Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Unsatisfied wives..

By: sanjay

Hii everybody my name is sanjay from Bangalore, Im 21 yrs old , 5’9 and 64kgs with athletic body and now let me get to the story....
I had a neighbor aunty she was working as Teacher in a High school with a figure of 36-28-36; she was fair in color and very sexy lady. Her husband got an job in U.S and he went there. And she was waiting for her hubby to send her the visa; she was very friendly with every one and after her hubby left her. She was alone with her three year old son. Her son used to like me very much so I used to visit her home often, I was a very good student at studies and I used to ask her doubts regarding my subjects and she used to clear them. One day after my bath I went her to get my doubts cleared .she was wearing a blue saree and black bra was visible from it. She cleared my doubts. And then I said thanks and was about leave. Then she asked me to have a chat if I was not busy. So we chatted for about an hour then her son woke up and started to cry. She asked me to wait and went inside the bed room.

I waited for a few mins and went in for checking on her. I was shocked to see her feeding the baby, she must have changed the side of the breast from one to another and her left breast was w completely visible. I stood there for a moment and then regained my senses and asked sorry and went into the hall to wait for her. Then she came in after 15 mins or so. And we started to chat but my mind was going dizzy I couldn’t forget that scene I started to stare at her breasts she noticed that and adjusted her pallu. Then slowly she started to talk about sex and she asked me have u had sex before. I said no .then she asked me have u seen any women breasts I said yes .she asked whose .I said yours in a slow voice. She smiled and asked me would u like to touch them. It was like a dream come true I was waiting for this chance for all my life I simply nodded my head .then she removed her pallu and asked me to touch them on her blouse n bra itself. I touched them it was so soft. The she was her right breast .she started to moan slowly. Ah. I removed her saree and I started to undress my self. I removed my shirt and pant. In the mean time she also started to undress. She was standing only with her black bra and panties with flowers on them. She was so beautiful I hungrily kissed and sucked her breast on the bra itself then removed it and started to suck her breast. As I sucked milk started to flow from them I drank and drank them. Then she stopped me and said now I want to taste your milk saying this she moved towards my dick and planted a kiss on it with my shorts on and then she pulled them down .my dick sprang out like a hot rod. She said u got a big dick of a small boy and put it I her mouth and started sucking it.

It felt so good .it was like I was in heaven she sucked them for 10 mins and I cummed directly in her mouth; she drank every drop and licked it clean. And my cock started to return but my feeling was not. So I took her into the bed room and shifted the baby from there to the hall. And I pushed her on the bed drank her milk again for a few mins and then moved to her thighs and kissed them and then pulled her panties down .And I looked at her pussy for a min it was so beautiful hairy and all wet. I drank all her juices and sucked them like a hungry animal and she moaned Oooo ahhhh and I opened her pussy lips and found her clit and I started to suck it and she started to scream loudly and very loudly and cried stop But she was pushing my head to wards her pussy and I continued to suck and with a big scream she Released all her juices on my face and I drank some of them even though it was kind of salty I loved it. And then I slowly positioned my cock near her pussy and with a big push it went completely inside. Since she had her baby from cesarean, her pussy was still tight I banged her for about 25 mins and cummed inside her itself. And we both lay their for an about hour and I went home after that and then. After having sex with her. The whole night I was dreaming about her and masturbated at least twice or thrice and then slept. I woke up in the morning and told my parents that I don’t feel well so I won’t be going to college. And at about 9.30 in morning I went to her house and knocked on it .she opened the door she had just woken up from the sleep and she was wearing her nighty. I hugged her directly and caressed her breast and her ass she asked me to wait until she finishes her bath. Her son was still a sleep and she went into the bathroom. I asked her not close the door I want to see her bath. She smiled and went inside the bathroom and started to remove her clothes. She was kind of teasing me while doing so. She first unzipped her nighty and removed it then she removed her shirt, and she removed her bra and panties also. She was as beautiful as nude like an Angel. She started to bath; I was watching her and at the same time stroking my penis up and down. It was as strong as an iron rod and when she finished her bathing and came out.

My mind was out of control I hugged and kissed and suddenly her kid woke and she said that she has to feed the baby and she went and took the baby and started to feed him nakedly she put her left nipple in his mouth. And he started to drink I said I am also hungry, she said my right is free. So I went and put her nipple inside my mouth and sucked it gently an her sweet milk started to flow and I drank them as much as I could then the milk stopped flowing. And then too I was sucking them. She left the baby on the bed and we went into the hall I pushed her on the sofa and spread her legs wide open .and smelled her pussy it was smelling so sweet she was very wet and I licked her sweet pussy and licked all her juices dry and I pulled her close to me and put my cock inside her mouth she sucked them for about 5 mins .then I put my hard cock inside her and started to bang her very wildly. She screamed a lot in pain to stop me. But I did stop and then I sat on the sofa and made her to sit on me and she went on riding me like a horse.

She rode me until me cummed in her pussy and then we both lay there for about 1 hour in that position with my cock inside her. Then she kissed me on the fore head and said that this was the best fuck ever she has had and she also said that she had her periods 3 days back. Hats the reason she allowed me to cum inside her but from now onwards either I should use a condom or I should remove my dick before I cum. Saying this she went into the kitchen to make coffee. She went and stood near the stove naked and her body again made me hot and my cock sprang back once again. I went to her and made her bend and put my cock inside her and fucked her hard once again. And we had fuck sessions the whole day. We took breaks only when she had to feed her a baby or make him sleep. Even when she was making her baby sleep I was fondling with her breasts. We had sex for about 4 times that whole day. Since I had college I never had sex with her for 3 days, I was waiting for a chance to again fuck her. The chance came when my parents had to leave for out of station, and so I asked my aunty (wife) to come and speak To my parents about the matter. So she came and spoke to my parents and my parents were happy and said thanks to her when she told that she’ll take care of me while they are gone... So that day I went to college and then came around 3.00 and since my parents were out of station me directly went to her house... Her son was playing with toys and She was in the kitchen washing the dishes and she was wearing a green saree with black bra. I made my self naked and went near her and hugged her from behind and started to squeeze her breasts with my right hand and slowly massaged them at the same time kissing her neck and biting her ears she was moaning... Ohhhh ahhhhh hmmmmm. Then I removed her blouse and squeezed her breast on her bra itself with her back facing me. I started rubbing my cock against her anal crack. She was moaning loudly hmmmmm ahhh hmm then I turned her towards me and kissed her on the lips and I let my tongue move inside and outside her mouth.

With my lips on hers pressing tight. I let my hand inside her saree and skirt and lifted it up till I reached her ass. She was not wearing any panties I slowly touched them and then I started to caress her ass and slowly pinched them. She made a sound ouch oooh and then removed her saree and I kneeled down and kissed on her pussy on the skirt itself and then let my head under her skirt it was dark under there but I traced the smell of her juices till I reached her pussy and licked her pussy like a dog licking at something sweet. She sounded like she was in heaven. Making slow sound ahhh and hmmmmm and biting her lips. And then I stood up and made her bend holding the slab and I started to eat her ass. I kissed and slowly bite her ass and then I made her sit on the slab and removed her bra her huge boobs jumped out like two huge melons I took her breast squeezed it and put her hard red brown nipple which was almost 1/2 inch long in my mouth and began to suck an suck and then I drank her milk which was leaking from her breast for some time and then I changed the breast and then sucked some more milk into my mouth and then poured it into her mouth she drank it I did this 5 or 6 times and then lifted her skirt till thighs and found the place near her thigh to be warm and wet and since she was not wearing any panties her juices have dripped till her thighs. I placed a kiss on her wet pussy first and then licked all her juices on her thighs her juices were sweet as honey and then reached her cunt then sucked her pussy for few mins she was moaning Ohhhh hmmmmm ahhhhhh,

I knew she was enjoying it, and then I opened the hood covering her clit and first licked them and then started to suck it and lick it. She started to scream loudly saying stop it pls stop ohhh hmm my god pls stop ohhh ur killing me, she could not control any more with a huge sound ahhhhhhh she released a huge blast of juices on my face. I drank almost all of her juices. It was very tasty. And then I removed her skirt also and made her completely nude and I slowly put my middle finger into her pussy and started to finger fuck her for some time and then put two of my fingers and then third and then I tried to put my hole hand in it she could not bare the pain she screamed loudly so I stopped trying she said pls fuck me fuck me I placed my dick near her pussy and pushed my 7 inch rod into her love hole. And then slowly pushed it in and out slowly ahhh it was so good and then I increased my speed and pumped her wildly for more than 20 mins I could see her breasts jumping like two balls front and back due to me banging her wildly and then I removed my dick and gave it to her before I cum.

She put it in her mouth and within few mins I cummed in her mouth and she gulped every drop of it and some of them were leaking form her mouth to her chin. And then I said to her that I want to fuck her in the asshole. She first did not agree ,but later I convinced her and made her bend like a dog and applied some cooking oil which was next to me on her hole and slowly expanded her hole using my fingers and when it was wide enough I put some oil on my dick and some more on her hole. And placed my cock at her hole and slowly entered into her. She controlled the pain and did not make noise she was just biting her lips, I entered fully into her and waited for her anal muscles to accept the new object and then slowly I pushed in and out a bit and she could not bare the pain she cried and asked me to take it out, but I did not remove I just stayed at that point and started to massage her breasts with my cock inside her hole just to make her relax and then I again started to move and slowly increased the speed. Now she began to enjoy it. I banged her for about 10 mins and then cummed right inside her hole itself and then we had a bath together and then I slept with her in the night…
Now let me come to my first experience with my first customer. Well before my neighbour aunt went to U.S She introduced me to a friend of hers who was sexually starved like her. Now let me introduce her name was renuka and she was 29 yrs old married and her husband was an Marine engineer and so most of the time he was not in town at all so obviously she was sexually starved. Now let me tell u how she looks., she was about 5’4 feet tall and she had very huge and firm breast and perfectly worked up ass and very fair skin and She is bomb shell of a women who could make any man cum just by looking at her. We used to talk casually with each Other once she called up to me asked me to join her for lunch. How could I say no to such an offer that to made by such a hot women. So I reached her flat by around 12.00 noon she was wearing a red black saree with a low cut blouse and we finished our lunch and she let me to her husbands mini bar cupboard and asked me to choose a drink I don drink so I just chose Beer and started drinking it and she started to stare at me and she was so hot with pretty hot lips. I went near her and placed a sweet kiss on her cheeks and she responded with a smile and then hugged her tightly and she covered her face with her hands in shyness, I hugged her more tightly and then started kissing her eyes and slowly every part of her face with every smooth and soft kiss she made small sound in ecstasy like hmm ahh mmm and started to bite her lips in response.

Then I slowly move down to her neck and slowly licked and kissed every part of her neck and moved near to her ear and slowly bit her ear with sweet teeth marks behind her eras I gently placed my hand on her saree and removed it and gently placed my lips on hers and started to suck her top lips and at the same time squeezed her right breast with my hand and she was enjoying with what ever I did to her body and then after sucking her lips for about 15 mins with both our saliva’s exchanged in our mouths and went behind to admire her beauty she was like an angel and her eyes were completely filled with lust. And mouth dripping with saliva. So I went near her and carried her in my arms and went to the bed room and removed my clothes and made myself nude and I was only wearing my underpants and I fell on her and tore her blouse apart and removed her skirt and
Now she was lying on the bed with only red bra and matching panties.. I just looked at her beauty and said to her u look so beautiful u can make any man go crazy just by looking at u.. And slowly started kissing her neck and then every part of her body starting from her lips I moved down kissing every bit of her body with every kiss she was trembling with pure lust and joy. Moaning oh mmm mmm sssssahhh ahh and her sound became louder and louder and then moved towards her breast and started kneading it like dough for about 5 mins and then removed her bra her nipples were nearly one inch very pointed and hot. I put my hand and slowly caressed her and then gently took one breast in my mouth and slowly sucked it, and started to make circles around her nipple and she responded greatly by holding my head and brushing my hair and then I switched her breasts and did the same with the other breast also all this time she was pleading its enough pls get inside me pls get inside me ahhh ssssah pls..But I did not even reveal my dick to her. I wanted to show her what is the real fun in foreplay and how much it can ignite the passion and then slowly moved down and started kissing her on the thighs near to her pussy but not on the pussy I traced the end of her panties with my kisses and my tongue but I did not kiss or touch her pussy I wanted to tease her with my tongue her panties were soaking wet with her juices and they were really sweet like honey. After licking her from head to toe. I went in between her thighs and placed a kiss on her most beautiful and sensitive part of her body.

She was trembling like a fish out of water, removed her panties down and with out using my hands I traced the walls of her pussy with my tongue and her pussy started to bloom like a flower and slowly let my tongue deep inside her hole and started to tongue fuck her, she was making loud noises ahhh ohh my god pls let me go ur killing me sssssahhh mmm ahh and all and then suddenly with a loud noise she let out all her juices on my face and after she completed her orgasm, I went an slowly with my tongue itself opened her pussy and found her clit and licked it first slowly and put it in my mouth and sucked it gently and hen I slowly bit her clit and she could not take it more and she again had an orgasm once more. I couldn’t believe my eyes within 10 mins she has had two orgasms, and then I removed my undies and showed her my cock and she took it in her hand and started to shag me. I asked her o take it in her mouth but she said no, but forced her to take it in and then she put it in with a perfect O made lips and started to enjoy and she was an hell of a cock sucker. Then I moved down and place my cock against her pussy and pushed I in but it was not going inside she was just screaming in pan. So I removed the cock outside and then put my middle finger inside her hole and started to finger fuck her and make her hole loose. While fucking again she had her 3rd orgasm and then I put my hard dick inside her pussy and with a force it went inside she was screaming in pain.

I slowly pushed it in and out …with slow strokes and then increased my speed rapidly and she was screaming ohh god ohh maaaa maaa ahhh Ohhhh ahh and after 20 mins of fucking I cummed inside her pussy and we both lay their and the room was completely smelling with our mixed juices and the Bed was completely drenched due to her orgasms so we both took bath together and we changed our clothes and while leaving she rewarded me with a big sum of amount for providing her the Ultimate pleasure. And showing her different forms of sex .So after this I realized I could even make money now by satisfying hungry women. So I Made satisfying women a part time job and I am damn sure that I can make any women have an orgasm of any age. That’s all for now readers. Any women require me in Bangalore for secrecy and satisfaction or any comments mail to call_boy1@yahoo.com

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