Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Anjali Ki Pehli Chudai (Anjali's First Fuck Session) !

The Bhatt family was a typical middle class family. The father, Mr. Jayant Bhatt was a regional manager at a well known bank in Mumbai. Mrs. Alka Bhatt, his wife was a typical housewife who had spent most of her life raising her children. They had two sons and a daughter. Their oldest child was Sandeep, 29 years old and a chartered account, married and having a child. Sudha, their second child, was a teacher in some coaching classes, also married recently. But this story doesn't really concern any of them. This story is of their daughter, their youngest, an eighteen year old girl named Anjali.Like a typical teenager from Mumbai, Anjali was a modern girl who loved partying, making friends, and bunking college. To her advantage, she had a sexy body. She stood 5 feet, 4 inches tall. Round, perky boobs of size 34C. Her slim waistline of 24 inches. And that amazing, curvaceous dick raising gaand of 35 inches. Her lovely young body was the desire of every man's wildest fantasies. And that pretty face, her cute smile, her weatish complexion, everything just added to her sex oozing personality. Her petite frame and lovely features was the dream of every boy in her college.But there was one aspect of Anjali that not even her best friends were aware of. Anjali was a sex maniac, a nympho. Her life revolved around her sexual desire. Not a morning went by when she woke up with her panties soaked in her choot juices. Anjali was in an aroused state almost all the time. Guess some people have a high sex drive compared to the rest of us. She was one of them. What made matters worse (or even better) was that since she came from a middle class family, to keep her family name and values intact, she had to control her desires from bursting out. That made her long for sex even more. Every time she saw a guy, young or old, she would not care if the guy was good looking. All she would think was "Yeh Bistar mein kaisa hoga? Iska Lund kitna bada hoga?" etc etc. She fingered her choot furiously every night before she went to bed. She would go online to dirty chatroom and indulge in sexual chat sessions with unknown random man to quench her thirst for sex. Her laptop, which was gifted to her by her sister's husband (her jijaji) was full of x-rated videos and pictures that she had downloaded from the internet. Videos of young petite girls like her taking gigantic lunds in every hole in their body where it was possible were of her favorite types. But none of them could do anything about the sexual fire burning between her legs. She had a lot of friends, mostly boys. She had even been sexually active with some of them, but mostly limited to touching, foreplay and oral sex. Inspite of this thirst for sex, Anjali was still a virgin. Until one day..It was Monday morning. She woke up earlier than usual that day. Her final exams results were to be declared on that day and she was nervous. She got ready and headed for her college. She dressed simple that day -a yellow sleeveless ganjee-type top and a pale green frilly skirt, a little below knee length.
"Anjali..hi!" One of her friends, Raju greeted her as she reached the college and was getting out of the rickshaw."Kya hua Raj?" She asked. "You look upset. Result accha nahi aaya kya tera?""Mera toh result theek hai." He asnwered, sounding quite upset. "But tu..." Before he could complete, Anjali had understood. Raj must have seen her result too. She didn't ask any further and just went to collect her marksheet.She went to the clerical department where they were handing out the marksheets. She collected hers. When she saw her result, her face lost its color. She had passed all the exams, except chemistry. Her combined total of theory and practicals were not enough to let her pass the exam. She had failed by 15 marks. "That bastard Ravi!" She murmured to herself. "Itna paisa diya tha usse, fir bhi practicals mein marks nahi badaaye kutte ne."Ravi was the lab assistant. He was a peon actually. But being in the college's service for more than 12 years, he had been graduated to the lab assistant. His job was to make sure that all instruments and apparatus in the chemistry lab were working. but as a side business, he took bribe (rishwat) from students and altered their marks in their practical tests. Anjali had also payed him some money (which she got from one of the boys in her group, in exchange for letting him just press her boobs, which she enjoyed as well.) But still, Ravi had not increased her marks in the practicals, which led to her failing. She went out of the office and started looking for him."Ravi!" she yelled as she saw him standing outside at the paanwala's shop, having paan. He looked back at her and smiled, his teeth red stained with paan."You bastard!" She yelled again. "Maine tujhe do hazaar rupees diye the mujhe pass karne ke liye! Aur tune mere marks nahi badaaye?""Kya baat kar rahi ho Anjali madam?" He replied, looking a bit puzzled. "Maine toh aapko full 40 out of 40 diya hai practicals mein. Aisa ilzaam kaise lagaa sakti hai aap ham par?" He said in his typical bhaiya accent. "Toh phir yeh kya hai?" said Anjali as she flung the marksheet on his face. He caught hold of the marksheeet and looked at it. "Madam, zaroor kuch gadbad hui hai. Aap mere saath lab mein chaliye, main aapko apni marks ki registry dikhata hoon. Usme saaf 40 out of 40 likha hai aapke naam ke saamne.""Accha?" Anjali huffed. "Chalo. Abhi chalo aur mujhe dikhao!" "Haan haan chalo!" said Ravi. He started walking towards the chemistry building, with Anjali following him. The lab was on the 4th floor. Since it was holiday time, no one was on the floor. The entire floor echoed with their footsteps as they walked towards the lab. Ravi got his keys out of his pockets, opened the door."Aaiye madam." He said. Anjali entered the lab. Ravi followed her inside, closing the door and latching it shut from inside. "Ghabraaiye nahi madam" He said, flashing his red paan soaked smile again. "Safety ke liye lock kiya hai. Kisi ko pataa chalega ki hum aur aap yahaan lab mein hai, woh bhi chuttiyon ke time par, toh gadbad ho jaayegi.""Theek hai theek hai!" Said Anjali in an angry tone. "Registry dikhao."Ravi opened his locker, got the registry out. He opened to the page where he had entered all the marks for the students and handed it to Anjali."Yeh dekhiye madam." he said, handing it to her. Anjali skimmed through the list. When she came to her own name, she read it out loud."Anjali Bhatt: 15 out of 40." She looked up at Ravi, shocked. Ravi was still smiling. "Yeh kya hai? Isme toh 15 out of 40 diya hai." She flung the registry at him."Arre arre Anjali Madam." Said Ravi. "Aap naaraaz kyu hoti hai. Mein toh aapko neeche hi bolne waala tha ki maine aapko 15 marks hi diye hai. Par phir aap public mein hi bakhera khada kar deti. Toh maine socha yahaan akele mein bataa dunga." "Dekho, zyaada chaalak matt bano. Chup chaap mere marks bada do. Kitne paise diye the maine tumhe! Aur tum...bloody chor!" She was fuming with anger now. "Dekhiye madam, baat woh nahi hai. Abh baaki sabh student log ne 4000 Rs diye hai pass hone ke liye. Toh aapko main 50% discount kaise de sakta hoon?" Replied Ravi, still smiling through everything. "Main kuch nahi jaanti!" Replied Anjali, adjusting the strap of her purse around her shoulder. "Agar tumne mere marks nahi badaaye, toh main principal se bol dungi ki tum rishwat lete ho."Ravi burst out laughing. Anjali leaned back, frowning as tiny red spit particles landed on her slim arms as Ravi laughed. "Madam.." said Ravi amidst fits of laughter. "Shauk se boliye Prinicipal sahab ko. Lekin meri ek baat sunn lijiye pehle." "Kya?" asked Anjali, wiping her arms. "Har saal.." Ravi spoke as he kept his registry back in his locker. "Aap student log se mein rishwat mein kam se kam 50 hazaar rupye kamaa leta hoon. Fifty Thousand rupees. Usme se, 25% main rakhta hoon, aur baaki sabh Principal sahab ko hi jaata hai. Aakhir unhe bhi toh khush rakhna padta hai. Sirf main nahi, college ka har lab assistant aisa karta hai Madam. Agar aap Principal sahab ko complaint karogi, toh woh toh aapko hi rishwat dene ke aarop mein phasa denge." Anjali was shocked at this revelation. She slumped down on one of the stools, lost in thoughts. Her parents are going to be angry when they find out that she failed a simple practical exam. She would have to repeat the exams. As she was thinking of the consequences, tears starting rolling down her eyes."Arre arre Madam" said Ravi. "Aap toh ro padi!" He pulled his handkerchief out and offered it to her. She pushed it away in anger. "Dekhiye madam, roiye matt." He said, crouching down, coming face to face with Anjali. "Aap chaahe, toh main abhi aapke marks bada deta hoon. Aap rechecking ke liye form bhar dena, apne aap sabh theek ho jaayega." Anjali turned to look at Ravi, his ugly smile right in front of her. Her eyes were glistening with tears. "Sach Ravi bhaiya?" She said as her voice quivered. "Aap karenge aisa mere liye?""Haan haan!" Replied Ravi. "Kyu nahi?" He spoke as he got up and stood again. "Par...""Par kya?" Asked Anjali, hoping he would not ask for money."Ji dekhiye.." Said Ravi as he walked upto his desk, and sat down on his chair. "Baat yeh hai, baaki student log ne toh aapse double paisa diya hai. Abh aapke marks main half price par badha doon..toh yeh toh galat hoga na?" "I knew it." Said Anjali as she got off the stool and walked upto his desk. "Main jaanti thi aap aisa hi kuch bologe." She sniffled. "But mere paas aur paise nahi hai Ravi bhaiya." "Arre madam Paisa kisse chaahiye!" Said Ravi as he leaned back on his chair. His eyes were now hovering all over Anjali's body, top to bottom. "Humne sunaa hai, yeh jo aapne do hazaar rupye mujhe diye the, woh aapko Jai Mehta ne diye the. Woh third year waala student?" "Haan toh?" Anjali said as she wiped her tears, trying to sound more confident. "Diye the. Woh mera dost hai. Tumhe usse kya karna hai?""Arre Madam.." He said, leaning forward now. "Dosti mein koi itne paise thode hi deta hai. Woh bhi aap jaisi jawaan, sundar ladki ko. Aapne bhi toh badle mein kuch.." he stopped in middle of his sentence, but the dirty grin on his face completed all that he had to say. "Just shut up!" Anjali yelled. Her face looked furious now. "Dekho Madam" Said Ravi, looking serious now. "Chilao matt. Agar koi aa gaya, toh main toh keh dunga ki aap mere paas yahaan apne marks badhaane aayi thi. Aur badle mein apna nanga badan mujhe dene ki baat kar rahi thi."Anjali could not believe the words coming out of Ravi's mouth. She turned and started walking towards the door. "Kahaan jaa rahi ho Anjali madam?" Asked Ravi. He was laughing again. "Jaaiye jaaiye..par yaad rakhiyega. Kuch hi dino mein, poore college mein yeh baat phail jaayegi ki second year ki Anjali bhatt ne ek lab assistant ke saamne apne kapde utaar diye, chemistry mein pass hone ke liye."Anjali froze in her track. She stood like that for a couple of seconds, and then slowly turned around. She walked back to where Ravi was sitting."Kya chaahiye tumhe?" she asked. Ravi smiled, knowing he had won. He leaned back, his hands moved towards the zip of his pants. He unzipped it. "Madam Ji.." he grinned "Zara desk ke is taraf aaiye na, mere pass, aapke liye ek tohfa hai mere pass. Yeh tohfa hi aapko chemistry mein pass karaa dega."The sound of Ravi's pants unzipping had somehow made Anjali forget her worries. Her tears had vanished. Her heart was beating faster and louder, but not out of fear. It was more out of excitement. Seeing a low life, filthy peon's lund was one of her fantasies. And it was about it be fulfilled. She placed her purse on the desk, went around it towards Ravi. Ravi was grinning. He had unzipped his pants and unbuckled it as well. "Abh sabh kuch main hi karu?" He asked as he massaged his own crotch. "Dekh kya rahi hai? Chal shuru ho ja!"Anjali stood there, numb for a few seconds. She gathered her senses, walked over to Ravi's chair, and went down on her knees. Her eyes were fixed on his crotch, which seemed to be growing every second. With her soft finger, she parted the opening of his pants. He was wearing a filthy VIP underwear which had yellow stains on the front. But the buldge inside was big, and thats all that Anjali cared about. She looked at Ravi's face. He was grinning, red saliva slowly oozing out of the right corner of his smile. She put her soft hand inside, curling her fingers around his burning hot lund. Her breathing grew faster as she grabbed it. It was too thick for her to wrap her fingers around it completely. Finally she pulled it out, pushing his underwear down, out of the way with her other hand.
Ravi let out a groan as his lund sprung out. Anjali's hand trembled as she held it, all of 8 inches atleast, black and slippery with precum. It had a musky - salty smell that turned her on even more. Her choot was getting damp. She stroked it, up and down, her eyes fixated on Ravi's face as his eyes were half shut, his groans throaty. She let out a soft sigh herself, which turned Ravi's attention to her. Ravi looked at her face, she smiled at him for the first time. "Kyun? Mazaa aa raha hai kya?" Ravi asked, his eyebrows dancing up and down as he spoke. "Saali..bohot dino se bhooki hai lund ki. Chal choos!" He ordered her. Like an obidient girl, Anjali leaned forward, her eyes still up, looking at Ravi. She stuck her tounge out and gave the tip of his lund a quick lick that sent shivers down Ravi's legs. The next lick was a long one, her tounge now swirling all over the head of his cock. Ravi groaned, sensations filled his body like never before. Within the next few seconds, Anjali's lips were wrapped around his lund. "Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggghhhhh" came out of Ravi's mouth as he felt the warmth of Anjali's mouth around his throbbing lund. Anjali moaned too as the salty tasting lund grew harder as she sucked it slowy and steadily. Ravi placed his hand on her head, grabbing a handful of her hair as Anjali sucked his cock. "Waaah..." He moaned "Kya choosti hai tu..bohot practise hai lagta hai." Anjali let his cock out and giggled as she shook her head. "Nahi.." she answered, giggling. "Bohot blue films dekhti hoon." "Raand saali" Laughed Ravi. "Jaise woh blue film waali ladkiyaan choosti hai na, bilkul waise hi choosti hai tu bhi."The complement made her feel proud as she continued to suck even better. With her soft fingers, she cupped his balls, his lund sliding in and out of her mouth. The chemistry lab was now filled with the musky smell of Ravi's cock, his moans, and the slurpy sounds that Anjali's mouth made as she kept sucking his lund. The sucking session went on for a few more minutes, until Ravi decided it was time. He tugged on her hair, indicating her to stop. She stopped. His lund slid out her mouth. She was breathing hard. Her breast heaving up and down as she was kneeling down on the floor, between his legs. He was sitting on his chair. Her lips were covered in her saliva. He took his lund in his hand and slapped her pretty cheeks with it, one by one. She giggled. He then leaned forward, and grabbed the hem of her top. He started to pull it off. She helped him do it. Soon enough, the top pulled off. Ravi flung it in the air, but his eyes were oggling at the beauty of her bra covered boobs. Anjali did not waste any time. She pushed the bra straps off her shoulders, one by one. Her hands reached back, unhooking the bra. Then, she slowly pulled it off, revealing her perky, soft, well shaped boobs with dark brown thick, juicy nipples. Ravi's mouth were watering. Anjali got up slightly. Ravi leaned forward till his face finaly met her boobs. He buried his face between her cleavage, licking it, making red spots on it. He cupped her boobs in his hands, squeezing them hard. "Aaaah.." Anjali moaned. "Raviji..aaram se na..""Chupp saali! Said Ravi. "Dabaane de mujhe. Aaj se pehle itne mulaayam bablay maine aajtak nahi dekhe." Saying this, he wrapped his lips around her left nipple and started sucking. Anjali moaned as Ravi licked, sucked and then bit her nipples, one by one like a hungry dog. Anjali wrapped her arms around his head and kept moaning. In the meantime, Ravi's hands went down behind her, unhooking her skirt from behind, pushing it down till it dropped down to her knees. He let go off her boobs as she stood up, the skirt fell on the floor. She stood there in front of him, barely a couple of inches away from his face as he oggled her naked body, only her damp panties around her waist. She pushed the skirt away with her toes and stood in front of him, letting his eyes feast on her body. Ravi couldn't wait any longer. He pulled her panties down, grinning like a mad man as it slid down her slender legs, on to the floor. Before she could push it away too, Ravi picked it up. He looked up at her smiling face, as he bought the damp panties to his nose and took a long whiff of her choot juices. Anjali giggled. Just then, there was a knock on the door.

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