Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chud gayee khet main

Chud gayee khet main

By: Aboli

Hi dear readers this is Aboli you may remember my previous stories of sexcapades with my boss and my boyfriend.This is a story of what happened when I was in my village on a vacation.When I am at my parent's village I dress conservatively in sarees and punajbi dresses. That day I was strolling across our sugar cane field dressed in a blue color saree and half sleeve blouse looking like a sober attractive woman.Howebver for some strange reason that I do not udnerstand I was very horny that day.While walking across the field I suddenly noted my old school buddy Rajan walking across the neighbouring field. Rajan was about 10 years my senior and a very attractive man to boot. I smiled and waved at him. Rajan walked across to me and said hello.

As we were standing and talking suddenly it began raining. We sought shelter in a nearby shade which was used for storage of old farm equipments etc. By the time we were inside I was set a bit.So once inside I dropped my pallu after turning my back to Rajan and started to squeeze water out of it. When I turned around Rajan too had taken off his kurta and he was squeezing it dry . We stared at each other, me admiring his hairy chest and the muscles of his forearms and him staring at my gogeous full breasts quivering inside the now transperent saree.My eyes travelled south to see that there was an appreciable bulge in his trousers. I turned away and thought of something to say.Rajan walked up to me said," you are very beautyful Aboli and now you have become a fully grown woman,"Saying so he touched my cheek and turned my face up.Next moment I was in a full mouth kiss with him.His trong hands caressed my back and ass cheeks and soon I found myself responding to his kiss.
We were breathless when we were through, Rajan pulled the apllu of my saree and pulled it towards him. I turned around myselg to let it come out o my waistband . My breasts were heaving with passion. Rajan gently liifted me in his arms and placed me on a pile of hay nearby. He took a minute to take off his pajamas and then pinned me beneath himself.Our mouths got locked in kiss. Rajan was slowly kneading my brests through my blouse. I slowly unhooked my blouse and let him pull it off my wet shite shoulders.Rajan kissed my shoulder blades and then my cleavage before pulling my brasiere cup up to reveal my milky right breast.He tweaked my nipple slowly in his fingers and kissed the coffee colored aerolae around it. Sighing loudly I pressed his head there.Soon my brassiere came off too.

Rajan lifted my saree and petticoat together since it was not possible to take it off in such a small place/. His rouhg hands broughy goosebumps on my smooth shaven legs. I fgelt his hands lclosing around my panties and then they came off smoothly. Rajan placed it enxt to my bra and blosue.I pulled him atop myself and kissed him while my hands went inside his shorts to free his lund.It was nice and hard and just the right size.I massaged it a little to gain more firmness to it and then raised my hips in air."you are exp" he said and kissed my lips this time drawing blood."Yes I am the world is full of horny guys like you now fuck me,"I said and placed my thighs around his waist. Rajan grunted and gave a huge thrust placing his lund squarely inside my pussylips. I cried and dug my fingernial in his back and started to rock to his thrusts.

Rajan was a good lover, he understood that women with big breasts are tender there so he did not knead them too much but his mouth tongue and teeth were at work continously on my breasts making sure that in a minute of 2 they were aching pelasantly . I dug my ankles in his back adn pulled him deeper insdie me.after some time he palced his elbows on ground and started to fuck me while kenading my breasts slowly and repeatedly. I was notscared of what would happen if someone walks in a fuind that patil's daughter getting so wantonly fucked.That noon when I retuenrd home I told my mom that I had periods unexpectedly since my small pussy had begun bleeding again withthe onslaught of Rajan's dick. I spent the evening in bed.

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