Friday, February 13, 2009

Sex with a cute girl

By: Rahul

Hello everyone this is Rahul and my age is 22 I’m from Hyderabad, i m the regular reader of ISS
I always think about the fortune whether I I’ll get a chance or not and one fine day I got a chance
As i was at home early i was chatting on yahoo and I came across a women named Shalini she was about 24 years of age and we had a good chat for some time and then the topic has changed to sex slowly so i asked her did she had sex anytime she said yes so i asked her how many time then she said she had 1 time with her friend but she couldn’t get satisfied by him she said to me i was asking her how did he do her and what position did he fuck her? And did he do her anal? And so on so after hearing this i told her shall i satisfy her she then replied ok so we have planned for a sex so on one Saturday we met she was a damn sexy girl with a nice body with a figure of 38-30-36 and she was curvy a required places
so she had arranged for place in her friends house as her friend has gone out to work so we close the door after entering the room then i came close to her and took her hands in my hands and started to massage her hands and started licking her palms and fingers n was rubbing her hands the n i slowly kissed her arms and i hold her tightly towards me by her waist then i was hugging her very close then i kissed her on her neck then her cheeks and her ear lobes i was biting her ear lobes and was in deep kiss with her we exchanged our saliva for about 10 min.

I was pressing her boobs from her t shirt and i was sucking them hard from her t shirt and i was pressing them eating them and licking them from her shirt,after that i removed her shirt now she was in her bra i gave a kiss on her nipples from the bra and licked her whole bra made her bra wet with my saliva then i kissed her lips again and after that i kissed her cheeks and forehead and kissed her armpits her armpits were smelling awesome i just love the sweat smell when a women gets horny by sweating, i was kissing her navel deeply i inserted my tongue in to her navel and started licking her deeply i was fingering her navel and my other hand was on her bra pressing her boobs then after that i removed her bra i kissed her boobs and was pressing them hard i was squeezing them hard i was sucking them biting them , then i made circles around her nipples with my tongue and i was kissing her lips again and i kissed her earlobes again and kissed her neck. Then i kissed her legs her toes and thighs she took my rod in her mouth and started licking it and gave me a blow job i came in her mouth then i started kissing her pussy from her panty it was getting wet i was massaging her pussy from her panty and i was pressing her hips from my hands and holding them tightly i was deeply licking her panty now after that i removed her panty and started to lick her pussy and i was licking her until she came in my mouth after that i inserted my tongue in her pussy i was massaging her pussy with my tongue i was licking her pussy for about 30 min and she came again in my mouth i drank all her pussy juices without making any drop to fall on the bed and by this time she was moaning heavily and wanted me to fuck her she was insisting me to fuck her and she was telling i can’t wait now just come into my pussy then i inserted my rod in her pussy she was moaning and her sounds were making me horny i came again in her pussy then i applied honey on her boobs navel n pussy started to lick honey from her boobs and i was sucking her boobs just like a mango fruit and then i applied honey on her armpits and was sucking her armpits and was kissing her deeply on her lips after that i applied honey on her thighs and started to lick her thighs till eat all honey present on it then i applied honey on her pussy and started to lick honey from her pussy she was moaning and was keep telling that she was waiting for such pleasure since long time but couldn’t find anyone to fuck her in such a way.

I was massaging her and caressing her she was making sounds ahhhh…… uuufffffffff.,mm,mmmmmmmmmmm but i didn’t stop she was telling to fuck her kiss her make her bitch i was fucking her hardly and after that shall i fuck i you in her ass she said yeah u can but she was a bit afraid as it was her first time i applied little oil on her ass and inserted my 8 inch cock her ass she was crying heavily and telling me to stop but i said wait u ll get immense pleasure so she said ok and after heavy thrust my cock went to her ass she was enjoying and was telling that as she is heaven now and after fucking her whole night we got up in the morning and i had fucked her again in the bathroom as we took bath together and after that we had sex many times on weekends.

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