Monday, December 22, 2008

Thangatchi santhi sithi otha kathai

I have a younger sister whose name is gomathi who is studying 12th standard in immaculate girls higher secondary school. My sister is having a thickest girl friend whose name is santhi who seems so beautiful though she is black. First of all i am narrating her beauty. She is slim and normal in her height. She is having very nice and normal boobs, normal fleshy kundi, hip, etc.,Whenever santhi came to our house, she used to stay till evening. In the afternoon she takes lunch alongwith my family members. I always used to sit in front of her so that to see her body movements. While eating, she bends, at that time her tender breasts shall visible clearly in her churidar tops. She always wears churidar that too tight churidar so that to expose her body developments. During her stay in my house, santhi frequently went to my sister’s bathroom for releasing her hot yellow fluid, yes, santhi’s hot piss.Whenever santhi went to my sister’s bathroom i went to her bathroom with my camera and secretly photographed her pissing action. Soonafter she enters my sister’s bathroom, santhi ups her churidar tops and unhooking her churidar pant’s thread [naada] and downing her jatty and sit in the floor and releasing her hot piss. I watched her piss actions very curiously and photographed her piss action.Whenever santhi came to our house, she called upon me “anna, how are you? I also lovignly called her as "thangatchi santhi, i am fine but i myself having an idea to have a sexual intercourse with her. Yes i always very much eager to have a sexual intercourse with my thangatchi santhi since i am very much eager to touch her tender vagina [punndai]. Since santhi had attained puberty just five months ago as such her punndai shall be tender that too without bushy hair.One day we all of us went to beach and santhi also came with us and everybody played in the beach water. Santhi also played in the beach water as such her churidar was completely wet in beach water. As such her inner wear namely brief [jatty], bra were seems clearly. Since at that time santhi weared sandal colour cotton churidar as such she werared black colour bra and red colour jatty by thinking that her churidar is cotton as such her bra and jatty may not seems outside. But my fortune, she went to beach and her inner wears namely bra and jatty were seems clearly in her wet churidar. I photographed santhi in multi angle in the pretext of photographing the beach. Thereafter i loaded all those wet churidar dress movements photos in my pc.Thereupon everybody return back to our house. Santhi told to my sister that she is willing to take a bath and to change her churidar. My sister also accepted her suggestion and told her to take bath and to wear her [my sister’s] churidar. Then immediately i told my family members that i am going to market and in the pretext i went to outside with my camera and went to the gap in between the gap of my sister’s bathroom and car shed and i am awaited for the arrival of santhi in my sister’s bathroom. At last santhi came to my sister’s bathroom alongwith my sister. Thereupon my sister went outside. Santhi locked inside the bathroom doors and starts to remove her dresses one-by-one.Thangatchi santhi removed her thuppatta, churidar tops, churidar pant, black colour bra, red colour jatty. Now my beloved thangatchi santhi seems complete nude without a little bit of dress in her wet body. Then she starts to take bath by soaping her wet body. I eagerly watched santhi’s wet soap body. Santhi’s wet sithi, wet akul, are seems so beautiful. Afterwards thangatchi santhi weared my sister’s brown colour jatty and my sister’s yellow colour chemise and red colour ul pavadai and rose colour thin nighty. Thereafter santhi came outside the bathroom.I captured all those body movements of santhi in the bathroom and watched a nude film and i loaded all those things in my pc.On one occasion everybody in my house went to madurai and i alone in my house. At that time santhi came to my house for getting notes from my sister. Surprisingly santhi weared half-saree [pavadai thavani]. I used such a golden opportunity and i locked all those doors in my house and i asked santhi to view my pc regarding her nude photos, nude movies in my sister’s bathroom, wet churidar movements in the beach, etc., once she watched all those clippings, she shouted and cried and requested me to immediately remove all those files in my pc, otherwise santhi dared me to convey it to my younger sister. But i told santhi that if she fails to obey my orders right now, then i will hoist her nude photos, nude movies and wet churidar movements in the internet.As such thangatchi santhi agreed to obey for my orders. Then i removed her red colour thawani, sky-blue colour jacket, sky-blue colour mel-pavadai, red colour ul-pavadai. Now santhi is standing in front of me with her black colour bra and red colour jatty. I asked her to convey her personal particulars as follows:1. Bra size : 85 cms.,2. Jatty size : 85 cms.,3. Chemise size : 86 cms.,4. Ul pavadai : 92 cms.,5. Hip size : 87 cms.,6. Height : 153 cms.,7. Weight : 65 kgs.,8. Menstruation periods : 4th of every month (continues for three days)9. Favourite bra colour : black colour bra10. Favourite jatty colour : red colour jattyThen i asked santhi to remove her black colour bra and red colour jatty. She refused to remove it and requested me to leave her. I again dared her to immediately hoist her nude clippings in the internet. So she immediately removed her bra and jatty and standing in front of me in complete nude as such she closed her punndai with her hands. Then i ordered santhi to put my poolu in her sweet mouth and to taste it. She blatantly refused and latter on agreed on my threatening. Santhi oombing my poolu by putting my poolu into her sweet mouth. Then i poured my hot piss in the throat of santhi and also poured my hot piss on her face. She drank my hot piss. Thereupon i ordered santhi to sleep in the bed and then i inserted my poolu into santhi’s punndai. She murmured…….Then i gave a title to my thangatchi santhi as follows: “thangatchi santhi thevadiya”. Then thangatchi santhi asked me, “anna, what is meant my thevadiya? I explained her that thevadiya means a girl who shows her naked body to everybody. Such an answer makes a great shy to my thangatchi santhi.In due course of time, i called upon my thangatchi santhi with sweet titles as follows:1. Thangatchi santhi thevadiya2. Thevadiya santhi3. Thevadiyasiriki santhi

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