Friday, February 13, 2009

Love thy sister

By: asur

This is the continuation of the stories first night and the trap. Me and my sister mitra had a lot of fun till my father got transferred to a village from our town were there is no college. Since mitra was about to join the college, we had no plan about what to do. At first my father said that he will be staying alone in that remote town and me , my mom and mitra were about to stay in our house. Since our fucking session was a bit fearsome due to my mothers presence. I got a plan and said that my father and mom will go to that village, as it was very close to our native place were my father and mother wanted to stay after their retirement, we even bought a house there. I said me and my sister will be taking care of the house since it is our own one. They too agreed the plan, but with slightest change. We said i ll be taking care of the home and my sister will be in hostel. They know that i was some what dependent for my needs and i need some ones help to do my house hold duties. They felt that i will be a trouble to my sister if she joined me. Even when mitra told that she ll takes care of me and all my needs. They denied our plan, they said my sister can come every week end to stay with us. That made us to feel a little ease. But to my horror, mitra got a college that was in a distant town, so she can’t come for all weekends. Another guy bharani came to stay with me he is also a relative of mine. So i joined him and my sister stayed in hostel. After that no fucking sucking i got dried, bharani is elder to me he came there to find a job for him. He is a brilliant one and also well built, soon he got a job. Due to lack of sex i gained more weight , he gave me good suggestion to try body building, yoga. He taught me what ever he know, to say about him he is the one with good mind, body and character. Though i was interested in all that he taught i learnt it half heartedly what ever he taught, but when my friend told me that these day i improved my physical appearance a lot and it also gained me a lots of girls attention. Some girls in my class said that i m very crafty too. So i started to forget about the fucking sessions with my sister and learnt what ever he taught me. He also taught me about sex thought i m an experienced person that him, he taught me about dry orgasm, pc muscle exercise in a yogic manner. My sister also rarely came home on week ends, as she had a lot of work in her college. Though we both missed each other but we enjoyed our days. In that two years we rarely had sex when she came home, she also told that i ve improved a lot in physical appearance and also lot in sexual experience, which made me to blindly follow what ever he said. Bharani gave a good opinion on me and my sister to my parents and relatives, so that we got a good image in my relatives circle. This made my parents and her parents to fell very proud of us, some of our relatives came with marriage proposal for my sis, but our parents postponed all. After two years he got a better job and went to delhi. Though i continued to practice what all he thought, but the sex feeling made some time go little upset, as i missed mitra so much, at the same time i met one of my distant relative eswari. To say about her, she was medium complexion, taller and with perfect asserts. If she would have been a little shorter then she might have got a loads of love letters, but the boys who are shorter might have hesitated to do so. But i got my own luck with her. She was doing the same course i did that to in the same college. I dono how she got to know me, one day she came to and introduced herself to me. She is also a sister to me. With in few days she got well with me. We both had similarities in our ideology; she is also a yoga practitioner. She had three elder brothers, all are shorter than her. She said that, since all were teasing her for being taller than her brothers, she even avoided going along with her brothers and many of her close relatives avoided her company much, she has been spending her most of the time in hostel. But i took her with me to shopping, movies etc., and i never avoided her. Since i am also taller than her i felt easy going with her, it dose nt look awkward, like a taller one walking with shorter ones. She said that she loves the company of the taller one since i am 6 feet 3” she said that she likes to be with me. Initially she stayed in the hostel, but she ll often come to my home. To say frankly she helped me in all my house hold works and in turn i helped her in her studies. She got well with me. Some days she even stayed with me in nights, but in a different bed. When i asked do her parents know about me, she said it was them only asked to meet me. They also ve told that her, that i am a good person with helping tendency. Her parents advised her to get introduce herself to me as this was here first stay out of her home. They felt it would be good to know some relation around. All this is because of the good remarks gave by bharani. I too said her she can ask my help any time and she can also use my books. She said thanks anna. She ll be using all my books, computer, internet etc. One day as usual, she was working in my computer and i was bathing in my room. I finished bathing and entered into the room i saw a soft porn site was on the computer. She was not there, i feared that it was my mistake, but i just use some encyclopedias nothing else. Then i suspected eswari.

When she returned back to my room she saw that i have seen every thing, she trembled and tried to hide that site. I caught her and asked why she was hiding it from me, she started to cry in the fear that i might inform it to her parents. I consoled her and i asked “it is the nature at this age to know about sex dear. Y r u hiding it?” She said “anna(brother) i thought you ll mistake me, but i can’t control myself to avoid seeing this?” “its nothing wrong in watching porn sites, but tell me who gave this entire sites name” was my next question. “ellla anna, my friend use to do all these surfing i have seen these contents with her in her home” was her reply. I laughed and said “now a days net is mostly use to know about sex” she calmed and said “not all the time i ll watches these sites but rarely…” “it’s ok but try to close the site when you were not using it” i replied. Then she went out and i changed my dress to home out fits. After sometime she came to me and asked “anna are you really not angry with me”. I said “i m really not angry with you, and more over i like your openness” “if you don’t mistake me shall i ask you some thing” she started. “ya come on what you need to know tell me” i said. Do you watch porn sites? She asked. Ya of course i do see these sites, i replied. “what r all the sites you watch?” Was her next question. I said “all y? Do want some site for reference from me? No anna but i dono how to ask? Think me as your friend and ask me. She was happy on my reply and asked several questions on it and her finally question was do you know what incest is actually. I thought that some were i ve a chance wit her apart from mitra and radha. I said “sex between blood relation, or having sex with the one whom can’t be married with in relation is incest” she said,i cant understand anna. I said “sex between brother and sister, mom and son, dad and daughter is said to be incest” she again asked me “does it really happen in our society” i lost my patience and my brain started to work in a wrong way. I said “ya ofcoures”
“how it ll happen anna” was her next question. I said “i too dono dear, if you let me fuck you i can say how it happens” “don’t talk bad words anna” she said in mock angry, and asked “will you really do that?” I said if “you permit me i ll do that”. She asked “wat if i don’t”. I asked “wont you let me to do that”. I didn’t mean that “what you ll do if i got pregnant”. I ll take care about that. “if we got caught? Was her next question. “there is no chance of getting caught, if you keep it secret and if we r cautious” i replied. She laughed silently. My heart felt that it my duty to proceed further. I removed my t shirt and asked her sit on my lap. She came slowly and sat. “i asked what do you feel now?” She laughed and said “i know about sex anna don’t ask silly questions”. I got the nose cut, and thought its time for action. I hugged her and gave her a french kiss, she responded well. I slowly moved my hand inside her t shirt and started massaging her breast, she gave a very soft moan ‘han… “. She caught my hand and applied more pressure on it. We were kissing and fondling her breast over her bra. Then i stopped kissing and i removed her t shirt. Then again we kissed each other, i slowly remove her bra while kissing, and she helped me in removing that. I slowly came down and started to suck her boobs. We sat on the bed and i started to suck her tits, though i was enjoying and i ve already had sex with my sisters i didn’t feel any thing wrong .but i felt that i some what taking advantage over her and said “look what we r going to do is not acceptable in our family, it ll be a problem if we caught. I accept that you know all about sex, but r u really ready for this? If not then we shall stop all of it now and return back as normal, now its up to u, we both are responsible for our future. Eswari said, “anna i love to be with you like this, i m eagerly waiting for wat you r goin to do me. I dono its right or wrong, but i want my sweet brother to do this for me. I ll be with you through out my life. I don’t mind the others, i m ready for you with my body and soul”. To this i hugged her tightly, putting full pressure on her breasts and slowly kissed her all over her face which was turning half way towards me. She was enjoying every kiss of mine and started moving her head to offer me different parts of her beautiful face for my kisses. I kissed her on her right eye, on cheeks, on forehead, moved down to her small projecting nose and licked her pointed nose and slowly moved to her chin, kissing all over it, moved to her right ear and took it fully in the mouth making slurping sound. She said "ahh" and as i moved my kissing lips all over her neck and reached the other ear, she eagerly offered it to me. I then moved back to her lips, kissed them a numbers of times passionately, took out my tongue and parted her lips and started licking her lips from the inside.
Her lips were wet and dripping honey and as i started licking her whole of the lips, she opened her mouth and offered her thin, long tongue. I eagerly took her tongue and pulled it straight inside my mouth and started sucking it hard. I was still at her back and now took my both palms and caught her two breasts and started squeezing them round and round. They were like two large mangoes, only firm and too soft and they eagerly bulged to my touch. With my left palm firmly on her breasts and i lowered my right arm to her naval, softly squeezing her tummy and moved lower on her skirt and started caress her soft thighs. Using my tongue kissed in side of her mouth rolling and licking her. My left-hand kneading her breasts one after the other and my right hand squeezing her thighs. She was trying to press her body and her large buttocks against my bulge between my thighs and she started making loud moaning noises. I moved my right hand away from her thighs and moved it right between the thighs to where her feminine beauty lay.

Eswari impulsively reached out for my hand. She suddenly appeared calm as she said, "anna, thank you. I know that this is going to be the greatest, most exciting day of my life. And the best part has just started! The two held hands for a brief pause. I looked in her black eyes, saw the passion and excitement there, and said, "i love you, da!". She looked back with a high, rosy color in her cheeks, and said, "i love you, too, anna! And i'm so glad we've found a new way of loving each other."we kissed with passionate intensity. Eswari's heaving breasts brushed against my chest; her nipples were hardened rocks which poked into me like hot coals. She said “anna, you have such a hairy chest and i love it very much" and started to pull my hairy chest in lust. I could control it no longer and i abruptly raised her skirt and passed my hand inside. I could feel her smooth hairless legs, vibrating thighs and her gasp for breath and extreme urge at this sudden move from me. I quickly moved my palm all the way up and tried to hold her panty and jack it down. To my surprise, she was not wearing anything inside and my hand was wet with her juices. With my fingers i parted her cunt lips and was rewarded with thick, bulged clitoris. I held her clitoris between my fingers and slowly started squeezing it. She started violently moving her hips with pleasure. I removed my pants almost immediately. She pulled the elastic of my underwear and gave much needed freedom to my tool. My penis immediately jumped out and i was surprised at the speed, with which it bulged again to its largest ever size, virtually dipping. Her slender fingers closed on my shaft and immediately she started moving it up and down on my penis, folding and unfolding my foreskin at each stroke. My penis head must have overgrown its size, as i was feeling pain, and it was just relishing the reciprocating motion she was offering it through her soft palms. My wetness increased and my penis happily parting it into her eager hand. I came to my senses, moved my stunned right hand again, squeezing her clitoris, slowly parting her thick lips and down and down a long way to find her cunt hole. She writhed beneath my body in impatient anticipation. She was hot and willing to accept me into her body fully and completely. She breathed up at me, panting and panting. She said, “i feel like i've just run a marathon, and we haven't even started to fuck yet! "i hope you are not expecting me to very shy " so saying she removed the knot of her skirt and it fell down in a second to reveal her sexy body totally naked in front of my penis had grown to theoretical size and with parted foreskin was looking straight at her. She lovingly caressed my penis and took hold of my balls and squeezed. I pushed her down and went near her cunt instantly her thighs parted and revealed her opening cunt, i could get a strong smell of her sweet juices. I eagerly buried my head between her thighs and pushed her down on the cot. I asked her to fold her thighs up and open and greedily went for her cunt. I moved my tongue and opened her cunt lips and took the thick knob of clitoris and slowly started to lick and encircle it. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked straight in. She cried out in pleasure and dug her fingers deep into my skin of my back. Licking and sucking all the way, i moved down, parting her lips further and found her cunt hole. It was full of oozing liquid, soft and hot. As i moved my tongue all over her hole and sharpened it and moved right in her hole, she almost burst with orgasm. She controlled somehow and said, "oh, come on anna. Suck me all you want. I never had this pleasure before". I was more excited by the word anna, i dono y, but when ever i heard that i increased my speed. I sucked her cunt to my full satisfaction, released her and sat back with my back on the wall. Eswari finally pulled me away. "that's great, but let's not wait another second!" she lay down on bed face up, and said, "i'm waiting for your big dick!" to further illustrate her words, she opened her thighs wide and ran an index finger over rigid clit, which was engorged and stood out from its hood proudly. I sat up on the bed, straddled her, and positioned my penis above her fuck hole. Drops of pre-cum fell onto her shaven mound. I looked at her and she wordlessly gave approval for me to go on as she hooked her heels around my waist. I took a big breath and tried to clear my mind. My whole world, now, was my sexy, lust-filled sister. I pushed my erection down into her. It slid down ever-so-slowly into her very tight pussy. Every sensation in my body seemed to disappear for a moment, except for a spine-tingling focus on every nerve ending on my dick. Warmth, wetness, tightness and softness - those were the sensations which filled my mind and, as wonderful as it felt to slowly slide my insistent penis into my sister's depths, even more wonderful was the sense of oneness and love. I felt radiating between myself and my sister like an invisible field of energy.there were a million things i could say, but all i could manage was a guttural "ugggghh!"
"oh, yeeeeesssss!" she yelled in return, a cry of release and pleasure. Although she'd never had a penis inside her before, from the very first instant it was in her, it felt fantastic. She said “anna i feel the fullness, heat and rigidity of your penis its great” as it moved and throbbed deep within her. My whole body covered her and enveloped her. We fiercely clutched our hands together. Already she began to feel the onset of mini-climaxes, even though i had not yet begun to move inside her body. Pain or blood, only the sense of being incredibly stretched to fullness. I slowly pushed my penis in until i felt it could go no further, sure that i'd hit the impassable entrance to my breathless sister's cervix. I stayed there for just a moment, to enjoy the feeling of being so deep within her. Impatient, she subtly wiggled her hips beneath me. She was eager for more. So i slowly began to pull it back out. The coolness of the air around the shaft as it emerged was in extreme contrast to the heated depths i'd enjoyed just a second before. Then i pushed in again slowly, as though driven by a deep, primal urge. Then out. In and out.
I built up a rhythm and reveled in the fact that my sister, too, had begun to move in sync with my gentle thrusts. My sister, athletic or not, had seemed so soft and fragile from my protective, brotherly point of view. I didn't want to hurt her. When her upward thrusts became more powerful, worries about her fragility subsided. I began to push my thick meat into her body all the way up to the hilt. She wrapped her arms around the back of my, holding on to me as if she were on a wild roller coaster ride. Out of the blue, eswari started screaming, "yeeeeesssss! My anna is fucking me!" her plentiful breasts moved madly with the motion of my thrusts and she loved that and everything else so much that she had to let it out. The sound carried into every room of the house, but we knew that we could yell to their heart's content and the neighbors would never hear, provided we kept the windows closed. Our thrusts were no longer anything like the soft shoves from a moment before - we were steaming along in an insistent and solid rhythm. I pistoned my penis into her as deep as it would go and was enjoying at the hot-cold-hot-cold sensation of each insertion and extraction of my penis as it pounded into her, seemingly on its own volition. "fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she yelled in time to my thrusts as her large breasts slapped against my body. "more! More!" there was no pretense at drawing anything out.
We just not wanted to cum as fast as humanly possible. We both wanted to enjoy this on its own course. Our arms and legs became a blur of activity as we threw their bodies into one another and the powerful scent of sex literally poured out into the room from where we were joined in incestuous abandon.
I felt both our bodies stiffen up, soon she came with a loud moan “ahhhhh…. And sent her nails deep in my body”. Though it pained, her cunt milking move ment on my penis made me to feel like heaven. I lost me in that pleasure and i felt my jism course through my prick, like a fire hose suddenly filling up with water. Then my semen exploded out of my penis and filled the depths of my sister's vagina. On the down stroke so that i could completely fill her up with my seed. I just laid on her few minutes and moved her near by as she was very tired. I didn’t disturb her. After few minutes, she slowly holed my hands and said “i love you anna”. “me too da” was my reply. Then we slept hugging each other for some time, when i woke up she was playing with my hairy chest, i slowly caressed hair and gave kisses to her hair and fore head. Both of us were not in a mood to get up. She said “anna you r simply great anna, i can’t explain this pleasure with words i want you to treat me like this as long as i am with you”. Now i felt that sex not only a pleasure for each other but it gives more intimate love and just nodded my head in sign of acceptance and kissed her fore head once more . If you loved reading this story reply me friends, mail me at For me good or bad, real or imagination, we must express what we feel. At least we can share all our fantasies here as we are not known to each other.

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