Friday, February 13, 2009

My sister became my wife

By: ajay kumar

My name is ajay kumar i am 27 years old i have three elder brothers all married and 1 younger sister, her name is anjli. She is 23 years old our parents were died in an accident 10 years ago this is the story 4 years ago when we all family 4 brothers 3 sisters-in-law and 1 sister were living in our parents home together. Initially i like and take interest in my younger sister but no body know about me even my sister too. I am a good call center agent and have good and strong body my sister also have a good looking beautiful body. I could not get a chance to get her. I used to masturbate thinking her my sister was doing all work of our house even bhabies personal works and bhabies do nothing also they fight with her. Brother take their wives side, only i fight for my sister. For my this action she become very closer with me even she spent a lot time with me also in nights when she get a free time i like this but i could not do anything just masturbate after her. One day my bhabies get her room and make study room for their children….

Anusha bhabi : “tum apna saaman apne bhai k room mein rakh lo wo din bher tu hota nahi raat mein tum bachoon k study room mein so jana”. Bhabi ordered.when i back to home anjli was crying.
I said with a little smile : aj hamari behna ko kia ho gaya?

Anjli answer with tears : “bhaiya aj in logo na mujh se mera room bhi cheen lia aur mujha kaha ha k din mein app ka room shear karon aur raat mein study mein so jaon”.

I become out of way and say : “don’t say it wo tumhra room ha koi study nahi ha kisi k baap mein taqat nahi k tum se tumhara room la saky chalo mere sath”. I took her out and start battle in our home.
Sana bhabi : “tum na aj tak is k lia kitna rupae dia hein jo tum is k lia larna aae ho”.that is true i never give any money because there is no anyone whom i give money.

I with anger : “thek ha no problem jab yeh din ko mere room mein rah sakti ha tu ya meri behan ha koi baat nahein raat ko mere room mein so bhi sakti ha. Aur jab is ko mere sath he rehna ha tu meri marzi ise mein dunya mein kahin bhi rakho. So app logon ko app ka ya gher mubark ho mein apni behan ko la kar ja raha hon”..

I with anjli : “chalo anjli apna zarori saman lo aur chalo”.

I stop at gate before starting bike address to all : “hum ab apna mara moon bhi nahein dhekhaeinga mughr ak bar mein zaror aaon ga jab itna bara gher mein apne nokaron ko don ga aur tum se tumhara yeh gher la lon ga”.then i kick the bike and leave home forever my sister was afraid “bhaiya ab hum jaen ga kahan kya karen”.we sit in a coffee shop and think about future.

Anjli : “bhaiya aj raat kisi hotel mein kal gher chale jaen ga”

I : “chalo abhi tu chalo”.

Anjli : kahan?

I : “hotel, agher zada raat ho gai tu log shak karen ga”.

Anjli : “bhaiya gher kab chalein ga?”

I : “batata hon”. We reach in a hotel took a room and when we get in the room
I say with great mood: “aj raat hum yahen han tum fresh ho jao aur aram se raho yahan kio tum ko bolne wala nahein”.

Anjli : “bhaiya hum gher kesay jaen ga app na tu kaha ha k kabhi moon nahein dhekhaenga”.

I : “dhekho ho sakta ha k koi bhai hum se contact kare aur sharminda ho any way tum disturb mat ho aur sakon se so jao”.

After taking bath she become more pretty, at night she was sleeping and i was thinking about future and past and think about go back to home suddenly i look at my sister i never see her like this before she made me hot she is alone with me and i know no body interrupt us here but still i could not do any thing just masturbate in all night more then 4 times in morning i decided that i will change my contact no. And we will never go home again i inform my decision to my sister.

Anjli : “bhaiya pher hum kahahn jaein ga?”

I : “hum apna flat laen ga”.

Anjli : “app k pas itne rupae hein kia?”

I : “array pagli tum is ki fiker mat karo mere pas itna ha k 2 flat la sakta hon per mein ak flat installment per lon ga baqi rupon se apni dosri zarorat pori karein ga”. Till evening i buy a single bed room flat i can buy bigger one but i don’t because i need my sister in my arm. We shift in our flat immediately we spent next more then one week for decorate it. My sister buy new fashionable dresses pant shirts short dresses and night dresses i give her full chance to make herself more sexy and more beautiful. Usually she wear trousers and v t-shirts. When she go with me on bike just like a girlfriend or wife. One day i buy condom but she didn’t notice. We still live as brother sister but she become more closer then before one day i was feeling headache and i say her : “anjli! Mere sir mein derd ho raha ha please zara sir daba do”

Anjli : “ acha bhaiya” she reply from kitchen. She came with coconut oil she pour oil on my hair and sheik by fingers after few minutes i get her on floor from bed and i sleep on her thigh after few minutes she say “bhaiya derd thek hua”

I : “nahein” then she kiss on my forehead then ask again with breathing “ab…..”I just sheik my neck then she kiss me three time again then i say “ab kuch kum ho raha ha” then she again kiss on my forehead very crazily and her boobs were touching my shoulders and my face after some moment she push me away and say me sorry i say her before she say anything else

I : “sorry kyn tum na tu really jadu kar dia i love you my sister” and then i touch her face with my hands i get a grip on her both ears and her push face towards my face and slowly kiss her on forehead ……then come down between her eyes …….then i kiss her on cheek then on chin .then kiss her under eyes then again on chin she open her mouth and become hot. Slowly, slowly i move to her lips kiss on lips very slowly then start french kissing and i become made, she also responding but after few minute she run to the kitchen i follow her i stopped before kitchen’s door i feel she is smiling i just catch her from her back side and put hands on her stomach and kiss her neck and suck her ear

Anjli : “aahhh. Mm…….bhai …….bhaiya…. Choro na .pleas…..mein app k lia coffee bana rahi hon”.

I : “mmmmmm…yeh coffee nahein apni coffee pilao”

Anjli : “sss offff bhaiya app bhi na…”unfortunately i leave her and sit in front of tv she came with coffee we take coffee together and that day we never do again next day i came from job i saw she made double bed from two single beds (we have two beds and they were far from each other) i kiss on her lips and say : “ i love you my sister,… aur yeh bed kyon mila diye” in heart i was very happy

Anjli : “bhaiya wo room mein jaga kum thi is lia…

I : “ ok fine… wase bhi tum meri piyari si chuti si behan ho tum mere sath so sakti ho.” She put her arms on my neck and i kiss her on her check

Anjli : “i love you bhaiya”

I : “me too” after dinner when we go for sleep i wear just only trouser and she wear a night dress i was very tired and go in deep sleep after two hours i woke up i found her head on my chest and her right leg between my legs my dick is also waking up and i start kissing her, i sheik her boobs she also wake up now i hardly kissing on her lips and messaging the boobs i was still munching on her tit without any resistance. And then sister moaned aaahhhh…oohhh…..i started sucking at her other nipple and she again moaned. I placed my mouth over her mouth and kissed her. I could feel her thrusting her tongue into my mouth. She placed her hand on the back of my head and we kept on kissing for sometime. Then i broke the kiss and again moved towards her boobs. Sister started moaning when i sucked her boobs and said

Anjli : “oh! Bhaiya acha lag raha ha. Mare boobs chooso”.

I had wanted this for so long.this brought me to my senses. She had also wanted to do it with me for a long time because she did not resist me. Now i started massaging while sucking at her tits. I constantly kissing every part of her body. Sister was now constantly moaning, “oh! Bhaiya acha lag raha ha ……. Oh! Hhaaaa……uufffff”. She placed her hands on the back of my head. She started caressing my hair.after sometime, i heard

Sister say,: “ooohh! Bhaiya acha lag raha ha ….oh!” I raised my face and saw that she was now looking at me. I went up and again kissed her on lips. She responded by thrusting her tongue into my mouth. It was once again a long passionate kiss. I broke the kiss and started kissing her tits. Then i lay down at her side quietly and looked at her…she turned over her side and lay facing me. She again put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss. Then she broke the kiss and looked at me. Anjli : “bhaiya mujhe bahut acha lag raha ha mein khud yeh sub chahti thi mugher mein app ki behan hona k nate pehal nahi kar sakti thi. Muger ab jab k yeh shoroo ho chukka ha tu kabhi khatam mat karma”.
I : “mein bhi tum ko dekh dekh kar muth mara karta tha “.there was silence of a few moments and i started sucking at her big white boobs again and then she pushed me back so i was lying on my back. She got up, placed her knees on my sides and sat on my belly. Then lowered her face onto mine and kissed me on lips while thrusting her tongue into my mouth. I also pushed my tongue into her mouth. Then sister started moving downwards towards my cock and my cock rubbed against her pussy. Sister moaned and started rubbing her pussy against my cock. She bit her lips while doing this and then moaned, “oooohhh! Hay ram! ….”. I entered my dick in her pussy and give her big strokes she crying loudly due to pain

Anjli : “aaaaaaaa……ohhh…bhai…….bh ……bhaiya……… ……….na mujha …….mar………dia………. Mein …mar……..gai…. Her eyes was full tears after a moment she lay me on bed and came on me and entered my dick by her self in her pussy she moves up and down fastly i thought i was going to cum. But then she stopped and again started moving downwards. My dick was now rock hard.. She continually stroking my dick in her pussy. We both make sex five times that night because we both are very thrusty from the years. Two times i cum in her pussy she also very enjoy and wants to become my wife. Finally she kissed me deeply and i started massaging her tits with my hands. She broke the kiss and lay on my side. I started kissing her nipples. Her nipples were now rock hard. I was now sucking at her marvelous tits and she was caressing hair on the back of my head. With my hand i had started massaging her boobs. I stopped everything and lay beside sister. Then i got lost in my thoughts. I was thinking about the events that had taken place that night. I was thinking how lucky i was to get to do all this easily. I had spent more then three hours enjoying the lovely body of my sister. And today we have three children and enjoying our life very well.i have lot more stories 4 u i’ll tell u later please i am researching how can u make sex with ur sister or make her close 2 u by herself u have any idea or any intrusting story then send me at

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