Thursday, February 12, 2009


By: arjun

Am dattu,from hyd,my age is 23&good looking.I had a sexual fig.this is the only happy moments that I had going 2 share with u that I had got in my life i.e., having sex with my desired lady.Her name is Laxmi of age 25,I can't justify her sizes but very good lookingthat any man can wish 2 have sex with her.Laxmi was a married lady&came 2 our beside house after getting marriage.I had seen her in marriage dress,but she looked normally,when I saw her in normal stage after 2 days aspark had injected in my body make me shiver&shocked by seeing her body on normal form. After 1 month gradually I started 2 talk with her,later on we continued our conversations.Now we r just like neighbourhood best frnds.This conversations made me more closer,that I can touch her body&beat 4 silly things.1 day when we talking on terrous suddenly there was a thunder sound,then she hugged me tightly with fear.After few moments she leaved&said sorry,I said "it's ok".At that time my cock raised with huge size.After 1 week she asked me 2 participate in sex,but I was hesitated her coz my family&her family was orthodox.But she is so much intrested coz her husband is a bussiness man&was not that much attracted towards her.
I said let us wait 4 a time 4 it.1 fine licky day came that her uncle&aunty r going 2 historical tour 4 one week .so we planned 2 have sex in between these 7 days.Being alone on that day,I went 2 their house 2 say good bye 2 them.As I said'i will come home late'2 my mother,she said "ok" .Also my father is a bussiness man,he went 2 office quickly 2 complete the work. So we got good time 2 have sex,normally we get into the house,her husband went 2 shop&we sat on sofa&chatting each other.we continued our conversations upto some time,then laxmi got up&sat beside meby touching her body 2 my body.This is the first time I touched her & she is very hot, then my cock raised,by adjusting with my hand ,she asked wat is it.I explained it is just like loli-pop,now yu have 2 lick it,suddenly she felt shy.I took her hand& kissed,slowly I continued kissing on hand 2 neck,cheek,nose,ears&we had a passionate kiss&we tasted our tongues. I slowly started pressing the boobsby removing the pallu of the saree,my eyes astonished 2 see the cleavage of her boobs.I was biting like a dog on her boobs,then slowly removed her jacket,ther I saw a 2 wheatish coloured type of boobs.I sucked&locked her boobs nearly 15 mins,whilesucking she is moaning like"ummm.....ahhaahhh.....".
Then i remover her saree,now she is half naked with petticoat covering pussy.On that position I hugged tightly & taken 2 her's bedroom& slept her her bed&started kissing from foot &slowly came up by adjusting petticoat upwards&came 2 her pussy.There I saw hairy pussy where she did not wear any panth 2 cover her pussy,without any control I started licking&sucking her pussy.After some time juice came out from her cunt.I asked 2 lick it,but she hesitated 2 do it,I quickly strated impressing my cock into her's,firstly she shouted with pain ,but feeling joy 4 having sex.I continued my fucking until I got sperm from my cock,then I released my cock& went 2 wash basin&cleaned our center spots coz the bathroom was not attached 1 in their house,while washing,her body touched my cock,by that my cock raised & I loosed my control & dragged her 2wards me & I inseted my cock into hers,then she is moaning like 'make it faster & faster'.we both got tired up & slept on bed on side-by-side with y penis in her cunt.Later on we got up & have a huge hugg & dressed& said good bye.She said "u r the dream gentle man satisfied me".after that day 2 till now we have half dozen times&continuing So please readers give ur hearted feedback about the story hat how it is.

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