Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sex With My Lovely Sister

By: subash

Hi i am regular reader of iss...i know many of these stories are false....but i dont know y they are writting these false stories...but i dont like to bluf these iss readers.....coming to the story i am abhay(name changed) i am 24 and i am having one sister she is 23 and her name is sudha we both are very best friends as there is only one year difference in between hus we both live together and i am staying in hyderabad coming to the story i like my sister very much she is having excelent figure ..any one must attract to her shure ......many of my friends will be close to me as she is my sister day all of over family members are going to tour in over car me and my sister slept in last seat and my mother in middle seat and my dad is talking to driver sister is sleeping on my lap we both are in very deep sleep .....suddenly car has been stopped for dinner my sister is not intrested to have dinner so she slept in the car it self me my mother and dad went and have over dinner again we started over journey but this time i not got sleep as my sister is sleeping in my lap so her head touching my cock so i am not getting sleep i am becoming hot i cont control my self .....
I started touching her boobs as it is in night time i dont know wheather she is sleeping or not but i am intrested in that i continued my actions by touching her boobs and pussy ....this time my sister turned her head towords sky by seeing her lips i cont control my self i gave lip to lip kiss she reacted to that but she not rejected this time i got dare i we both enjoyed a lot in that car from then when ever we get chance we had kisses but not get chance to fuck her ...after six months my dad went to tour and my mother went to bazar with nighbour aunty i thought i got good chance ....we both went to bed room i kissed her lips for 5 min in the mean while my hand playing with her boobs and pussy .....after that she handled my cock in her hand and she kept it on her mouth i am in heaven that time i made her to sleep and i removed her dress and now i had her boobs in my mouth and this time my sister saying eat them abhay please eat them i went down and had
Her pussy lips in to my mouth and she cought my head and pressing my head towords her pussy and she is making sounds ....and now we both are in 69 poistion and enjoyed for 15 min later i inserted my cock in to her pussy slowly and giving shots to her she is making loud sounds haaaaaaaaa ohhhhhhhh haaaaaaaa abhay kill me please dangu fast and she is shouting and blood flowing from her pussy but i not stopped and i fucked her for 25 min later we slept beside even then my habds playing with her boobs and pussy..and after half an hour we both went to bath ...and we had second round in bath room from then we both enjoying every day .....please send ur suggestions to girl can contact me there for sex friend ship or to have sex... Have a nice day all the best bye

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