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Junior College Entertainment


HI. This fun was experience by me in my jc time. It starts here under..After my 10th i got admission in a very good college in mumbai itself. As the college days started i also started 2 go 2 college. I got good friends in my group. We had 5 girls n 3 boys in my group. .After a week i met a girl in my class as the lecturer punished me n told me 2 sit beside a girl. She was shweta(17). I was also 17 at that time. But as of my habit. I started 2 talk 2 her. For a couple of days we sat together n had good time with each other. She joined my group. But was shy to talk to some one. It was difficult for me too to talk with her. But now was ok. One day we all planned to go to a beach. There all went we spent good times with each other. But shweta was uncomfortable. I asked girls to help her but there was not sort of girls problem. I asked her but she didnt said anything. I took a walk we her on the beach.Then she told me that she was not feeling well n want to in home. I returned to my friends n said them that we were leaving as she's not feeling well. I took a rick as she stays near by the beach. We came at her place. She took me in her house. There her sister was sitting on the sofa watching some show. We met each other. N started 2 talk here n there. N asked abt shweta that is she ok with other.
Her sister told that she's not happy that she was sent to mumbai for further studies. Than i got that they were from north india n came her for further studies. But the girls look sexy of the same age. But her sister esha was 5 years elder 2 her. I was stunned as i thought that is esha looking younger or is shweta had developed as such of her sister's age. Than i got to know that the two girls leave alone as their parents were there at their native place. We talked for sometime than shewta also joined us. I got that they had no friends here n were alone. Now it was getting late. So i asked for a leave. There eshatold to reunite again n took my cell no..The next day shweta called me n said me 2 accompany her as esha was going for some shopping. So i went there at here place n started 2 chat. Both the girls were in skirt of knee length. We talked for sometimes n esha left. Now i n shweta were alone. I asked for a coffee n she bought in few mins. Now she sat opposite to me n we both were having coffee. There her skirt went little upwards revealing her half of the thighs. It was white milky thighs. I was getting hard under my pants with such look. I cant see anything more inside her skirt as she had her legs folded. Now slowly i came near her n sat beside her. We started to talk abt sex. There she told that none of her friend had such courage to touch her in school as her father was a commissioner of her area. But she told that she had interest in sex but not got any1.
There i place my hands on her thighs n said that me too with the same problem n started 2 appreciat her looks n her soft thighs. She smiled n unfolded her legs. Now my hands were on her inner part of her thighs. Now slowly n steadily started 2 caress her thighs n started to move upwar under her skirt. She had started 2 breath heavily. I came near her n kissed her lips. She didnt said anything. So now i started kissing her with a long one. I came at her pussy. She spread her legs n now i was rubbing it with my fingers. She had her hands near my waist n started 2 remove my t-shirt n i helped her with her move. I told her to note towards the bedroom. She stood up n was ready to go. I placed my hands on her panty's waist band under her skirt n removed it. It was very small in size n of pink colour. Now she took me in her bedroom n closed her room door. We started 2 kiss each other n i placed my hands on her ass n started 2 fondle it over her skirts. She had her hands in my hairs rolling there. I carried her i put her on the bed. Now i started 2 lick her whole face n started to move downwards towards her shirt button. I Started to open her buttons n kissed her body with every button when opened. Now she was in her bra n skirt. Cant say it a bra as it clung the boobs upwards n had the strings tied around her neck. Now i started 2 lick her whole body starting with the neck downwards towards her tummy above her skirt. I lick her neck than the upper part of the chest than followed little down on her upper part of boobs than on her bra. There she was erect with the nipples popping over her bra. Than on her bra covered boobs. I made it all wet with my saliva. Than down towards her tummy than on the navel ring. I took longer time to lick her body as to make her warm underneath. I came upwards near her neck n opened her string behind her neck. She was topless now. I fondle her boobs n sucked it hard. I licked her cleavage. She had started to moan now. I forwarded my hand downwards towards her pussy area over her skirt. It made the skirt soak near that area. I was rubbing it harder now. While lying on the bed she bought her hands near my crotch n started 2 fondle over my pants. She unzipped my pants n opened it. I removed it n now was just in my boxers. She hold my cock over my boxers n started 2 caress. She freed my cock by moving my boxers downwards on my thighs. I removed it n stood stark naked near the bed. She came near my cock while lying on the bed n took it in her mouth. I moaned n started 2 rub her pussy under her skirt. She was bald at her pussy area. While lying on the bed she was sucking my cock n i was rubbing her pussy. I was excited so i reached my climax soon.
I told that i'm going to cum. She didnt said anything n started to suck harder. In no time i sprung my whole lot of cum in her mouth. She licked it clean till the last drop. She too had her orgasm twice in this time. Now she got up n took some clothes from the cupboard n started to dress herself. I told her to be naked underneath her clothes. So she idnt wear anything under her pyjama n shirt. I got dressed n she arranged her bed properly. She took her clothes n dumped it in the laundry box. We sat on the sofa n was watching tv. I was not interested in watching it. So i travelled my hands on her boobs n started to fondle it over her shirt. She asked me that "u too r sex starved like me kya?" i smiled at her n put my another hand on her crotch area. She spread her legs apart. She took her hand around my neck n placed my face near her boobs. I opened her top 2-3 buttons n opened her shirt wide to suck her boobs. Now i was sucking her boob n fondling the other with my hands under her shirt. I slipped my another hand inside her pyjama n started to rub her pussy. She had her hand my head pressing it down towards her boob n the other on my hand near the crotch area helping it to rub harder. Now i inserted my 1 finger in her pussy. She shouted with ectasy.
She was so hot that she started to jump on my finger. My middle finger slipped in her pussy as it was lubricated by her wetness. She cant hold long n started 2 cum on my hands n on her pyjama. Sh removed her clothes n went inside the bathroom n started bathing. She came out stark naked n went inside the bedroom to dress herself. She came in salwar kurta. I was stunned by her beauty. I took her inside the bedroom n started to kiss her n caress her ass over her pyjama she had worn. N there the bell rang. We got apart n i came in the hall n set on the sofa. Esha's hands were full with bags. So i commented that "had she looted any shop." Than she started to show me their dresses. She showed me all the bags except 1. So i cunningly asked for that. She said that "its not for boys" there shweta said its ok as we knew only him in this whole town. So its ok to show him. Esha took the pair of inners out of the bag. I asked her that "do they both need the same size." There esha told "yes". So i asked her teasingly that "r u slow in growth at ur age or shweta is fast at her age." They both started 2 laugh n esha gave me A pack on my back. There i asked their figures. Esha told that she's"34D-28-34" n than i asked shweta she told that she is"34DD-28-34".So i asked her "does these small size wear fits u" she told that "its ok as it clungs her bobs tighter n upwards reviling a sexy posture." now i said bye n i went back home. That day i missed my class n college. The next we met in the college. She had worn a deep cut t-shirt n a jeans. Her cleavage was clearly visible c a narrow road between her boobs. I complimented her n couldnot take my face off her cleavage. We attained the lectures. There in the lectures i look down in her cleavage n put my hands on her thigh. She removed my hand n said that u r a DESPO. The bell rang n that was the end of the day. I told her to slowly pack the bags. We went out in the corridor n it was empty within no time. I took her back in the class n started to kiss her. She also allowed me n i started to fondle her boobs. I put my hand inside her t-shirt n started to fondle her boobs. I took her boob out of her t-shirt n was fondling it. There the watchmen was patroling the class n found us having sex. He shouted at us n told that he would complain abt us. We both were scared n told him that we wont do it again. But he didnt listen to us n came near us. Now he was looking at shweta's boob that was ot of her t-shirt. I placed 100 rs in his pocket but he declined. So now shweta asked him what he wants? He was looking at her boobs with intention to have them. He placed his hand there n said that he want this to play with. Shweta agreed. I was shocked. The watchmen now was fondling her boob that was out n was removing the other one. He rid the bra downwards n the boobs were stark naked in front of us. Now he was sucking it harder n harder as shweta started 2 moan.
I was hard under my pants with this act. I took him up n said its over n placed another 100 rs in his pocket n said that "this was the last time he gets this n this should be never talked to any person." he said ok but his eyes were still locked at her boobs.She started to dress. I took the watchmen out n said we'll come down in 5 mins so dont lock the door. He went downstairs n i came back in. Now i without said came near her n started to kiss her. She restricted me. So i was angry n said that she can give it to watchmen n not to me. She said that anybody would come n can catch us. So i told that nobody is there in the college n i told watchmen that we would come down in 5 mins. She said me that u r a wild n horny despo. Than i moved near her n slipped my hands under her t-shirt n removed her boobs n started to suck them. She said dont u want them naked. So i slipped her bra downwards n started 2 suck. After 5 mins we got seperated n i dressed her properly. While going downstairs i place another 50rs in the watchmen's pocket n he said that "whenever we want to enjoy just say him previously n give him 200 bugs for the enjoyment" we said ok n went.while going towards home i scolded her that why she allowed the watchmen to touch her n have fun on her.
There she told that if "I didnt did that than it would be a great trouble for us as he could complain abt us to the principal n our parents would be called. So i let her to have fun on me n saved our lives." there i said thanx n said her that "i wanna fuck u" she said that "so do i" n said that "esha is going out the next couple of days So it will be fun at that time" n handed my the keys of her house n said me to come in at any time..the next day i went at 11 am by saying false at my home that i have a class today early n today i will stay at my friends place for studying tonite. I opened the door. N roam the whole house n didnt find her any where. I went in the bedroom n seen her sleeping inside a shawl facing in the opposite direction. The room was dark as if it was night now.So i went in the shawl n placed my hand on her boobs n the other on the pussy over her pyjama. I rub my hands over her pyjama n slid it in her pyjama n Panty over her pussy n started to rub. She had very little hair over her pussy. I opened her shirt n slid my hands over her boobs. She hadn't wore the bra. I fondle with her boobs n now i removed my pants n undies n was stark naked below my waist. I removed her pyjama n panties n was stark naked too below her waist. I came on her n removed the shawl. I was shocked as it was esha there naked below me. I was shocked n jumped down the bed n started to where the clothes. I said her sorry as i think that it was shweta. I was scared that she might say it to her dad. But i was wrong as she rolled there near me n hold my cock in her hand n started 2 jerk. I said no but she didnt listen n put my shaft in her mouth. I was enjoying her mouth now. I placed my hands no her boobs n started 2 fondle now. I removed her shirt's remaining button n placed my hands on her pussy. I started to rub it hard. As in no time i reached the peak n was going to cum. I shouted n she increased the speed. I exploaded my galens of cum in her mouth. She drank it n now rolled the other side. Now i licked her pussy. I started tongue fucking her. I licked her clit with my tongue n started to finger fuck her. She shouted n came in my mouth. Now she said to climb on her. I did n now we started to kiss each other on the lips n started sucking each others tongue. After 5 mins i licked her face n move downwards towards her boobs. My my cock was regaining its position. She said to fuck her.
I refrained but than she insisted me as she was eyeing me to have me in her life. Now i proceeded on top of her. I placed my cock on the divine entrance. N started to push it inside her. She started to shout as it was bit hardwork to push it inside her. She was tight as a virgin. Again a push than she shouted that she ip a virgin n taking a cock in her for the first time. So please be slow. Now i lubricated her pussy more n than started to hump her. With the last push i was in her n she had her tears rolling down her eyes. Now after few mins i started pumping her. Her pain disappeared n was now moaning in pleasure. As i used protection with her she allowed me to cum in her. As i can have the pleasure of cumming in some1's pussy. I came in no time n she had thrice her orgasm. We both got exhausted.I also enjoyed to fuck esha as she was more hornier than shweta. The morning fuck session continued till 1pm. Now we both got up n she went towards bathroom to get fresh. I undid my t-shirt n was now naked n went behind her. I said her to bath together she refrained but i forced her in the bathroom n started to kiss her on her lips. Fondle her boobs n now my pennis was regaining his position n was at her entrance. I started to give a hard push at her pussy n was making her hot. I took my hands back n started the shower.
Now our body was getting wet with the shower. I fucked her again in the shower n sucked her boobs. Now we both got tired n cleared each other n came out stark naked after cleaning ourselves.I dressed myself very fast n reached her bedroom where she was selecting her inners n clothes. She selected a pair of bra n panties of old fashion but i refrained her n said her to where a two piece lingere that looks too sexy on her. She obeyed me n changed herself to the sexiest one n had a skirt upto her knees n t-shirt small enough that displayed her tummy.We came in the hall n sat beside each. She ordered from the hotel. Now she was busy with her tv show n i was getting bored. So i placed my one hand on her navel ring n the other put it under the t-shirt over her boobs. She looked towards me n said that"u r a DESPO". I said that "ur sis too called me with this name". I planted a kiss on her lips n she started to watch her show. I rolled her t-shirt up her boobs n rid the bra downwards n started to suck her boobs like a kid. She bought her hands over my head n forced me over her boobs. I now travelled downwards To her pussy under her skirt. I slipped her panty aside n started to rub her pussy. She strted to breath heavily n hiss with every breath. There the bell rang. She got up n went in the kitchen n i took the order. Now she came with the plates n jug full of water. We started our lunch. While having lunch i could clearly see her cleavage. She notice n asked me for my too much concentration on her cleavage. I told her that "i want to fuck her boobs". She said lets finish our lunch first. We finished our lunch. While having lunch i asked her that how did she know that me n her sis have sex. She told that she had seen her soaked panties n pyjama in the laundry bag. "So that was the reason u allowed me to touch u n fuck u" i said. She said that "she find herself dumb as her 17 year sis had her orgasm in life n not me". Means u were jealous abt ur sis. No no she interrupted n said as i dont know anybody here n want myself to loose virginity before my marriage. I planned to get u so i sent shweta there n stayed here for u. I said that "thats y u allowed me touch u underneath. She laugh n started to take all the utensils in the kitchen. I helped her with that. She started to clean the utensils. I came behind her n placed my hand under her skirt over her panties. I started to rub her ass creak n drove my hand till her pussy. I removed her panty n sat behind her.
I first licked her ass hole n than went towards her pussy. I was licking her pussy. She couldnot control n cummed on my face. I washed my face n freed my drago from my pants. I was so hot at that time. I placed it at her entrance. She stopped her washing work n bent in a doggy style. I started to fuck her pussy from behind. After 5 mins humping her i was at the peak. I shot my whole lot of cum in her. I had some blood on my cock. I asked have i hurt u. She said that her periods were going on. Now i cleaned myself. She cleaned the utensil n went in the bathroom. I went behind her n see that had a blood flow from her pussy region.She explains me abt the periods of girls. We went in the bedroom. I said her that i want to be in her all the holes of her body. She said that i had made her a complete SLUT today. Now i was playing with her boobs under her t-shirt over her bra. As we were tired we slept in such position. When i got up she was still sleeping n my hads were there on her boobs. I ripped her bra down n started to suck her. She didnt wake up. So i went down on her pussy as she hadn't had her panty as i have removed it in the kitchen. I licked her pussy n now she was awake. She got up n undid my pants n undies. Now my cock was in full attention.
She started to give me a blowjob. She was in a doggy style sucking my cock. I started to lubricate her ass hole with my fingers. She was tight there. I lubricated my fingers with her pussy juice n again started to fuck her ass hole with my fingers. She bit my cock lightly when my finger drove in her ass. She was too tight there. I came in her mouth. I turned her n placed her ass towards my face n started to lubricate it with my tongue. She came in a doggy style n i placed my cock on her ass hole n was ready to fuck her. I gave i push on her. She screamed loudly n just my tip of my cock was in her. I slowly moved my cock inside her by small small push. In no time i was in her. She started to cry n said me to stop but i didnt. Now after few mins i started my fucking session. Her cry converted in soft moans. As her ass was tight i came soon in her ass. We lied on each other there n i didnt removed my cock . For the first time i had an anal sex with some one. She got up n cleaned herself n came in the room. We enjoyed ourselves for two days like a new married couple. She had me in her in every possible position she wants. I even boob fucked her. The next day i went home. I was too tired n slept soon.

The next day i got a call from shweta n she started to appologise me as she went there without saying. I was happy as she went there without saying n started to laugh in my mind for this dumbo. I was feeling pity for her innocense.I went at their place. I opened the door slowly as i had the keys. There shweta was sleeping on the sofa in skirt n shirt. The skirt had slid above on her waist revealing her panty. I slowly moved into the bedroom. There esha was sleeping in panty n tshirt. I slowly widen her legs n came between her legs. I lowered my pants n undies over my thighs. Now slowly i slipped her panties sideways there she woke up n invited me in her arms. I placed my cock on her entrance n pushed it inside er n came on her. I was fucking her n was sleeping on her. We kissed each other n i cummed in her. "This was the good morning fuck for my darling" i said. There she said that "she wants it every morning". Now i dressed myself n said her not to come out as i m going to lick shweta. She said ok n slept again. I went out there she was sleeping on the sofa. There i did the same thing. I spread her legs on the table there beside the sofa. Now i slipped her panty sideways n started 2 lick. She woke up n said that esha would come so stop. I said she too i sleeping. Now i started to rub her clit n fuck her with my tongue. She started to breath heavily. I can hear her soft moan from her mouth. I put my finger in her pussy n got up to kiss her.
As it was her first time to have some thing there in her. So she started to jump. As she could not shout so i started kissing her. In no time she came n was feeling restless. She got up n went in the bathroom n said that it will take time as she want to bath properly. I said ok n started tv. Se went in.I went again in the bedroom n uplift esha's t-shirt n started to suck her. I removed her panties n made her in doggy style. I fucked her ass. At the time of climax i removed my cock n placed it in her mouth. She sucked me hard n i came in her mouth. I told that thats her breakfast. She smiled n went out. She cleaned herself n came in. Wore a skirt n went out again. Then shweta came out. She was looking a sex goddess n went inside the bedroom. I went behind her in. There she said to go out as esha would catch us. I said she is busy with making breakfast. She was at the wardrobe removing her inners. I Took the lead to dress her up. While dressing i kissed her each n every part of her body. Now i got out of the room n sat on the sofa. They both came with the breakfast n had a teasing smile on their face.we completed our breakfast.As shweta was feeling tired as she had whole night journey. So she told not to disturb her n went in the bed room. I n esha was on the sofa. After 15mins i went in the bedroom to check that is shweta sleeping or not. She was fast asleep due to tiredness n could hear her snore sound. I went out again. Now this time esha took the lead.
She placed her hands on my crotch n started to caress my cock over my pants. She freed my cock n said me that "u n ur bro(my cock) both r BASTARD as ur thirst never ends even after having two sisters" started to suck it harder. I started smiling n was enjoying a blowjob. I made her stand removed her panties n made her sit on my cock. I fuck her ass with my cock n fingered her pussy.I placed my hand on her boob over her bra as her t-shirt was ride up near her neck. N was kissing her lips. There shweta came out. She was shocked seeing us. When esha looked her she stopped to hump n jump. She got up. There shweta started crying n went in the bedroom. I went behind her stark naked below waist. There i started to explain her what happened but she didnt listen. Now i shouted at her n said that it was due to her mistake. As she went without saying so the next morning i enjoyed esha's body when she was under the shawl n removed her pyjama n panties. I licked her pussy under the shawl n as per our plan(my n Shweta's) to fuck i came on her. At that time i seen that it was esha n not u. N it was too late to handle our verge as we both were hot. There shweta started to laugh on me. N took my hardened cock in her hand n lead me in the hall. There esha was sitting on the sofa. Shweta said to complete our session. I kissed her n fondle her boobs.She said not me have my sis as she is hot there down on her pussy. I came near esha n undress her stark naked n regained our position. There shweta was enjoying our fuck n started fondling her boobs. She made herself naked n started to rub her pussy. Now we started to have threesome. I fuck esha. Esha licked shweta's pussy. I rolled to shweta as she was virgin n was too hot. I placed my cock her entrance n slid it inside her. As it was lubricated it went in easily but had to give a hard push to dig her pussy well. She started to cry but didnt said anything. There esha went in n bought a dildo from her wardrobe. She started to lubricate shweta's ass hole with her saliva n slid the dildo in her. She started to scream but now her whole body was employed with our act. Her lips were being stuck with mine.Boobs were being fondle with my hands. Pussy with my cock n ass with esha's activity. I came in her. There she lied exhausted beside us. Now esha came near my cock started to suck it. Now i regained my position in her mouth. I slid it out n placed it on her pussy. We fucked each other. There we were exhausted n sat on the sofa naked. There shweta said me that "u n ur bro(my cock) both r BASTARD as ur thirst never ends even after having two sisters." i said that esha too gave me the same compliment n we all started laughing.Now we all used to fuck each other in presence n they sometimes would indulge in lesbian sex n i used to watch them as a spectator. These way i enjoyed both the sisters one by one or sometimes together. Any rply mail me at

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