Thursday, February 12, 2009

Swati My Angel

By: nupur

As usual I was sitting reading my newspaper, while the TV news was on. I only did this when my wife was out, because she didn’t believe I could read and listen to the TV at the same time – and she would turn the TV off. I was lost in my own thoughts when I felt the breeze of our daughter as she half skipped - half run into the room, and took up a position at the far end. Out of the corner of my eye I could see fast movement from Swati and flicked my eyes up. She was dancing; nothing unusual about that from a young teenager, except every few seconds she would flip her little dress up and show her panties. I couldn’t help but look. I saw she was wearing what I would always see in the washing basket, but now they took on such an arousing form. I continued to watch my little daughter as she twirled and pranced, all the time flipping her dress as she watched me watching her. I could see this was giving her enjoyment, the fact her father was watching her show her panties. I looked out of the corner of my eye at Swati, not wanting her to feel embarrassed because her dad was watching. She was a typical teenager, who had had her first period about four months ago, as was told to me by my wife and now I had to buy four big packets of Sanitary towels every month for the both of them. I loved her ; she was warm, and affectionate . She loved a cuddle – couldn’t get enough, and she loved to sit with me and watch TV, especially in my lap.
Suddenly, Swati saw me looking and stopped her twirling dance. She looked nervous.“Dad I have to do that with my dress because it’s part of the dance. Ok, you’re not angry are you?” She told me nervously kneading her fingers together.I could see she was worried I would tell her off for showing her panties. Yet, to my surprise I wasn’t angry, because there was a part of me that wanted to look. This really did surprise me because I had never thought this way toward our daughter before.“No I’m not angry sweetie, in fact I like your dance and especially the dress lifting part, but what would mum say?”Now Swati looked scared and I thought she might burst out crying.“You can’t tell mum, please don’t tell her,” she pleaded leaning forward and doing little jumps on the spot, and now her tears did begin to flow.I was shocked at her response, so I put my paper down and held out my arms to her. All I wanted to do was calm her, stop her tears and show her I was on her side. She raced into my arms and lap, and sobbed into my shoulder. I could feel her little, young, lithe body heave with her sobs. I smoothed her hair and patted her backr quietly. She hung on to me tightly, and I wondered where all this was coming from. As I smoothed her hair, I allowed my hand to slowly run down her back and then back up to her neck, which I massaged gently. Finally, her sobs subsided.“Why were you so upset sweetie?” I asked, concerned for my daughter.
She remained silent for a little while and then said in a little voice.“You have to promise not to tell mum.”“Of course sweetie, now what’s the matter?”Swati slowly pushed herself away from my shoulder and looked into my eyes, as only a loving daughter can. “Dad I really like to dance like that and do other stuff, but mum always tells me off. She said I shouldn’t be doing it and says I’m not a nice girl when I do that.”“I haven’t seen you dance like this before?”“Because i’ve been practicing my dance in my room, but mum came in and asked what I was doing and told me I couldn’t dance like this. She said a little girl shouldn’t do that sort of stuff. She was really angry.”“Come on sweetie, how can I help if you don’t tell me? Besides, I will never tell your mum… never, ever, I promise,” I assured my little girl.

“You want me to see you dance?”Swati’s eyes lit up, as did her little face, and she hugged me tight around the neck and then released me, jumped off my lap and took her position at the end of the lounge room once more.“I’m going to dance for you now dad, but you have to watch, ok?”Swati stood with her feet together and began to sway her hips, which I found only heightened my sexual arousal. She smiled as she saw the affect she was having on me; my face told the whole story. Stacy suddenly began to twirl a couple of times, flipping her dress as she circled, showing her panties.. After a few minutes of the dance Stacy had started with, she changed it and man what a change. Her moves were slower and suddenly sensual.The next day when I picked her up from school, she gave me a naughty little smile and then a giggle as she climbed into the passenger seat next to me. I pulled away from her school and as I did so Stacy asked,“Dad, what time is mum coming home tonight?”I wasn’t sure why she was asking, but I had to think and realized that Kath was home earlier tonight. She would be home about half an hour after us.“No long after we get home,” I said as I looked at my little daughter and she smiled at me.When we got home, Swati didn’t race to her room to prepare to dance for me as I thought she would, but she stood near my chair as if waiting for something.
“What’s up sweetie?” I asked as I headed to my chair with the paper.“Dad can I talk to you?” She asked as if she were in trouble.“Of course you can.” I sat in my chair and Swati immediately sat in my lap. I waited.“Dad,” she began as she played with the buttons on my shirt.“Yes.”“Can I talk to you about something private?”“Of course, sweetie.”“Dad is it ok to do things?” “You see, sometimes some people like to do things other people say they shouldn’t, but it’s none of their business. See what I mean,” I really hoped I hadn’t confused her.“Is there something you like to do but some people told you it’s wrong?”Swati nodded her head, the whole time focused on my buttons. Time for more questions.“Is it something you like to do by yourself?” She nodded again.“Does it make you feel good?” Nodding again.“Do you like touching yourself?” I asked softly and she nodded slowly.“Well that’s ok then, isn’t it? Everyone does it,” I tried to sound as if it was no big deal.She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.“But Mummy said it was a very bad thing,” “Ha, I bet Mummy does it too. Anyway why did she say it was a bad thing?”.“She saw me doing it one day and said I was a very naughty girl,” “Listen sweetie, touching yourself is the most normal thing; everyone does it… trust me on this. “Do you do it dad?” “Yes,” I told her bluntly.“Can I do it?”“Of course you can, but don’t let your mother see though,” I warned her.“Can I do it now?’ “Of course, you can do it when I’m around whenever you like.”
Swati didn’t move for a few seconds and then her hands left my buttons, and moved to her school dress. She lifted it and opened her panties with her left hand, as her right hand snaked into them. I was mesmerized. I watched as her hand moved up and down in her panties. Stacy looked up at me.“Oh dad,” she moaned to me and spread her legs wide.However, she didn’t remove her panties or pull them open far enough for me to look into them at what she was doing, but rather she snuggled into me and had a really good time by herself. I think she didn’t feel comfortable about going anything further this first time. I held her as lovingly as I know how and listened as she brought herself to a sort of a climax. Yet, just before she did Stacy looked up into my eyes and I could see the absolute pleasure that only sexual fulfilment can bring, Her eyes were half closed and had a dreamy quality to them.

“Oh dad,” she whispered as she hit her little climax and it only held a second or two, and she collapsed into me.With her hand still in her panties, She slowly regained normal breathing, the whole time looking down. Then she raised her head and smiled the most wonderful smile I have ever received. It conveyed her deep love for me at that time.“Thanks dad,” she said in a little voice.“Nice?” I asked.“The best yet,” she answered.“How come?”“Because I was with you, silly,” she giggled.So It beginsthat’s pretty much how things went from then on for the next few months. We would come home, sometimes Swati would dance and sometimes she wouldn’t, but she always sat on my lap and fingered her pussy in her panties until she came. Each time seemed better than the previous one. Then out of the blue, one day Swati pulled her panties all the way off, and I watched totally fascinated as she fingered herself to a climax. This time she came very hard, for her. The added ingredient of my watching her little fingers sliding up and down her hairless slit and furiously rubbing her young clit had brought her climaxes to a higher level. During this time Stacy would make little sounds, soft sighs and light panting.
But now, I just couldn’t believe my eyes when my little girl pulled her panties off to allow her father to watch her most intimate act. Hairless and not yet bulging very much, her smooth skinned pussy was the most wonderful thing I had seen. The first change came when Swati looked into my eyes for the first time as she fingered herself. Man! I have never, never felt such love directed toward me. That became our thing for a few days then one day Swati asked me to pull down her panties and take them off her. I did it slowly. I could tell she loved it as I inched then down. I just loved to slowly pull her panties down bit by bit expose that beautiful pussy. I would often feel her shudder as she felt my heavy breathing on her hairless pussy skin. I waited, but she hesitated. Then she looked deep into my eyes, took a deep breath and spoke. I nearly came.“Dad, will you do it? I would really like you to do it today.”Her simply put request struck me deep. The pure desire for me to be the one to touch her was overwhelming. I whispered my wholehearted ‘yes’, and reached down between my daughter’s little, thin legs with a very shaky hand. My first touch of the smooth soft skin of her pussy is something I will take to my grave. It was more than wonderful, it was magnificent. She wasn’t spongy like a woman, but then she was only a girl. Stacy was already wet. As I had watched her over the past days, I had come to know what she liked and how hard. I quickly decided to follow her lead, but to add something of my own.
I ran a finger lightly down each pussy lip for about ten seconds, and then I used my middle finger to glide up and down her very wet slit. Her pussy lips hadn’t opened to me yet, but I was prepared to spend the time she needed. From the time I first touched her pussy she mewed little sounds and moans of appreciation. As time went on her body joined in and she arched her back and moved her thin hips from side to side. I held on as she went into full bucking. Her pussy opened slightly to my finger and I slid it in easily because she was so wet, and her body was so eager for me.I eased my middle finger in between those soft pink lips. Her pussy was tight She was becoming loud now and she didn’t seem to care one bit, and neither did I. I just love making her cum, and if it meant that the only female I could make cum now was my little daughter, then I couldn’t have wished for anything more. I was so intent on giving her the best possible time as our first, I had no thought for myself.

She was bucking hard and her noises were loud when she suddenly stiffened and held it as her climax rocked her world, and it seemed forever. Finally, her body softened and then went limp as she seemed to melt into me, panting for all she was worth. Her little hands, which had been beside her now grabbed my hand and held it tight to her pussy, and I could feel her heat and her pussy lips were a little fuller now. Then slowly, ever so slowly Stacy turned into me, and she was crying softly, but I understood why. Her first orgasm at the hands of someone other than herself had given her far more than she had expected, and now she was emotionally drained.“I love you dad,” she said simply.“I love you too sweetheart,” I said back.“No dad, I love you,” and said it with such feeling I knew it to be true.So this began out routine She would find all sorts of excuses to be alone with me, and I swear the girl was nearly insatiable. Even when her mother was in the house or even in the same room, She would find a way for me to fondle her. All during our time up till then, I would either cum in my jeans or whatever else I was wearing, or I would have to jack off straight after in the bathroom. As usual she was sitting in my lap, but right from the get-go rather than asking me to pull her panties down; she looked me in the face and asked her stream of questions.“Dad?”“Yes sweetie.”“You can climax can’t you?” I had explained after our very first time that what she had just experienced was and ‘orgasm’ or ‘climax’.“Of course I can climax.”“Well, I never see you,” she told me in all innocence.So it went on. She wanted to see my dick and see me climax. My little girl was growing up. I had never suggested any of it to her, because it would always be at her pace. She obviously felt ready for this step. But her questions didn’t end there.
“Dad?”“Yes sweetie.”“What’s ‘a head job’?”So I explained oral sex to her for both men and women, and rather than think it disgusting, which I though someone her age would She just nodded her understanding.“Why don’t you do it to me, dad?”“I wasn’t sure you’d think it was ok“So would you like me to do it today?”“Yeahhh,” she chided me.“Dad?”“Yes sweetie.”“Is fucking nice,” and again Stacy asked me in all innocence, as if asking if chocolate ice-cream is nice.Silence again for a few minutes, and I continued my slow fondling of Stacy’s pussy through her cotton panties.“Dad?”“Yes.”“Can we fuck?”I had waited so long for my little daughter to ask me this.“Of course, if you want to.” I wanted to play it cool. It had to be at her pace.“Kusum says it hurts,” Swati looked up at me, and as she did she pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, giving me full access to her bald pussy. Just what I wanted… I swear the girl could read my mind.“The first time if hurts,” I went on to explain..When Swati finally seemed to end her questions she asked me in a most serious and functionary way to perform oral sex on her. She stood for me to remove her panties, and then led me by the hand to her bedroom. I felt like she was the adult and I the child. She lay down on her bed and spread her legs, and I felt more like a doctor about to give an examination rather than a lover, it was so sterile. I worked as gently and as thoughtfully with my daughter as I could, even though this had been a strong reoccurring fantasy of mine and my body screamed out to look after its desires. Slowly, as I licked her inner thighs close to her pussy that beckoned me so enticingly, Stacy began to become aroused and her hips moved slowly. I held her hips as I moved closer to her beautiful hairless, young pussy lips and licked them gently.She reacted immediately. She moaned long and slowly, as she moved her hips toward me, pushing her pussy closer to my mouth. Her arms were splayed out above her head, her eyes were closed and her mouth open. She had surrendered herself to me as I had only seen in my fantasies. Looking up at my little daughter, seeing her completely at my discretion while I licked the very smooth skin of her outer pussy lips, I Almost came. Has a man ever been as fortunate as I was at that time? She had her legs as wide as they would go, until she seemed to instinctively reach for her knees and lifted them. Now my little girl was spread eagle.“Ohhh, ahhh,” was all she could say as my tongue gently lapped at her soft, young girl pussy.I crept my fingers toward her beautiful slit. She has a long slit between her pussy lips, and I hoped that this meant when she was fully developed she would have a big pussy. Man! Life doesn’t get any better than this. When my fingers reached Swati’s slit, I gently pulled her pussy lips apart; as I did she arched her back slowly, and exhaled a long soft sigh. I licked inside her slit, but only just inside.“Ahhh, yeah dad, oh that’s so nice, lick me dad, lick me.”I love it when a woman, or in this case a girl verbally responds in sex.I was making my way slowly, ever so slowly to her little girl clit, and I could feel she knew exactly where I was going. I could hear her rising sexual anticipation, as her moans and soft groans escalated into loud guttural noises that are only heard during sex. I could feel her pussy really getting wet now, so much so her pussy juices were oozing I continued to hold her hips and buried my face into her pussy, and now I unleashed my tongue on her virgin clit. She couldn’t take it much longer as she was screaming her orgasm and impending climax. Suddenly, her whole body stopped moving, her noises ceased and time seemed to stand still. I went into overdrive with my tongue to help propel my little girl to her first orgasm by stimulation of her clit – by me. She collapsed and I ceased my tongue work. She panted like an Olympic sprinter after the final for gold.
However, within seconds, Stacy lifted herself up and virtually launched herself at me and clung with strength I didn’t know she had. She sobbed into my shoulder as she spoke of her undying love for me.“Oh dad that was so good, so good. I want that again and again please. Please tell me you’ll do it again, please dad.”She hugged me harder. I loved it. This was what I had been searching for all my adult life. “What dad?” She asked in a scared voice. I had always been totally honest with Stacy since we had begun our sexual relationship, and I wasn’t about to stop now.“I’m worried that one day you’ll leave me for a nice young man.”Swati’s reaction was immediate. She burst into tears and once again clung onto me so tightly. I thought I would choke.“No dad, no. Never, i’ll never leave you, I only want you. Oh please dad, don’t say stuff like that, please. Don’t ever say it again, please.” She pleaded with me.“Ok sweetie, I won’t think it or say it again, ok.”Then came her next inevitable request; she wanted my cock now. I’m not like most men, who seem to focus so heavily on getting a blow job from their women. I have always preferred to touch and lick my sex partner. I just love to see what I could do for my women. I just love to see them get off. But back to her request. I of course complied. I undid my jeans and pulled out my semi-hard dick for my daughter to look at and hold for the first time. She looked in wonder.“Wow dad, it’s bigger than I thought,” she praised as she reached for my manhood.“This is mine. Like my pussy is yours, your cock is mine. Then without further comment she wrapped her mouth around my cock, and suck edit in and out between her little girl lips. It was magnificent. Within seconds I knew I was going to cum and warned my daughter. Just as I was about to blow, She pulled me out of her mouth and I spurted onto her face and small boobs. Once I finished, and she heard my orgasm she looked up at me.Nice?”

Now and then I would have Swati give me a blow job, but most of the time I came purely from what I was doing to her. We both seemed to prefer this. A Few days Later Out of the blue one afternoon, Swati asked me to fuck her. Man, was she determined. I had been gently playing with her blossoming breasts and nipples since they had began to develop but I’m a pussy man and she said on many occasions that she got more from her pussy too. I think her nipples were a little too tender for my rough fingers; However, this does not mean I didn’t indulge Swati and myself on her little breasts. I would use my mouth and tongue whenever she wanted me too. This was very infrequent, because as I said, we both love me to spend my time on her pussy. “If you think you’re ready, then ok, let’s do it.” Swati smiled and threw her arms around me.. We held each other and She spoke to me as my lover, As we always did, we went into her bedroom. I had had time to think about this moment and had a plan.I got my daughter to give me e blow job first, so I would go longer later. Then I used my tongue and finger on her as always, but well before she would have hit her climax, I got her to help me to full erection. She then lay on her back, spread eagle herself, which was now her favourite position. He pussy was wide open from my attentions, and I guided the head of my dick to her opening. She was sexually highly charged now and I could see her desire for me in her eyes. As the head of my dick first pushed against her hairless, pink and wet pussy lips, she sighed and closed her eyes. I could see the anticipation on her face.
I felt my dick slide somewhat then that obstruction, but not to give up I gave a hard push, her nails dug into my back, she tried to pull back, she held her lips tight she couldn’t hold it then OH! Dad!!! OH Dad!!! Pleasae don’t Dad It is burning it is tearing me Oh! Dad I beg You !!! !!! I had to I could not stop now I gave another push then held back, then the last push , my cock was buried to the hilt in her, she had stopped shouting , but there were tears in her eyes, and she was hitting my back with her fists. Even though She felt tight, my dick slid all the way into her. She was warm and wet, and it just the most magnificent feeling I had ever had. I lay between my daughters wide spread thighs, and waited. I wanted to feel this moment for a life time. I looked down at Stacy as I propped myself up with my arms locked out, and she opened her eyes to look deep into my soul. For a 14 year old girl, she had an old soul. I waited, but I could also see the need for fulfilment in her eyes. I knew what she wanted… the same as I wanted; the thrill of being joined and cumming together. Soon she overcame the pain and !!!!“Oh yeah dad you feel so right and good in me.”
Swati wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her, in the most loving and sensual embrace I had every experienced up to then. That was all I was waiting for. I began to slow pump my daughter’s beautiful plump pussy. Now, as I pumped into her, I couldn’t help but look down between us, and Stacy looked too. It was a beautiful sight. Her pussy seemed to firstly slowly suck in my dick, then just as slowly push it back out; her large pussy lips moving in and out with my dick.“Oh dad, it’s beautiful, I love it, fuck me forever. Promise me you will.”“Sweetie, as often as you want.” I promised my daughter.We both watched as a father and a daughter fucking each other. Her breathing quickened, as she had been more than ready for this, and I couldn’t hold out much longer, even though I had cum a little earlier… this moment was just so sensual, and all my fantasies were coming true. Like i’ve said before, man, am I lucky.

I tried to savour the feeling, and I could see Swati was too.“Sweetie, we have all our lives for this, not just today,” i told my daughter and her eyes filled with tears.she pulled me back into her and sobbing and climaxing at the same times.“oh dad, oh dad. Yeah, yeah, it’s so good, oh yeah. Dad i want you forever. Fuck me forever,” she screamed as she came.We seemed to cum together. It wasn’t brilliant; it was nice and loving and intimate. We lay together, and I stayed inside my daughter as she played with the hair on the back of my head. I finally had to move, as my arms couldn’t support me any longer… I couldn’t have all my weight on my lover now could I? I slipped out of Stacy and looked into her beautiful face. My cum poured out of her pussy, the bed sheet was wet with blood OH! Dad I am now a woman YOUR WOMAN>

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