Thursday, February 12, 2009

Baby On The Brain

By: Sameer

Dear readers this is sameer. Hope u have not forgetten me. This is a little long story, but its intresting to read. I can bet it will really make all the readers hot. SO read it full "I'm sorry kids, but it didn't take," Dr. Gruber said as he looked across the desk at the young attractive couple sitting before him.The news hit them both like an anvil as tried once again to absorb the bitter disappointment that flooded through them. For the past three years Brian and Bridget Anderson had been trying to conceive a child, and for the past three years they had been met with nothing but frustration and heartache. After about a year of trying they decided to see a fertility specialist about their problem. They were put through the gauntlet of tests. Everything from their blood to their body sweat was tested and then retested again. When it was discovered that Brian had a very low sperm count, steps were taken to remedy the situation. Brian was instructed to totally give up alcohol, put on a low fat "rabbit food diet" and forbidden to wear jockey shorts; While Bridget was put on every fertility drug know to mankind.
Once again no success. Brian's situation was not improving in the least, in fact it seems the motility of his sperm even worsened and finally as a last ditch effort, in-vitro fertilization was attempted. With each treatment costing well into the 10's of thousands of dollars they had quickly gone through their savings, and cashed in their retirement all to no avail. As the two looked dejectedly down at the floor Dr. Gruber spoke gently."I think maybe it's time we think about adoption. There are some counselors here at the hospital that.' He was cut off as Brian spoke."No doctor we decided that we wanted to have our own baby," Brian continued."I understand that Brian, but the chances of you two conceiving are almost non existent. I think you should at least think about it," Gruber said. As they drove home Brain looked at Bridget and his heart sank in his chest, At 30 years old Bridget Anderson was an exquisitely beautiful women. She was dressed in a pair of low-cut jeans that clung tightly around her seductive hips, long toned legs, and tight firm behind. Her black belly shirt pulled tightly against her skin, and strained greatly to cover her size c breasts, ending just above her navel, and exposing her flat stomach. Her shoulder length auburn hair was pulled back, and her beautiful dark eyes were filled with tears and sadness.
After they got home they retired to their respective refuges, he to the garage and she to the kitchen. After a little while of sulking by themselves he returned to the kitchen and they embraced."I'm so sorry Bridget, I know how much you wanted this," he said as he tried to sooth her."Oh it just seems so unfair. We did everything that we could and spent our life savings. Oh I feel like such a failure," she sobbed. "Its ok baby everything will work out," Brian said as he gently rubbed her back."Are you ready to talk about adoption," she said as she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. Brian hesitated before he answered. Adoption was a sore spot for him because he wanted his only genes in the baby. He knew it was a backward way of thinking, especially in this day and age, but subconsciously he just could not get around it."We'll see," he said as he held her tightly. After a few weeks there seemed to develop a wedge between Bridget and Brian, Every time she would bring up adoption he would change the subject, and every time she tried to initiate love making he would seem disinterested. Eventually it got to the breaking point and an angry shouting match developed.

"Jesus Bridget! All I ever hear about is this kid you want," he screamed."I'm doing all I know to do for this Bridget. I am doing exactly what the doctor told me to do. I am refraining from any form of self pleasure trying to myself up, and it is really getting to me," he continued."Well since you won't talk about adoption, and we have no more money for in vitro what else are we supposed to do! I mean I know you can't seem to get me pregnant, but you defiantly can't do it if we don't even try," she spat back angrily at him. She immediately regretted it as soon as she said it, but his reaction to her words illustrated that the damage had already been done."You know Bridget, why don't you just go fuck somebody at a bar and get pregnant if thats the way you feel. You did a lot of that before I married you. Anyway I gotta be on a plane to London in two hours. Have a great month," He said as he slammed the door and left for the airport.His words seemed to cut her to the bone as she stood in the family room of their house, and as she heard the car door slam and him pull away, all of her dreams of a baby seemed to fade into oblivion. She wanted desperately to have a child and as she lay there on the floor her disappointment slowly started to change to anger. She wanted a child, and she was not going to let her husband, or any man stand in the way of her baby.
She picked herself up and a plan began to formulate in her head. She wanted to get pregnant so therefore she needed to have sex, but with whom could she do this with, she wondered. She did not want to risk going to a bar, who knew what kind of sexually transmitted disease she could get there. She knew that she wanted to be impregnated ASAP so it would mean someone she had a relationship with, and if possible someone who looked like Brian. As she was looking at their we4dding photo on the mantle, the perfect candidate suddenly materialized in her mind.Of course," she said. "Jamie," she continued as she looked at the picture of her husband's younger brother. Brian and his brother Jamie had never been the best of friends. There was a tension there that Bridget sensed before she even met Jamie, and when she did it just seemed rather uncomfortable for Jamie to be around Brian It all seemed to go back to the night of Jamie's senior prom, Brian had come home for the weekend and wound up sleeping with Jamie's prom date at the after party. Jamie had never forgotten the betrayal, or the look on Brian's face as he laughed at him afterwards. The years had seemed to do nothing to heal the wound, and even after all these years there still were problems. They never talked on the phone or hung out together, except for holidays they were strangers.
Bridget had noticed a little sexual tension between Jamie and herself before as well. There was this one time when Brian was out of town on business, and he brought some things over to their house for Thanksgiving. He excused himself and went to the bathroom, and although she could never really be sure, she thought maybe he took a pair of her thongs.What Bridget didn't know was that she was Jamie's ultimate fantasy. He did indeed take a pair of her thongs and loved the smell of her as he imagined himself with her. Every girl he was with he compared to Bridget and every girl came up short and many a night he would fantasize about her naked body wrapped around him, as she rode him until he exploded. She haunted his dreams and lingered in his conciseness long after sleep released its grip on him, she was quite simply his ultimate attraction.

Her fingers were trembling as she picked up the phone to call him. She let it ring a few times and was relieved when the answering machine came on."Hi Jamie this is Bridget. I am sorry to call but I need to talk to you about your brother it's important," was all she said and hung up the phone. About an hour later the phone rang and it was Jamie."Hi Bridget, What's the problem," he asked with a bit of concern in his voice."Jamie it is about Brian. Could you come over please it's really important," she pleaded on the phone."i'll be right there," he said as he hung up the phone.Bridget smiled to herself and decided to put her plan of seduction into action. She knew Jamie lived about a half hour away so she decided to dress a bit scantily to see if he was interested. She had always seen him ogling her at family functions and took a slight pleasure in tormenting the young boy, after all he was only 23 years old and still filled with raging hormones. She decided to dress up nicely for the boy.When Jamie got to the door he rang the bell, and when Bridget answered the door his heart nearly flew out of his chest. She was dressed in a tight black belly shirt, which clung tightly around her 36 C breasts, and showcased her fabulous abs. She wore a matching skirt, which hung tightly around her toned legs, sensuous hips, and heart shaped behind. Her auburn hair was pulled back, and her beautiful green eyes were filled with excitement.
"Oh Jamie its good of you to come," She said as she embraced him."Not a problem," he replied as he tried unsuccessfully to suppress the erection that was forming in his jeans. "Please sit down,"she said as she lead him into the room.Jamie had to adjust his jeans when he gazed at Bridget's beautiful behind as he followed her into the living room. Now all that she needed to do was to find a way to check his sperm count, but she had a plan formulated in her mind and she began to spin her web."I must apologize for bringing you over like this Jamie, but there is a problem with your brother and I need someone to talk to it about," Bridget said as she feigned tears. "Sure Bridge I understand, What is the problem," Jamie asked. "Well this is a little difficult, but you understand," Bridget began. "Sure I understand. Is he in some kind of trouble," Jamie asked nervously. "Jamie your brother has a problem with his sperm count, it is too low," Bridget said. "Oh well that is no major problem Bridget, many guys have that," Jamie responded visibly relieved. "Jamie you don't understand, your brother is getting older and there is incidence of genetic problems in men's sperm increases with age. This could lead to many problems, including Down's syndrome. A study found that half the cases of Down's syndrome in children born to women older than 35 are likely to be related to sperm," she continued. "But what is the danger Bridget if he has a low sperm count," Jamie asked.
"Jamie a low sperm count can mean a multitude of problems such as Testicular cancer, varioceles, undescended testicles, infection, and chronic illnesses such as diabetes," Bridget replied. "Wow is he Ok," Jamie asked. "He will be. The doctors are taking care of him and running tests. The problem now Jamie is you," Bridget replied. "What do you mean me," Jamie asked with alarm. "Well you are his brother and since this problem can be genetic, we need to analyze your sperm," Bridget said. "What," Jamie asked incredulously "Jamie I am sorry I told your brother to do this but he would not talk to you about it, you know how he gets," she said. Jamie shifted uncomfortably in his chair and his face reddened at her next statement. "I need a sperm sample from you Jamie. Preferably right now," she said as she handed him a cup. "Bridget I can't believe this," he exclaimed. "Listen Jamie we need to get this potential problem taken care of now. Early detection is the best way to treat this. If you want me to call your mother I can," she lectured. "Oh God No! Don't tell my mother anything about this! Ok just give me The cup and let me do it. I'll get it back to you later today," he said as he picked up the cup and began to leave. "No Jamie I need to get the sample over the lab within a half hour of the ejaculation. You will have to do it here. You can use the bathroom if you would like," she said as she grabbed his arm. "I don't believe I'm doing this," he said as he walked to the bathroom. Jamie got to the bathroom and as he closed the door behind him, wondered for maybe the millionth time how weird this all was. He decided to just get it over with and sat down on the toilet to get ready, but as he tried to think about something to get him in the mood, nothing seemed to work, and after about 10 minutes he knew things were not going to happen. Just as he was resigned to "zipping up" he heard a light knock on the door. "Jamie is everything all right in there," Bridget asked. "Oh yes! Everything is fine," he replied with the shock evident in his voice. Bridget smiled slyly as she heard Jamie fumble with his answer, and without warning, opened the door and walked inside. "Bridget! What are you doing," Jamie exclaimed as her tried to cover up. "Well We need to get that sample over there as soon as possible and you were taking so long I came to see if there was anything I could do," she said. "Bridget I think I can take care of this on my own," he said as he tried to cover himself. Bridget looked at him and noticed with some delight that he looked much larger then her husband.
She then closed the door behind her and stood directly in front of him. As Jamie looked up at her he could not help but be intoxicated by her beauty and sensuality. He had always fantasized about her in his dreams, and as she stood before him, try as he may to cover it up, his cock began to grow and soon was bulging out of his hands. "Bridget! Please get out! I can do this on my own," he exclaimed. "I'm sorry Jamie but the clinic closes soon and we need to get your sample there as soon as possible. What can I do to help," she asked. "Well you can leave," he cried. "c'mon Jamie this is a serious test that needs to be done. All you need is the proper stimulation," she said as she gently laid her hands on top of his and pulled them away from his cock. "What are you doing Bridget," He cried. "Just relax Jamie. Close your eyes and relax. Please calm down it will be all right, I promise," she said. Eventually Jamie relented and closed his eyes as he felt Bridget adjust her position in front of him. A fire was raging between Bridgets legs and his breathing came in short gasps as she put the next part of her plan into action. She pulled up her skirt to reveal her tight black thong, and gently sat down on Jamie's lap, her eyes facing his, and her thong-covered mound mere centimeters from his naked cock. Jamie felt her sit on him and his cock bounced and briefly made contact with her mound. "I'm sorry about that Bridget, he said while eyes still closed.
"That is ok honey," she replied. "Now Jamie I want you to open your eyes," she said. He did and his cock instantly became hard and began to press, rather forcefully against her thong-covered sex. "Well you seem to be stimulated," she giggled to him. She then took his hands and placed them on her hips, as she quickly grabbed the sample cup in one hand, and his cock in the other. "Brid..," "Shh. It's ok. Just relax baby," she interrupted as she stoked his manhood gently. Bridget felt him shudder and increased her pace pulling faster and faster moaning "do it...cum for me baby...I need you to do it." Her eyes never left his as she wrapped hand tighter around his massive shaft and began pumping faster and faster while back leaned back on toilet moaning "Oh God... Oh baby... Oh God ... Yes!" Needless to say it didn't take long and a couple minutes later he exploded with a tremendous orgasm. Bridget collected up the sample and waited patiently for the last few millimeters to ejaculate from his cock, and smiled devilishly At the sheer amount of sample that came out. It looked about three times the size of her husbands samples size. They got up and she noticed her thong was dripping, partially with Jamie's sample, and partially with her own. He was looking right at her as she quickly took off her thong and threw it to him. "Here you go Jamie. Now you won't have to steal it from me later," she winked at him as she left the room, put on a pair of panties, and drove to the clinic. A few days later she got a call from the clinic saying that the sample that she had tested was ideal for fertilization. She made a point to go to another clinic so there would be no questions about her husbands "miraculous" reversal of his motility and fertilization potential. She knew now that Jamie was the best candidate to be the father of her children, all she had to do was be fertilized. The second stage of her plan now began, she knew that her husband would be away for a month, which gave her plenty of time to succeed. First she called Jamie and invited him over for dinner on Sunday to talk things out and tell him the results of his fictions' genetic test. Then she made sure to fill her prescription of fertility drugs at the pharmacy, and satisfied that everything was all set, awaited a call from her husband which never came. She perceived his lack of calling as further fuel for her fire and was more determi9ned then ever to carry out her plan.
Sunday night came around and Bridget was dressed to her seductive best. She wore a tight pair of black jeans that looked to be almost painted on, as the highlighted her sensuously wide hips and incredibly perfect behind. Her Auburn hair was pushed back, and tight red turtleneck showcased her magnificent 36c breasts. Jamie came by around 6pm and almost had a heart attack at the site of her dressed like that, a display that did not go unnoticed by Bridget as she embraced him in greeting. They talked for a while before dinner and eventually the conversation turned to the sperm test that Jamie had taken. Bridget explained that he was ok and there was no reason to worry, Jamie was noticeably relieved and began to drink a bit more wine as the evening wore on. After dinner had been cleaned up, Bridget decided the time had come to spring her trap. She knew that there was bad blood between Brian and Jamie and how competitive they were, so decided to use that to her advantage. She began to manipulate the conversation toward kids and eventually set her trap for Jamie to fall into.
"I feel so empty without a child," she cried as she buried her head into his shoulder. "It's ok Bridget. There is always adoption," he said as he gently rubbed her back. "No your brother said that we can't do that, that he wants to have his own baby. We have gone through this so many times that my head is spinning," she replied as the tears continued to come. "Oh I'm so sorry. What about In-vito," he replied. "We tried that, but your brothers' sperm count is too low. We went through our life savings on this. Your brother will also not let me go to a sperm bank for a better sample," she replied. "I am sorry Bridget. I wish there was something I could do," he replied as he continued to gently stroke her back. "Well there is," she replied. "What," he countered "Could you donate your sperm," she said "I though you said he would not let you do that," Jamie replied. "I'm not going to tell him," she said blankly. "But what about...," "Jamie your brother will not let me adopt and he won't let me go to a sperm bank. I have no other option left here, please help me Jamie. Please don't take away my chance to be a mother," she pleaded into his eyes. Jamie thought about it for a moment before he spoke. Bridget was crying and he wanted to help her, but he didn't want to hurt his brother either. The relationship between Jamie and his brother was not the best, but he still felt some loyalty to him. "Bridget I understand you are upset, but Brian is my brother and I would not feel right about him not knowing," he said. Bridget immediately Burst into tears at his response. "Oh my life will never be complete," she sobbed as he desperately tried to comfort her. Jamie was torn by various emotions as he tried to comfort her. He was concerned for her well being, but at the same time lusted after her greatly. The attraction that he felt for her was overwhelming, and as he held her tightly his cock began to swell uncontrollably. Bridget could feel his manhood against her thigh and decided to make her move to have him, so she slowly moved her hand and gently squeezed his cock, as she turned her face to his and kissed him deeply on the lips. Jamie returned her kiss and opened his mouth to grant access to her tongue, as he slowly circled his arms around her and began to explore her body. As many times as he had dreamed this sequence in his head, and as many times he had masturbated himself to her image, he was till unprepared for what she did next. With thoughts of pregnancy running through her head, and completely committing herself to the situation Bridget quickly got on her knees and pushed his legs apart. Jamies pulse quickened and his cock grew to gargantuan and painfully strained proportions as he could see and feel her beginning to manipulate his fly. Bridget unbuttoned his pants and sprung his cock from its painful confinement, her eyes widening when she saw his full size in living color. She had masturbated him before, but she never allowed herself to look directly at it, and now that she had she was certain that this cock was made to impregnate women.
It looked to be almost twice the size of her husbands as her face inched closer to it, and as she gently began to stroke him, she looked up at Jamie and smiled mischievously. "Well I see that not everybody in your family got the same genes," she smirked at the backhand comment of her husband. At that moment Jamie felt a pang of loyalty tare at his conscious and he thought that he should stop this, but as his eyes locked with Bridgets time seemed to slow as she inched ever closer to his cock with her mouth open. Desperate to bre4ak free form her spell and preserve his brothers' wife he called out her name just as she closed her mouth on his cock. "Bridjuuu..." was as far as he got as she circled her tongue around his manhood and began to work him further into her mouth. His hands roamed all through her hair as she continued to work him, and after a few moments any loyalty to his brother he felt was gone as he was no longer resisting Bridget and began to fuck his sister in law's mouth. Faster and faster she pounded him until she saw him tense, and felt him tighten inside her mouth. "Oh Bridge...Oh baby I'm close...oh God...i'm....Ohhhhhhhh'" he cried as he erupted inside her mouth. Bridget responded by sucking down on his cock like a whirlpool and taking every bit of his seed down with her, almost as if ingesting it would lead to impregnation. She continued to suck him off until he was bone dry, then she rose from between his legs and grabbed him by the hand pulling him to his feet. "Let's go to the bedroom baby," she said as she took his hand and lead him to her bed. As she walked before him Jamie's eyes were locked on Bridget's perfect ass, and as he saw her tight jeans highlight every perfect inch of it, his naked cock began to grow again
"You can take off your clothes' Jamie. You won't be needing them," Bridget smiled at him as they entered her bedroom. Jamie made his way to one side of the room to finish undressing, and when he turned back around his cock was now aching with anticipation at the sight of Bridget standing before him. She had taken off her turtleneck to reveal her magnificent 36c breasts encased in a black bra that looked overmatched trying to contain them, and was beginning to unbuckle her jeans when he stopped her. "What's the matter Jamie," Bridget asked with a puzzled expression on her face. "I want to do it," He said. "Ok baby," she cooed as she dropped her hands to her side and waited for him to open her pants, but he slowly made his way to her breasts and softly began to kiss them. "Oh Jamie...oh my...," she moaned as she felt him unclasp her bra and free her breasts from their uncomfortable retention. Jamie's eyes widened as her naked breasts sprung into view and gently began to kneed them as he quickly slipped a plump pink nibble into his mouth. "Oh God...Oh yes...," she moaned as he continued to suckle from her and she ran her fingers through his hair. Jamie continued to kiss his way down her stomach until he came to the button fly on her jeans, and while quickly removing her shoes with one had, began to unbutton her fly with the other. He finally got her pants undone and pulled her jeans down past her sensual hips to expose her tight black thong which encased every tree3nage fantasy that he ever had. He quickly pulled the remaining part of her jeans off and grabbed the sides of her thong and pulled it down as well.
At this point in time Bridget had gotten so wet that her thong was matted to her pussy and she shivered involuntarily as Jamie peeled it away and exposed her naked sex. He then pushed her down on the bed until she was sitting down and knelt between her legs, as Bridget leaned back on her elbows and gazed at him with the anticipation of a child or Christmas morning. He was mere inches away and her arousal was evident by the scent in the air, and as she looked down at him, he slowly opened his mouth and invaded her soaking wet sex. "Oh Jamie...oh yes..Oh God Yes...," she cried as he dove face first into her, using his tongue like an examination probe he explored every millimeter of her femininity and savored the taste along the way. He plunged his tongue into her deeper and deeper, leaving no region ignored nor neglected. His tongue teased her labia and massaged her clit, while his finger slid deep up inside of her. Bridgets response was to slip her hands up to her breasts and massage her nipples, while grinding her pussy into his face."Oh baby...oh your so good...oh god...don't lose it baby...oh please...Jamie...oh please baby," she cried as she felt the passion begin to build inside of her.
Jamie responded by clamping his hands to her ass and feasting on her pussy like a starving man. His tongue went into overdrive, fueled by all the years of desiring his mouth where it was right now, between the legs of his fantasy woman; but this was no fantasy, it was his reality and he was going to eat her until she could stand it no more. "Oh God...Oh Yes! Oh Jamieeeeeeeeee," Bridget yelled as a volcano of pleasure erupted inside of her and waves of pleasure flowed through her entire body. Jamie lapped up all of her juices and then, rising up to meet her, kissed her deeply on the mouth. She could taste her flavor on his tongue as she gently sucked it, and circled her arms around his neck. Bridget and he closed their eyes laid motionless for a few moments, but then she felt him get off the bed and heard a sound like a piece of candy being opened. She then felt him get back on the bed and felt the head of his cock align the with her pussy and gently began to sink into her. "Wait Jamie stop for a minute," Bridget said as she sprang off the bed, realizing that Jamie was wearing a condom. "What's wrong Bridget," Jamie asked. "Take off the condom Jamie," she said. "But Bridget what if.." was as far as he got before she cut him off. "Do you want this to happen Jamie," she asked "Oh God yes more then anything," he cried.

"Then take it off. The only way I want you inside of me is naked," she said. Jamie was powerless to resist. Any loyalty he felt to family was replaced with unimaginable lusting for Bridget and try as he may to preserve any family bonds, he could not resist her. "Whatever you want Bridget," he cried. He had just gotten the words out before she had grabbed his shaft and ripped the condom off him, she then took him by the hand and led him to the bed, where she laid down and spread her legs, as he knelt between her thighs."Oh Goooooddddddd," Bridget moaned as she felt him slide back into her. She could feel her pussy stretch as it tried to accommodate this huge organ being forced deep inside. Her eyes widened as she felt his cock go deeper then anyone she had ever had, it filled her completely and almost seemed like it would break her in half, as it just kept pushing forward. Finally, she felt the invasion end as their pubic bones met and his cock felt like it touched her cervix. They lay motionless for a minute to get adjusted to each other, until very slowly Jamie began his thrust.
He continued to pump into her very slowly while she moaned deeply as he leaned down, and taking a nipple into his mouth, began to suckle from her breast. She grabbed his head and pulled him closer to her breasts as he continued to suckle, and wrapped her legs around him as he continued his thrust. He could not believe how tight she was as he continued to burrow his cock up inside of her his cock felt like it was incased a velvet vice. "Oh God Bridget...oh your so fucking good...oh Bridge," he moaned as he picked up his pace and began to thrust harder."Oh baby...keep it going...keep it going...that's it...oh your so fucking big...oh it's so big Jamie...oh God Fuck me baby," she cried as she felt all of her pleasure receptors building for a explosion.He took her words to heart and began to pound into her furiously. Jamie...oh....fuck me baby....oh Jamie...please...oh your so good baby.......oh keep it....please baby," she cried. Inspired by her reaction he began to thrust her harder and harder, each time bring his cock full out and then thrusting into her with all his strength. She reached up and pulled his face to hers, and with her tongue in his mouth, tasted her juices. He moved his hands up to her breasts, and pushing them together, began to lick and gently bite each nipple. She pulled herself up against him as hard as she could and began to kiss his earlobes and lick his neck, as he continued to piston himself into her.
" Please! Oh God," she cried as she felt her orgasm building inside of her. Jamie was nearing his climax as well, and wrapped his arms around her tightly as he continued to pound. She held onto him tightly as her pleasure wave began to flow throughout every inch of her body. 'Oh Jake...yes...yes...oh Baby...Oh....Jammmmie," Bridget cried as her second orgasm of the day took her body to new heights of passion and she experienced a sweet release of pleasure, that drown out any thought of this event with Jamie being wrong. She closed her eyes deeply and locked her legs around him as she sensed him about to release. Jake continued to pump until he felt his on wave of pleasure building and he grabbed her and pulled her tight, as he plunged deep inside of her and exploded . "Oh Bridge....oh baby...oh thank you Bridge oh ..he cried as he erupted inside of her and coated her womb with his seed. He collapsed down on top of her, their heaving bodies drenched with sweat rose and fell with their labored breathing. She grabbed him and kissed him on the mouth, their tongues dancing with one another, as her hands gently stroked his hair. The lay there for a while just listening to the sound of their own breathing, and holding each other tight. Somewhere during the night they fell asleep, and when se awoke, Bridget was mildly suprised to see that Jamies cock was still buried inside of her and him still sound asleep. She laughed to herself and when she finally got up she noticed an audible plop Sound as they finally separated. After hoping int the shower she decided on a quick bike ride before breakfast, she toweled off and slid a pair of bike shorts onto her naked body and a tight white t-shirt, then she hit the bike. She got back an hour later and still found Jamie asleep so she decided to make breakfast. She was just scambling up some eggs when the phone rang. "Hi Bridget. How are you honey," Brian said. "Well hello there stranger nice of you to call," she said as she tried to sound annoyed. At that very moment she felt Jamie's hands on her hips and his naked cock on her spandex-covered ass as he slowly ground into her. "What was that," Brian said through the phone as Bridget slapped Jamie away playfully. "Oh sorry honey the Mosquitos are bad today," she replied. "Oh well I think we have some bug spray in the garage," Brian continued. Bridget put her hand over the receiver so Brian would not hear. "Jamie I am on the phone with Brian. We can do this after breakfast," she giggled at him. "I have everything I want to eat right here," he said as he sank down between her legs. "Wait Jamie not now," she laughed, but it was a feeble attempt to stop him. Bridget was no longer listening to Brian, but she did agree with him every now and again so it appeared everything was ok.
Jamie pulled down her spandex to reveal her glorious sex. He spread her legs apart and began to gently lick all around her inner thighs and softly caressing her lips with his tongue. Bridget was losing control and she knew it, but she didn't care she wanted this more than anything right now. "I'm sorry honey what did you say," she asked Brian "I said the mosquitos must be bad. It almost sounds like you are moaning," he laughed. "Oh baby I am being eaten alive here," she laughed as she reached under and pulled Jamie's head as far into her pussy as she could. "Ok well I will let you go. I'll call later in the week. I love you," Brian said. "I love you too baby," Bridget said as she hung up the phone and grabbed Jamies head with both hands. As he continued to lick her she moaned "Oh don't stop baby....don't lose it me.....feed off me... Yes." She was getting closer to another orgasm and began to grind her pussy hard into his mouth all the while moaning "so good baby....don't lose it....good me good."
"OH god I'm CUMMING....Yeeeeeesssssssssss." Jamie continued to lick until he was deluged by juices and lapped up all that he could. Once he was finished, he stood up and Bridget pushed him down, quite forcibly, on the kitchen table. The eggs began to burn as Bridget threw off her weight white t-shirt and straddled him on the table. "Now it's my turn on top," she cooed as she positioned herself above his cock. He gripped her hips and moaned as she impaled herself on his pole. She squealed as she slid lower, feeling his cock stretch her inside to the limit, and felt completely full as their pelvic bones met. They lay motionless on top of each other, as his cock was buried deep inside of her, just trying to get adjusted to the new feel, then she slowly began to ride him.
"Oh bridge this is so good....this feels so good baby...oh God yes," he cried as he began to thrust up to meet her. She threw her head back in the air and began to thrust herself harder into him, as his hands began to massage her breasts. She looked down at him and bent down to kiss him, while his hands now traveled around her firm ass."Oh baby....oh yes," he cried."Oh Jamie just shut up and fuck me!"

His hands gripped her hips harder and he began to slam himself up harder to meet her thrusts. Harder and harder he pounded into her as she used her full weight to slam into him."That's it...that's what I want...that's my baby...harder...oh don't lose it baby...oh don't stop baby," she yelled as she felt his cock invade deeper and deeper inside of her."Oh Jamie...oh baby...oh GODDDDDDD," she moaned as waves of pleasure washed over her and she experienced a sweet release of ecstasy. He continued to pound her harder and harder until he felt his pleasure begin to over take him."Oh Bridget oh fuck....oh God...oh babbbbbbbbyy," he moaned as he erupted deep inside of her. She collapsed on top of him, and as they lay there coming down from their highs, she felt him begin to harden inside of her again. They had sex three more times that day before dinner and each one was more passionate than the one before, until eventually they retired to bed exhausted. Two weeks later Brian returned home and Bridget and he made love that night. A few weeks later Bridget was finally pregnant, of course she knew the baby would come early Will Jamie and Bridget continue?? Any one can contact me. My e-mail ids are OR

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