two mountains and then kiss them for more than 15 minutes and then come down to your stomach and kiss your navel..I want to kiss your naked stomach and rub my face on it and then come down to your thunder thighs..I want to kiss between your thighs and burry my face between your sweet thighs..and smell your body sweetness which is hidden between your two thighs..� he came out of his mind.

Rajeswari �Hai Seshu..Your words are driving me mad..I am unable to control myself.. I am like your mother and should not allow you to do all these things. Since I promised to allow you to kiss me..come and kiss me..� she sexily invited Seshu for kissing her body.

Seshu with little courage, started kissing Rajeswari on her forehead, came down to her eyes and kissed them, then her nose, then her cheeks and then his lips turned towards her lips and rajeswari turned her face, unallowing him to kiss her lips. But seshu with his two hands caught her head and started rubbing his lips on Rajeswari sweet lips. He only touched her lips and rubbed his lips on them and within seconds Rajeswari opened her mouth to moan with pleasure and Seshu lips entered Rajeswari lips. Seshu caught Rajeswari down lip with his lips and started sucking it.

Rajeswari �Ummmm?� Seshu felt like in heaven and started tasting the sweetness of Rajeswari mouth and swallowed her mouth juice and his hand slowly was placed on the stomach of Rajeswari and pressed it hard. Rajeswari once again moaned with pleasure. Seshu started playing with her stomach and for about five minutes, he has eaten the lips of Rajeswari and tasted her juices. Rajeswari enjoyed the total show and her pussy started leaking its juice.

Seshu slowly came down and started kissing her neck and much below the neck, he found two firm mountains, which are inviting his hands to press them. He could not wait much longer and he put his head between the mighty breasts of Rajeswari on her saree itself and started rubbing his head on them. Rajeswari breasts started growing wild and his head was crushing them. Rajeswari could not wait much and placed her both hands on Seshu head and forced him towards her breasts. Seshu started kissing on her fat breasts and rubbing his head on her firm breasts and madly eating her nipple and making her blouse with his mouth fluid. Rajeswari is unable to stop him.

Seshu could not control himself and slided his hand down and rubbed Rajeswari stomach and navel point and kept his hand between the hot thighs of Rajeswari over her saree. He got hold of Rajeswari pussy over her saree and petticoat and started rubbing it hard. Rajeswari started moaning with pleasure, and she was crushing Seshu head between her round breasts. Seshu while eating Rajeswari breasts on her blouse, is fingering Rajeswari pussy on her saree itself.

Suddenly to their bad luck they heard the sound of someone knocking their door and they got separated and it was Pradeep their neighbour guy. They talked to him for 10 minutes and pradeep left to his house. After that Seshu did not dare to touch Rajeswari again and they remained quiet for sometime. Rajeswari also could not break the barrier between them and got an idea. Since she saw Seshu nude for the first time in the bathroom, she wanted to start it again in bathroom.

Rajeswari �Seshu..can you please take me to bathroom?� asked.

Seshu �What..you want me to take to bathroom..Why�

Rajeswari �What why..I want to piss..�

Seshu �Ok..but why should I take you to piss..� he asked naughtily

Rajeswari �Nothing Seshu..I am not feeling well..and my body is shivering..I may fall down..So I want you to accompany me to bathroom and help me in pissing..Its OK..If you feel some inconvenience, I myself will go and finish my piss..� saying that she stood up from the bed.

Seshu �Its Ok Rajeswari..I will come..� saying that he stood back of Rajeswari and put his both hands on her shoulders.

Rajeswari intentionally pushed her ass towards seshu and his dick started rubbing hard on Rajeswari ass mountains and suddenly Rajeswari felt seshu dick between her ass cheeks. Seshu started ramming his dick between rajeswari ass on her saree and he started kissing Rajeswari on her neck.

Rajeswari �Seshu..You please don�t come with me..If anyone sees us going into bathroom together..they may misunderstand about my character..� slowly said, feeling the hot dick between her ass and moaning slowly.

Seshu �Why will they misunderstand us Rajeswari..I am taking you to bathroom, but not to my First Night room..� he said rubbing his dick hardly to Rajeswari ass.

Rajeswari �Hai..Seshu..Don�t talk wrong about me..I am not your wife to accompany you to your first night room..or I am not a unmarried woman..I am a married woman, who got all needs satisfied by my husband..How could you talk to me in such a way..I am not your wife or I am not your keep to accompany you into the bed room..� she said naughtily.

Seshu �Then why are you not allowing me to come into the bathroom with you saying that some one will talk bad about us..Let me help you to piss..�

Rajeswari �Not others..I am having some doubt on you..If you take me into the bathroom and held me tight to the wall and lift my saree, petticoat upto my stomach and if you start fucking me..what can I do except letting you to fuck me..or if you throw me onto the wet ground and tear my clothes and start entering between my thighs and insert your fat dick in my body and start fucking me and drop your hot juice in my body.. Are you dreaming to do so..Leave that nasty ideas and be careful..� said wildly.

Seshu �Wow..Rajeswari .I didn�t even think about fucking you in bathroom..If you serious tell me..I will fuck you to your entire satisfaction and will satisfy your sex needs�

Rajeswari �Shut Up Idiot..You are a coward..and I know very well that you cant fuck me..What I mean is..if any one sees us going into bathroom at a time..they will think that - You are maintaining me as your bitch and after the death of my husband, You are satisfying the sexual needs of my body, whenever we too are alone in my house and they will think that Now also you have made me nude and inserted your fat dick in my pussy, fucked me hard and after satisfying me you dropped your cum between my thighs and made me wet and Now we both are going to bathroom to wash the juice you have dropped between my thighs..So I don�t want you to take me to bathroom..Let me go alone..and finish my piss..� said in a sweet little voice.

Seshu �Rajeswari .I am going mad listening dirty words coming out of my mouth.. anyhow lets go into the bathroom..there is no one to see us getting inside..� saying that he just dashed the ass of Rajeswari with his dick.

Rajeswari started walking towards bathroom and Seshu acting like holding Rajeswari dropped one of his hand on her stomach and his other hand dropped under rajeswari shoulder. So, Rajeswari breast is hardly pressed to Seshu shoulder. Feeling the touch of Rajeswari breast, Seshu felt like holding that breast with his hand and pressing it hard. They went inside the bathroom and Seshu after leaving Rajeswari in the bathroom tried to come out.

Rajeswari �Hai Seshu..Where are you going now..I am already weak and If I fell unconscious, who will help me..Stay here..� saying that she without waiting for the reply, suddenly lifted her saree upto her stomach, sat down and started leaving her piss. She didn�t even mind Seshu being in the bathroom or his watching her ass fully nude. She left all her shyness and was ready to do anything for having sex with Seshu. She wanted to make Seshu fully mad of her.

Since Rajeswari lifted her saree up to her stomach and sat down, her thighs, fat ass are fully nude and seshu is getting mad seeing her nude bottom. His dick came upto its extreme level and has a hard on in his lungi. Rajeswari was watching secretly the hardness of his dick in his lungi and getting more wetness.

Seshu �Rajeswari .Being my close friends mother..how could you lift your saree, petticoat up to your stomach and piss before me..I am becoming mad..As you said before, I want to push you on the ground, get myself between your hot thighs and start fucking you hard and hard..� he was ready to do anything for that.

Rajeswari �Seshu .You have no guts to do that..If you are a real male..you would have thrown me on the bed and push your hot dick into my body tearing my pussy and as I said, We would have come into this bathroom to wash the juice you have left between my thighs..� she was encouraging him to do that.

Seshu �Rajeswari ..You are my best friends mother..So only I am hesitating..�

Rajeswari �Don�t talk nonsense..leave it and how much time will you be standing..Come, sit beside me and you also finish your piss..If you want I will help you to piss..With my own hands, I will remove your lungi and hold you dick with my hand and make you piss. Piss wherever you want..If you want you can piss on my body also..Come on Seshu.. why are you hesitating..don�t feel shy..Come to me and piss before me..� she invited seshu leaving all her shyness and wanted to get relief from all her sexual desires.

Seshu also left all his doubts and removed his lungi and throwed it down. Rajeswari watched that through the corner of her eyes and made her lips wet. She is waiting eagerly to get that fat dick into her pussy hole.

Seshu stood back of Rajeswari and slowly inserted his feet below her ass and lifted her ass with his feet, pressing it hard between her ass mountains.

Rajeswari �Umm Seshu..what are you doing..why are you pressing your feet there..You don�t even know what to put there..Come on sit beside me and do whatever you want. Do it with your hands..You can push your hands anywhere in my body..� saying that she acted like casually lifting her hand and put it on Seshu lungi and got hold of his fat dick which is like knife and pushed Seshu to her side holding his dick and acted like watching his dick only then and shouted �Seshu..Why did you remove your lungi.. My God..why is it that fat and lengthy..You son of a bitch..Do you intend to fuck me..No please don�t do that..I beg you..Don�t fuck me here..� she is acting like she don�t know anything, but her hand is pressing his dick and not leaving it even for a second.

Seshu could not tolerate more and sat down behind Rajeswari , got hold of her two ass mountains with his two hands and started pressing them, lifted them and pushed his dick between her mountains.

Rajeswari �Seshu.. what are you doing..You are pressing my ass like atta..I am dying due to shyness..� saying that she turned her face towards seshu. Seshu immediately started kissing Rajeswari lips, sucking sweetness of her lips, and pushing his hands under her shoulders and got hold of her two breasts and tore the blouse into pieces. Rajeswari fat breasts came out and were now being pressed by Seshu. They are kissing each other and seshu is pressing her breasts nudely and enjoying the touch. Rajeswari is also equally fighting with Seshu and put her both hands on Seshu hands and started pressing her breasts hardly. Seshu could not wait more, and got up and lifted Rajeswari also. Now Rajeswari breasts were barely visible to Seshu and Seshu with his two hands started pressing them and put his mouth on one of the breast and started sucking it.

Rajeswari with one of her hand pressed Seshu head hardly to her breast and with the other hand got hold of Seshu fat dick and started playing with it. The touch of Rajeswari hand on his dick made seshu feel immense pleasure and he started sucking rajeswari breasts hard and hard, and sucked her nipple and was pressing the two breasts hardly. Rajeswari was moaning with pleasure sweetly and they both are hugging each other so closely that even air was unable to enter between them. Seshu dick was being pressed by Rajeswari and she was crazy of that size and wanted all that to enter her sweet pussy which was untouched for six years. She wanted her hole to be filled with seshu dick and she wanted hard strokes from him.

Rajeswari and Seshu were unable to wait for even one minute and wanted to fuck each other like wild animals. Seshu started taking Rajeswari into the bedroom and Rajeswari walked with him like a newly married girl. Seshu pushed her on the bed and immediately fell on rajeswari , lifted her saree, petticoat upto her stomach and got between her thighs, pushed his fat dick in the cunt lips of Rajeswari. As Rajeswari was already wet and waiting for his stroke, she easily got Seshu inside her pussy and shouted with pleasure. She put her both thighs around Seshu and hugged him hard to her body. Seshu now started fucking his dream woman Rajeswari

Seshu with all his strength was fucking rajeswari and removed the pieces of blouse on her body and made her breasts full nude and started sucking them and pressing them while he was pushing his fat dick into the sweet hole of Rajeswari pussy. He was stroking Rajeswari ass so hard that there was going a WWF fight. He was sucking Rajeswari nipples and pressing Rajeswari ass with his hands and stroking Rajeswari pussy with his dick.

Rajeswari � Hai Seshu..You are fucking me very good..You are a real man..even my husband couldn�t give me this much pleasure..Hummm..Aaahhhh..Ohhhh..please fuck me slowly..its paining..Uhhh..don�t suck my nipples so hard..My thighs are shivering with pain..� she was giving good certificate to Seshu for his fucking style and was pressing him hard to her body by holding his ass with her both hands and kissing him on his face and sucking his lips. Seshu was holding her both breasts with his hands and fucking her hard tearing her pussy lips apart and going deep into her body.

Seshu �Rajeswari .You are also so good in fucking..(Emi denginchukuntunave)..If you are giving this much pleasure even at this age, you must have given more pleasure to your husband in your younger days..You breasts are so sweet..I am unable to leave them and want to suck them more and more..Felling the wetness coming out of your pussy hold is making me mad..Oh my bitch..Till now I have seen your breasts and pussy through the bathroom door hole which I made..Now they are being pressed in my hands directly..For more than three years..I am fucking you in my dreams..Bitch..now you are my whore..� he was talking all nasty words and sucking her breasts hard, pressing her ass and fucking Rajeswari pussy and entering her body madly.

Rajeswari �Humm Seshu .what are you saying..All these days you are watching me nude without even a piece of cloth when I am taking my bath..You naughty boy..why did you do that..You should have removed your pant zip and shown me this fat dick much before and I would allow you to fuck me like this that day itself..Or else..you should have entered into my bathroom when I am taking my bath nudely and then I couldn�t even shout because I am nude and you could have fucked me in the bathroom itself..You are a coward..I missed you all these days..� saying that she was moaning sweetly and pressing him hard to her body and lifting her thighs to get him more into her body.

Seshu �Ohhhh Rajeswari .If I could get a small clue that you are so hot and waiting for a man to fuck you, I would have fucked you years back..You bitch..I missed you my whore..I should have tasted your pussy juice much before..� saying that he was showing all his anger on Rajeswari body and due to his force Rajeswari body was turning red.

Rajeswari pussy was leaking her juice and her pussy was widened. Seshu was pushing his dick deep into her wet pussy and fucking her hard, while he was sucking and pressing her breasts and stroking her stomach hard. Rajeswari was anxiously pressing seshu head hardly to her breasts and enjoying his fat dick in her pussy hole, which was unfucked for six years.

Seshu fucked Rajeswari harder and harder for 15 minutes and released his hot juice into the wet cunt of rajeswari. Rajeswari hot cunt was fully satisfied by his juice and her total sexcual desires exhausted. She with utmost love, pressed seshu to her body by holding his ass with both her hands and closed her eyes to relax. Seshu also rested his face on Rajeswari breasts feeling his juice passing into Rajeswari pussy hole.

They took rest for 10 minutes. Slowly Rajeswari opened her eyes and she remembered what all happened. Seshu coming to her house, masturbating in bathroom, seeing that Rajeswari getting hot and seducing him by talking all nasty words like a bitch and getting fucked in bathroom by seshu and encouraging him in fucking session..she remembered the entire fucking session that happened and felt ashamed.

Rajeswari lived decently after her husband death..but now she behaved like a whore with her sons friend..If any one comes to know about this, what will they think about her and her character..Will her daughter Sunitha get married..Even what will Seshu think about her..He will think that Rajeswari is a bitch who fucks with everyone. Now what to do..Since she already had sex with seshu..whether to continue or beg him to stop having sex again and again..If she asks Seshu not to have sex again..will he listen or force her to continue the illegal relation..she was thinking and worrying about the consequences she is going to face. She closed her eyes and started worrying.

But seshu was least bothered about her feelings. He removed his wet dick from Rajeswari pussy and cleaned it to Rajeswari petticoat. The sight of Rajeswari red thighs, the hair grown between her two thighs, the juice that he dropped on her hairy pussy made him mad again. He looked after rajeswari. Her eyes were closed and she was thinking something.

Slowly he cleaned Rajeswari pussy with her petticoat itself. Immediately Rajeswari opened her eyes and was shocked to see what seshu was doing. But before Rajeswari could say something, Seshu placed his head between Rajeswari two thighs and started sucking Rajeswari wet pussy with his lips. Rajeswari was shocked. Seshu closed Rajeswari pussy with his two lips and started sucking the pussy lips of Rajeswari and was crazily licking her pussy hole with his tongue. Rajeswari didn�t even have the pleasure of getting licked and even her husband didn�t try that before. She felt guilty for getting licked by Seshu. But Seshu didn�t stop licking her pussy and he started licking even her pussy hair, pressing her ass by both his hands, and was eagerly sipping the juice coming out of her pussy hole.

Rajeswari �Seshu.. What are you doing..It�s not good for health..leave me..A man should fuck a lady but not do such nasty things..even my husband didn�t do this to me..Please get up seshu..I am feeling bad for getting fucked by you and contrary to that you are also licking my pussy like this..Chi..Chi..stop it..please don�t enter my pussy with your tongue..� and she tried to lift seshu head from her pussy.

But seshu with all his force, kept his face between her hot thighs and was licking rajeswari pussy lips and pressing her ass and thighs with both his hands.

Rajeswari �Ummm Seshu..You are seducing me more and more..what are you doing to me..I am becoming mad of you..Ussshhhh..Ahhhh..Ohhh..� she was crying louder and started pressing his face deep into her pussy.

First she felt guilty of what seshu was doing..but now she was enjoying his licking and now she don�t want to leave him under any circumstances. Seshu continued to suck Rajeswari pussy hole for five minutes and he tasted every inch of her pussy and made her mad.

Rajeswari could not hold more and she dragged seshu onto her. She dropped her hand on to his fat dick which was ready to enter her body once again and started stroking it. The moment his dick was in Rajeswari hand, Seshu became tensed. He moaned harder and Rajeswari feeling his dick, left the thought of leaving seshu. Whatever other people may think, she didn�t want to leave Seshu. Rajeswari gave her lips to Seshu and he started kissing her lips and sucking her saliva and the sweet juice coming out of Rajeswari mouth made him hot. He sucked Rajeswari lips madly, bit them and sucked them for 3 minutes. He didn�t want to leave rajeswari pussy and he turned in 69 position. At this stage, Seshu dick was pressing hard to Rajeswari cheeks and Seshu face was between the thighs of Rajeswari. Rajeswari eyes widened by seeing the fat dick of seshu.

Seshu started licking Rajeswari pussy lips and parted her pussy lips with his fingers and started licking inside the pussy. Rajeswari is getting mad by the pleasure she is getting by Seshu licking her pussy and started kissing Seshu fat dick and started feeling his dick with her lips and shouted �Seshu..I cant tolerate any more..come and climb on me.. Fuck me again..fuck me immediately you bastard..�

Seshu understood that Rajeswari could not wait more and climbed on Rajeswari and started removing Rajeswari saree.

Rajeswari �Hai Seshu..why are removing my saree..don�t waste time..insert your dick in my hole and fuck me..� she is begging him to fuck. But seshu didn�t mind her prayers. He completely removed her saree and then unhooked and petticoat and removed it also from her body.

Rajeswari �Seshu..You are seducing me..even my husband didn�t remove my clothes fully like what you did now..I didn�t even allow him to touch me day time. But you removed my clothes fully that too day time..� she shyly closed her thighs.

Seshu �Rajeswari .So I am the first man to make you totally nude..Because he is your husband, he didn�t force you to remove all clothes..But I am your second husband. I will fuck you in any way I want to fuck you..I will insert my dick into your hole whenever I get a hard on?� saying that he once fully viewed the nude body of Rajeswari which is spread before him and climbed on Rajeswari and inserted his fat dick between her pussy lips. Rajeswari welcomed him into her body and hugged him hard.

Seshu inserted his dick deep into her pussy and placed his both hands on Rajeswari fat breasts, started pressing them with all his strength and started sucking the black nipples on her breasts and biting them. Rajeswari also held his head to her breasts and helped him in sucking her breasts harder.

Rajeswari �Seshu .How much time will you keep your dick idle..Get it back and fuck me. Tear my pussy into pieces..You should give more pleasure than what I enjoyed earlier with you..fuck me my boy..� she begged him.

Seshu happily �Sure my bitch..I will fuck you hard and hard..I will satisfy your entire sexual desires today itself..� saying that he took back his dick and inserted again deeply into her pussy and stroked hard her stomach and was tearing her body. Both of them are not having a piece of cloth on their bodies and are hugging each other and fucking like dogs. Rajeswari was unable to tolerate that pleasure and was shouting, moaning. Her lips are shivering and making sweet noises. Her breasts are becoming red and her pussy is giving out juices. Her hands are pressing seshu harder to her body.

Rajeswari �Shhh?Ahhh..Seshu..Abbbaaa..Shhhh?� she was kissing seshu madly and holding his ass deep towards her body and getting fucked. Seshu was holding Rajeswari breasts between his lips and sucking them and fucking rajeswari pussy hole madly. Both forgot about the world around them and fucking like sex maniacs.

They fucked each other for about 20 minutes. For that fuck, Rajeswari nearly got exhausted. For the first in her life, she came to know the real pleasure in fucking. She couldn�t even take her breath. Seshu slowly released his hot juice into Rajeswari sweet cunt. Feeling the juice flowing into her pussy, Rajeswari closed her eyes with pleasure and held Seshu to her breasts and tightly hugged him. Seshu also rested his face on her breasts and left all his juice flow into her pussy and took rest for 10 minutes.

Both of them relaxed and rajeswari gave a sweet kiss to Seshu and said �Now get up Seshu..I am unable to bear your weight..�. Seshu took his wet dick out from Rajeswari pussy and sat beside her. Rajeswari tried to take her saree and cover her body. Immediately Seshu got that saree and thrown it away.

Rajeswari �What this Seshu..please give me my saree..Its too wild..I cant stay before you without even a piece of cloth on my body..I am dyeing with shy..� she closed her eyes feeling ashamed to be nude before seshu exposing her pussy and breasts.

Seshu � Don�t feel shy Raji..From now onwards I am your husband..If you feel shy, how can you get the pleasure from me..� saying that he rubbed his wet dick to Rajeswari cheeks. Rajeswari cleaned the wetness by her hand. Seshu again rubbed his dick and made Rajeswari cheeks wet. Rajeswari again cleaned it by her hand. Now Seshu took his dick towards her lips and placed it on her lips.

Rajeswari �Chi..Seshu..what are you doing..� she tried to deny. But seshu forcibly pushed his dick into Rajeswari mouth and held her hair with his hands and pressed her head towards his belly. With that his dick was inside Rajeswari sweet mouth. Rajeswari tried to remove it from her mouth and seshu didn�t allow her to do that by holding her hair. Seshu fat dick was now in Rajeswari sweet mouth and the wetness on his dick was being tasted by rajeswari tongue.

Seshu �Rajeswari .You only told this is the first time you got this much pleasure in fucking..Now listen to my words and and lick my dick for some time..Taste the wetness of my dick and if you don�t like that..you can stop doing that next time..� saying that slowly he started getting Rajeswari into his way and put his hand on her breasts and pressed them hardly.

Rajeswari also could not say No to Seshu, who gave her immense pleasure for the first time in her life and after all, he is her boy friend (ranku mogudu) and she didn�t dare to make him angry by saying no. So first she started cleaning seshu dick with her tongue and then she started sucking that by holding it tight between her lips. Her nose could not bear the fucking smell she is getting from that dick and she happily smelled it and started sucking it with her lips. She tasted the wetness of his dick and found it tastier and madly sucked it all. She held the tip of the dick with her dick and sucked it madly and tried to insert the whole dick into her mouth and sucked it by fixing her mouth to his dick.

By seeing the 38 years old woman, the dream woman of many guys, the woman who possess the worlds No.1 measurements, Rajeswari sucking his dick, seshu could not believe his own eyes. He even dreamed about her doing that many nights. But that�s in real life, Rajeswari was sucking his dick and he was holding her hair and making her suck his dick like a bitch (lanja) and was pressing her breasts with all his strength. Rajeswari even though at the beginning hesitated to suck his dick, later on after tasting the fat dick in her mouth, was happily sucking it and playing with it with her hands and playing with his balls. Seshu was slightly moaning with pleasure and watching her suck his dick and fucking Rajeswari mouth with his dick and pressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. Rajeswari also was madly sucking his dick and cleaning it with her tongue and biting it with her teeth and sucking it at the edge and drinking all the wetness of the dick and tasting the juice whole heartedly.

For about 5 minutes Rajeswari hungrily sucked Seshu fat dick and she left the dick slightly biting and asked Seshu to fuck her again. Seshu got between her thighs and parted them far away and placed his dick on her pussy. Rajeswari with her hand inserted it in her pussy lips and asked seshu to push it deep into her body. Seshu pushed it into her pussy hole and started fucking Rajeswari again madly. They both fought for about 30 minutes madly and this time Rajeswari breasts really turned red for his sucking, pressing and her pussy also was unable to hold much longer and she really got exhausted by his fucking. They both released their juices at the same time and slept in each other hands and took rest like that up to evening. Rajeswari was so exhausted because for the first time in her lift she got fucked three times, that too daytime. She slept like a newly married girl, on the chest of Seshu holding him tight to her body and placed her thighs on his thighs.

From that day onwards, Rajeswari character was entirely changed. She started dressing like a young girl. Whenever she saw seshu, her body started arousing her sexual desires. She waited for the second; she can undress and get fucked by seshu. If she could not a chance to fuck and if her children are their in the house, she would ask Seshu to come into Kitchen on some reason and would kneel before him, unzip, take his dick out and suck it to her entire satisfaction. She would eagerly drink the juice that flowed out from his dick without leaving even a single drop and would rub the wet dick on her lips after it exhausted and would rub it on her entire face.

Seshu also used to seduce Rajeswari more and more whenever he would get the chance. If some one is there in the house, he used to press her ass secretly or insert his hand into her blouse and play with her nude breasts and pinch her nipples. When she is in kitchen, he would hug her hard to his body and kiss her lips, suck them and drink her juice coming from her mouth and stroke his dick towards her pussy. He would lift Rajeswari saree, petticoat up to her stomach and rub his dick on her pussy. So, Rajeswari became a slave of Seshu dick and used to wait for Seshu to come and fuck her pussy hole with his fat dick. Whenever there is no one in the house, Rajeswari used to ask seshu to fuck her and she got fucked in all positions and Seshu even fucked Rajeswari in her ass also by using coconut oil. Rajeswari shouted with pleasure and pain, and after her first time in ass, she loved his ass fucking and weekly once she used to get fucked in her ass. In the morning she used to get licked by Seshu, in the afternoon she used to get fucked by Seshu, in the evening she used to suck Seshu. This became their routine and on Sunday, seshu used to take her to his friends house, fuck her till afternoon and they would enjoy in his friend house fully nude and Rajeswari used to suck Seshu dick and drink his juice eagerly. Rajeswari left all her doubts about her character and what people will think about seshu and she turned to be his bitch. She didn�t even mind Seshu calling her a bitch while fucking and she loved to listen such words and asked seshu to call her more and more.

Like this, Seshu made Rajeswari his bitch and used to fuck her every day nearly three times. While fucking, he used to treat Rajeswari like a bitch who used to fuck for money. After that his eyes fell on Rajeswari daughter, 18 years old Sunitha . He wanted to fuck her also on the same bed on which he fucked Rajeswari, and this is another story.

Hope all of you would have like this real story, which happened to me with my best friend Mother Rajeswari . She is real sexy goddess and I enjoy every second with her and every inch of her body. Even now, I am fucking her and she sucks me madly. Of course now we are fucking weekly three days only, because of her children and Sunitha also sharing her mother�s boyfriend (i.e. myself). Sunitha is now married and have a kid. But she is still continuing her illegal contact with me and whenever she comes to her own house, we would have a great night. Rajeswari being my slave, never said No to any of my fucking requests, and would fuck with me any time, anywhere. At nights, when we both are sleeping all alone in her house and after finishing our fuck, she used to sleep on my chest and take rest feeling me as her husband.

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