Thursday, February 12, 2009

Please Help Me

By: Ash

Hi friends I’m Ash from GOA again with my new & latest story, actually not a story but a truth of once life. 1st of all let me thank all the ISS reader for making it a munch, with your mails & calls, & rating both my stories (“SEX WITH GRANNY” & “READING ISS WAS NEVER SO FUN”) as hot…. Now let me start with my story,….This is not my story but is of 1 of my friends who is my neighbor, he & his sister saw their mother having sex with their neighbor uncle & want some help from me on that topic, I just cant understand what to tell them as they both & their family thinks im a decent guy, they don’t believe in incest sex indeed he don’t want to have sex with any girl b4 marriage they both r decent, I can say that bcoz once he was offered a prostitute but he didn’t go for it. Well now im going to tell u this story on behalf of him
Hi im ishant 21 & my sis. Ishika 20. It all started when we all, my family & my neighbor uncle’s family had gone to shirdi on 5th may 2007 my neighbor uncle stays just next to my hose sharing the same compound, my family consist of me, my dad mom, & sis. & uncles with himself, his wife & two kids age 10 & 12. At shirdi v kids were in 1 room & parents in 1 room, I guess this was the time where mom got attracted to him, nothing happened there but after coming home in few months v 2 family became too close, my dad is working in a pvt company , mom house wife, me working in a bank as sales executive & sis. Doing, uncle having a Govt. Job & was at the post of a director so he used to just go in the morning sign in there & come back home , kids were there in school & after school used to go to their aunt’s place to have lunch, his wife meera was working as a cashier in a bank so she used to come home after 7.00 pm picking up her kids so as a matter he used to come to our house to have lunch both uncle & dad use to drink at that time, after lunch dad & uncle used to sleep on the same bed as it was the only cot in the room & in our room we used to watch movies it would disturb him, at 3.00 pm dad leaves for office uncle still remains asleep that time mom goes to sleep in the same room & enjoys, v never knew that they enjoy & never had a doubt on her.
Days passed with the same routine, one day (13 aug. 2007) dad went on a trip to U.S for some office work, whenever dad used to go on trip my sis used to sleep with my mom so as usual at night she took all her stuff to moms room to sleep with her but mom said she was having cold & would cough all night which would disturb her (my sis.) Sleep so told her to sleep in her room she agreed & came back to our room that was the time when uncle used to come at our house after mid night & sleep with her but v knew nothing even though v were awake, we used to either study or watch movie till 2.00 am, mom used to come between 11.30 to 11.45 to our room upstairs & tell us to sleep as its late, at this v used to switch off the lights but watch movies without her knowing. This session continued of two months when dad returned back. On (10th oct. 2007) As usual things went normally it’s was now when v saw our mom with our naked eyes, after few months that is now 26th Jan. 2008 again for some work dad went to Bangalore for few weeks, at night ishika went to sleep with mom but she gave the same reason to her, ishika came to our room & told me the same & said she things something fishy going around bcoz mom was fit & fine in the morning & she never used to sleeps alone as she is scared of darkness , so we made a plan to check what’s going on, we were watching movie at night it was 11.55pm when mom came to our room & told us to sleep, we turned off the lights & acted to sleep after 2-3 mins v went down towards her room & found it was locked, but v could hear my mom & some mans voice in a whispering sound v both were shocked our heart started running at a mal. Speed v didn’t understand what to do, v Waited for few mins. It was silence in the room for a min when v heard the sound of the cot v came to know that they were having sex, the sound of the cot was there for more then 30 mins. At around 1.00 it was all over I guess v both hide our self behind the curtains to see who is going to come out of the room but nobody came for more then 10 mins. When v rushed to our room v waited in there & think what to do now it was almost 2.30 am & v both were feeling sleepy, v both just lye in the bed to think & slept there to wake up at 6.30 I was woke up by my ishika v rushed down & found that mom was sweeping the floor 7 nobody else in the house, v missed it. The whole day v thought over it who could it b at night v made a plan after dinner my mom went to wash the vessels that time I opened the ventilator window on top of the bedroom door so that v could c what’s going inside..At 12.00 as usual mom came to our room to guide us, v did the same act as b4 as soon as mom went v both fallowed her she opened the main door & were shocked to she uncle coming inside he rushed towards the bedroom & they locked the room v brought a stool & saw the entire picture which was going on, they were having sex like lovers softly without harming each other, it was a love making seen & not lust as there was no sucking & licking of their reproductive organs, they continued their play till 4.30 Am then uncle left our house & jumped over the compound to reach his house, its just the 2nd day and dad is going to come on 12th Feb. Don’t know what to do ? & what not to do, mom doesn’t know that v know about this, should v ask mom or should v tell dad about this cant really understand what to do ?.Please help us ishant & ishika..Ok friends now this is Ash asking you for help , please mail me your suggestions @ u know it very well, well its girl or group of girls who come to Goa & want to have fun, don’t forget that I’m here all waiting for Url, plz call me at 9850691316. Ashwet

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