Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Busy days

Busy days

By: sujata

My name is Sujata and I am a housewife living in suburban mumbai. My husband travells a lot and this had given me plenty of opp to have fun with other men and sometimes even women. Me and a close friend called Ankita have had many fun together.

About my physique. I am 32 now and in the prime of my youth. I have a fair complexion with large breasts and equally round ass. I am normally dressed in see thru sarees and low cut blouses and men ogle at my breasts all the time.

One evening I was alone at home when the doorbell rang. It was my neighbour Nishant.He was a handsome young man living alone in the next flat. He had the eyes for me I could tell. I greeted him dressed in a see thru lemon color saree and an blouse which was at least one size too tight for me. My mangalsutre rested on my swell and my cute flat tummy was peeping thru my pallu.

"Bhabhi needed some milk, "He said" too tired to go downstairs and fetch one and feel like brewing a cup fo tea"

"Why don;t you have it here only? I was about to make one for myself"I said and invited him inside. His eyes were glued to my breasts and my flat stomach.

I made tea and served him in the living room. My pallu went down a little while I bent and he had a glimpse of my generous cleavage. He gasped audibly and averted his gaze. I sat next to him and crossed my legs. Nishant couldn't keep his eyes off me.

And as luck would have it the lights went out. Here I was in total darkness with a handsome young man with harmones raging. I let my arm bruchs against his in darkness and next I knew he had grabbed my wrist.

"bhabhi you look very sexy" he said and moved closer to me so that our thighs were now touching each other. I looked at him in darkness and let my pallu slip again. I made no effort to pick it up again. Nishant took in the sight of hooks straining agaisnt the tight firm swell and the way the design of my brassiere was visiable and our lips were locked together in heat of passion. Nishant's hands cupped my breasts and kneaded them firmly while his fingers fumbled for the hooks of my blouse. We continued kissing as I pulled his zipper down and felt for his erection inhis shorts. wow he was well hung. I freed his cock and starteto to pump it.Nishant raised my saree to my thighs and bent to kiss my fair milky thighs. I sighed and pressed his head there.Nishant slipped to his knees in front of me and raised my saree and petticiapt further till it was buched in my stomach. He tugged at my pink panties and I raised my hips to let him take it off .Nishant spreade my thighs and pushed his head there. I bit my lips as his lips pushed themselves agaisnt my moist pussylips. He bit on it hard enough to make me cry out and then started to lick my pussy with long vertical strokes of his tongue.EAch time his tongue touched my pussylips and probed their openings I went crazy with lust

"OOOOOO hhhhhh Nishant stop oh god ohhhhh: I monaed with unbearbale pleasure as Nishant parted my pussylips with his fingers and darted his tongue inside touching the inner wall of my chut. I was trying to push my hips forwards for clsoer contact. Now nishant without loking up removed my blouse and cupped both my breasts. I reached behind myself to unhook my brassiere and slipped out of it.His hands felt nice and hard agaisnt the soft flesh of my breasts as he kenaded and squeezed them.My nipples went erect almost right away and I started to sigh with my eyes closed.

Now Nishant knowing that perhaps naything can interrupt our love making worked fast.Stnading for a minute he got rid of his pants and shorts and then shipped our his rod.It was thick and hard as a steel rod. He raised my thighs in air by supporting my buttocks in hands and began squeezing them. I did not care that he was not wearing a condom right then. I parted my thighs and let him push his big fat dick right inside me.Nishant kneaded my buttocks and began ramming with fast strokes normally associated with quickies. His eyes were closed in ecastacy as he was enjoying my full body with each stroke.

Nishant came very quickly as he relased his load in my chut. We were lyig there breathless when the lights came back. Nishant wihtout a word went to the loo and came back after cleaning himself and straightening his clothes. I had pulled my bra and blosue back in place butmy panties were still lygin there. Nishant left hurriedly.

I was in the shower when the doorbell rang again. I fnished drying myself and pulled on a housegown without undergarments. On the door was a young dark door to door salesman hawking kitchen wares. I called him in and asked him to sit where I was fucked not 20 minutes ago. Just as he sat I realised 2 things. 1) My gown was too transperent to be worn without bra panties and 2) my pink panties were still lying at his feet where Nishant had discarded it. The salesman's name was Kunal.His eyes went wild when he saw my milky breasts popping out of my gown with their nipples celarly visible and the panty lying at his feet.I gave him my best sluttish grin and sat next to him. Then I said in a low husky voice"see anything you like son?"
"you are very chikni madam"he said. Without a word I slowly raied my gown well aboove my thighs and asked him" what do you think now?" he came to me like an hungry child and I held him tight. In a minute he carried me isnide on the bed and taking his cloehtes off he mounted me I pulled the gown to my waist and Kunal slipped its strps from my shoulders to bare my breasts. They were still a little blue from the brusies given by Nishant. Kunal hungrily cuked on my nipple while his hand went down to cup my chut. I grabbed his cock in both hands and gave it a healthy squeeze. It sprang to attention right away. I raised and parted my thighs.

Unlike many young men Kunal seemed to be experienced. He knew the proper way to entwe and he did not spill the moment he was inside.Holding himself in masterly fashion he started toi fuck me while squeezing both my breasts in hands and tweaking their nipples. I crossed my legs behind his wiast and started to buck to his rhytham.Kunal appareantly in 7th heaven in my arms was calling me an item and moving so fast that his balls must have been sore the numebr of times they got hit on my ass cheeks. His cock was nice and hard and I was enjoying the chuk chuk noise it was making sliding in and out of my wet cunt.

Kunal was 2nd in a day when I had 4 lovers....

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