Friday, February 13, 2009

My mother's sister


Dear Sir,

I zeet, am a great fan of indiansexstories & have read almost all the stories.So today I decided to my own experience.

It started when I was 18 and after completing my 12 std exam came to study B.Sc. . Since I have no other relative in the town I have to stay with my aunt (elder sister of my mom)who was a divorcee and was about 39 yrs old. She had a figure of 36 24 30 a real sexy figure.She happily accepted me.

I started going to college and since it was my 1st time I was enjoying it by going to watch some adult film. On my way back i was thinking of the film where a man raped a village girl. I couldn't stop thinking of the rape scene and I was feeling mad of screwing someone. When I reach home my sexy aunt open the door and since it was hot she was in petticoat and blouse. Seeing her I was turn mad and the rape seance started moving in my mind and I plan to screw my aunt.

Ii was planning to screw my aunt and suddenly have an idea to see her bathing naked as there was a hole in the bathroom through which I can see her naked. I was mad to see her naked and she was like a nymph.That day I went to college thinking of her and since I couldn't pay attention to my class so I decide to go back to my house.

When I reach home I heard some sound coming from my aunt's room. I was astonished to see my aunt was naked and she was masturbating with her finger I was looking it simple standing with my tool erecting like a rod.I went to my room and masturbate thinking of my aunt.

In the afternoon my aunt came to my room and ask me when I came from my college. I told her that when she was I came when she was masturbating, she got red and went out of my room.

After some time I went to her room and saw her sitting on the bed I sat beside her and gave her a kiss on her fore hear. To my surprise she huge me and start crying and saying that she was burning and she need a good fuck. Seeing my chance I told her that I would help her. I than kiss her on lips she also like it and start kissing me. I than removed her saree, petticoat , bra and panty. She was a sexy goddess I started pressing her boobs and slowly lowering down started licking her pussy. She was exited and requested me to fuck her.

I removed my cloths and put a condom and fuck her for about 20min. And this was a regular business for us and till my graduation was over we stayed as husband & wife.

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