Friday, February 13, 2009

My first sex with sweet married Sali

By: Dev Patel

Hi ISS readers, i have been reading the stories/encounters of many, though many appeared to be their fantasies. I pen down my real experience which happened three months ago. I am now 22 years old. I'm working with mnc in mumbai. I had a colleague by name sali (name changed). She was known to be a typical god fearing, very fair, slim, long hair touching her back and beautiful in mid 20’s. Though in the same office hardly we met since we were from different process, just hi, good morning type of chat. After few months of joining that office, on a monsoon morning while going to office i saw her in a bus-stop, while i was caught up in traffic and was very slow, just wondering whether to stop or not. On seeing me she came forward and i had to stop, she just sat taking me granted for lift!. She was very conscious in not holding my shoulder or hip. I came to know that she lived alone and her husband in gulf. She feared to drive in the traffic. In next 10 days i ended up offering her lift for at least 5 days, whether it was coincidence or deliberate no idea. At my usual time she used to be there, i was wondering whether she deliberately avoid her regular bus. Next one month it became regular for us to go together in evening also. By then we became very close and she was feeling comfortable with me though not holding my shoulder or hip she was sitting close to me and i could feel her softness rubbing my back and i was very slow in driving, enjoying chatting and her closeness. I had no guts to proceed further since i heard that she was “fire” and no loose talks and very strict. I resigned from the job and was on one month notice period. I notice from the day i resigned she was restless and always wanted to chat with me and was waiting for me morning and evening. One evening i had to apply sudden break and she almost fell but she adjusted my holding my shoulder, i asked her to hold my shoulder hereafter and said if anything happened to her, i would be blamed. She immediately put her hand my shoulder and within 2 minutes i could sense she adjusting herself very close to me and her boobs was rubbing my back constantly.

The heat was building i could feel my bulge in my pants and it was fully erect and was turning back to talk to her so that her boobs press me very hard!!. Just before reaching her regular stop i asked whether we could go for a ride for some distance, so that we could chat for longer. She said yes. It was evening 7 and night already set in. I turned my bike towards village road, and soon the traffic vanished. Since i was in mood suddenly i held her hand on my shoulder and kissed it and bitten her finger. I said in low voice sali i love you. She said i like you. Dam it i wasted many months, i cursed my self. I took her hand and put my hip. She held it tightly. Since there was no traffic i held her hand put it on my bulge. She started pressing it. I was in heaven. I stopped my bike and removed my shirt from pant and covered her hand with my jacket and she covered her hand with saree. It was comfortable “pressing” i asked her to open the zip, she opened it and took out fully erect penis outside (still covered under my jacket). She said vow and started holding and shaking it while i was driving slowly, i used to turn and kiss her lips. At time i stopped and kissed her lips and sucked it and i put my hand on her boobs and pressing it. She had small nipples. I put my hand backwards and she adjusted it her boobs. This continued for about 20 mts and my cock was still erect in her hand. She was gently holding it, and pulling its skin down wards and upwards and running her fingers on my balls. I turned my bike towards a isolated village, and stopped near eucalyptus grow. It was 7.30 p.m and no human being around. We went inside and hugged her tightly while cubing and pressing her boobs and sucking her lips. She pulled my tongue and sucked vigorously, while her hand on my erect penis. Since i could unhook her tops, she unhooked and boobs came out without opening her bra. I was surprised her boobs were of small size, nearly half of my wife’s. I sucked her nipple and cubing her boobs. Her one inch nipple was fully in my mouth and was biting it with my teeth and lips.

After sometime i lifted her saree and put my hand inside the panty. It was bushy and wet. Caught hold of her tiny clit and started pulling and rubbing it and inserted my middle finger and started stroking it. I said, “sali take my cock in your mouth”. She was waiting for it, i believe. She just kneeled down on the soil lifting her saree (not to spoil it) and took my pennies in her mouth. She was not used to cock sucking. It hurt me several times and it pained me also. I said, “sali, don’t bit it, your teeth hurting, don’t use you teeth just suck it with lips. It was difficult for her. She removed her mouth and started sucking my balls and licking the shaft my pennies. I was astonished to see my cock erect for almost 30 minutes and i could feel sense my release. I withdrew it from her mouth. She understood, while standing she bend down and lifted her saree offered herself in doggie!. It was too dark and i could not see any thing except shadowy a figure. I held my cock and guided in her bushy cunt. Simple thrust it easily entered with her wet juice. She lost her balance and she moved to the nearest eucalyptus tree and held it with her hand. I started my ride, very fast sali was moaning. I stopped in between bend down to hold her boobs, within 3 or 4 minutes of entering her i was about to cum, and pushed my entire dick inside and cummed without giving stroke and offloaded inside, i could feel her pussy muscle trying to push my dick. I removed, she stood and we kissed passionately again and she said she love me. A wonderful fast fuck. She adjusted her saree, blouse and we returned immediately. On my return she told me that she was fantasying me, the day she saw me fist!!. Before i left that office we had 2 more sessions out of which one was in her home only. It was wonderful and fantasy came true, i could see her naked body. After i left that office we continued to be in touch with for few more months, later she went abroad and settle there with her husbandan i completely lost my sali’s contact. I miss her vey much but life is always waiting for us to bring more sweeter better memories. I don’t mind invitation from any girl or housewife from mumbai. Well readers what i narrated was 100% truth, depending on the response from you all, i will pen down shortly of my second encounter with sali at her home, which went on for half day. My email id is

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