Friday, February 13, 2009

Maa ka pura maza uthaya

By: rakesh

She is like Jyothika (south Indian actress) , the only difference is she is bigger I think so ,she is of 36 years her boobs are of Mamoth size 48' and her waist is 38 and her ass is again of Mamoth size 50' (48-38-50 is her vital stats). It all started from my father's friend marriage.

I already am a big muthal maine sari actress ko dekh dekh kar muth mari hai and i also letch at women on the road who is big and beautiful without anyone noticing me. But i never thought of my own mom till i started reading from this website.

I read so many people fucking their own mom that i thought why not me as i am blessed with such a sexy mother, its shame that if i dont become a mother i will tell you my first experience when i touched my mother with lust.

So as i told you we went for a marriage i was shocked to see my mom in a thin black saree with daring blouse showing her milky way in front , her 45% boobs were out however she pinned her saree and her back was with only four threads holding her blouse and her gigantic milk bags in the blouse.when she got down from the stairs i staired at her standing down she was looking a sex goodess descending from the heaven with her massive boobs bouncing and her heavy body shivering with every step she was taking.

When she walked toh maine uske kamar key bal (folds) dekh kar pagal ho gaya, uske chuttar hil rahe they with every step she was taking and oh she was sight for all the men in the world.

Almost 3-4 hrs in the wedding everyone came to the dance floor , i did not know anyone there henc i was busy clicking pictures of other anties with revealing outfits for my tomorrows muth.when i went back to where mom and dad were i did not find them , with difficulty i found dad drinking with some of his friends away from the main party area, i asked her "where is mom " he said " must be somewhere around "and also he informed me that she had few drinks and asked me to take care of her.

After listening to my dad about my mom having few drinks i was hoping to experience heaven with her , as i know she goes bit tipsy turvey when she thinks. I looked everywhere but could not find her then i came out of the shamiana and was looking for her in the ground outside the marriage area , then i realised few drivers peeping from an opening in the shamiana and rubbing there cocks , i joined in and said " kya dekh rahe ho bhaiya" they said " kuch nahi" i also started looking through the opening in the shamiana and to my surprise and pleasure it my sexy mom dancing to marjani marjani and there were few uncles and other guys who were dancing with her , i have never seen my mom gyrate in such a manner , most of her moves were pelvic , thrusting of her boobs and vigorous movements of her waist which was very sexy.

All the drivers were talking among each other " sali kitni bholi bhali pyari see kutia hai , iski gaand marne maine aur choot choose ney maine kitna maza aayega. One of them who was very old said " maine toh sali ko kutia bana doonga ek hi minute maine" and "iska doodh pee kar thodi thakawat mitaunga aur phir sali ko choduga jab thak mera lace niklna band no ho jaye aur shayad uske baad bhi isko chod ta rahoonga. The other said " ek baar yeh mujhe mil jaye toh iski choot ko choose kar iska sara ras pee loonga aur phir iski bholi surat ko apne lund se chodunga". There was a bald fellow who said " iska gadraya badan ko toh nochney ka dil kar raha hai, jab yeh kapdon mein itni sundar lag rahi hai to socho bilkul nangi kitni chikni lageygi" and everyone laughed ha ha ha ha ha ........ I saw the guys around her were touching her all over her body and she was enjoying it , it was soo hot that i masterbated there and then , and after paying attention to what the drivers are saying i got an idea.. To be continued.... Please send me reply if you like my story as i dont have time as my mom will be back home , i dont want her to catch me sharing this on the net and also she would come to know who was responsible for her first gang bang ..........

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