Friday, February 13, 2009

Three sisters on a same day

By: rocky

Hi everybody , I thank ISS site for being so helpful to everyone to write their experiences. I wanna tell about my sex eperience . Let me tell about myself , my name is rocky, 19 yrs old, 5.5' , fair in complexion , m a medico nw. This incident happened with me in my early years of age, I knew very little about sex at that time. My parents moved 2 d town as to provide a good education to us. We used to go to our village when I used to get vacations n in village; I used to play with my cousins. N my experiences are with my cousins (mama’s daughters) even. My mama (father's elder sis) has 4 daughters n her husband left her as he was interested in other woman may b his girlfriend. Her elder daughter was married so I couldn’t get a chance with her . Her last daughter is of my age n we used 2 play together being kids . She was nt dat sexy bt was alright . I was very much intrested in seein woman's sex organs so i asked her to show her panty , she showed as she too seemed to be intrested in dat . As she lifted her skirt up i saw her panty wich was maroon in colour . She asked whether i want see her pussy , i replied her positively . She slowly was lowerin her panty n i cud see her pussy part by part . She lowered her panty up to her knees , n i saw her pussy for first time . As it was in open place , i askd her to wear her panty so that we shud nt b caught . After dat we used to go fr pissing together in d fields as ther were no bathrooms in d village n our parents dint even mind anythin as we were kids . First we were not intrested dat much but as d time passed our intrest in dat subject grew more n we used to go to fields givin d reason of pissing , n der we used to sit opposite to each other lookin at each others organs.

I used to call sex as love dat time n i told her dat i want to make love to her . As she was not knowin she asked wat was it ? I explained her n she agreed . We went home n told our parents dat we'll be playin on d terrace . Der were two rooms on d terrace , one was my father's rum n d other was used to keep all d machineries required for d field work . We went in our father's room as it was vacant . My father used to stay in town coz of his works . Ther was a bed in d rum wid a rug (blanket) . The rum had two doors . I locked both of them n askd her to lie on bed . We both covered with blanket . I askd her permission for further proceedings n she said do wat ever u want . I slowly raised her skirt n pulled down her panty . Ther she was half naked infront of me wid her eyes closed . I removed my pant n underwear . My cock was erect while removin her panty . I put the tip of my cock near her hole n touched it , she askd wat i was doin ? I askd her to wait n see the further act . I pushed my cock on her hole , it slightly went in . She kept quite in the startin n wen i pushed my cock once more , it went in n she started complainin of a pain in her pussy . I askd her keep quite n told her dat the pain'll subside wid in 5 mins . I dint made any further actions as i was not knowin much abt sex dat time , we slept like dat for half an hour n dressed up finally . After dat , she too started lovin it n used to ask me to fuck her daily . I used to fuck her either in my home or in her home . One day every one was in my home even her mother n sisters came der itself so we moved to der home n started makin love in d main room on a cot near to one corner of dat room n in hurry we forgot to lock d main door . As we started our love makin session , her younger sis i.e my maami's 3'rd daughter came to dat home n peeped into d room through d slight openin of d door . She knew dat we were doin dis daily n she wanted to catch us red handed so she had an eye on our daily activities like wer we'll b playin , wat do we play n where we'll go . She looked us from dat slight openin n came into d room slowly n we dint notice her . She was standing der next to cot lookin at our love makin . Wen both of us were tired , we separated from each other n were shocked to see her sis . I suddenly pulled my underwear up n she pushed her skirt down . (her sis's name is vijaya n she had nice figure . She was 6 ft high n was slight fat wid round boobs n beautiful ass . She was matured n was havin a look on her face n every one used to starr at her wen she used to walk on roads . Her color was wheatish n had long hairs n a smilin face ) . Vijaya askd us wat were we doin ? We both kept quite . She started to black mail us saying she'll tell to our parents dat we both were lying naked on bed , if we wont tell her wat we were doing . So gatherin sum courage i told her dat we were doin love . She askd wat was it . I explained her abt how to make love i.e havin sex . She was astonished to hear abt dis n was shocked dat we being kids know dis . She askd me to do it infront of her . I was shocked hearin dis . I told her no directly . She again black mailed us , so we agreed . I lowered my underwear n she lifted her skirt . We both were lying on our back , she askd us to wait as she wanted to see our organs . Den after 10sec , she askd us to proceed . I lookin at vijaya's face started to push my cock in her pussy . Vijaya was looking at us carefully . Wen my cock entered her pussy , we slept like dat n she askd to do next . I askd wat next ? Only dis much is done in love . She bluffed at my ans , i askd her d reason fr it , she replied askin only dis much we know in sex n i said her yes . Hearin dis she askd us to stop . We stopped our love n were lookin at her as wat she'll ask us to do next . She was quite for 2 mins . She suddenly askd to do love with her . I was really shocked to hear dis n was even overjoyed as i am going to experience wid a matured girl . We three adjusted ourself somehow on d single cot . She was wearin a nighty , i askd her to remove it but she refused n raised her nighty from bottom n lowered her panty . I saw her pussy which had a small bush of hair over it .

I smiled at her as i saw d hairs on her pussy . She askd me to start , so i told her to turn towards me . But she askd me come on top of her . I went on top of her n inserted my cock into her pussy . At my first push itself , it went completely into her pussy n disappeared into it as it was comparatively big . I slept on her . After 2 mins , she askd me to stroke her . I askd her wat was it ? She i mean vijaya told to remove n insert my cock n askd me to do it continuosly . I started pumpin her slowly , she askd me to increase my speed . I did as i was said , n after doin for ten mins , i was tired n fell on her chest . Wen i was lying on her , her breasts were on my face but i dint care for it . We did it for 1 more time n as she was not gettin any pleasure from me (as my dick was small compared to her pussy ), vijaya askd me to fingerfuck her . I inserted my forefinger first n started to ramm her . She askd me to insert all my fingers n i did leaving behind my thumb . I increased my pace of moving in n out , she started to moan like ahh.... Hmmm..... Ahh........ N after finger fucking her for 10 mins , we both were exhausted , n i was lying on her . After 5mins we heard noises of some one cumin towards d room so we suddenly weared our dresses n slept as though we were in deep sleep . It was my sister n her sister i.e maami's 2'nd daughter came into d house . Seeing dat we were in sleep , they went into the bedroom n locked d door . Wen we heard d noises of lockin d door , we started our play once again n did it till 4o'clock . During our act , may be vijaya's sis ( named rajsri ) saw our act but she kept quite . In the eve , every one of both family went to attend a function in our village , it was vijaya n we kids were left in the home wid our grand parents . They mentioned dat they'll b cuming late in d nite so we had our dinner n tellin our grandparents dat we are going to sleep . We went on d terrace as it was summer n spread d bedsheet on d floor of d terrace . There we started our love session once more but dis time she askd me to fingerfuck her as she was gettin much pleasure from dat . She was leaning towards one wall of d terrace ( leadin to d steps ) n i started to finger her mercilessly n after njoyin her pussy for half an hour , i went to sleep with out my knowledge . I was waked wen i felt sumone loosenin my shorts . I helped by turning myself towards dat side . I slightly opened my eyes to see who was it ? N i was shocked once again to see dat it was rajsri . I suddenly closed my eyes pretending to be asleep . She lowered my short my removed my cock from my underwear . My cock started to grow big , she saw it n smiled . Wen it stood like a small rod infront of her , she started to rub it towards her pussy on her petticoat . I was still pretendin to be asleep . After 5 mins , i caught her hand n she pretended to be asleep . I started to raise her petticoat , she didnt resist . I pulled it untill i reached her panty . I slowly removed her panty , but as she didnt resist i pulled it till her knees , n pushed my cock in her pussy . We slept like dat till morning n wen i woke up , i saw dat she was not there . I felt very much happy dat i experienced 3 of the sisters on the same day . If any aunties , bhabhis or gals who r intrested in having sex wid me den mail me on:

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