Friday, February 13, 2009

No talk, only fuck

By: Raj

I am raj, a bank employee, 30 yrs old ,still unmarried. My father is a class-ii officer in state irrigation dept. Me and my parents live together in our own two storied house. My mom is a teacher in nearby govt. Girls school. There was also a widowed maid staying with us since last six months. From the begining i had developed some type of attraction towards her. Her name was shanti. She was around 40 years old then and a typical village woman. I began lusting on Shanti and very soon succeeded. I used to help her with saree and money. One fine morning when my parents were gone to temple, I seduced her to bed and enjoyed my first sex. She was damn wet inside her hairy vagina. I had gone mad with bewildered sex with her.

One afternoon i was very horny.i had not chance to fuck shanti for last 15 days.she was at mom was sleeping.shanti was in all fear but i managed moment, we both were inside store room and i was in a hurry to satisfy my sex with shanti. I was on top of her fucking wildly.within minutes i came with heavenly pleasure and to my great shock my mom was at the door looking at us in disgust. Oh my god ! That was the most shameful moment in my life. Shanti was tremblling in didn't utter a word and left immediately. I had no face to go infront of my mom.i was so embarrassed for my act.the next day shanti was told by mom to leave our home as soon as possible.i was so sad.very very sad for was only my mistake. Time went on.things were returning to normalcy between mom and me.but mom never ever asked me about that matter. It was a rainy day.after dinner we everybody in home went to sleep.i used to sleep upstairs and mom dad's room was in ground was about 12 at night.i was in deep sleep.suddenly i woke up and felt somebody was besides me on was pitch dark inside the room.i felt a very tender palm just caressing my penis inside my trouser.instantly i thought it must be mom.i was terribly shocked thinking this.i was about to pull myself.but the stranger mounted on my top and put fingers on my mouth.oh my god ! It was mom ! My own mom ! I was thrilled and went wild instantly. I wrapped my both hands around her back.she was breathing hot.without delay i kissed her took my one hand and put it on her bossom.i was in such unexpected fantasy, i fondled and sucked her both fleshy mounds madly.things were going uncontrolled. Next moment i was fucking my mom madly. She was so sweet and hot at her pussy.she was moaning silently.she was really in tremendous sexual pleasure.she was damn 48 yrs old lady and so hot.i pushed my tongue inside her mouth and she also played her tongue with mine shamelessly.she discharged her pussy love and hugged me again and again.i also was in full masti.while spurting out my warm semen i kissed mom's lips hard.she moaned a little.suddenly she pushed me aside and got up.she then adjusted her saree in the darkness and hurriedly left. I was in all was neverthless a sin,but i didn't was no doubt very horny seeing me with shanti that day.i thought she was jealous.whatever it may be, it was a pleasant surprise to me.all this happened when my father was home and asleep!

Next morning i was a bit nervous, but mom was normal.she asked me for breakfast and gave a list of household grocery.i was amazed.she was truly mature and experienced.i gave her a lift to her school in my bike as usual.she never said a word of last night's incident. In night i expected mom like yesterday but she didn't came.i felt so dissapointed ! A whole week passed by.but nothing.i was mad in was damn mature and sexy.i was so sex hungry for mom and watched helplessly her wide mast butts.i had not courage to approach her.shit ! ! ! That day i saw mom looking at me very night i found mom in my room.i was overwhelmed with sexual was as usually dark inside. I kissed and fondled mom like years of sex starved.she enjoyed my impatience.lifting her petticoat i put my face over her pussy and smelled the hot steam.i licked and tongued her mature vagina and proceeded towards her ass crack.she put her hand on her mouth with unbearable pleasure oooohhh....huh...when i started licking her asshole. She kissed me shamelessly.i was getting restless.i made her laid for 7 inch wild monster was thrusting mom's juicy old pussy with very masti.she was about to orgasm and pushed her butt upwards with sexual pleasure.we both came simultaneously and shievered in then hurriedly left my room. But it was mom's wish to come and fulfil her desire.she would come to me quitely and get her work done.and there will be no talk no emotions. Only fuck.i was getting tempted to mom.that night i waited downstairs watching was usually early to was there towards toilet for a piss.i went and grabbed her from back.we had always done our secret in in light ! Mom blushed like a bride but didn't protest.she smiled and whispered-"go to your bed.i am coming after 2 hours."i became sad.she understood and told-"shhh..ur dad is waiting me for a ride.better you jerk off and be cool."after a little pleading she agreed to let her asshole for a rub with my cock. I tried to push inside her puckered ass hole but couldn't.i discharged my hot semen on her ass crack.she washed up and pushed me aside and smiled naughtily.

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