Friday, February 13, 2009

Seducing grandpa

By: Smita Shah

At 62years, Smita’s grandpa looked more like her father’s elder brother, he was a real hottie! A footballer in his young days, he always followed a strict fitness regime & stayed fit to fight at all time. He was handsome to say the least but all said & done smita had never thought of him in any way other than how a granddaughter is supposed to, until the day when she had accidentally stumbled upon him masturbating in his room.

They lived in a large row house in suburban mumbai actually it was 2 row houses joined together, originally grandpa had one & then dad had bought the other one. And after grandma passed away 7 years ago they had connected the two houses for better management. For a family of 4 & 2 servants it was a really large house. Thru most of the day grandpa stayed in his part of the row house but would always join them for the meals. On sundays he would be with the whole family watching tv, sharing beer with his guests. It was a very comfortable life style, the father son got along great, smita’s mom considered her fil like a father & grandpa took great care of smita & had always been a role model for her.

Every thing was perfect but that day smita came back from school, the prelims for the board exams had just finished so she was relaxed & indulging. She normaly slept in the afternoon but that day she was a lot more energetic so after about half hour of rest when she couldn’t sleep she decided to go to the library & pick up something to read. The library was in grandpa’s side of the house. It was just 3 in the afternoon she didn’t want to wake grandpa or mom up so she tiptoed her way to the library.

Just when she was about to climb down the stairs she heard a sound coming from grandpa’s room, which was also on the 1st floor across the long corridor from smita’s room. She was intrigued because it sounded something between a sigh of relief or a loud exhale. Smita carefully reached the door & was surprised it wasn’t fully shut so she gentle nudged the door & from the crack peeped in…. What greeted her was the large mirror on the cabinet which was partly open & angled perfectly in a way that from outside one could see the bed clearly. Grandpa was leaning against the head board with a few pillows behind him & his head was rolled back & he was stark naked. His legs forming a big v his balls on the bed sheet & his fingers wrapped around his big cock.

It was big enough to make smita’s eyes pop, grandpa was caressing his tool in a rhythmic pace. It was the most erotic image smita had ever seen. Even though she knew grandpa was very fit she wasn’t ready for this. He was not only fit but he had more muscle than smita’s boyfriend raman. He was in fact marginally bigger than raman even in size. Smita skipped a heartbeat as she took in the whole image… her body was on fire, her heartbeat had accelerated like a ferrari. Her lips were dry & her nipples had become hard in no time. She didn’t realize when her hand had crept inside her own shorts & started massaging her pussy over her silken panties.

Smita didn’t know what to do, she moved her panties a bit aside & felt her steaming cunt spit fire. She looked in again & he had started picking pace & smita just couldn’t get her eyes off that reddening cock head that flashed in & out of its masters’ fingers as grandpa furiously wanked away. She so wanted to go & sit on that thick tight rod & let it slip deep into her pussy & ride away to a screaming orgasm but she knew that was something she could never do. Grandpa bought his other hand up & there was a hanky in it… smita thought he was going use it to cover his cock about to explode but he took the hand kerchief to his nose & took a deep breath & that’s when smita realized it wasn’t a hanky!

It was her missing panties. Grandpa was sniffing her cunt & masturbating it was just too shocking & exciting for her… she didn’t know how to react but somehow she just blushed & her nostrils flared in super excitement & she hit an instant mini orgasm. She watched him sniff again & was sure it was the most erotic sight she would ever see, smita was even more turned on than ever. She really wanted that big thick cock up her pussy so much… but she was too scared & this was too much information to handle!

A part of her told her that she should just enter & let him fuck her till she fainted with ecstasy but she didn’t have the guts & just then grandpa shot his load, he sniffed her panties one last time & gripped his cock with her panties & ejaculated, his whole body went into a spasm his low controlled grunt was so animalistic smita thought she was going to scream her orgasm right there.

But she controlled her self as grandpa ejaculated for nearly a minute & then let her panties drop. Smita quickly tiptoed back to her room, where she was naked in a flash & was furiously rubbing her pussy & shoving a finger in & out of her streaming crack… she closed her eyes to go over the images she had witnessed & with in no time she was approaching her orgasm, she grabbed her tits & licked it with her own tongue, she was big in that department & knew it very well. She spread her pussy lips & with her index finger poked at her clit & rubbed it harder & then she just collapsed as her body shivered & she pressed her hand with her thighs hard unable to bear the pleasure. For the first time in her life she was so hypnotized by the images that she just couldn’t get them out of her head.

Surprisingly grandpa didn’t show any reaction at all at dinner, he was as sweet as always in a grandpa sort of way, his touch was not sexual but the way she was responding to it was. She realized that things had permanently changed between her grandpa & her… and grandpa didn’t even know it!

She just couldn’t picture him with his clothes on anymore, his big cock hung out as far as smita was concerned. She had to make an effort to keep the conversations sane. She started thinking about him every nite in her bedroom & often fucked her pussy violently after fantasizing about him.

This went on for nearly 2weeks & smita had stopped taking her siesta, she would tip toe everyday to grandpa’s room & grandpa invariably would be masturbating & surprisingly never locking his room. Sometime smita wondered if he wanted her to see it then she realized that it was likely that he was hoping their servant urmila, urmi would see it… or may be even mom smita wasn’t sure. She even tried to be slightly seductive with him but very carefully but he just never responded. And smita was sure that if she ever made a more obvious move he would back off & may be even reprimand her. She didn’t know what to do & increasingly her satisfaction was hard to come by just her thin fingers or the candle…

Then one day she found out something that gave her a ray of hope. Smita was very intelligent for her age & was aware of it. That day she was unable to start her disc drive in her computer & had to download some music on her i-pod so she asked grandpa if she could use his pc he said sure. He told her that the pc is on already because he was working on something & had just taken a break. He instructed that she shouldn’t shut any file, just download & leave it as it is. Smita went down to his make shift office space & the pc was on. There were some legal document he was working on & nothing else. She was disappointed she was hoping she might find something exciting & that could lead to the dream seduction, she always fantasized about. But there was nothing… she started downloading the music when suddenly there was a bling sound & a window popped up. It was an ongoing chat session. Smita saw that & her eyes lit up. Grandpa was chatting online before taking the break & had forgotten to log off. But the thrilling part was his user-id, it was ‘lustygranpa’ smita almost blushed & quickly shut the window finished downloading & left………at that time she didn’t know what she could do with that information but she knew she will do something.

She first registered on the same chat site & logged in hoping he would too. She had found out that he was normally online either in the morning when she was at school or late in the nite unfortunately both the times were not good for smita. But soon the chance arrived… that saturday mom & dad had to go for a party &. She logged in & waited for a while… he didn’t log in she was getting antsy & just when she was about to log out ‘lustygranpa’ logged in… smita’s eyes lit up…but just to make sure she called out to her grandpa & asked if he would like some milk but she was promptly told that he didn’t wish to be disturbed for the next hour as he was chatting with his friends in the us…

Smita smiled & send him a message… he responded & responded fast may be because of her username ‘grandpaluv’, it was awkward for her cos she knew who was on the other side & even though she knew everything about the chatter she had to ask silly questions just to make sure he didn’t suspect… the initial exchange was simple & safe… the usual stuff. A/s/l?... Whr 4m? Etc. Etc smita made sure she didn’t give any obvious information she just wanted to know what he liked & what he didn’t… of who he really was & how wicked his thoughts were about his own grand daughter etc.

On the big picture smita was a bit disappointed to know that grandpa would never take his lust for his angel of a grand daughter beyond the fantasies. Smita already knew this but the confession made him even more attractive making her even more desperate for him. Soon the chat got steamy… grandpa was really nasty & wild, in his fantasies he wanted to pound smita’s pussy till she screamed his name, lick her pussy till she fainted with excess of pleasure & in a grand ritual savor her virginity & teach her how to please a man etc etc… the things grandpa was saying were driving smita nuts! She told him how she wanted to suck his cock till he overflowed her throat with his white load. To ride him like a horse with his cock deep in her wet cunt & scream his name etc etc… that nite smita had her best orgasm ever!… it was incredible that they were sitting in the same house talking nasty things to each other & not doing anything about it… each session ended with a set time & day for the next chat & smita did that according to her comfort & it was working perfect.

In the next few sessions smita revealed that she was in mumbai not new york as she had claimed. He was really excited to know that & started pestering her to give him more details. Even though smita wanted to… she knew it could turn really ugly if he found out. From that day onward they chatted a lot of time & smita got off to great orgasms especially when he told her that he was addicted to pussy juice that he could lick a pussy till the woman couldn’t take it any more. He would never stop on his own… smita loved the idea, cos she thought that was the best way to get a woman going at least that is how she liked it. By the end of the week smita just couldn’t face her grandpa in real, she was flushed all the time & always uncomfortable in his presence & he was as normal as ever. By the end of the week smita had decided that she was going to do something about it, she desperately wanted to hold his throbbing ‘manhood’ (that’s what he liked to called it) in her hand, in her mouth & in her pussy so badly… slowly a plan emerged in her brain & she started to work on it.

For starters she asked shabnam, her school friend for a spare burkha (veil) for a day. If she got the burkha she would be able to hold her grandpa’s big cock in her hand without him ever knowing it was his own granddaughter! How!? Well it was a very smart plan & if executed well it would be a master stroke in ingenuity. She got one of shabnam’s common looking used burkha & headed home.

In the evening chat with ‘lustygrandpa’ the chat eventually landed up where it always did….lusty wanting to meet her in person & this time after the initial no… no she agreed… lusty was thrilled, just couldn’t wait…finally smita told him where. He was a little perplexed & wanted more details but smita had made it very clear that it was “either her way or the highway”

The next day they were supposed to meet & the whole morning grandpa was dancing with joy everyone was surprised to see him in that mood… smita blushed as she knew why…. At about 1.30 some of smita’s friends came over & as planned they all left for the mall.

Smita had instructed lustygrandpa to meet her at the café coffee day in the mall & as planned he landed up promptly but there was no one waiting for him & after 15 minutes of waiting he was disappointed & was about to leave when one of the waiters came over to him & asked him if he was waiting for his grand daughter? Lusty was a bit taken aback but nodded, the waiter gave him an envelope. Excited lusty took it & left to read the instructions. He realized this little girl was one slippery pussy he opened the envelope.

Inside the envelope, was a note that read “audi – 3, seat g-10’ & your cell number is your password to enter”. Lusty was totally zapped as it was getting really thrilling the anticipation was superb he just couldn’t get over the pace with which things were happening & he was being surprised at every step. He quickly rushed to the multiplex floor & told the security his cell number & was glad to know that his ticket had been left with the usher. It was absolutely fantastic this little girl was turning out to be a master strategist.

He took the ticket & rushed to the screen – 3 as per the note, the movie had already started about 20 minutes ago so he rushed not wanting to disappoint his secret date. Thru the darkness he managed to reach ‘g row’ but as he approached g – 10 he felt disappointment creeping up cos seats g-11 & g-9 were empty! He looked around worried that she might have left after waiting for him. But sincerely as instructed grandpa sat down & waited, the movie was some new film staring akshay kumar but was a huge flop so it wasn’t exactly full.

M – 21 was 6 rows behind & 10 seats to the side & smita could see him comfortably seated with her friends. She watched him restlessly fidgeting around yet trying to stay calm & a wicked smile appeared on her face. She realized that the time had come to live her fantasy to the full, to do things she had been dreaming of doing for some time now. But she also realized that there was no turning back from here. Even though the plan was working like clock work this was the point after which there would be no escape.

There was an exit very close to the back of the hall & another one at the base of the screen. She noticed that her friends were generally having a nice time booing the film & she knew the time had come. She took a deep breath & excused herself to go to the bathroom.

Her walk to the bathroom was really exciting, her heart beat was faster, her body was warming up. She could feel her pussy getting wet in anticipation & the images of holding grandpa’s thick cock in her hands for real was driving her crazy, for a moment she wanted to just drop the plan & run but another part of her brain was on adrenalin, pumping blood to her clitoris not allowing her to think straight.

In the waiting area the smell of popcorn was over bearing but she was hungry for some hot cream, that was going to ooze out of grandpa’s hot rod!

About 5 minutes later she stepped out of the bathroom ready to take the plunge & take her secret relationship with grandpa into the real world. She was shivering with excitement & taboo thrill of being noticed or caught when suddenly she saw two of her friends coming towards her she just froze not knowing what to do but they just passed her by as if she didn’t exist. Surprised she turned looking at them when she caught her image in the side mirror. She smiled wickedly cos she knew they wouldn’t be able to recognize her even if she was blocking their way because she was wearing the burkha she had taken from shabnam!!!

With confidence & excitement she returned in to the hall covered from head to toe… the usher who had smiled at her just a few minutes ago looked at her with blank eyes. She showed him her tongue but inside the burkha enjoying the anonymity! She entered the hall & it felt so different nothing had changed but everything seemed & felt different thru that fabric. When she passed her friends none of them bothered to even look at her… she was almost shivering with excitement as she entered the g row!

Even though she knew he cant see her face the fact that he was looking straight at her was just too much to handle… grandpa’s eyes lit up & with each seat that she crossed to get closer to g-9 he grew a bit more hopeful. But just when he was about to relax smita sat down, trying to control her breathing which was rising sharply due to nervousness, a strange fear & excitement as she watched her own grand father seated just a seat away. She sat in g – 8 & he was in g-10, that gap of a seat made grandpa unsure. He again held back & tried to control his anxiety. Smita was really playing him like a harp!

She loved the fact that he wasn’t in control to make the first move & she totally was. Lusty kept looking & just when he was about to lose interest she looked at him & patted the seat next to her inviting him to come closer!

Lusty almost jumped at her gesture, he was finally rewarded for his patience this was ‘grandpaluv’! He shifted g9 & relaxed. But he still didn’t make any move cos he wanted to be safe. Smita liked the way things were going, sitting there next to her grandfather who fantasized about ripping her clothes off on a rainy afternoon & fuck her till they collapsed with fatigue but wasn’t going to do anything about it!

But here she was sitting right next to him with a plan to do things to him that she had dreamt of… he leaned closer to her & whispered “why so late?“i didn’t want u to see me” she whispered why?! ‘cos i would like this to be a secret… is that ok with u?” Smita hushed, hoping he wouldn’t recognize her voice. But she had read somewhere that whispering was a simple yet great way to avoid voice recognition & since grandpa didn’t react to her voice any different she felt safe. After a few minutes she just couldn’t wait any longer! She wanted to hold that monster in her hand & fist it wildly… she slid her hand in to his lap, caressed his inner thighs & then gently rubbed the base of his balls with a finger. Then she moved her palm all across his linen trousers & felt the object of her desire already in a great state of erection. Grandpa slid back into his seat & raised his hips a little giving her a better access & smita realized it was really big & hard. She was already hitting a mini wave herself. Dripping pussy juice so early in the encounter, her nipples were aching to be touched her body was on fire.

In the chat she had instructed him to wear simple lenin trousers & boxer shorts so it would be easier for her to do all the naughty things she wanted to do if things went well. And things had gone really well when smita changed into the burkha she only wore a small samba skirt inside, no panties no bra no top. Nothing just a flimsy skirt! So if lusty just put his hand into the burkha he would be able to feel her ripe young breasts, her tout nipples, her butter smooth navel & if he slipped his hand into her skirt he would be able to play with her wet steaming pussy… by the way she had shaved her pussy for the first time two days ago when the plan seemed to be working & now she was smooth down there just the way lusty liked it but he didn’t know any of this.
Smita slid his zip down slowly making a ritual out of it & it was evident that grandpa was happy enough to let her take the lead… she very carefully slid her hand into his trouser & held for the first time the object of her desire. Just holding that massive cock in her hand send her into ecstasy… her hand was shivering with excitement & finally she removed that monster out of the boxers & closed her eyes as she wrapped her small fingers around that throbbing piece of wanton meat for the first time & nothing had prepared her for the thrill of this moment… a small sigh escaped her throat involuntarily!

She so desperately wanted to see it in light but the hall was too dark except for a few moments when the screen lit up but what she saw in that light was even more intoxicating than what she had thought… it looked bigger than it might have been… she started to caress it gently & moved the foreskin up & down that huge cock… it was a bit slippery, the precum must have been ample she guessed! In not time grandpa started to hump her hand & his hand was caressing her hand & guiding her as he wanted. She loved this feeling, she had grandpa by her little finger as she worked her magic & soon grandpa slid down deep into his seat & submitted to this little nymphet…who was fucking his brains right out of its socket!

Smita was increasingly getting turned on & she really wanted her cunt to be touched & played with. She wanted his hand to slide inside her burkha & grab her tits, caress them & pinch her nipples gently the way she liked it… she whispered to him to put his hand into her burkha as she opened one more button for him. As lusty slid his hand he realized that she was naked inside, he just stared at her boldness & couldn’t believe that this young girl had stepped out of her house dressed just in a veil…

This knowledge got him even more excited & he grabbed her budding but well formed tits & started caressing them one at a time… smita loved the way his hands felt on her body… she really wished she could have done it in the privacy of her room & really enjoyed taking that throbbing cock into her mouth & pussy & even her ass if he insisted… but right now she would have to do with what was available. Grandpa was really turning her on with his expert touch & soon he slid his hand into her skirt. Smita felt as if a gasp escaped him & the cock in her hand stiffened further as if swelling in thrill, she realized he was really going mad with excitement. He probed her pelvic area softly almost as if entering a new territory & soon found his way to the glory gate. He moved his fingers around to make sure it was what he thought it was & realized that not only was she not wearing panties she was hairless down there as she had claimed during the chat. He gently parted her pussy lips with two fingers & started teasing her clit & her pussy.

Minutes passed in a flash as she soaked in that exquisite erotic pleasure. She was impressed with his confident moves… he knew his turf & was a master at riding & generating the pleasure waves, caressing sensitive spots, pinching her gently when required, pushing his finger inside her wet hungry wanting hole just when she would want it smita felt as if she was about to explode with his masterful movements on her clitoris which was still just forming, he knew how to treat it & that made it so amazing, it was hard for her to control her heart beat & her rising breathlessness along with it. She put her hand on his & had to literally stop him from making her scream. She was enjoying the pleasures with her eyes shut tight when he leaned closer & asked if she had shaved for him, his voice sounded nothing like it normally did because it wasn’t grandpa-sound it was the husky sound of a male who wanted to fuck her pussy & ram his cock deep in to her cunt & that thought made her smile.

In response to that question she teasingly whispered “yes i did but there wasn’t much to shave anyway… if u know what i mean” grandpa sighed at her teasing & almost lifted his butt to fuck her fist in excitement. She rubbed his finger all over her pussy again & had a seething orgasm and the tightening in her muscles gave grandpa a pleasure that only a true man can enjoy… the pleasure of making the woman cum first. He enjoyed it & he started humping her hand a bit more. Smita loved what she was doing to him & the fact that her identity was still a secret was such a turn on she was actually getting ready to go again as it was slowly building up.

Now she really wanted to kiss his cock before he ejaculated so she got control again & focused waiting for the screen to go a bit darker. But just then he slid down the chair & she was forced to let go that beautiful piece of meat, she was a bit perplexed but didn’t know what he was up to until he went down on his knees & pulled her legs apart. She couldn’t believe it. He wanted to eat her pussy in that hall full of people… it was incredibly exciting for her to know that he wanted her so badly but she also realized that she wont be able to handle it, normally when ever her boy friend raman had eaten her pussy she had always moaned & sighed out in screams of pleasure at his house but this was going to be different this was the first time someone was going to eat her swollen dripping pussy in a public place…so she panicked, she didn’t want him to do that in the hall afraid she might end up screaming & making a fool of herself… she tried to stop him but he was like a man possessed she bend down & whispered to him that he should stop & let her do that to him first… reluctantly he agreed & came back up in his seat when it got darker.

At the next opportunity smita slid down like he had & was on her knees. Thank god it was a flop film so her row only had two other occupied seats, a busy couple! So she was relatively safe from being detected. Gently she raised her head & took a look at that dream toy. It was gleaming with the precum & throbbing with excitement as smita held it tightly in her fingers & then released it gently. Grandpa was in a trance. She watched him for a few moments & then licked it like an ice cream & grandpa almost moaned a loud. She stopped to see if anyone had heard but thanks to the song it was inaudible. She licked him a few times before she touched her lips to it. His hands came on her head & he sort of put a bit of pressure for her to take it all in and she did. It was one thing to fantasize about deep throttling a man but to really do it when it is so big… is something that can come only with a lot of practice which smita didn’t have so she almost choked!

She tried to take it out of her mouth but his hands were firmly placed she almost gagged but not for too long as he realized & released her. She took a deep breath got her nerves together & then started on it again this time a bit better adjusted cos she knew the size. In a matter of a few minutes she was capable of taking in almost 75% of it & then she started blowing him steadily sometime biting the tip of his mushroom gently to add a little thrill & then sometime sucking it hard giving him exquisite pleasure & in another minute grandpa was holding her face in his hands sort of fucking her face!

It was so vulgar yet so exciting that she reached for her own pussy & rubbed it a bit to tide over her orgasm & after a few minutes of fucking her face like a 2 cent cunt grandpa was all ready to shoot his load in to her… smita was thrilled as she was approaching a little tide of her own & then it happened. Her mouth was full of hot steaming cum & she loved the way it felt it dripped a little bit on the side of her lips but that was inevitable. After what seemed like another minute grandpa settled down to a regular breathing & smita got back into her seat& wiped her face. This had to be the most exciting seduction anyone had ever planned & succeeded & the fact that her identity was still intact was just mind numbing!

She really wanted to scream to the hall about what she had just done but she just engaged herself in akshay & saif ali khan’s nonsense & smiled. A few minutes later she felt his hand trying to reach her pussy again. She couldn’t believe it grandpa was one roaring stud… wanting to go again she smiled. For the first time she thanked bollywood filmmaker for making 3 hour movies. He started caressing her navel & it felt so good. He leaned over & said you are the most amazing girl i have ever met… you are intelligent & so aware of your sexuality. It was a great compliment she thanked him in a whisper & a minute later she got up. He caught her hand afraid she was leaving. She bend over & told him that she was just going to wash her face cos she still had a lot of his cream on it he smiled & asked her if he should follow. She told him to just wait for the next round. He smiled awkwardly & let her leave.

15minutes later smita was in a taxi heading home. Lusty grandpa waited right up to the end of the film & when the burkha clad nymphet didn’t show up he realized she had left… he was a bit irritated but then a smile appeared on his face. He complimented her for her smartness & drove home wanting to catch her on line soon…

Smita had left without informing him cos she liked to keep him hooked. Life had taken a totally new dimension for her & surprisingly she wasn’t scared or anything just excited… she was looking forward to taking grandpa in her wet hole sooner than later… how?!? Well she was a smart intelligent girl & was already working on the plan…

Hope you guys & gals enjoyed this story as much as my previous posts. To keep me going on more regularly write in your darkest & most explicit reactions at and yeah… feel free to be nasty & dirty in your comments…new readers do read “naina’s experience” & “naina’s weekend” & “care taker takes care” posted earlier… c u all soon…

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