Thursday, February 12, 2009

Chahi Nay Teach Kiya

By: ali

Hi readers i am Ali am from lahore pakistan and i am going to tell u about my story.first i have to introduce my self i am 5'8 a smart one and now i am a young man of age happens when i was just day when i come back home from school i heard from my brother that we have a marriage in our was the marriage of my uncle.marriage ceremony was very good.when i saw my chachi i was very happy cause she has a good body week later my uncle and my chachi comes to our home then uncle introduce her to all of us properly.every day she comes to our home.many times we spend time day after coming back from school,i saw that she was at our house i was very happy to see her she was too very happy to see me.after our lunch she asked me about my school work about my study i tell her that i am very week in my biology no time she says that if u dont mind then i can help u in ur problem of biology.i think for 1 min then i say ok.after some time i went to my room and she comes after me in my room.i sat on my bed she sits beside me and telll me about basics of bio.i was listening her.she taught me on first day very goodly.second day when i come back from school i was very tired and i waste no time and take my lunch and went to my room for a good sleep.she comes to our house and she asked about me from my brother he says that ali is sleeping in his room in no time she comes in my room.she saw that i was on my bed in deep sleep.she call my name i got up on her first call and sit on bed she came and sit near me.she put her hand on my head and ask me that ali ru tired.i replied that yes i am.then she says that dont worry i will make u calm and tiredless.i say how she says wait and watch.she went out from my room and when she comes back she locked the door.i say why u lock the door she says that every one in house r sleeping and dont worry everything is ok.i too say ok.she whisper in my ear but i cant understand i say again that what u say then she says that lay down on bed u will feel comfortable i lay down and sh says that make a promise with me that what we r going to do i will never say about this to any one i agree with her.
She ordered me that lay down straight i do what she say.after that she say put ur short up or off it i cant understand that what she is going to do but i think in me that i have to put the shor up. I put it up she massage my legs with her sweet hands she put some oil on my legs and massage it boldly but when she touched me i got a shock in my body.but i control it suddenly she put my short down i was horrible but got a control on my scences.she massage me and then she says that hay what u have in ur legs i tell her that plz it is not for u cause i heard from some friends about sex thats why i say to her.but she sas to me that u have a desire. I say where. She say there in ur legs but i cant understand her that what she say.bu she still touching my dick politely after some time she take my dick in her hand and give it a gentle push.i was enjoying this event vey much but from inner sid i was in threat of my home mates but this was cool.then she put my shirt off and quickly off her dress and ask me about u know that how to make love i reply in no then she make me stand and tell me and sit on my legs like a baby i did it.but in no time she put her boob in my mouth it was big and so tasty i was suckinh her very eagerly and then she put my dick in her hand and tell me that when i say then u have to stroke me then i ask why she says that when u do that then u got to know why i say ok.she put my dick on the mouth of her wet pussy say stroke and i insert my dick in one shot and she screem with pain but got a control on her voice and by her advise i was doing very good work after some time of stroking i tell her that i was about to going cum she says that dont worry u carry on when i was very near about cum i was feeling heat in my body i was more aggressive and i shoot my cum in her she was smiling and she lay down on bed and say come On me and i do that then i suck her boobsvery gentelly.and she make me some bold and i feel very Happy. That was the my story plz give me a response of my story and specially in pakistan lahore any lady married or single or any aunty want me for any sexual needs then u can contact me on my address my address is

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