Thursday, December 25, 2008

True Beauty

I have many female cousins but none more so beautiful than Afi. She’s a true pakistani beauty. She has milky cream skin, light hazel coloured catty eyes, small buttony nose, red full-bodied lips, knee-length browny auburn coloured hair, a gorgeous hour glass figure about 36-23-38, 5ft 9 (tall for a pakistani girl), only 18. She wanted to be a model but her parents were very strict. They didn’t let her leave her house for anything not even school. She studied at home with a female private tutor. When she did go out she was escorted by both her mother and father. Her parents insisted she was covered from head to foot when they did go out. She was a very lonely distraught girl, basically a prisoner in her own home. There was always someone with her even indoors. I wasn’t suprising then to find out that she was still a virgin.

This is where I come in, I have wanted her ever since I was 14. We were both 18 then. I had been planning for the night I would make her feel like a woman for weeks. I wanted to remove her shackles and obviously free her sexual lust pent up in years of frustration. Since I was her cousin I had relatively easy access to her house. This didn’t mean I had easy access to Afi though.
Her elder brother (my cousin) and his wife both were almost worse than Afi’s parents when it came to restricting her. But I had made contingencies for them. You see every thursday, Afi’s parents would visit relatives around Lahore.They were generally away all day.Meaning the house wasn’t that full and only her brother and his wife along with Afi were present. Afi was always happy to see me. Her warm smile would always melt my heart. Even the number of people who visited Afi’s house was restricted to very close family and even then not all of them were welcome.
As you can understand Afi’s brother couldn’t stand the sight of me, but that didn’t stop me from coming to see her loveliness. I had it bad for this girl. She was all I could ever dream about. I masturbated alot thinking about her.
Anyway that particular thursday, I arrived earlier than usual around 8.00am. Afi’s brother and his wife were still pretty drowsy and Afi herself had not got up yet.
What do you want? said Javed(Afi’s brother) in a pissed of tone.
Nothing ! I responded wide awake and as calm as anything.
Let me make you tea, I said.
Getting no argument from either Javed or his wife. I went to make them some tea.
This is were I began to put my plan into motion. A medical student friend of mine had managed to get me some sleeping drugs that he said where powerful enough to put a rhino to sleep. So I slipped them into Javed’s and his wife’s tea. Well you do not have to be a brain surgeon to figure out what happened next.
I commended my friend the next time I saw him on how fast the drug worked. Within 5 mins after drinking the tea Javed had passed out on the khat in the living room and his wife Jabeen had gone back to bed, both completely out to the world.
To test the drug I even slapped Javed hard across the face with the back of my palm he didn’t even mutter!
I managed to achieve this all by 8.20pm. Afi was still asleep she normally did not get up until around 9.00am her lessons with her private tutor where normally around 10.00am. I had already taken care of that part I had sent a friend of mine round to her tutors house with her normal fees doubled enclosed with a note saying that Afi and the whole family would be away all day on Thursday and that her services would not be required for that day. I think I did a very good forgery of Afi’s fathers signature.
Jabeen’s (Afi’s sister-inlaw) room was on the way to Afi’s room. I don’t know what came over me. But i could not miss this opportunity to get my own back on this mouthy bitch who tormented Afi because she was jealous of her looks. Although i never could understand why because Jabeen herself was very good looking. On the way to Afi’s room I caught a glimpse of her curvaceous arse straining against her tight red salwar lying on the bed. Her knees where bent so her arse stuck out more. She is smaller than Afi about 5ft 3 tall, shoulder length black hair, light brown skin, brown eyes, 38D-26-37 figure, 23 years of age. She lay on the bed her eyes tightly shut.
I quickly walked to the bedside. I checked if she was still asleep by pinching her feet as hard as I could. leaving a mark on her skin. She didn’t flinch too much. So I took the risk. I then stood at the foot of the bed, eyeing her from top to bottom. The naughty thoughts running through my mind as this gorgeous woman lay in front of me, totally vunerable gave me an almighty stiffy. My cock straining against my jeans.
I straightened her so that she was now laying flat on her back. I rapidly began to pull her red salwaar up. I couldn’t pull the salwar over the top of her head that would have been to difficult. I simply pushed it up as folds and folds of salwaar until it was upto her armpits. This revealed her huge jiggly breasts in a tight white bra forcing the breasts to spill out all over the place. It was abit obvious the bra was to small for her massive frame. Seeing her breasts jiggle made my cock twitch. I then set to work on her white kharta pyjamas, making sure i slowly ran my hands over both her breasts watching her lovely serene face, gently working my way down her body feeling her soft skin of her waist gradually halting at her waistband. I hungrily pulled at the string that was holding the kharta in place. It opened up and became loose. I pulled the kharta’s down hard and quick to reveal her hairy triangular bush straining against her thin white nylon panties. No such thing as a bikini line in Pakistan. It was a curly jungle down there! I by now had stripped myself of all clothing, my cock standing to attention. My mouth was dry with anticipation, as i finally pulled down her panties. The sight of her pussy took my breath away. The slit running down from the nub of her clitoris. I gently parted her legs so that her lips would open. Oh my goodness I thought, the pink moistness within. I began to tongue her pussy like a hungry dog. All of a sudden I got a shock, Jabeen began to moan. I stood up expecting her to scream. But she was still fast asleep. She must of got the tea with the least amount of sleeping drug.
Unlike Javed who couldn’t feel a thing, Jabeen although totally asleep could feel absolutely everything. After calming myself I resumed licking her pussy. She began moaning again light deep sleepy moans as if in some deep dream. This was turning me on like anything and was also making Jabeens pussy fill with her juices. Some of it even spat on my face. She tasted better than I expected! Mmm i said to her quitely now taste some of my juices. I had actually dreamt of doing this many times.
She would rant and rave at Afi for hours even abuse her. Telling her what a bitch she was a whore and so on. Now it was payback time. I stood on my knees and edged my hard cock over to her face raising her head with a second pillow so that i could get better access to her mouth. She had light make up on and a little bit of perfume. Surprising how quickly a woman can put on her makeup when she wants to. She must of done it will i was making the tea!
I opened her lightly coated red lips with one hand and opened her jaw wide with the other. My cock was greeted by her wet pink tongue. I slowly lowered her jaw. Her breathing created a natural suction, her lips wrapping around my cock. Oh this felt great. I slowly forced my cock to the back of Jabeen’s throat my pubic hair grinding against her face, her nose breathing hot gusts of air against my balls. I slowly began pounding her mouth with my cock, my balls slapping against her face. My hands had now found her big breasts and began kneading them. It didn’t take me long to cum, with each thrust the heavy breathing from her mouth along the length of my shaft and the small jets of hot air tickling balls coupled with her natural suction and random brushing against the tips of her teeth against my length made me explode heavily. Alot of it poured down her throat but most of it filled her cheeks and dripped out in longs streams down her face onto her neck and bra. I wiped most of the excess away from her face and neck with her white dupatta. Letting the remainder of cum just dry on her bra in patches. However I made sure her mouth was still full of cum and her lips and tongue were still coated heavily with my love juice.
I pulled my limp shaft out her mouth and went back to her lovely jungle covered mound. Isn’t that simply beautiful. The curves of a womans pussy and the fact that it is raised like a mound to me personally is perfection. Looking at her wide open pussy and her cum stained mouth, lying there exposed to the world soon got me stiff again. I lay on top of Jabeen my cock rubbing against her open pussy and clit. i could feel her comforting body warmth her shivering surges of electricity running through her body responding to my movements. Since licking her pussy her breathing became deeper harder and much faster. Jabeens body was in a state of frenzied pleasure.
I couldn’t unhook her bra so i simply helped them to pop out like peas in a pod. Although Afi is more beautiful than Jabeen, her breasts are no where near as good as Jabeen’s. Jabeens breasts have very dark auroele and nipples. By the time I had got her breasts out her nipples were more than erect. I greedily sucked on them making her moan considerably louder than before. I parted her cunt lips with my thumbs and slowly entered Jabeens vagina inch by inch. Her moaning had now become more continuous and her body was writhing automatically as I entered her sweet mound. I continued sucking her nipples hard with each thrust. I changed my rhythm from fast to slow occassionally pulling out before thrusting as deep and hard as I could in her wet and inviting vagina. No resistance was encountered by my cock just wet moist cunt walls tightening their grip on my tool. I really began to pound heavily into her cunt our pubic bones colliding. The bed creaked under the strain are bodies making a distinctive slapping noise. Oh Jabeen I shouted in her ear as I came violently into her wet pussy. My hands clasping her breasts so tight i thought they would explode! I rested on her inside her for a while maybe 5 minutes enjoying the comfortable warmth of her heaving body. I again didn’t bother wiping the cum from her pussy or legs I just pulled up her khartas and loosely tied them back. I had a difficult job forcing her breasts back into her tiny bra cups but eventually did it before finally lowering her red salwaar back over her body. I gave her one last glance before heading to Afi’s room, the time was now 9.15am.

Afi must have woken up when i shouted out Jabeen’s name when I flooded Jabeen’s pussy with my cum. However when I entered Afi’s room she was still pretending to be asleep. She must of thought her brother was screwing his wife. She was wearing a full length light pink nightie with lace embroidery around the edges.
A big grin appeared on my face when I saw part of her white lace panties sticking out from under her thin cotton blanket. It was so obvious what she had been doing. Being so frustrated she obviously masturbated whilst her brother and sister-in-law fucked, heck the walls where paper thin she must have heard every groan and thrust.
Standing at the foot of the bed I slowly pulled the blanket away from her body. Her nightie had ridden up to reveal her milky thighs. My crotch began to stir. I quickly pushed the nightie further up to reveal a glistening wet pussy. She had definetly been fingering herself. I gave her a quick glance and saw that she had quickly shut her eyes still pretending to sleep.
I watched her smile, her eyes still closed as I told her, I love you my darling im going to make you feel good. I eagerly lowered myself to her moist cunt parting the lips with one hand and running my fingers over her clit with the other. She buckled with the touch of my hands taking a stabbing gasp of air as the wave of ecstacy hit her whole body. She then began to scream in fits of pleasure as for the first time in her life my hot lips and tongue probed the regions of her vagina that had never been touched by the human race. Her virgin juices where flowing like the Niagra Falls, her hands clasping tightly on my head, her fingers through my hair urging me to probe ever deeper.
Afi’s pussy smelt so good, my cock was so rock solid, it seemed to be bigger and harder than ever before. Afi now could no longer control herself she began screaming and groaning at the top of her voice the orgasms making her body thrash and convulse on the bed. I hungrily drank her pussy juice.
Please she begged me no more please , she continued to writhe in pleasure making a mess of the bed linen grabbing the sheets tight either side with her hands. Her eyes were now tightly shut her head rocking from one side to another.
Please please she begged again stop. I didn’t listen I carried on tongueing her this girl was go to give me her heart and soul she was going to beg me for sex for the rest of her life. The waves of orgasms continued to hit her but I did not stop. I must of tongued, rubbed, tasted, fingered, teased and spat at her pussy and clitoris for over an hour. The pink moistness her clit and pussy had started at where now almost blood red and raw. She was almost in a drug like state of pleasure. She told me later she was bed-ridden for almost 3 days.
Fuck me was all she could say. Her fingers where trying to enter herself but i did not let her. Her eyes where still closed and i had by then totally removed her nightie she was completely naked writhing on the bed for my love tool. I stood undressed my cock and balls aching for her pussy.
I still teased her rubbing my cock against her clit and open slit. She was dying for me to put it in. Fuck me put it in me begged Afi. She strained her legs open as wide as she could her hands supporting her ankles. Fuck me she cried.
No bitch i said rubbing my cock against her love mound, making her groan with anticipation and frustration. Slut I said as I lowered my whole weight ontop of her nubile body. I grabbed her bountiful breasts sucking the hardened nipples still rubbing my cock against her wet mound. Her hips were grinding against my crotch hoping my cock would slip accidently into her pussy.
She was almost at tears when I finally entered her at the mouth of her pussy but still not far enough. Afi just snapped, the pleasure becoming unbearable, she grabbed my face making sure I was looking at her. Her face had streams of tears down her cheeks, she said in a serious but sexy voice. Don’t tease me any more Ahmed, please I beg you. I promise as God is my witness I am yours to love whenever you want. She gently but passionately kissed me.
That was what I was waiting for she was now my sex toy forever. I rammed her pussy as hard as I could her folds of pussy lips eagerly parting her aching vaginal muscles clasping my cock tight like a vice. Oh !!!!!!!!!! We both screamed together.We both began to grind are hips deep into each other the bed creaking like crazy. I pumped her pussy hard and long her legs wrapping around me tight. Her hands pushing my arse harder into her with each thrust. She was screaming and cursing uncontrollably. Oh fuck its so good , harder fuck me harder. I joined in Oh Afi my darling slut, whore bitch. Afi…….
I came violently shooting my load into her just as she was coming. Her voice turning into a high pitched scream of delight. We lay there wrapped round each other for a while kissing passionately. Before beginning to make love again and again. We didn’t stop making love until 7.00 pm in the evening by then we were both so sore we couldn’t do it anymore. It looked as if we both had, had, our genitalia in a grinder. Over 7 hrs of hot sex. In that time we had done it in every postion I could think of. She had also tasted cock for the first time giving me several blow and hand jobs. She was completely mine doing exactly what I said. I loved every bit of it.
It was getting dark and from what we could tell Jabeen next door was beginning to stir from her drugged deep sleep. So I painfully got dressed. Afi smiled as she watched my naked body. She pulled me close to her a big grin appeared across her face. Bye lover she sayed as she kissed me deeply. She gave out a contented sigh as I left her room.
As I made my way past Jabeens room again I don’t know what came over me. I could no longer get it up for Afi because we had both rubbed ourselves raw. However I got hard when I thought of fucking Jabeen again just as she was coming round. It must of been the excitement or thrill of getting caught by her that made me painfully hard! Her lips and mouth were still covered with my love juices.
Not wasting time I quickly pulled down her kharta pyjamas and slotted my cock deep into her already wet pussy. With each thrust she was beggining to come round more. Javed she moaned. Thankfully it didn’t take me long to cum. Without pulling her kharta back up, I left the room.
What I saw as I entered the main area of the house nearly knocked me over but also gave me the quickest hardon in my life. Afi was stooped over her brother Javed his cock deep in her mouth, She was hungrily slurping up and down the length of his cock. Afi’s big arse and hips waving around in my direction. By this time Jabeen was groggily getting out of her bed pulling up her pyjamas and calling out for her husband. It was just to much watching Afi suck so eagerly, her arse waving about. I lifted up her nightie exposing her ass and pussy from behind. I rammed my cock deep into her gyrating pussy. She didn’t even flinch just kept sucking her brother harder making him moan still in his deep sleep dream state. You could tell she had wanted to do this for years.
During my final thrusts, Jabeens eyes were half closed still abit groggy calling out for Javed, Jabeen came staggering into the doorway of her bedroom. This made Afi look in her direction. Both Afi and me could see Jabeen bundling towards us. This just made us more excited. Afi still sucking but looking at Jabeen she made Javed explode into her mouth a sudden gasp from Javed made Jabeen call out is that you Javed! Afi drank as much as she could most of it however spurted across her face and into her hair and nightie. I still hadn’t cum just when Jabeen was almost at arms length away did i pump Afi’s pussy full of my cum some dripping down her lovely legs. Jabeen was almost in touching distance when I pulled out and quickly headed for the front door. Afi herself sprinted towards the bathroom both of us reacting in time to see Jabeen falling onto the lap of Javed her head landing on his dick. Seems the drug wasn’t completely out of her system. I blew Afi a kiss as I was heading out the front door. She just licked the excess cum dripping down her lips and chin and gave me a broad smile as she headed for the bathroom.
Afi later told me that I had not given her any choice but to suck her brothers dick because how would that explain the cum on Jabeen’s face! But I knew that was just an excuse she had enjoyed herself to much. I just grinned a cheeky grin when she told me. Anyway Afi explained that when they both woke up they had thought that while she was in the bathroom that they, Javed and Jabeen had been having some fun. They could not remember much and thought that it was so good that they must of both fell asleep. They did remark however that they both had the weirdiest dream. Of course when Afi asked them both what the dreams were they both told her to mind her own business!!
At first I thought I was being paranoid but it happened to many times for me to just dismiss it. Not long after my plan of drugging Jabeen and seducing Afi, Jabeen kept staring at me. Not in a harsh way but more pleasant than usual. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on until one day she just came out with it. Her husband was taking a shower at the time and Afi was in her room changing.
Jabeen who had been busy cleaning the house sat in front of me smiling.
I know it was you Jabeen said bluntly.
Sorry I said confused. I was surprised to see her smiling at me she never had before.
Don’t you think I know what my husbands cum tastes like? Jabeens smile had turn into a big grin.
I was totally shocked. I couldn’t speak. She carried on as if in a normal conversion.
I must admit yours tastes alot better. She licked her lips to show me how she had tasted mine.
I still couldn’t speak, but by now I had a huge bulge in the front of my jeans.
Looking at my crotch and still grinning, she said, mmm you screwed my pussy too didn’t you it was raw for a few days after.
My mouth was wide open.
That wasn’t fair I got no satisfaction she said her eyes opening wider.
Jabeen then got up and sat by me her hand running down the front of jeans. I closed my eyes enjoying her touch. She then began to open my belt and help my jeans down over my hips down to my thighs. My bulge was straining through my underwear.
Jabeen quickly pulled down my underwear letting my cock spring up, standing to attention. MMmm she said its bigger than I fantisised. Her fingers gently caressed my cock from the top of the head slowly down to the base. My cock strained from her touch. I knew I wasn’t going to last long. The sudden surge of electricity I got when she wrapped her hot wet lips round the tip of my dick made me almost explode then and there. It took just a couple of sucks by Jabeen her mouth swallowing my cock right down to the root, making me feel the back of her throat with my tip. I flooded her mouth with hot steamy cum. She sucked like a vaccum cleaner hard and long. I had one of the best orgams of my life. I couldn’t believe how she drank every single drop. Tonguing anything she had missed with the precision of a 100,000 ruppees hooker. Its not many times that I’m still stiff once I have cum. On this occassion I was.
Jabeens eyes were locked onto my cock. She ripped off her green kharta pyjamas in a hurry, revealing her lovely wet pussy.
She quickly mounted me. her hand parting her pussy lips so wide i could see deep into her pink vagina. She began pushing her full weight down onto my cock to get deep penetration. She wrapped her arms around me her head resting on my shoulder. Moaning loud into my ears with each thrust begging me to fuck her like the slut she was, calling my name, calling me her lover, her true husband. She began cursing and moaning deeper as we both got closer to climaxing.
Javed her husband had almost finished his shower and was looking for his towel. Where’s my towel he shouted to Jabeen?”
At the same time Jabeen was fucking me wildly with a crazy animal passion her hips and ass grinding deep into my crotch. Her pussy folds forcing my cock deep into her vagina.
She was moaning her reply in extacsy, its on the left handside rail.Ohhh!
She leant backwards grabbing my knees whilst I pushed up her salwar to grab her D-cup breasts. I hungrily set to sucking her nipples building up my thrusting rhythm.
Jabeen come here now woman shouted her husband I still can’t find that towel.
Oh!!!!!!!!! Im cuming she replied im cuming.
With my final thrust I grabbed her massive arse tight, she responded by grabbing me tight around my back. Moaning loudly i love you into my ear as we both came heavily. She reluctantly lifted herself of my limp dick. Her eyes catching a glimpse of our mingled love juices reacting like a cat does to cream. She greedily sucked every last drop of our juices away, before having to get up because Javed was getting angrier by the second. As she left, a stream of my cum marked her face in a thin line.
She didn’t wipe it of and I didn’t tell her about it as she headed for the bathroom stumbling as she struggled to pull up her green kharta pyjamas.
Her late arrival started of a row between husband and wife. Javed was annoyed at her for having to call her so many times.When I call you woman you come first time do you hear me. I pulled up my pants and quickly headed for Afi’s room whilst their argument began to get hotter.
When I got to Afi’s room I say her standing by her cupboard mirror in just white bra and panties. Well need i say more I was ready for action. Without saying a word I violently pulled her knickers down lowered her front half down onto the edge of her bed and stood behind her. I grabbed her arse and pulled her cunt lips apart steering my hard cock deep into her warm inviting pussy. Ahh! she breathed as I entered her hard and without warning. I just wanted as much pleasure for myself as possible thrusting as hard and as deep as I wanted. Well it was one heck of a rollercoaster ride for me. Pure carnal violent satisfaction. I grabbed a handful of her long hair and tugged hard with each thrust. Afi’s just continued to moan. You bitch whore dog i shouted as I flooded her juicy bulging pussy.
Im really lucky, Afi remained my sex slave for the next fours years even after she got married. As for Jabeen I kept screwing her until I got married a few years later.

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