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HI READERS INDIAN-STORIES.COM is a site where you can share true encounters of
life.This is my first submission & a true incident.
My name is Sunil. I am a 17 years studying in college. I want to share with you my
strange experience of sex. During summer vacation I went to visit our nani (maternal
grandma) in Lucknow with my mom & younger brother. I was totally naïve about sex. I
had on few occasions seen my few close friends teasing girls and masturbate in the
school toilets but I have not tried this. Being of shy nature my friends used to
bully me into saying what I will do if a girl comes and ask you to fuck u Innocent

After few days my nana ,mom and brother went to attend marriage in Kanpur.Nani
was not well so I was asked to look after her .They had gone for 4 days so I felt
lonely. I didn’t know any1 there. could not do much as nani was sick. To tell you
about nani she was smart and good looking , had lovely figure with huge and sexy
boobs. She was 47yrs but looked younger.

I had seen her boobs once while she bent
for serving food but no such evil thought came in my mind. On the first day while I
was sleeping in my bedroom with cooler on I heard some noice from my nanis room.
Slowly I went to see I found my nani and Ranjana the maidservant aged 35 yrs were
indulged in lesbian act. Both were nude. Door was open as I entered. They were
shocked to see me. Maidservant tried to hide her nude sexy boobs and chut behind
curtains. Nani told her to come out. Nani looked cool. She asked me to sit on the
bed. I was dumbfounded as I saw nani nude with her huge
boobs and the clean shaven pussy. She did not try to hide. I had not seen any
woman nude before. This made me crazy. I sat on the bed. Nani smiled at me as she
lay nude in front of her grandson. She asked me to come closer. Feeling shy I
didn’t reply. She then held my head with both hands and started kissing me on my
lips giving me no chance to recover. Her tongue was inside my mouth. Hesitating a
little I also started kissing nani Meanwhile my lund started to grow in size in my
half pant. It was a strange feeling.I was taken aback as my small lund turned to7
inch long. Nani saw it and said son you have grown up. She put her hand in my half
pant held my lund and started stroking slowly. I moaned She said son do u
masturbate I said no. she started to stroke my lund faster I began to feel in
heaven. slowly I felt to come. She stopped stroking and called Ranjana the maid
come lets together fuck Sunil. Ranjana was 35 yrs widow. Good
looking, well shaped stomach, huge boobs, thin legs and hairy pussey. She came out
behind curtains said how sweet and asked me are you a virgin ? She then started to
kiss me on lips and by one hand stroking my lund. I was shocked seeing a maid do it
me. She took my other hand and put it on her boobs.asked me to suck boobs. Feeling
strange I by then started to enjoy. I started to suck her big boobs. Nani gave my
lund in Ranjanas mouth she started sucking .Nani was kissing on my back I moaned
ahhhhhhha .I started caressing Ranjanas big boobs. After some time I felt like
cuming. I cried ahahhhhh and came in her mouth. She took my sweet juice all in her
mouth. It was nice feeling. She said bibiji where was he till now? He has a big
lund and will give us pleasure. She said bibiji aapki to mauj ho gayi.
Ranjana started the TV.I watched a young boy and an middle aged woman were engaged
in sex play .I felt my lund began to grow .Nani started undressing me. She said
what a innocent and smart looking boy. She told me she too was lonely as since last
5 yrs she has not tasted any lund.I didn’t ask why? She said her needs are
fulfilled by Ranjana. Nani took my lund in her mouth and started sucking sometimes
slow n then fast. she moaned ahhhhhha and before I could cum she took my lund out.
She then said suck my pussey fast. I could visualize her huge and sexy boobs and.
lovely ass. She smiled at me. Seeing my lunds erection Nani said have u ever fucked?
I said Nani I never has had any such experience. Nani said I will teach you all.
Look at the movie see how the boy is fucking an oldie. I watched the movie a 14 yr
boy was engaged in fucking like an expert adult male. Boy had 8 inch long lund and
was enjoying an oldie. Sitting on the bed Nani was now
taking liberty of my innocence. She said come son and have experience of life time,
days like today never come in life time. Tomorrow who will believe that you have
fucked your Nani. She kissed my lips her tongue was inside my mouth. She gave me
no chance. Then she lay on the bed and me on her top. Feeling hot I also joined her
advances. Then she led me to fuck her. I wasted no time as I was doing what she
asked me to do. Slowly Nani guided me inside her pussy .I cant describe my
feelings. I could see her enjoying every moment .I saw her uttering words of my
praise. Nani said this reminded her of her days just after marriage. We both were
engaged in a sinful act. Ranjana was massaging my back. I felt her boobs on my
back. After 5-7 mins of fucking we both reached orgasm at the same time. We both
were moaning kissing .I cried nani I was cuming. Nani held me till I came inside
her completely. We lay there for about 10 mins .Nani asked Ranjana to
have taste of my cum which she did gladly.
Afterwards we kept talking for some time. Nani then said now its Ranjanas turn. Come
on son give her the taste of your virgin lund. I saw Ranjana behaved like a whore.
Nani sat on bed while Ranjana started to kiss me, her hand stroking my lund.I felt
my lund having erection. Ranjana lay on bed I was on her top. She guided my lund
inside her I also joined.She moaned and cried aahhhhha bibiji maza aa gaya. She
had 2 orgasms. I felt like cuming.i cried aaahhhha . She took out my lund in the
last min and said I don’t want to become pregnant. I came on her thighs and stomach.
She swallowed it all We lay there for about 5 mins. Fucking Ranjana was more fun.
Her pussy was tight she helped me like a schoolteacher. She has not tasted any lund
since yrs. as she said Then we all got up for cleaning.
For the rest 4 days it was fun and fun. Nani me and Ranjana enjoyed every moment of
togetherness. We fucked in all poses possible under able guidance of my Nani. It was
a strange experience. I sometimes think it was a sin. It ended on return of my mom
and brother after 4 days. Later when we there for 5 more days Nani would avail
every opportunity to kiss me on my lips passionately once telling my mom how good I
was. I was afraid so I avoided doing anything. Ranjanas little son fell sick so she
did come
afterwards to meet me.On finding me alone she kissed me madly and I sucked her boobs
and did all but cud not fuck her. On day of our departure Nani kissed me and said
son forget it all. I saw Ranjana was in tears and asked Do not tell anyone ever what
had happened. I said yes.
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As someone has rightly said—-
We Have only one LIFE. Have safe SEX & ENJOY

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