Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Friend Had Sex With Mom

By: rakesh

Hi my name is Rakesh. Iwant to tell arue mom name rupa her age is 41.she is dievorced working as a friend rahul use to come regularly to my house.once when he came to my my house iwas not there and my mom said"rakesh is not there he will come with in 5 minutes plz sit in sofa".hesaid "ok,aunty iwill wait".he sat on sofa. My mom came gave him a coffeand she asked"do uhave any imporntant work with him".he said yes.then I came he asked "give me that b.f cd's".i said "my mom will go to collage tomorrow u come and watch the movies tomorrow 9am"next day he came at 9pm I went to collage he started watching bf in my home alone.due to abvp bandh my mom came back to home at 10;30and she saw him alone in my home. She asked what are u doing here now. He said "I am waiting for rakesh"she said "ok""why that dvd player is running what ru watching"he said"some hindi movies"she said"start it iwll also watch"he tried to avoid her but she forced and started that player suddenly she shocked and got very angry on him"why ru doing this" hesaid "i want to know about sex aunty"she said "this is not the way to know abot sex"he said "plz tell me about sex aunty"she first refused but after 10minutes she slowly moved and kept her hand and kept on his dick then I came wathing all this thing s form window he kept her hand on her boobs they kissed each for 5 minutes then they went onto bed he started sucking her doobs with his toung she moned "ssss.......suuc..kkk" after 15 miniutes heslowly moved down then I came into home he ran away from there……

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