Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Military Affair


Military Affair

By: Renuka

I am Renuka. I have recently happened to visit this site, which prompted me to share my experience with you. I am married to an engineer in junior commissioned officer rank in Army. I was 22 and just completed my MCA, when I got married to the handsome young man Karthik. It was an arranged marriage. Just two weeks after our marriage we came to Delhi as his leave was over by then. The past two weeks was wasted due to different reasons. Our first night was somehow foiled and the next day my periods began. It lasted for 8 days. And as soon as it ended my hubby was down with viral fever on the remaining days. In short we did not have an intercourse. The very first day he joined duty he was sent to a camp at a far away place. On the very first day itself I was left alone. He consoled me that the aunty at next door was a good lady and she will do necessary help to me.
Next day my hubby informed me that there may be an inspection in the quarter by some high officials and warned me to behave very carefully and please them. Otherwise, he said it will affect my carrier. I was little bit terrified. Any way after lunch I was reading a book when the calling bell rang. An officer was standing at the door. I wished him and let him in. He told me that he came for inspection and wanted to search the quarter. I gave him a coco cola to drink. He said my hubby is in serious trouble and his report will decide his fate. I pleaded him to save my hubby without knowing the actual condition. He said all depends on me. I could not understand any thing. When I asked to explain, he asked me to wait for a while. He started searching our showcase. Opened and searched every book. After that he entered our bed room and wanted to open the cupboard. I obeyed. After taking a file he said “yes this was the one I was searching for, our suspicion was right”. I got frightened and kneeled on to his feet, begging to save him. Suddenly his hands touched my shoulders. I was shocked and looked at him. Still keeping his hands on my shoulders he said “you want your husband saved is n’t?, I can if you satisfy me”. I was shocked and remembered my hubby’s words not to displease him. But how I can ..this. Before I could respond in any way he grabbed me close to him and said in a warning tone that it would be better to obey him. I was in his strong grips. He was a man of around 30, well built and tall. I could not escape from his clutches. Without waiting for my permission he kissed at my lips. This sent an electric wave all over my body. He threatened me that if I did not please him he will court-martial my hubby and send to jail charging some fake crime. I was in tears and agreed to obey him as there was no other way.
He laughed and sat on our bed. His first order came ‘honey undress!’. I hesitated a little, but second order was much firm. I lifted the top of my churidar up and took it away, then lowered pant .Now I was in my favourite white net bra and red silky thong like panties. My whole body was shivering. He laughed again and came near me. Then, slowly unhooked the bra. My big boobs become free. He took both in his palms and caressed and chewed the nipples one by one. It sent shivers on the body. Now he slowly lowered the panty and took out as I helped by lifting my legs. As I did not get time to shave, my pussy was covered with a bit of hairs. He hugged me firmly and showered kisses all over my body. I become very horny by now. He took one boob in his mouth and massaged the other with his hand. Slowly his hands moved to my buttocks and ran between the lobs. He placed me on the bed and sat near me. His hands and lips worked all over my body. He massaged my thighs and finally came to my mount. His fingers ran over it and a finger went into the hole. Now I was very much aroused and was in such a state that I forgot even, that he was a stranger and wished to enjoy every thing. He started liking my pussy which had a terrific effect on me. Then he asked me to undress him. I had no hesitation in stripping him to his birthday suit. His thing was a huge one, almost 10 inches in length and of the thickness of a 1.5 inches pipe at the erect condition. I stood wondering at it for some time. As per his next order I had to take it in my mouth. Even though I opened my mouth maximum wide it was very difficult to take it, as the thing was so big. Anyway I started sucking it. Now both of my boobs were being crushed mercilessly by him. But my enjoyment was high. I caressed his balls. He, in ecstasy was uttering some Hindi words which I could not make out. He took me upside-down; I put my legs on both sides of his neck and hanged myself. While his tongue and fingers worked at my pussy, I was busy with his dick and balls. This went on for some minutes. Then he laid me on the bed and virtually was swimming over me. I was eager to get him in and I hinted it to him. I spread my legs wide and he entered in between. He slowly inserted his rod. It was a little bit hard initially. But once it went in totally, I felt like it reached my upper stomach. He started pumping fast. I giggled with pleasure.
Suddenly his mobile rang. He took out his rod, covered himself with a bed sheet and proceeded to the door. To my greatest ever shock he came back with two other military men. I was shocked in such a way that I could neither utter a word or could move. Any way both men saw me nude. They passed some dirty comments and came near me. The old guy ordered me to undress the new persons. I was helpless and obeyed. I was then asked to kneel on four legs; one of the new men pushed his dick into my mouth. His was not as thick as the previous but more long. It almost reached my throat and feeling suffocation. Third person lied on the floor and started working at my boobs. In the mean time the first man came behind me. He pushed his dick into my ass. It was painful. Though I resisted it, he did not budge. He poured some oil into my ass and pushed again. His dick fully went inside. He pumped fast. I with one hand crushed his balls. While the second and third men exchanged their positions, the first man was pumping at my ass and pussy alternately. I was rocked by his strong thrusts. Now almost 45 minutes passed like this.
The first man took out the dick. He asked second man to lie down flat with his 10” dick standing erect like a post. I was asked to lie over him. I came to my knees over him facing his feet, meanwhile taking in his dick into my ass. Once it was fully in I lied back over him. He caught my boobs and started pumping. Third man arranged himself over both of us to push his rod into my mouth. I was travelling in some heaven. By this time the first one spread my legs and came in between. He pushed his thing into my hole and laid over me. I got sandwiched in between the two strong men who filled both my holes tightly and was rampaging there. I don’t have any words to describe my pleasure. I was also uttering some words, mostly erotic. Like this they worked for about half an hour. I was really astonished by their stamina. I several times got orgasm by this time. I felt like all of them reaching the climax since they were pumping in such a terrific pace that I feared that my pussy will get torn off into pieces. Finally they all ejaculated, one in my mouth and others in my ass and pussy.
We took rest for 15 minutes in the same pose. They took some pegs and made me drink also, which replenished my strength. Now again I sat over the first man keeping my pussy in his mouth, while I sucked one man’s dick and massaged other. One man turned back and spread his butts before me. I guessed the intention, and inserted the index finger in his ass and pumped. I felt a finger going inside mine also. It was wonderful. After some minutes they laid me on the bed again. One of them brought a big banana from the kitchen. While another made a garland with some lemons. Before I could think of what is going to happen the banana was into my pussy hole. My buttocks were spread wide and the lemons were pushed in one by one into the ass hole. I was in ecstasy. I had to spread my thighs widest possible as the banana was a huge one and the lemons also little bit big. They pushed in about 5 or 6 lemons and pulled out them out slowly. Whole my body was shivering and I was experiencing rare feeling. The banana might have pierced into my womb. He moved it in and out briskly. Oh my god, I was driven to heaven after heaven. All this time I was sucking one dick. The second phase also lasted almost one hour. At the end I was almost exhausted and pleaded to make an end. He said one two minutes more and thrust more vigorously. At this point I could not control myself more and pissed heavily. They all laughed and took the articles out.
They lead me to bathroom and wanted to piss again in front of them and bathed me. In turn I bathed them also.


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