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Son on his honeymoon phoned his mom asking what 2 do.
MOMTongueut ur biggest thng on her hairiest thng. SON:got
my nose in her armpit. Now what?

Teacher ek student se: “batao ladkiyaan kya nahi pehan sakti hai?”

Ladka: “ji CONDOM”

Kisne kitni bar

Kisne kitni bar

There were three fast friends...a Pandit, a Baniya and a Jaat. Teenon
ke sab kuchh saath saath hi hua -- schooling, college, yahan tak ki
shaadi bhi -- halanki hui alag alag ladkiyon se. Teenon honeymoon bhi
saath saath hi gaye...aur ek hi hotel main stay karenge. So, hotel
main pahunchane ke baad, teenon apne rooms main jaane se pahle mile
aur decide kiya ki subah ko breakfast table par ek doosre ko batayenge
ki kisne kitni baar kiya. Par samasya thi ki apni patniyon ke saamne
kaise is bare main baat karenge. Par teenon bahut smart the, jaldi hi
solution bhi dhoondh liya, ki jo jitne baar bread par butter lagayega
to uska matlab hoga ki usne utni baar sex kiya. Aur teenon apne apne
room main chale gaye.
Subah teenon mile...breakfast table par...teenon ki wives bhi thi. To
pahle Pandit ne apni bread uthai, aur butter lagaya...ek
baar... aur wapas plate main rakh di. Phir Baniye ne apni bread
uthai... butter lagaya... ek baar... do baar... phir bread ko palta...
phir butter lagaya... ek ... do. Matlab, do baar donon taraf se
thoka... Ab baari thi Jaat ki. Usne apni bread uthai...butter
lagaya... ek ... do baar ... use palta ... ek baar butter lagaya ...
do baar ... Phir Pandit ki bread uthai... donon taraf butter lagaya
aur rakh di ... phir baniye ki bread uthai ... aur use bhi donon taraf
butter laga diya ...
Aur dosti khatam...

ye kya hai

ye kya hai

Ek aurat ka pati marr gaya, pati ko mare hue 2 saal ho gaye the, bechari ki Chooth mein aag lagi rehti thi. kabhi ungli ghusaati toh kabhi mooli , par Chooth ki aag nahin bhujh paati thi.

ek saheli ko apna dard bataya toh saheli use Makhan Baba ke paas le gayi.

baba ne ek lund prakat kiya aur ush aurat ko de diya. aur kaha jab bhi mann kare l und ko haath mein leke bolna " yeh kya hai ? " bas lund activate ho jaayega aur teri c hoot ki aag bhujha diya karega.

bas phir kya tha , aurat daudi daudi ghar gayi. darwaja band kiya aur lund haath mein leke boli " yeh kya hai? " .

lund activate hua aur 2 feet lumba tann gaya.

uski Chooth ka chittorgarh bana diya.

aurat toh maare khusi ke naachne lagi.

roz subah-shaam darwaja band karti aur lund haath mein leke bolti "yeh kya hai " aur lund use poore maze deta.

uski ek beti thi, use shak hua ki maa roz darwaja band karke kya karti hai, keyhole se jhaanka toh dekha maa almari mein kuchh rakh rahi thi.

maa ke jaate hi beti ne almari kholi aur lundd haath mein leke boli " yeh kya hai ? "

lund ne jaisi hi suna beti ki Chooth mein ghush gaya, beti bhi roz maze lene legi .

maa ko shak hua ki beti kya karti hai darwaja band karke, keyhole se jhaanka toh dekha beti ne makhan baba wala lundd apni choot mein ghusa rakha tha.

maa rone lagi, sochne lagi ki yeh maine kya kar diya.

agle hi din makhan baba ke paas gayi aur boli, baba ise password protected bana do.

makhan baba dhyan mein magan the, aankhein band thi.

bole kya protected karna hai, maa boli "yeh jo aapne diya tha baba "

baaba ne kaha mere haath par rakh do , maa ne lund makhan baba ke haath par rakh diya.

makhan baba dhyan mein magan the, aankhein band thi. makhan baba bole " yeh kya hai ? "

Ek Ladki ki thi anjani si chudwane se darti thi.............

Raat ki tanhai me, mai baithi thi akeli
Itne me padosh ke ek ladke ki awaz aai
Aa jao mere paas ghar me koi nahi
Mai kuch sharmai ghabrai
Aur ithlate hui uske paas gai
Usne dhire se ghod me uthaya
Aur bade pyar se bed par sulaya
Sari ka palla giraya
Blouse kholkar bra sarkaya
Besaram ne jhat se mamme ko
Apne mouth me ghusaya
Jhor se daato se mamme ko dabaya
Aur doodh kisi me nahi
Maine kaha mai chudwane aai hu
Maine kaha mai tere bacche ki ma nahi
Phir usne apni anguli
Meri chud me ghusai
Mai jor se chilla padi
Arre Boka choda yeh meri chud hai
Koi hodh nahi
Uska loda bhi ho gaya
Puri tarah khada
Maine bhi use chum kar
Liya bada maja
Kaha usne ab bekarar na karo
Lund ko chud me jane do
Lekin mai thodi itrai
Itni jaldi kya hai
Bus abhi turant to mai aai
Mai le rahi thi ish nok-jhok ka maja
Itne me sale ne meri
Gaand me ghusa diya lauda
Mai jor se chillai
Phir lagi masti aane
Usne phir pyar se dekhte huye
Kaha mai abhi bhi pyasa hu
Pyas meri bujha de re
Ab jyada der na kar
Lund ko chud se mila de re
Mai bhi thi ab uske lund
Ke liye Bekarar
Maine bhi kaha, Jaan
Ab chud hai tere hawale sanam
Chod le ise mauka nai milega aisa phir
Usne bhi jhat apna lund
Mere chud me gaad diya
Maine bhi iska bahut luft liya
Chud ne ka accha andaz tha
Yeh mere jivan ka pehla ahsas tha
Jo bhi ho
Yeh bada khas tha

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My Auntie's sarees

By: Aman

Hi readers, I'm Aman, an ardent incest fan. I am not disclosing my name, as this is a true incident, which happened 6 months back in my life. This happened between my aunt or you can say my aunt and her chiffon sarees. Let me confess one thing, iam a saree lover. I love sarees it just excites me seeing a woman wearing a saree especially chiffons. I am from a middle family, my family couldn't afford my higher studies, so they send me to bangalore, to my uncle's house so that I could continue my studies, as they would pay for my expenses. They had no children, so they took care of me well. It was a one bedroom flat, so I had to sleep in the sitting room.

My aunt is not so beautiful but she had a plump body with big boobs and nice buttocks. The best part love in her is her butts, she had a big and round one and it used to jiggle in her chiffon sarees. Her figure was 38c/33/39. She wears only sarees and most of them were chiffons that attracted me more towards her. My uncle was working in a bank and also did tuitions. > > His age was 31 while my aunt was 26 then and I only 18. I used to spend a lot of time with her as I could get to see her more and stare she never had any doubts. She never used to cover her butts as only we two were there. I never had any intention of having sex but only staring as my interest was to see her in chiffons and her butts shaking as she walks. I should say that our neighbourhood aunties were sexier and attractive than her, so I got attracted more towards them than my aunt. My aunt would rarely wear below navels but when she wears it below navel I used to look at it, she had a round large and deep navel.

Whenever the neighbours used to come to our house I used to stare at each of them especially one who wears low navel and is always sexy in chiffon sarees. I used to fantasise her a lot and masturbate. Masturbation was difficult in my village as it was a joint family and no privacy were there but in my new home it was very exciting and easy. Let me tell you how it all happened. One day when I went to the bathroom to take my bath I saw my aunts clothes were there, she had just taken a bath and left. I just out of curiousity took out from the bucket her saree, petticoat, panties and bra. > > I then smelt it, it was the smell of her sweat and her vagina, and my dick became erect when I touched the saree I didn't know why. Then I rubbed my dick and put my cum in her panties and bra.

That was the first ever masturbation I did on her clothes. That evening when I looked at her wearing saree and watching her gaand I felt sort of a fascination for her but in the night I regretted for thinking about her, I immediately thought about other ladies just to distract from my aunts view coming to my mind. But the very next day when she went to take her bath some sort of excitement filled in me as the thought of her removing her dresses came to my mind, I tried my level best not to think of it but no use. So after she came out of the bathroom, I went in and took out her clothes then I became naked and took the saree and put it in my dick, it became erect and I masturbated in it.

I felt a sort of excitement and for the first time my aunts naked body came to my mind and I masturbated too much and put my sperms in the saree, petticoat and blouse also. She had no doubts and this continued regularly. Once when I returned early from my college, I knocked the door, after a little while she opened the door. She had been sleeping, she served me lunch and went back to sleep. After having my lunch I went to the bedroom where I could see her sleeping in an orange chiffon saree. I was aroused by the way she was lying with her paloo slightly down so that I could see her blouse. The saree folds were beautifully scattered around her body making me excited to touch her body. I stood there motionless not knowing how to proceed, I was staring at her with lusty eyes, the aunt who I used to think was unattractive was suddenly very beautiful to me. > > I opened my zip and took my dick out and started rubbing there itself, I was simultaneously looking at her body and masturbating, and when it my sperm was about to shoot I got an idea, I want near her and put my cum all over her saree. I got impressed and satisfied and cleaned my dick with her paloo , I don't know how I got this much courage to act like this but the excitement in me made me do this and it was do or die situation .

After completing the act I went to the sitting room and watched TV. After an hour or so she got up, she came to the sitting room and her paloo was in the proper place, I was looking at those places where I had dropped my cum, and I was successful in seeing a small wet stain on her hips and it excited me more. I never got another chance to do this kind of act again. I was going mad with the lusty feeling in my mind of fucking her but I never knew how. I began showing my chest in front of her so that she would get attracted but no use.

Peeping in bathroom was impossible as no holes could be made and I used to even put my ears to the bedroom door so that I could hear them moaning whenever they had sex. In this attempt I was successful once but only a slight moaning from them could be heard. But it ended very soon and I always thought sex was only for 10 minutes or so. My luck came in the way of a visa my uncle had got after long attempts to go to Gulf. That time going to the Gulf means making money and my uncle was very interested in going. That means only me and my aunt was going to be there. I was excited. But my excitement was about to diminish when plans were made that my aunt stay in her in laws house as uncle is going and I be sent to my uncle's place in kovai who was a bachelor. My aunt refused it and said to my uncle that she would stay here. I sighed a relief, my uncle left after a week and we went to the airport to send him off.

My uncle told me to take care of her and my dirty mind could only take it in another sense. My aunt was crying and I had to console her by saying that "don't worry aunt I will take care of you" but she never knew it was a double meaning. Things went normal and my aunt's depression got over. I seem to notice her getting frustrated rather a sexual feeling, because whenever she sits in front of the TV she would place her hand sometimes both the hands in her vagina and press and caress it, when she sees me looking at her she slightly changes her hands, this used to go on. I thought that her vagina must be itchy sort of as she now lacks sex but I thought it must be my feeling and I always admonished myself for thinking like this. Luck did come once in my favour as head lice. I had lice in my head and it always caused itchiness in my head and she always sees me scratching my head. She came to me and asked me what the matter was, I told her that in my class sitting beside me is my friend as he has lice in his head it must have got to my head also.

She said me to sit down on the sofa while she used to on the sofa and with her hands stroke my hair and take out the lice. Sensing her hands on my head I used to get aroused and my dick used to stand. Her body would sometimes touch me softly or when I lean back my back used to touch her legs and I used to enjoy those moments. Once when she was sitting on the sofa and watching TV, I noticed her hands were on her cunt, I mean on the saree folds and gently placing it there itself with slight caressing in between. I thought that this would be my chance and I went to her, I was feeling nervous too, and told her " aunty this lice is itching my head please help me ". but I didn't want to sit down so I told her " no, I will lie on your lap. So it is easier for you to look ", she said ok and I lay on her lap while she started lice plucking. It was a wonderful feeling lying on her lap that too on her saree entanglements above her cunt, my dick immediately stood up and I innocently put my hand on her hip and slowly caresses it, it was feeling wonderful.

I stopped it abruptly as I didn't want her to get suspicious, so I put my hands on her back and waist and touched her upper buttocks, it was feeling very sensuous, I had the desire of having sex with her at that moment and if she objected I had thought of raping her too. I put myself to control and I lay there for sometime then I said enough iam going, but I could see that she didn't want me to leave. Then I got up and went to the bathroom, to masturbate, I couldn't see any of her dresses so I got frustrated and came back. The next day, I wanted to do the same thing but this time I got little bold and when I sat on her lap I put my hands on her waist and caught it and slowly started touching her back and massaging it, I didn't care whether she would scold me or not. Then I withdrew my hands from her waist and put it on her hips and massaged it slowly and my face I buried it in her on top of her cunt, I started putting my lips and giving it sort of kisses type and moved my head here and there, my face on her saree folds above her cunt was an erotic feeling and I continued it, my aunt suddenly stopped suddenly and her hands went numb.

I never had the courage to look at her and I continued my act, she then stretched back and just closed her eyes, before I could proceed further the telephone rang and it caused a big interruption to my game and I cursed my friend who rang. I was happy that my aunt though didn't say a word did not stop me from doing it. I had the feeling that she really enjoyed it. Now things seemed different, when she was cleaning the room usually she used to take the loose end of cover the back and put it in her waist but now she didn't do that and when her paloo slipped she just lowered her paloo and put it near her folds, and I could see her big boobs and her navel was also seen I got an erection at once. I said I would also help her in the process of seeing her and started helping her, my work was more concentrated on seeing her than doing the work and she never pulled her paloo back. When she went to wash her clothes, I too went with her and the washing machine being an old one, only fewer clothes at a time could be washed. She pulled her saree folds up and put it on her waist and now I could see her legs too, as I was helping her our bodies constantly touched and I enjoyed the moment when her butts touched my hard dick, it was unbearable. I was waiting for her to take a bath so that I could masturbate on her dresses.

But in the bathroom I did not do it as I thought later in the afternoon I wanted to start the usual act and I just smelled her panties, bra and kissed her saree. She changed herself to a yellow chiffon saree, which I like her the most. I made a plan, I was in the dining room reading a book and waited for her to come to the sitting room and take her seat on the sofa. I waited for sometime and after sometime she came and sat there and she was looking around. I got up slowly and went near the TV to look for something (it was on purpose) and when I turned back I saw my aunt sitting on the sofa with her paloo down and her saree was worn below the navel.

I didn't know how to go and sit on her lap direct so I just itched my head and went to her, she just smiled and spread her legs and told me to lie on her lap. I sprang on to her and positioned myself and my face on her cunt and slowly kissing her saree then I put my hands on her waist and caressed it and then took the plunge, I touched her navel, she jerked a bit, I then started to put my finger in it and my hands were all over her stomach, and I brought my face up to her navel and gave a kiss, she arched backwards and I continued my act. This time I went up again to her breasts and kissed her cleavage and went and buried my face on her neck and kept it there and I could sense her breathing it was fast and her fingers were on my hair and pulling them onto her.

I looked at her and she too looked at me and this time I could see lust in her eyes, I brought my lips forward and kissed her. I spoke to her at last " aunt I want to do a French kiss ", she didn't reply anything but tilted her head so as to make it French style and we kissed and our tongues met and rolled. She then put my head on her neck and I started necking her, she gave short moans but never uttered a word. I opened her blouse and bra and saw the huge tits lying in front of me to be sucked, chewed and eaten. I kissed all over her breast and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked it. She laughed and said nothing would come; she spoke for the first time.

She said," Come lets go to the bedroom here the sofa is making my back sprain". She got up and walked and I was right back enjoying staring at her, what a state she was in, her paloo was down, naked breast and jiggling gaand. She now looked the most beautiful and sexiest to me. I followed her and couldn't resist from touching her and as we entered the bedroom I caught her back and kissed her gaand, waist, back and the neck, then I turned her and started kissing and naping her. > > She just put her hands on my back closed her eyes and giving out slight moans. I went down and kissed her navel and the saree fold on top of the vagina. I laid her on the bed and went to kiss her and necking her. She started moaning a bit loud now and her hands were on my back and on my hair. I caught her turned her around and made her on top of me and asked her to kiss me on my neck, chest and face. She removed my shirt went slowly on my face, then lips then to my neck and I gave a moan .she licked my nipples and went down to my navel and removed my pants and kissed my legs and thighs but never touched my dick or even kissed it.

We were constantly looking at each other but no words came from our mouth. She on top of me then turned me around and asked me to remove her saree. For the first time in my life iam removing a woman's saree and that too my aunt's. I caught the folds and gently pulled it, it came out in a bunch and I put it in a heap beside her head. Then I removed the strings of the petticoat and pulled it down. Wow! What a sight, she was without a panty and I could see her pubic hairs and her big thighs.

She guided my head towards her pussy and I licked it. Though I didn't like the smell of it, the excitement made me lick her pussy and it was dripping wet. She moaned loudly this time, gripping my head more tightly and making aaaah and ooooh sounds. I thought she would utter my name or sat nasty words but it didn't happen. Just moaning sounds came out from her mouth, mostly with her mouth closed and enjoying it passionately. I took the final plunge. My dick couldn't hold it anymore. I put my dick in but it couldn't enter, my aunt smiled and she put her hand down and held my dick and slid it up. I realized my mistake, I put it a bit down and it wasn't the hole, due to her bushy cunt I couldn't see it. As she guided me to her hole, I felt my dick gliding into a tunnel which was little tight, moist and soft to enter, I entered it full and withdrew it and shove it again in and made it into a sort of motion. She was enjoying every bit of it and she was biting her lips and her hands went backwards and her one hand caught hold of the bed sheet while the other the saree. I put my hands and clamped it in mine and planted kisses on her face. When I kissed her on the lips she bit my lips and tongue. She began to move her hips and caught hold of my head and put in on her neck and I kisses were all over her neck.

The smell of her armpits and sweat was like a scent to me. Then all of a sudden my semen burst going all the way to her inner part of vagina and resting there with her juices. I collapsed on her and then felt very tired. Never in my life this load of sperms have ejaculated from my masturbations. I felt very tired and slept next to her. When I woke up after an hour or so, my aunt was not on the bed and only her saree was there. I put on my pants and took the saree with me and came out of the room searching for her. She was in the kitchen in her blouse and petticoat. I asked her to wear the saree and I enjoyed seeing her wear it and I told her to wear below navel. In the night she asked me to sleep in the bed. I was having a feeling that I was her husband, she came after finishing her chores and removed her saree and lied next to me and was looking into my eyes. I wanted to ask her about the sexual relation with uncle. When I asked her about it her face went gloomy. My uncle wasn't interested in her as she couldn't deliver a child and her in-laws had taunted her for it. So naturally my uncle must have also the notion that she is sexually impotent. She was about to cry saying this when I comforted her by saying that everything would be alright, just pray to God and everything would turn out fine.

I asked her to smile, as today was our first night. She seductively then put her arms on mine and pulled my head towards her neck and we enjoyed the second round slowly rather passionately. I acted as if I was a lover and tenderly poured love and affection and she had wanted it badly. The next morning I woke up feeling satisfied and my penis was swollen and a bite mark on my lips and neck. I called my aunt for tea, and she came like a typical housewife. She was sweating due to the kitchen work and her saree folds were up put in her waist. Just as she placed the cup on the table I caught her paloo and pulled her by her butts. She weakly protested saying she has work in the kitchen but I ignored them and left her after kissing her all over. This continued for 5 months till she went to the Gulf, it was like two lovers parting.

She asked wanted for her remembrance and I asked for two of her saree. I got shifted to one of my uncle's house who was a bachelor. She came back after 2 years and we had a great time till she left. Now iam waiting for her return, she had written to me that she will be here on September, till then I have her saree. You guys and gals might be feeling weird for my affection for sarees. I don't know but it must be a fetish feeling. I don't know whether I have committed a sin by having a relation with my aunt. But it just happened, as I love older woman especially if they wear chiffon sarees and also having big breasts and butts.

I hope the girl who will come into my life as my wife will understand all these and join me in these fetishes. if Any of ladies or girlz need my service or want to have role play with me i am now a days in delhi dont hesitate in contacting

aughty Dad

By: dushyant

Hi this is dushyant raj from jodhpur-rajasthan; i am 35yrs old and running my own factory, before i start to tell you my story i would like to introduce my wife(sneha) and my daughter(pooja), my wife is 33yrs old and has a very slim body, her figure is 34-26-36, thousand of people would like to see her nude on the spot, and my daughter is 18yrs old,
Our parents arranged our marriage in our unmatured age .That time i was 21 and my wife was 18, she got pregnant at her 19yrs, she had faced so much pain at that time so we decided that we would not get other baby very soon,

My daughter is now in her 18 and is having same figer which my wife had at her 18, same kind of lips and same beautiful eyes and same kind of hair, actually i never saw my daughter by that wrong way before that day, it was very hot day and i returned to my home at 6pm and my wife was gone to her brother's house for two days, at that time i was feeling bore so i decieded to have company with my daughter,

When i reched neer to her room i heared loud sound was coming out from her room so i opend the door and saw my daughter was moaning very louad and her two fingers wer in her pussy which was wet and her eyes very half way closed and her lip was between her teeth and her tits were visible and her skirt was down to her knee.

My first reactioin was to scold her but when i saw her beautiful shaved pussy, i forgot that she was my daughter and going near to her, inserted my head between her legs,

She was shocked and tried to resist but later on she was taking more interest in it and she was enjoying it after that i fucked her pussy, she told me that she had fucked our all peons also and was not expecting that i will fuck her, when my wife returned i explained her and now three of us are sleeping in one room and i got my new 18yrs wife, my daughter is preganent for few days and i am the father of that baby, i don't know what should i do and what should i tell to our relatives that who is the father of my daughter's baby

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My cousin, Shabana

By: Shabana

hello frds i ahve been reading stories in this site and i enjoy readong them .this site inspired me to share with all my real life secret story .and how many fantasy came true.well am 22 years old now from mumbai am preety good looking and got good body too.

so let me begin with my story which happened between me and my cousin sister this happened before a year and that time she was 23 and i was 21 thats before a year .let me describe my sexy cousin sister shabana[name changed] she was 5,5 ht and had gr8 body ehr figure was 36-26-34 guys imagine her figure.we have a joint family and me and my cousin use to share same bed to sleep in night.i have been loving mu cousin sexually from age of 16 and manstrubating thinkinh about her when ever she bends to sweep or stuff i dont miss watching her we use to sleep in same bed i always use to move my hands on her boobs when she use to be in deep day she caught me doing it and and i ended the matter but then i had gain enough courage to move hands on her boobs every day .i quees she knew i do it and may be she enjoyed it too and acted as if she was unware and was in deep sleep .

Finally 1 day my fantasy came true .it was summer and all our family members were out of station for soem days but me and my cousin we at home coz of studies reason. we both use to watch tv at night together and it was saturday night and i was waiting for adult movie at night to see it and it started finally i thought my cousin wa sin deep sleep but i didnt knew she was not so assuming am alone i was watching sexy movie and was shagging at same time and suddenly i realised some 1 else is watching it with me and i saw from my corner of eyes my cousin was watching is too and she thought i didnt knew as she was hiding herself and watching it but then i saw her watching it .i knew she also saw my dick as i was shagging it and i thought that she is horny girl as well and i thought this was my chance i should not waste to get my fantasy of fucking my sister After few days I was searching for some more to have better fun in shagging.

Whenever she bent I used to watch h er big bulging boobs and the big round ass when she leaned forward to mop the floor. Once I was caught when I was staring at her boobs, she gave a sharp look into my eyes and corrected her saree pallu. During nights whenever she goes for bathroom, I used to keep my ears alert to listen the pissing sound, it Was so musical, buzzing sound, that I used to shag listening to it.. . She was facing opposite to me. And my favourate part (her ass) was pointed towards my waist. My lund grew large in me. Slowly I moved my waist towards her hips. Now my lund was pressing Her hips slightly. Her hips were somewhat soft and firm, round, sexy. I pressed my lund still harder. There was no movement in her. I thought she was in deep sleep.

So I placed my lund in the cleavage between her hips and started moving slowly up and down. Suddenly she turned towards my side. But she was still sleeping. This time her face was so close to me that, hot air from her nostrils was breezing on to my face. There was not more than 2 inches of gap between our lips. I slowly moved ahead, placed both of my lips on her's and smoothly kissed her and came back. The upper 2 buttons of her nightgown were open and her big boobs were trying hard to come out. She wasn't wearing a bra. I slowly moved my whole body downward, so that my face is opposite to her boobs. I don't know what has happened to her, she moved towards me, and her boobs pressed my face really hard. May be the kid on the other side had kicked her. My goodness her gorgeous boobs were pressing hard on my face. Now it was my turn to act further. I rubbed all my face on boobs. I could feel her nipples touching my lips when I did so. I bit her nipples smoothly. My erect lund was pressing her knees. I placed my hand over her hips, pretending that I am sleeping, and started caressing her finally i went to the bed and i was very horny and some how i was ready to fuck her at any cost and fact that even she was watching it encouraged me.

So i started preesing her boobs and for 1st time moving my hands on her thigh sleeping, and started caressing her hips.
But I shocked as she placed her hand on my head and started pressing on her boobs. It was really terrifying. I gained confidence and moved up to her face and moved close to her lips. She whispered to me" kiss me. I kissed her really hard this time. Her lips were so smooth, juicy, I cannot explain how good they were. She pierced her juicy tongue in to my mouth, our Tongues were fighting hard. She held my hand kept it on her right boob. I squeezed it like chapati dough. At the same time enjoying the taste of her saliva. I don't know how it happened, may be it was an involuntary action, my hand got shifted from her boobs on to her pussy. I moved my fingers on her pussy over the gown itself. then she murmured "hey put your hand inside". At the same time sucking my ear, she pierced her tongue in my ear. I was searching for a way to get inside her gown, I couldn't find the edge of it. She understood my problem, she grabbed my hand and showed me the way inside. Now my hand was between her warm thighs. Her thighs were very beautiful, hairy, hot, I caressed her thighs. They were excellent. I went up I could touch her panty. I scratched her panty over the triangle. When came along the cleft between the pussy lips my fingers became wet. She was oozing honey.

I entered inside her panty from sides. It was full of silky hair, I pulled the panty down and placed my entire palm on her pussy and started massaging it, simultaneously kissing her hard. She was moaning at a very low pitch. When I pinched her clit she moaned a bit louder ssssssss...aaaaaaaah., and said "put your fingers inside my hole".then I fucked her juicy cunt with my fingers, kissing her hard at the same time. I took out my hand from her pussy and licked all the honey on my fingers. It was deliciously and warm. I couldn't resist now as I saw the taste of her honey, I moved down to her waist, lifted her gown completely up and gently kissed her pubic hair. It was emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out, licked her hairy cunt top to bottom severa l times. played with the clit with the tip of tongue. She pressed my head on to her pussy, pulling my hair moaning at a very very low pitch. After giving her cunt a thorough wash with my tongue I moved up and whispered in her ears. What next? Do u want mine? She didn't reply instead she moved down this time, placed her hand over my undy, pressed my lund, it was rock hard, she swept all her face on my lund, bit my cock and pulled the underwear down. my cock was really furious, came out of underwear like snake out of its hole. She sniffed all through my rod and testicles before she kept it inside her mouth. She pulled my fore skin back, then the purple head came out, kissed the tip of the cock delicately, then licked all around the head, and finally took all my length in to her warm juicy mouth, and started sucking it vigorously. It was fantastic. Mine would measure atleast 7 inches, I don't know how deep she went, But I perplexed to feel that my entire rod disappeared in her mouth. She sucked my rod making sounds mch..Pmch..mch...mmmmmm. I was scared that anybody around us would get up. But nothing like that has happened.

When I was about to come out, I stopped her sucking, asked her to move up and warned her not touch my rod as it would burst out even with the gentle touch of her warm hands. I asked her to wait for few seconds. She said "I know what u do with my panties inside the bathroom", I asked her "how do u know"? She said "Even I do the same with your underwear", I love to watch u while u take bath through the hole of the door. Now I said i am going to fuck u now, she said don't test my patience, go on.. She caught hold my rod kept it inside her hole. When I tried to push it inside it didn't go easily, the tip of my cock was aching, even she complained of pain, but I didn't give up pushed it further giving slight jerks, finally I could enter completely inside her. It was very hot inside her. I increased my speed fucking her. THE FEELING THAT I AM FUCKING A WOMAN, 3 YEARS ELDER THAN ME WAS MAKING ME M AD. Now I was fucking her juicy love hole very fast. The blows made sounds thup.thup..thup... I closed her lips with mine, preventing any sound that would make others get up. In about 2 minutes I bursted out.

I filled her choot heavily with my semen. I never bursted that much of semen ever. It was my first intercourse, even her's. That night we had it 5 times. When I got up in the morning she looked at me with an admiration in her eyes, and gave a sharp smile. After that day whenever we had a chance I fucked her great. After a year she got married, and now she is living happily with her family. But still whenever she comes here, that night my rod asks for her. Even now I can't help myself as she is away from me and ofcourse married to other guy. Friends, hope this experience of mine has made u hot. I request all the horny guys surfing around to mail me their experiences. Females u are most welcome for your physical handsome young and horny hehee any females interested mail me at and if u want add me in yahoo meeseneger so we can chat as well i got webcam and mic too for secret sexual pleasure. bye all take care

My mother's sister


Dear Sir,

I zeet, am a great fan of indiansexstories & have read almost all the stories.So today I decided to my own experience.

It started when I was 18 and after completing my 12 std exam came to study B.Sc. . Since I have no other relative in the town I have to stay with my aunt (elder sister of my mom)who was a divorcee and was about 39 yrs old. She had a figure of 36 24 30 a real sexy figure.She happily accepted me.

I started going to college and since it was my 1st time I was enjoying it by going to watch some adult film. On my way back i was thinking of the film where a man raped a village girl. I couldn't stop thinking of the rape scene and I was feeling mad of screwing someone. When I reach home my sexy aunt open the door and since it was hot she was in petticoat and blouse. Seeing her I was turn mad and the rape seance started moving in my mind and I plan to screw my aunt.

Ii was planning to screw my aunt and suddenly have an idea to see her bathing naked as there was a hole in the bathroom through which I can see her naked. I was mad to see her naked and she was like a nymph.That day I went to college thinking of her and since I couldn't pay attention to my class so I decide to go back to my house.

When I reach home I heard some sound coming from my aunt's room. I was astonished to see my aunt was naked and she was masturbating with her finger I was looking it simple standing with my tool erecting like a rod.I went to my room and masturbate thinking of my aunt.

In the afternoon my aunt came to my room and ask me when I came from my college. I told her that when she was I came when she was masturbating, she got red and went out of my room.

After some time I went to her room and saw her sitting on the bed I sat beside her and gave her a kiss on her fore hear. To my surprise she huge me and start crying and saying that she was burning and she need a good fuck. Seeing my chance I told her that I would help her. I than kiss her on lips she also like it and start kissing me. I than removed her saree, petticoat , bra and panty. She was a sexy goddess I started pressing her boobs and slowly lowering down started licking her pussy. She was exited and requested me to fuck her.

I removed my cloths and put a condom and fuck her for about 20min. And this was a regular business for us and till my graduation was over we stayed as husband & wife.

Massage to Bhabhi

By: Ashish

I'm Ashish here..once again back to share my one more experience with my bhabhi Roma...well for those who haven't read my previous mail...this is abt me and my bhabhi of life..hotness..desperation..and all this in a dress like chiffon sarees...with sleeveless blouses....frankly speaking taking her name only reminds me of those some special moments..times I've spent and enjoyed with her....well all I can say is she is fucker's delight.....n I'm lucky to have her as my sweet..delicious..lucious wont waste much time now and will share another of the truly memorable times I have shared with her...and friends I feel my experiences are different from others as in mine everything happens between the 2 of us when all other family members are at home..not like others in which the 2 lovers r homalone...same old be ready to find ur tools and pink pussies wet.....

Well this happened last week u all no its wedding season going bhaiya,bhabhi and me had gone for a ladies sangeet party at one of our friends was great fun there and we enjoyed ourselves dancing.boozing...etc etc...we left the farm around 2 a.m.and bhabhi said that her back is aching badly...she needs to go for a body massage tomorrow....i quietly whispered ki whats the idea spending 500 bugs..i'l give ur back a good massage......she readily next day bhai went to the office and my honey Roma were at home...basically bhai's room is on the 2nd floor and my and mom-dad's on the 1st I told mom I'l b back in an hr and went out.she doesn't enquires much abt where I'm going n I went to bhabhi's room n knocked the door...she with a voice said..come in massage man...i'm waiting for u...i entered the room n was stunned...the whole room was filled with a sexy...arousing fragrance....n on the bed was lying my bomb Roma wearing a Lime Green and slight Orange nite suit...sleeveless..quite transparent..she was lying on her back reading a book "What Men Want in Bed" with her legs crossed showing her lovely..milky..creamy...clean.spotless legs upto her thighs....well wont deny that Roma bhabhi has such a drastic effect on me ki all this was enough for a hard on n 2 make me mad.....

I imedditaley got on her...n whispered "so is my sex princess ready for the massage?""...she mummered her answer by opening the strap of her nite gown...that was enough for me...i turned her around and started kissing her...cheeks..chin...eyes...moving my fingers towards her soft red lips n playing with them n she taking her lips inside..then I planted a long french types kiss on her lips n lifted her hands backside to have a clear view of her shaved...Cool Water smelling perfume....underarms...mind blowing...i moved towards the underarms n kissed for 2-3 mins there leaving the underarms wet with my kisses...I could c her getting hot my now....then I played for sometime with her earlobes n got ready for the massage..I took off her lovely..soft...silken gown with my hands being helped by amazing hot body was lying in front of me in just a black.lace...bra and black...satin panties.....just 2 hot n horny....I again made her lie on her back....n opened the bottle of Olive oil I had got for the massage...i sat on her buttocks..well adjusted and started putting the my hands were going up and down on her was her voice..breath....and the movement of the lucious...riped lemons..... Which I cud very easily finger were rolling on the back....with different movements at all the times......and making her mad with lust and she was getting hot n horny.....

I moved up a bit and started massaging her neck and earlobes.. this made her wild with the wetness of the oil.and the lovely..round...tickling movements of my hands......she was going out of control...both of us had forgot the main purpose of massage and started paying with each other....she undressed me and started playing with my hair 1st..then with my hairy chest n scratching my nipples...licking..biting them...making we dead hot...I made her lie down and opened the strap of her vulnerable breast holder with my teeth..n gave a small bit on the tits while opening the strap..basically she was wearing front open bra...she yelled with pain n pleasure...I took the oil n massaged on her breasts....rolling the hot oil....her tits started geting erect...the big..brown nipples seemed as if hungry to be eaten by me...i started licking them..sucking them..biting them like a baby dying for milk...and my hands were readily making their way through her black thongs..i cud feel the wetness of her well shaved pink clit n cunt...the scene was amazing.I was playing with ur cunt n she was feeling the hard rock pulsating 8" tool of mine..both of us were so much engraved in our lust n love..didn't cared for any1......just were dying 2 make love..n make this afternoon memorable 1...

I went down slowly after licking..tickling her navel..n putting some honey in her thighs....moved my wet hands on the inner thighs...gave a soft.soothing massage to her legs.....fingered her legs...put some honey on the inner thighs n then on the toes n the part between the fingers..n started licking the fingers like a a mad lover.....she was smiling wit pleasure n wanted I got up and headed towards the it had been waiting for me since long....stretched her legs...n my 8" was ready to explore the heaven n enjoy the wetness n heat in it.....i slowly pushed it was a feeling just cant b expressed in words....the tool was getting in.the pain..pleasure was increasing....our bodies were enjoying n move with the pleasure..the soft lemons were busy in their round movements in my hands...getting a hard erection asking me 2 suck them n eat a wild god...the room was filled with her moans......of pain n pleasure...those cries n smiles were there...i thrusted her for around 10 mins....during this her legs were wide spread and not in a position to get back 2 normal....i had thrusted her with my hot..jerky strokes so much.....i was in the 7th heaven.infact both of us were......wont deny "she is a fucking sex goddess"...any1 delight.....i was about to cum n I took out my hot.shaft it leaked it on her navel..breasts.n in her mouth...she drank more...n I swept all on her neval inside..n then licked from there....

It was a really memorable day for both of us.enjoyed like hell.we still enjoy..but cant share every experience so easily and will wait for ur expert comments...n aftereffects of reading my experiences...any1 interested in being friends from delhi..espl south mail at telling about urself and if possible with a pic...secrecy will be maintained...



Sex with teen sister

By: Abhi

I am Abhi from hyderabad India. I am a software engineer now right now i am 24.
this incident was happens when i am in 19.

My father was clerk in a private company. we are middle class family. i have sister named sujatha. at this incident happens at her was aged 18 years. every day my father was drunk and come late to home. mother served food to him. but every day with an cause my father was beating my mother. she cried alot and went to sleep.
i and my sister sleep in ground on a mat. with a 6 feet ditance one bed is there. my fater used to sleep along with my mother.

One day my friend show a nude picture book to me. i feel very hot inside of me.
i rubbed my cock on my short nikkar(off pant) . i feel my cock was erect. no body is there in that time in my class rome. my friend opened my nikkar buttons and took it. he told it was very small lean one. i asked show of his cock. he unziped his pant and showed to me. it was bigger than me i feel he was 18 years thats way that was big. he shaked my cock. i feel good. i continued to see the nude pics. he was shaking my cock rythamicly. suddenly he incresied sppeed. i feel i am fly ing some ware. suddenly he take my cock to his mouth and began sucking like ice. i feel greet. i closed my eyes and enjoing that. suddenly a big jerk was came out from my body. i dont no what was happening. i feel i am urining in his mouth. but my friend drink that one. he showed some white cum on his lips. he told it was come out of from me. i affried. but he told every body have this. but i dont agree with that.

He bend me and spread my legs take some cum from my smaller cock adn with his saliva pored on my ass. i don't know what he was doing . iasked same that he told close u r mouth. i close and bend like a dog. he went back me put his finger in my ass hole in inserting gently. i feel little bit painful. he do like that 10 more time later he took his cock and pressed in side my ass.Oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was very painfull it was not going. he pressed OOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i cried but he close my mouth a gave a big jerk .i dazzled i feel very pain. he stay some time and start moving in and out . i feel at time out in very good. slowely he incrised the speed i cant holding his weight. suddeny he was make a big stroke and crieed SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i dont what happened. he pressed and lay on me . he sleep a 5 min on me later he remove his cock and shoed me . i found some drops of white cum was comming out of his cock.

At that night some sound i heared like oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh slow.......... pain.............. like this...............................
hard hard hard...........i opened my eyes my fater was laying on mother . she crying like me. but she also some time jerking upwards..... i feeel i cock errect... i peep all the fucking. some time my mother refused when my fater hardly fucking and increase his speed i feel my mother unable to hold his speed. she tried to puss him out but my father pressed her towards coat and fucking mercelessly. suddenly my mother cried 00000000000hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooo
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . she told finishing fuck hard....oooooohhhhhhhh she cried louder and she relax but my father fucking very hard at this time my mom murmering enough...enough....stop...stop... but my fater make it faster than time to time... suddenly he jercked and shouted louder tahn mother000000000000000hhhhhhhhhhhhhh 000000000000000000hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh an both are sticked for awhile.

At that time a hot breath was passing from my neck. i turned and found it was my sis. she also watching all this. both are close our eyes because my mother went for pissing.. after 1 hour my parrents are slept. my sis put her hand on my cock and rubbibg it. i feel hot. at the same time i rubbed her pussy on her cloths i feel she was heat. bother doing like this mornig alaram rings. at that time we sleep. whwn i awake the time was morninh 11'0 clock my mother went to market. my father went to office. i went bathroom for pissing my syster was there. she put a tooth bressh on her pussy and try to do some thing. i went back and pressed he shoulders. she suddenly turned back. i took her to fathers bed. i closed the doors . i removed her cloths. she was young so she doent wear any underware her pussy was very little than which was in nude pic. i spread her legs. i found a button between her pussy lips later i donnt know what was that. i pinched .

My sis cried and shivered. i try to rub that one she feel happy. for 5 min i doing like this my sis was pissing i feel but later i know that was juicess. i licked it very good taste and smelled i suck all with my mouth at that time my sis shivering and jerking towards me. i feel my cock was erect. i place between her lips i found twoholes. first hole i tried to insert it was not going. down one more biggerone i found. i put my cock inside it was not going i told my sis close her mouth. i jeked my nob of cock went. her pussy sweels nicely. but she try to push hime off like my mother. anothe time i lay down on her and closed her mouth with my mouth and take my cock little bit back and hardly pushed. she cried loudly. i affried. she was weeping with paiin and she told took that out i massaged her small boobs with my hand she feels happy at that time i didnot moving after some time i take my cock littel bit out and presssed in she cried again but slowelly i start moving in and out like my friend. slowely she also reduse her weep and enjoying ..she told good it doit...doit...i slowelly make it faster......

Suddenly my sis also moving her hip towars me and back i feel she was also doing likeme. suddenly my sis make her move fast and hug me tightly i feel very strength inside her . i saw her face her eyes was off closed amd murmerd alot suddenly she murmer mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm and hug and tight her legs around my wesit. she stoped her moves. i feel very tight to move that time but i pussed her toward bed and incressed speed suddenly i feel i am comming out comming out....commingoooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuttttttttttt. i jerk towards her total cock inserted her pussy and i am cumming inside her she also crieedoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stop...stop...but i pressed twomore long jerks and sleep on her... bother are sleeping 20 mins. she feel she want to pissing. at that time we found her pussy was bleeding a big red blood spot on the bed seet we found i feel afraid. she went to bath room. i cleen my cock and open the door an i went to road . afternoon i came to house my sister was sat on a mat side of varandha. after two days a function was done by my father and mother.

I know she matured. after one month later we daily when our fathr an mother went out we enjoyed sex. till today we are enjoying that....

Any body their own experinces with her mother,sis,brother,father,uncle,childs please mail me

Punjabi Kudi

By: Jasjeet

hey yo haal hai yaaro..well i m 24 yr punjabi munda name (JASJEET)form delhi with good atheltic physique....i use to be boxer in my college but left it b.cuz of my shoulder injury.....anyway who cares i m a regular reader of dis indiansexstroies......reading how guyz fcuk there maasi..chachi, cosuins..n i wana tell bout my story,that how i fucked my cousin sista.

Well its was long time means around 2 years back.its was my cousin brother mariage.....dis was da 1st time she gave me a huge hint that she was hot n THARKI LADKI me...wat hapens was it was a time of BIDAAI(WHEN GALZ LEAVE HER HOME N GO WITH HER HUSBAND) all were it was very conjusted all were standing togther outside my BHABHI'S dis gal my cousin sis name HARLEEN.....was standing right infront of me...i dont wat got inot my mind i just touched my cock to her it was very rush......nobody noticed that i was tochingmy cock agaisnt her cock became errect n hard....obvoulsy she knew it yaaro....but she didnt said anything, i was given a hint that she liked i kept on rubing my cock agsint her ass for around 10 mins, after that she gave me a smile.....BUS PHIR KYA THA.....MERA ANDAR KA DEVIL JAAG GAYA.......after 2 weeks i called her up i knew she was alone at her i know when my uncle use to go to office.n my aunt use to go to i caled her up n staring talking dirty n nasty things directly.....i was feeling anymore shy..... ok we set times to meet.....

I took her to my friends house only......there i 1st i is uked her tongue with my huge long tongue.i kept on suking it for 10 mins...n side by side i was even sqeezing her boobs..i made ehr hotn then she JASSI...MERI CHOOT MAARLO AB , AB AUR WAIT NAHI HOTA, i just took off her salwaar kameez n then her bra n panty, as even i was very desparate, i tookoff my clothes too, but she didnt that i luvv to be rough rude n harsh n wild while having sex.....i use to luvv make galz n ladies scream to hel in PAIN N PLASURE, I USE TO becum liike BEAST WHILE FUKING A GAL... SO WAT did i do i 1st mad e her suk my cock..she took into her mouth OHHH!! SHE WAS SUKING LIKE A WHORE....SHE WAS SUKING IT AHRDER......BUT I MADE HER SUK IT MORE N MROE FASTER N HARDER...I TOK HER HEAD N OUSH IT DEEPR INTO HER MOUTH..SHE TRIED TO QUIT.but i didnt let her.i pushed my cock moree deepr into ehr throat....she cudnt even breath...then afetr few mins..

I made ehr bend on her knees like BITCH...n inserted right into her asshole..she insisted 1st as it wil hurt.i said it wont , dont worry sweetheart, i insert it harder, into her ass,she screamed OOH MERIMAAAAA!!! DHEERE SE KARO NAH...OHHH PLZZ BAHAR NIKAALO....OH NO PLZZ BAHAR NIKALO DARD HO RAAHA HAI JAASSI. BAHAR NIKAAL NAH!!!UH GOD!! BUT I HIT MY COCK MORE N MORE HARDER N FASTER.SHE WAS SCREAMING IN PAIN...AAAAAAAHH!! UUHHHH.....UHHHH......UHHH.UHH......HAI RABA! NAH KAR NA PLZZ......I PUULED HER HAIRS.SPANKED HER ASS....FUKED her brains out.she was screaming n crying like hell......then i made ehr jump on my cock.she did, i knew she liked it she was mmmoaning like umm yess!! OH GAWD!!....AHHHHH....HAII!!!!!!...THEN I laid her donw on bed N strecthed ehr legs n inserted my cock into ehr pussy......i strated jerking it ahrder n harder.....n more ahrder.again she was maoning n screaming uummm!!oh shit!!!OHHH GODD!!U R AWSOME JASSI....YAA FUCK MEE!! FUCK ME.....

I WASside by sdie also saying hE BITCH..SO SHE SAID ME ya fuk me i m ur BITCH..MERI CHOOT PHAAD DE JASSI....AFTER THAT i gave my sperms right on her mouth.n made her drink it it all.til last drop....after that i asked her did she enjoyed, she just smiled n said i did.but that anal fucking was litle bit painful..i said slowly sloly evryhting wil be fine..... so i sue to fuk ehr moslty 2 times in a she is maaried........n we dont meet each other when we met at any party or i go to her huse to meet my cousin bro or my uncle aunt..she just ignores me WELL ACTAULLY I DONT CARE YAARO.......i can screw so many choot in if u liek my story, mail me...any gal in DELHI WANS TO GET SCREWED OR WAN TO GET HER PUSSY TEAR APRT BY DIS PUNJABI MUNDA contact me at , if i like it i will give my ph. no. bye for nwo

Mashimar ras Bbhara gud

By: Raj

This incident happened a few months ago and from then i have changed my opinion about middle aged women leading apparently satisfying lives having a happy family. I am raja, 24 in age and live in calcutta. I have a friend named shyam who is from a rich family. We have been friends from college days and now both of us are in our respective jobs. While i got a job in my city, my friend took a job in hyderabad.

His parents stay in calcutta. His mom is about 45 and dad 61 having his own business. Due to his business uncle (shyam’s dad) would be very busy the whole day and at times used to stay out of town for days. Polly aunty (his mom) is a housewife and like a typical bengali woman kind of conservative, or so i thought till the incidents started happening. Since she was mostly alone i would at times go to her home to chat with her for a few hours. She was very friendly with me. However there were certain peculiarities about her that at times embarrassed me.

Like when we were in college and i used to go his home for studies she would usually be in a sari and blouse. But more often than not her blouse would be torn from some place or the other and when she would lift her arms in front of me i could see her hairy armpits or her back peeking out from the torn part. At times when she would sit in such a fashion in her chair her sari would fall from her blouse and i could see her boobs peeking out. She would not even make any effort to cover her blouse and continue sitting like that in our presence. All this made me feel embarrassed. Still i never thought about her sexually.

Now let me describe polly aunty. She is 45 and like typical bengali women is a bit on the plump side with quite a wide ass and 40 size boobs. At times i had felt that she is not wearing any bra underneath as her boobs swayed when she moved. In some way she was sexy. One day i thought of paying her a visit to chat for some time. I went to her home and started chatting. The subject of her gaining weight came and she said that she exercised a bit but that was not sufficient. She also said that after her son (my friend) went to hyderabad she feels very lonely and does not feel like doing anything and so does not exercise very regularly. She looked at me and asked me if i exercised and i said yes. Suddenly our talk took such a turn that i started feeling embarrassed .

Aunty asked, “tumi nischaii jakhon exercise karo takhon panter bhetare khoob tight underwear paro. Tomake exercise samaye nijer jantor ke khoob bhalo kore bendhe aar bhalo kore banchiye rakhte hobe ta na hole okhne chot lagte pare.” I was a bit embarrassed and said yes that i wear underwear. Aunty said, “tumi sab samaye tight underwear para koro jate tomar janatar pati theek bhave payer majhkhane fit hoe thake. Saijanya jakhoni tomar underwearer elastic dhile hoejabe takhoni tumi nijer underwear palte phelbe.” Mashima abar bollo, “aie jannye ami amar cheler pratee khoob kara nazar rakhee aar jakhon darker hoe ami tar janna natun underwear kine amar samne oke parte boli aar jakhan shaym underwear palte phele ami takhon nije underwaerer samne hath lagie dekhi je tar jantor pati sab theek ache kina aar theek bhave payer majhe fit hoeche kina.”

I smiled and said, “oh! Mashima, tumi akhono shaymer underwearer samne hath lagiye dekho je shayamer jantor pati theek ache kina? Shayam to aknon anek baro hoe gache, tumki akhono oke ekta choto bachha bhavo? Aunty smiled and said, “na sona o to amar chele aar ami oke jamon khushi dekhte paari. Ami to or shob kichu dekhechi. Ami to or jonno pocket ola jangia kini aar tarpor o pore shamne ashle oi pocket e hath dhukiye or hos pipe take bar kore niye ashi shei pocket diye dekhar jonno je pocket theke hishi korar jonno hose take thik kore baar korte parche kina. Ebar bol tor ma ki toke erom kore dekhe na? I said, “tar mane tumi nijer hate kore shaymer hos pipe dhore dekho je tar hos pipe theek bhave underwear theke ber hoe kina. Shaym kichu bole na? Ami to lajjaye more jetam.” “dur boka chele, ami to shyam ke kato bar bathroome niye giye or hos pipe dhore hisi kariye dee, amar ba shyamer kono lajja lagena” aunty told me with a naughty smile. I was astonished with aunty’s statement and said to her, “babare amar to sune lajja lagche ar tomar ba shyamer kono lajja karena?” “ete abar lajjar ki ache? Keno tor ma bujhi toke bathroome niye giue hisi karae na?” Aunty asked me again.

I, “na kakhono noye, ami amar ma ke amar sange aye sab kakhono karte debon na, amar bhishan lajja karbe. Ar mashima, tumi ekhono shyamer ahhhhh nunu dharo ar dekho?

Aunty, “o amar sona, tumi jano na je tumi tomar kach theke ki ki pacco na. Amar sona tumi jano na je maara tader cheler janno ki bhalo aar ki kharab sab jane aar maara tader cheleder sab jinish bhalo kore bujhye daye aar maa der bojhano poree jibone khub kaj daye.” Aunty continued, “ami to or hose pipe ta ke majhe majhe check kore dekhi thik kore clean korche kina. O to lojjaa payee na ekdum. Ami oke ek ek samay bathroome giye langto hoye darate boli chaan koranor jonno. Takhon o langto hoye nijer kaalo hose pipe take du payer majhe jhuliye wait kore. Ami giye oke chaan koriye diye tarpor or pipe ta clean kore di aar tate or dushtu hose ta shokto hoe dariye pore. Tarppor ami ote cream ba baby oil lagiye di. Or kokhono chulkani hole okhane amake diye ointment lagiye dite bole. Abar amar jakhon khoob icchhe hoe takah ami amar cheler hose pipe niye khoob khela kari aar jakhon ota shakto hoe jaye takhan ami ota dhore khoob naraee aar tatae ota theke khoob garhoo garhoo shada jelly moto mal ber hoe. Amara khoob open ei bishoye. Aar ekta jinish tor nunu ke kakhono nunu bolbi na otake dhon, bara, lauda bolbi. Bujhee boka chele?”

I was now getting excited with her usage of terms and descriptions. Aunty continued, “tora chelera bhabish amra mara kichu jani na. Tor nischoyee raate nije theke maal beriye jae. Shyamer ber hoe kintu o bhabe ami jani na. Tor o maal beroy nischoyee.”

I was very embarrassed and said, “haan, rate nije theke kakhono kakhono amar mal bar hoe. Tabe ami sakal sakal uthe amar pant aar bichanar chador dhue dee jate ki amar maa na jante pare.” Aunty, “dekhlee to, ami bole chilam. Tumi bhabo je tomar maa kichhu jane na kitnu ami jani je tomar maa sab kichu jane, are boka chele tuee janish na je jakhon tue nijer pant aar bichanar chador dhue dis takhono pant aar chadore tor maler dag roe jaye. Aar oi dag dekhle maara bujhe jaye je tar cheler dhon thek rate fada poreche. Kintu tui amake bol je rate tor ki roj mal ber hoe?”

I said, “na, roj rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe na, han jakhon ami amar nunu niye khela karina takhon rate amar nunu theke mal bar hoe aar amar pant bhuje jaye.” I suddenly realised that i have told her that i had wet dreams if i did not masturbate on a day and so stopped. Aunty grew interested and though she knew what i was going to say she asked, “tui tor bara niye kamon kore khela karis? Tui ki nijer bara khechis? I said, “mashima, tumi amake aie sab keno jigesh karcho? Amar khub lajja lagche.”

Aunty came nearer and putting a hand over my shoulder said, “bol, make sab kichu bol. Ete kno kichur lajja neyii. Ami jani aar porechi je nijer bara niye sab chelera khela kore, ete lajjar kichu neye. Ami to tor maa moto, ami toke ja kushi jiggesh korte pari aar tuio amake jakushi jiggesh korte parish.”

I thought that i couldn’t escape her and so said, “han ami amar bara khenchee aar tokhon amar bara theke mal bar hoe aar tar por aar rate amar panat bhejena.”

Aunty, “tui ki tor bara ta niye roj khelish?”

I, “han, mashima. Ami praye roz ek bar kore amar bara khenchee kintu kono kono din ami du bar ba teen bar khenchee. Ta nahole amar pant rate nongra hoe jaye.”

Aunty, “baap re tui roj du teen bar kore maal phelish? Tor ki shob bar maal ber hoe?”

I, “haan, ami jato bar bara khenchee motamuti shob bar e bar hoe taube ek ekbar hoeto khub kom berolo ba berolo na. Tate kono problem nei to?”

Aunty, “theek ache, toke kichhu samay dite hobe abar theke mal banate. Jakhon tor maler sab stock sheh hoe jaye tokhon anek kam mal bar hoe, tate kichuu hoe na. Kno chintar byapar noe.” Aunty continued, “shayam kintu kakhono bara khenche na.” I said, “shayam bara khenche na tumi janle kikore? Oki tomake dekhiye dekhiye bara nariye nariye nijer mal bar korbe?”

By now i had a growing problem inside my pants. Aunty continued, “bara take thik rakhte hoe shob samay. Jakhon tor kakur sathe amar biye holo ami bhablam onar sathe khoob anando korbo, jauboner mauja lutbo kenona ona ke khoob strong dekhte aar amar che boyes beshi bole bhablam je o hoeto onek kichu janbe choda chudi nie. Accha tui choda chudi kake bole janish to?”

Aunty’s use of the word lovemaking made a shiver run through my body and now my dick was standing in full attention.

Aunty continued, “kintu biyer por dekhi tor kakur bara ta chotto. Tao chole jeto ar amra khoob choda chudi kortam biyer kichu mas por obdi. Tarpor tor kaku busy hoe gelo ar amader choda chudi praye bondho hoe gelo. Ar or dhon ta shokto hoto na. Ami or dhon ta niye kheltam shokto korar jonno, kintu tarpor e ota abar pore jeto. Or jakhon amar gud chodar icche hoto amar shaya ar sari komor abdi tule nijer choto dhon ta bar kore amar guder bhetor dhukiye 5 minute e maal phele ghumiye porto. O chodar different style gulo janto na. Tarpor to shyam janmalo ar o ekdum amake choda bandho kore dilo. Pore janlam je chotobelaye or infection hoto dhone jar jonno orkhom problem chilo.”

I didn’t know what to say and kept quiet. She seemed to be reflecting on something and then she spoke up, “tahole tui kichu bujhlee, je keno nijer health aar jantorer health theek thak rakha uchit? Ebar tui amake bal, tui ki tor nijer heath aar toe jantorer health thik thak rachis?” She asked this while pointing to my dick under my pants.

I wanted to tell her that i had a good sized pole because of her use of the word little thing. I said, “han mashima, ami amar jantortake roj khob bhalo kore dhuii. Mashima, amar jantor ta praye sare aath inchi lamba. Tomar ki mone hoe eta thik lamba hochhe?”

Aunty gasped at the mention of my length and said, “ami toke ekhuni bollam je tui tor ota ke nunu ba jantor balbi na. Otar bhalo nam hocche bara na dhon. Ar ami bishaas korte parchi na je tor dhon ta oto boro. Dekhte de tahole bujhbo.”

While saying this she moved her hand on my pants and quickly grabbing it squeezed it. By now i was sure that she wanted to fuck me and so i played ball because by now i was too aroused to step back. She pressed it a few times and said, “opor theke to khoob bhalo mone hochhee, tabe amake tor dhonta khule dekha. Chal uthe dara ar puro puri nangto hoeja.” I quickly stood up and aunty started to unbuckle my pants. In a moment she had me stripped down to just my briefs. Since i was already erect and pre cum was leaking for sometime the front was wet and aunty smiled at it. She said, “partho, tor janghiyar bhetre ki rekhechis. Amar mone hocche je tor dhonta ke jadi thik bhave na ador kara hoe to ota tor underewear chinre debe. Aibare tui nijeke maar hate chere de aar ami tor jantortake dekhi ki korte pari. Kintu tar age chal amara sobar ghare jaee.”

The moment we got to the bedroom she pulled down my briefs and i was now standing in front of aunty totally naked. She smiled and said, “oh tor lauda ta to daroon shundor ar sexy re. Aar ish kirom bhabe tor bara ta tatiye dariye ache aar matha dolachhe. Tui khoob excited hoe gechis mone hoe kemon kore tor dhon theke rosh bar hocchhe dekh. De baba amar hathe tor dhon ta de.”

Saying this she took my hot rod in her hands and started squeezing. The head started to leak more precum. She squeezed it some more and then reached under and grabbed my balls. She weighed them in her hands and said smilingly, “tor thole te nischoye ekhon maal bhorti. Sesh kobe hath diye khechechish? Ami aj tor shob malai ar doodh kahbo. Kire amake tor laudar ras aar malai khete dibi to?”

I said, “du din age. Kal sara dine ami samaye payee ne aar nijer bara khinchte parinee.”

Aunty looked greedily at my tool and said, “oh tahole to tor dhon ke ekhuni shanto korte hobe. Bechara kal theke mal bar korte parenee. Ekhuni mal bar na korle tor mal abar rate bariye jabe aar nashto hobe. Acchha ekhon bhalo kore son, tui amar cheler mato aar ami ekhon toke ja ja bolbo seta maara nijer chele jakhon baro hoe tokhon bole aar bojhae. Aar ami toke ekhon ekta baro cheler moto ja ja balbo chup chap sune jabee. Aar han tui ki amar kach theke kono special jinish chas?”

I said, “mashima, ami to pooro langto ar tumi shob kapor chopor pore acho ar ami to tomar cheler moto tai amar shamne lojja ki ar amar dekhte hobe to tomar shob jinish thik thak ache kina.”

Aunty smiled and said, “ta bol na je tui amar mai khete chash. Ta kha na amar mai tor jonno sajano roeche.”

Aunty then got rid of her sari and giving me a sexy look started to unhook her blouse. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing when she unhooked her blouse. She was wearing a white bra that hardly covered her nipples and the rest of her tits were just spilling out of the cups. She squeezed and then sexily shook them and laughed. I was overwhelmed at her size and said, “oh! Mashima apnar mai to khoob shundor ar boro eder ke kikore oi chotto bra tar bhetore rakhen?”

Of course i didn’t require an answer and just grabbed them in my hands and squeezed them. She reached her hand below and started to play with my rod. I quickly put my mouth on one of the bra covered tits and sucked. She drew in her breath with a gasp and sighed, “khao shona khao bhalo kore khao, amar khoob bhalo lagche.

I kept sucking one and with my other hand pressed the other one. She in her turn shifted her hand between my cock and balls. Suddenly she said that it was enough and she threw me down on the bed and jumped on me. She pressed her lips to mine and our tongues met inside our mouths. I reached to her back and unhooked the bra and pulled it away. I let go of her lips and told her to show me her boobies.

She said, “amake request kore bol je ma tomar mai khabo nahole ami toke amar mai dobo na. Shudhu amar chele amar mai niye chusbe ar khelbe.” And she laughed.

I said, “ma ma, please amake tomar dudu dekhte dao na jekhan theke ami choto belae dudu khetam. Ma ami tomar dudu khabo amar khie peyeche.”

Aunty pulled away her bra and revealed the enormous titties. She started to tease me by shaking her tits in front of my face and quickly drawing them back as i tried to take them in my mouth. I reached up and with my hands grabbed them and pulled one of them in my mouth and started to suck it hungrily. Aunty laughed and said, “ah! Ah! Oh! Khao khao amar sona chele khao amar mai khao, khoob choso aar chuse chuse amar maier sab doodh bar kore khe nao. Han han airakom kore jore jore chos amar mai, ih khoob bhalo lagche. Chos sona amar, manki amar aro jore chos, jato jore paris tato jore chos.”

She then took my other hand and slowly guided it inside her petticoat and to her wet and hot pussy. It felt awesome to be feeling a woman’s pussy, who is of my mom’s age. I started to chew on her nipple and with my hand inside her i pushed at her lips and spread them and put one finger in her pussy. It was burning hot.

Aunty, by now, was enjoying all the attention i was giving her and was moaning. She looked at me with eyes filled with lust and said, “ebar ami tor dandatake chusbo.”

Saying this she got down on her knees and took my dong in her hands, parted the foreskin and licked the slit. She then put her lips on the head, which was now glistening with moisture from my pre cum and played her tongue on the tip. Oh it felt wonderful. She then took the head in her mouth and licked it. At the same time she moved her palm on my shaft and then she took the whole of me in her warm wet mouth and massaged my sack. It was awesome. Now she was steadily going up and down on my dong and looked up at me. I grabbed her head and started thrusting in her mouth. I was amazed that a woman of her culture and age could give head.

She then took out my cock and told me to lick the valley between her boobs. I grabbed her boobs and licked the valley wet. She then smiled and said, “ebar amar dudu gulo tor doodh ar malai bar korbe chepe chepe. Shona chele amar make nijer dudu dao.”

She then took my dong between her titties and started to rub me up and down, up and down. In a few minutes i felt my seed rising and said, “ma ma amar maal berobe. Tumi amar dudu khabe to?”

Aunty replied, “nischoi amar sona babu, tor ma tor dandar malai kahabar janno anekkhon theke apekhha korche.” Saying this she again took my tool in her mouth and sucked me. In a few moments i was coming in gallons and she was busy drinking it. After she had squeezed out the last drop she got up and smilingly said, “oh! Tor malai ta khete khub bhalo aar mishtee. Tor anek khani malai bar hoeche. Khoob bhalo laglo. Kintu aibar tor danda ta aar tatiye thakbe na sue porbe aar tahole tor ma kikore maza lootbe?”
I said, “ami tomake ekhuni aar 5 minute pore maza debo.” Saying this i pulled her beside me and kissed her. It was my turn to do her. I started to nibble on her bubbies and moved my hand inside her petticoat and parting her pussy lips inserted two fingers in her fanny. In a minute she was moaning.

Now i asked, “ma ma ami dekhbo ami jekhan theke jonmechilam. Ma ami tomar shaya ta khule tomake langto korbo. Ami tomar gud dekhte chai ma. Ami tomar mishti gud khabo ar chusbo.” Aunty got very excited with my talk and said, “ha shona chele amar, amake udom ulongo kore de ar amar gud ta khe chushe amake aram de. Amake langto kore chod.”

I pulled away her petticoat and went down on my knees and spread her legs. Mashima amar jonno nijer pa ditto phanke kore du hate dhore amake bollo, “dekh dekh, amar son, dekh nijer maar gud dekh. Age tui bhalo kore gud dekhene tarpar ami toke kikore chudtehoe shikhiye debo. Mashimar gud dekhe to amar chokh chana bara. Mashimar gude khub kalo kalo baler jangal aar tar majhe guder chera dekha jachee. Chera jaigata khoob lal aar guder thont dutto kalo kalo. Mashimar guder bheter theke thont duto chuye chuye ras bar hochhe. Ami tar par mashimar guder opor theke baler jangal jayee hath diye hatalam, to dekhi mashimar guder kont ta tatiye danriye achee aar dup dup korche. Ami mashimar guder konte nijer angul diye narrate laglam. Konte aungul parteyee mashima lafiye uthehlo aar make jaruye ballo, “shala kont niye nara chara kprchis keno? Gud niye khela kor harmjada chel. Ami mukh nabiye mashimar gude much rakhlam. Tar par ami amar jeev bar kore mashimar gude chaliye dilam. Oh! Mashimar guder ras ki mishtee aar tar gandhotao ki sundar. Ami nijer jeev jatota jaye tatota masimar gude dhukiye mashimar gud chatte shuru korlam. Amar gud chata te mashima laphiye uthe amake bollo, “ore ki korchis haramzada chele, amar guder sab ros ki ajkeyee khe nibi? Char char amar gud char, amake to bara nijer gude dhokate ache.”

Masima neche theke nijer komor tule tule amake nijer gud khaote laglo. Kichukhon por mashima nijer hath diye nijer guder duto thont phank kore bollo, :kha amar son, jato paris aajke amar gud kheye guder sab ros kheye ne. Oh! Ahhhh! Ishhhhhh ishhhhh bhison bhalo lagche. Ebar amar guder ros bar hobe. Tui jeev diye sab ros chete chete lha sona amar. Tor mesho koto din holo amar gude chuse dayenee. Amar khoob bhalo lagche.” Airakom bolte bolte mashima nijer guder roschere dilo aar ami sab ros gulo chete chete khe phellam.

She was whimpering like a bitch in heat and she said, “ebar tor bara ta amar gude diye de ar amake chod madachod.” By now i was very much stiff and ready to go in. Ami mashimar katha sune amar bara take hathte dhore mashimar guder kukhe rakhlama aar tar par bara take mashimar guder mukhe ghoste laglam. Mashima choda kabad janna chat phat korte laglo aar kichukhan par amar bara nijer hathe dhore nijer gude dhukiye diye bollo, “haramzad chele, takhon theke gud khule shue achee aar tui kina khali guder opor bara ghoschis. Chal ebar amake jor jor thap mar aar make khoob kore chod.” Ami takhon ek thape amar ath inchir barata mashimar gude dhukiye dilam aar mashima oh! Oh!ish! Ish! Ahhhhh! Kore uthlo. Er pore mashima amake nijer du hath aar diu paye ankre dhore nicher theke komar tola diye diye amat bara nijer gude bhetare nite thaklo. Ami mashimake bollam, mashima, ki baypar, tomar gud diye to agum bar hochhe. Ar mone hochhe ami tomake chudche na tumi amake chudcho. Bapre ki bhishan bhave komor tola diye chida khaccho.” Mashima komor tola dite dite amae bollo, “haramzada chele, amar sundar gud mufte peyechis bole tui orakm achhedda kore chudchis. Shala janis ekhono ami gud khule darale anek chukri ke tekka dite pari?”

Tokhom ami mashimar duto mai amar du hate dhore mashima ke bolam, “ne gud chudani magi, ne nijer gud shamla. Ebar ami thap mere mere tor gud aaj phateye debo. Ebar bujhbee choda kake bole. Ne dhr amar thap nijer gude dhor.” Mashima amar tahp khete khete bollo, ”de na re haramzada, ami gud phank kore shue achi, mar na jato jore thap marte paris mar. Shala chudbar somay jato sab galpo jugab bhalo lagena. Shala chudte ache chod.” Amia tokhan mashimar mai duto muchriye amar komor tola diye diye mashimar gud marte laglam aar mashima make char hate paye dhore nijer komor tola dite dite choda khte laglo. Kichkhon thapabar par ami mashimar ekta mai mukhe niye chuste laglam ar dhir nijer dhon ta mashimar guder bhetor ar bayire korte laglam. Mshima amake chumu khete khete bollo, “kire tor komor ki dhore gelo? Thapa na. Bhesh tothapa chilli. Aba rukli keno?” Ami mashimar mai chuste chuste bollam, “are na mashima, amar komor dhore jayenee. Ami tomake tariye tariye chudte chahye. Taye ami dhire dhire chudchi.” “ore baba sona amar, tui ekbar amake jor jor thap mere chudede, tarpor amake jato paris tariye tariye chudis. Ekhon ami nijer guder jalaye marchi. Oh! Bokachoda, machoda, bajjat chele, chod amake chod. Bhalo kore chod. Aajke tor bichir jato ras bhara ache sab aamr gude chude gude bhore de. Aro jore chod shala bokachoda. Dekh tor samne ami amar gud khule chit hoe shue achee tor jato jor ache tato jore jore amake chod. Chude chude aaj amar gud phatye de machoda chele.” Mashima bollo.

“thik ache mashima, prothom round tomar ichha motan. Tarpor ami amar iccha moton tomake chudbo” ami mashimake bollam. Ebar ami komr tule yule mashimar gud chudte laglam aar hath diye mashimar mai tipte laglam. Mashima amake dhore mokor tola dite laglo. Kichukhon par ami barata ke mashimar gud bhitar puro dhukiye nijer mal mashimar gud chere dilam aar songe songe mashimao nijer guderros chere dilo.

Mal beriye jabar par amar dhon dhire dhire choto hoye gelo aar tar por mashimar gud theke beriye elo. Kichkhon ami mashimake jegesh korlam, “mashima tumi amake diye nijer gud chodale aar sab somey tumi amake chele chele bolle keno?” Mashima takhon amake chumu kheye bollo, “dekh, ami kato din theke amar cheler banra amar gud dhokabo bole nijer gud chulke chulke marchi. Ami jakhon oke snan karaee ba jakhon oke puro pure nangto dekhee aar or banra nijer hate nee amar gud sab samaye bhuje jaye. Sabsamaye amar gud theke ras gadiye gadiye pore. Ami takhon nijer gude hoe gajar ba shasha ba kala dhukiye khechee, aar guder agun kichuta shanto kori. Aye janno aajke toke diye amar gud maralam. Amar mone hoena je ajker choda chudita amarder sheh choda chudi.”

I laughed and said, “ma ma amar abar khide peyeche. Ami abar tomar guder raush khabo.” Mashima opend her legs and invited me to lick her pusy and said, “kha baba sona manik amar. Kha amar gud chete chuse jerakom paris gud kha. Jato paris amar gud chos. Amar gud anek theke keoo chuse deyenee. Tui ek kaj kar. Tui amar gud much de aar makeo tor banra chuste de.”

As i started licking her pussy, "ami bhabchhi, tor songe ekta notun dhoroner choda try korbo. Ami bichhanar opore hamaguri diye thakbo. Tui amar ponder phutor thik niche guder nich ta dekhte pabi. Guder phutota thik tor samne thakbe. Tui amar pechhone danriye tor banrata amar gude dhukiye dibi." i was surprised at the new idea and was shocked at the raw language she used. Some guys in school & college did use such language in the private. But i couldn't imagine that a sober housewife like her even knew such words, not to speak of using them. At the same time, i felt quite excited at the language.

She now was on the edge of the bed in a crawling position, with her thighs spread out a bit and said, "amar gud dekhte pachchhis?" i could see her crack and some dark hairy area just below and said "darano amake bhalo kore dekhte dao." saying this i parted her bum cheeks first. She immediately reacted, "ki korchhis ki? Toke gud khujte bolechhi, ponder phuto noy. Tui ki amar ponde chudbi naki?" now i got a kick out of her language and knew how to respond.

I said, "eto osthir hochchoo keno? Ami gud ar ponder tofat jani. Amake tomar ponder phutota ektu dekhte dao. Tarpor ami tomar gud khujbo." i looked into her crack and was delighted to see lot of dark hair around her light brown ass hole. I kissed her soft cheeks and smelled her ass hole. Wow, what a raw smell! It was so intoxicating. I lightly poked her ass hole with my tongue and she shrieked. Now i looked for her cunt and searched through the hairy area between her thighs. I found the cunt opening, which was totally wet. I parted that and i wondered how to enter my cock. She said excitedly. "ebar thik jaygay esechhis. Okhane banra ta dhukiye dite parbi?"

I tried to push my cock without much of success for the first time. She now lifted her hip a bit and i lowered my cock. As she guided me with her hand the cock slipped into the tunnel. I realised it was difficult to hold the cock there and kept it inside with a bit of a pressure. The tunnel was soft and moist. I started pushing in & out. As i got into the rhythm i brought my hands under her torso and found her boobs. I pressed those soft mounds. Wow, what a great pleasure it was. Now she was screaming like mad, "aro jore chod, bokachoda. Gud ta chude phatiye de." soon we were in frenzy and the climax was so great that i felt as if i was shooting through the sky like a rocket.

After we had a clean up in the bathroom we lied down in bed, naked, our bodies touching. We were very relaxed and kept silent. I asked mashima, "ami tomar mukhe kancha khisti shune ekebare obak hoye gechhi. Ogulo shune oboshyo ami darun kick pachhchhilam. Kintu ami bhabteo parchhina je tumi oi rokom bhasha jano." aunty said, "ami tor meshor kache sobkichhu shikhechhi. Biyer pore o amake ei sob kancha khisti shekhato. Prothom dike amar bichchhiri lagto. Pore chodar somoy o oi sob nongra kotha bolto are amakeo bolte bolto. Gorar dike apotti korleo, ami moja ta bujhe gelam. Oi kancha khisti gulo choday notun josh ene dito. Ekhon oboshyo choda khub kome geche ar gatanugotik hoye gechhe. Khisti korao bondho hoye gechhe. Tobu jodi kokhono mal kheye josh eshe jay, amra oi nongra kotha bole darun kick pai."

Aunty ran her fingers through my hair and said, "toke bole bojhate parbona, aj tor kachh theke ami kotota anando ar trpti peyechhi." i told her, "ami ajker din ta sara jibon mone rakhbo. Ei smrti ami moner modhye chrokal aral kore rakhbo."

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Drinking milk of sister in hyderabad

By: karthik

Hi my name is karthik am from hyderabad this is my true story, please if u like my stories send your feedbacks to my yahoo id am 24yr old single guy studying in some college in hyd, and love to live to the fullest. The incident i am telling you today is a real one and happened just few days back. If aunties, gals, wanna meet me can mail me at my yahoo id, sorry this is my story if any mistake pl z forgive me ok..

Your overwhelming comments have encouraged me to come out with all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another incident. This is a story of my elder cousin sister rita; she was four years elder to me. She lived in chennai, was a brilliant young woman, she was cute and petite with a height of 5.5 feet, with a body that was tenderly average at 32-28-32 and growing mature. I always loved her like a good brother would do. But once she was married and had a baby and started lactating. She was 27 then and i was 24 just when my cock started acknowledging every beautiful woman around. As i lived with my grandparents, cousins all over used to come to our place during vacations. Rita too came with her child one such summer and we were all happy she had come.

Her husband worked in dubai and sex for her was a distant dream or an annual affair. I took a fantasy to her ever lactating breasts and sweating armpits. Boys at school had told me that girls who sweat more in the armpits have a higher degree of hunger for sex. And the very practical thought was arousing me every time i saw her. I used to go to the boys and ask questions on such topics and they would give some out of the world fantasy answers. But in all they made me lust for her. It was one of those times that a class mate of ours discovered that his sister was using a drug to enhance her milk production since she had less milk secretion. I heard the name of the tablet ‘milk thistle’ and registered it in my mind. That whole evening i kept thinking about rita akka’s boobs and the wet spot on her blouse, but i never realized that it was oozing milk due to excess production already.

I wanted to see her boobs grow big, so i decided to buy the tabs and check it on rita akka, the next day after school i ran to the medic and asked for the tab, she look at me viciously and asked me for whom was it. I said for my sis, he said that he normally does not give such tabs without prescription, but since he knows my family he gave it. It cost rs. 12 for each i got four for fifty rupees.

I waited for my opportunity to mix it in any of her drink and decided that i will mix it in her milk which my grandma sends to her through me after dinner. I did not know how many tabs need to be taken, so i was in a quandary. I knew one is definite can she take two?? How much milk will come if she took three…!!? Lots of questions came into my mind and i decided that i will give her two tabs and save the remaining two for the next night. My grandma asked me to give the glass of milk to rita akka and i took and in between the stairs i put the tabs in and kept stirring and gave the milk to rita akka. She drank the milk while i waited, she told me to go and sleep, while i said i was waiting for the glass.

she said she will keep it herself. I went to my room and waiting to see if her boobs started growing but nothing happened. I wanted to see some change in the morning but again nothing was visible. During breakfast i noticed her boobs from close proximity and could see her breaths heave and make her boobs flower bigger than normal and she was also restless. My anxiety started growing nastier and i wanted to see her huge engorged boobs. Spurt milk. I kept following her all day to see what she would do. Somewhere in the afternoon, i found her talking to my grandma after lunch, she was telling her that her breasts have grown bigger and more milk is dripping constantly and her chest was paining.

My grandma, asked her to lock the door and pull the window drapes, as i was also sleeping in the same room along with couple of other young cousins, but they were all asleep and i was pretending so, my grandma took rita akka to the store room close by and i quietly followed behind without their knowledge. There in the room my grandma asked rita akka to remove her blouse and show her boobs, she immediately removed it. That was my blessed moment of seeing my sister’s boobs. They were big and round and off white in color. Her areolas where fully aroused and dark brown in color, her nipples were wet with constant dripping, my grandma told her not to allow her tits be dripping as the wetness will create a septic and the same would be transferred to the baby while it drinks the milk. Rita akka was startled and really worried that she cant allow the baby to suck on such tits.

My grandma being experience got up and i ran back to my bed. She went and got a tumbler and locked the room and went into the store and she started milking rita akka’s boobs. Rita akka could not bear the pain and was moaning. My grandma said the best was to suck the milk out and she opted to suck some milk, the sight was too arousing, but for rita akka it was a little grouse as her grandma was sucking her boobs. But she had no option. Not for long my grandma could suck. She was startled by the milk flowing. She looked at rita akka and said that’s really huge supple. I guess you need either milk yourself every now and then or you need to feed someone who can drink all the milk. She told rita akka to wait till night she will arrange for something after dinner.

I ran back and laid myself on the bed and strained to pretend to sleep with a fully blown dick. They both came back and slept. That evening i struggled the max in my pants. From the evening i started to move along my grandma so that i could learn what she was planning. Later towards the dinner, grandma told me to sleep in rita akka’s room. She also told rita akka to make me sleep in her room. Then after i went to wash my hands, i heard rita akka ask grandma what was the set-up. Grandma said boys normally have a large appetite to suck. And sucking nipples is one of their main game plays. And she told that she would send two glasses of milk tonight one of her and the other for arun. I will lace his drink with half doze of sleeping tab so that he sleeps and then i will manage the rest she said. I got scared but also excited; i did not want to sleep. After dinner grandma called me and gave me rita akka’s glass of milk and this night she gave one for me too.

I said thanks grandma i love milk. Her eyes lit as she felt she selected the right guy. But on the way i poured my milk into the alley leading to the stairway and mixed her drink with the two tabs left. And went on top and gave rita akka her glass of milk. And as usual went to my room. She immediately called me and said remember granny asked you to sleep in my room, so i walked into her room and found my bed laid down already, i was surprised since there was only one bed i slept down. And waited my opportunity with abated breath and also pretending to be asleep. After almost half hour later. I heard my grandma and rita akka come into the room and they closed the door and windows and grandma asked rita akka to check if i was asleep.

She shook me a couple of times and i did not respond and then grandma shook me heavily and i responded lightly and slept back, grandma told rita akka that he is responding semi-consciously and this is the right time. My blood was gushing into my loins and the wait was growing too intolerable. Then grandma instructed rita akka to lie down next to me, and my cock started to grow. She then told her to remove her blouse and bra completely and be bare chested, she instructed her to hold me like her baby as in feeding position and she asked her to rub her nipples on my lips. Rita akka did as she was told; i did not know what to do… rita akka also had the same doubt and grandma told her to keep rubbing gently and he will open his mouth that was enough instruction or me to act. I slowly pretended to open my mouth and grandma immediately asked her to put the nipple in my mouth. And she did. I did not start sucking immediately.

Rita akka asked granny what to do. She said wait he will start sucking. For that you need to put some milk into his mouth now she asked rita akka to press her tits boobs and let some milk flow into my mouth, she immediately did and a stream of milk flowed into my mouth as if to choke me.

I immediately started softly gulping the milk and when it was dry i started slowing sucking her nubile tits for more milk. And her milk was just gushing in gallons, the room was dark and i slowly opened my eyes to see those lovely boobs i am sucking. In the crack of the eye i noticed i could see nothing. It was pitch dark and i could only feel her boobs in my mouth and her sexy body close to me, i could hear their voices softly murmuring instructions and now it was cool talk as i was in fully flowing of sucking. I slowing brought my hands forward and held her boob and rita akka got a little tense and told my grandma, granny said it was normal and not to worry, don’t you see babies holding and kneading the boobs while they drink the milk, it’s the same way, and that was my next step i started kneading her breasts.

my sucking made her tits sore and she asked my granny if she can change position, granny asked her to do and she changed and gave me her right boob. Now i had a new stock of fresh milk. The night was intense and i wanted to trace and lick every part of rita akka’s body. I wanted her to suck my cock too and drink its milk. But i did not have the option to move. So i remained quiet and kept sucking slowly and softly, and during this time both rita akka and granny fell asleep. I started to graze my hands all over rita akka’s body and massage her tits, knead her boobs and scratch her body and rita akka was also enjoying all this, then i decided to put my hand in her chut, i ran my hands over her chest and down to her chut through her petticoat, i slowly removed her nara and it came off.

I then immediately ran my hands into the bush for the first time in my life and it was wet. But i still massaging it. The wetness became used and i started pushing finger into a hole i found in the wetness, the moment i touched it, rita akka showed signs of weakness and submission. I immediately took advantage and massaged and dug into the hole more and realized she liked it. I kept doing the same and she abruptly pushed me aside and turned to the other side. Her push woke up grandma and she asked rita akka what happened. Rita akka said nothing and we all went to sleep. With my cock still stiff like hell. The next morning it was the same story a little bigger this time as the medicine last night had worked and her boobs were still bloated. My grandma suggested that she did what she last night as a practice everyday so that it could subside. I was in eleventh heaven. My luck had just opened all its gates.

I ran to all uncles to collect money, now i needed them to buy tabs daily. While i got a fresh set of tabs, and running back into the house. There i saw rita akka standing on the terrace, and called me up. I went on top and she asked me if i drank the milk. I was shocked; i asked her back which milk. She said last night grandma gave u milk did u drink it or not. I said i did. But she was angry and i guess she knew i was lying. She took me to the alley near the stairs and showed me the stains of milk. Now i did not have any words to cover myself. I agreed. He intensely asked me if i knew everything. I said yes. I knew.

And she asked me if i liked it? I did not know what to say but as a common rule i knew, you can lie to girls but you need to keep them happy and this time i wouldn’t be lying so i said i really loved and do anything to do it again. So she angrily asked if i would do it again. I hesitated and said if its gonna help you feel relieved of the pain. She asked me to come into the room and once inside we asked to close doors and pull the curtains and she immediately removed blouse buttons and pulled her left boobs out and asked me to drink. She was still stern so did not misbehave; i immediately took her nipple in my mouth and started to suck on it hungrily. And soon she started to moan, even before i could get to the next boob. And this went of almost three weeks. And used to spend all my vacation pocket money on these tabs. One day i decided i need to show her something more before she leaves town. I knew she enjoyed me masturbating her and she enjoyed it every night and kept it away from my grandma. Off late she started asking me to get her out in the afternoons too. So i wanted to show her what a creative man could do.

That night i told her to get some hot water in a flask and kept it in the bedroom. Both of us got in and closed the door. And as usual rita akka disrobed completely and i started sucking her milk laden nipples. The very though i was gonna take her full tonight was make me suck her more harder and she was panting, she asked me what was the matter and why i was sucking so hard. I told her to just sit back and enjoy. My sucking was arousing her. She instructed me to start masturbating her as she wanted to cum. I started to finger her alongside sucking her breasts and tongue trusts got so wild that she could no longer bear the onslaught of pleasure on her tits and cunt. She blew a huge load of juices in the air and turned away from me and squirted in the shudder.

Her cunt was so soft and wet and juicy that she could bear the pleasure one more suck and she was having multiple orgasms. I immediately pulled the condom out of my pocked. Rolled a magazine into a pole and rolled over the condom on it. Now it looked like a huge turgid cock. I opened the flask and dipped the condom covered rolled mug into the warm water and instantly shoved it into her hot wet throbbing cunt. My sister did not imagine i would anything like that. The warmth of the water was making her feel it was a real cock she opened her eyes in disbelief and said u cant do that.

Then she noticed the mug and smiled at me and laid back to enjoy. I started the pumping motion slowly and kept warming up with the hot water dip and kept going at her. And he was squeezing and tearing away at the pillow and bed sheet and experiencing orgasm after orgasm. And she whisperingly pleaded with me to stop it. I respected her so i stopped it and pulled out the battered mug and removed condom drenched with her juices, i turned the condom inside out and rolled it over my cock and jerked myself, while rita akka kept looking at me. Her juices on my cock made me more hornier and i was gonna cum like hell. When i removed the condom and my sperms fell all over my sister rita, a few spills were on her face too. She rubbed it off her face and looked at me and for the first time touched my cock, it was stiff and started growing stiffer to her touch. She could not believe it. I immediately pulled it away from her went down to suck her right boob which now needed my attention.

The milk flow was energizing and quenching my post fuck thirst. And she was getting more aroused. Her hands were grazing to take charge of my cock. But i was there at her boobs. Milking her dry with my mouth. I saw her desperation and i allowed her to hold my cock, she was really happy to see the size and girth and slowly started to play with. I immediately lied on my back and started kissing her thighs; she also started kissing my thighs. And i finally touched her vagina with my tongue. She was startled and shuddered with pleasure running through her spine. There i was licking and sucking her vagina like it was an apple pie. My tongue entrenched deep into her and he was writhing under me in pleasure and directing my head to her vagina.

I also started to push my dick towards her mouth and tried pushing it. She did not want take my dick in her mouth. I started sucking her vagina wildly and she opened her mouth for air and i shoved my cock into her mouth. And went rampaging her cunt like i was a mad dog licking a bitch’s cunt for glory. She throbbed for every lick and shuddered and had another basket of orgasms. She was done for another two months. And we slept that night, with my cock in her mouth and gentle sucking and when we woke up in the morning we realized i had come in her mouth in the night and that too a mouthful of my cum dried up in the corner of her mouth was an amazing scene to wake up to. Mail me your comments on this incident, i will tell you how i capitalized on the same in my next edition.

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